The Tongue of Elrios

Untranslated Parts are speculated to be new voices.

Speculated to be Gate of Darkness and/or Ereda Island Revamp

32224    @1 disabled the seal first. EXP 30% +1 extra Gladiator’s Victory medal obtained! Rewards are given after the match.
32225    1 Extra Victory medal is given for clearing difficult monster stages.
32226    [@1] # Gate Broken. Use Growth Points to grow your character!
32227    @1 defeated [@2] gate!
32228    @1 started destroying the final sealed demonic stone!
32229    Guardian Tower Damage amount Velder Knights [@1] : Hamel Knights [@2] @3are victorious!32230    그거야! 그거!

Speculated to be new voices for compliment, apologize, thanks and good work
32231    뭐어~ 잘했다고 인정해줄게~
32232    정말 멋져요! 호호홍~
32233    좋아~ 멋지다고 말해주겠어
32234    이정도면- 잘하셨습니다~
32235    정말 멋졌어요, 대단해요!
32236    대단해요!
32237    최고야!
32238    호오! 나이스!
32239    뭐얼~ 이정도 쯤이야!
32240    도움을 딱히 바란건 아니지만… 괜찮았어~
32241    감사합니다~ 후후훗~
32242    당연한거다.
32243    으흠, 이 정도로… 감동하지 않겠습니다
32244    감사합니다-
32245    고마워요~
32246    감사감사~
32247    감사하다고 해두지
32248    어라라?! 미안.
32249    어우- 미안~
32250    미…미안해요
32251    실수였다
32252    코드는 정상입니다, 아… 시…실수지 잘못이 아닙니다!
32253    미안해요…
32254    사과드려요…
32255    아! 창피해!
32256    아… (한숨)하… 쏘리
32257    맛이 어떠냐!!
32258    어~때~? 아프지!
32259    아항~ 좋았어!
32260    이게 내 실력이다
32261    목표 제거. 확인.
32262    헤헤, 제가 해냈어요!
32263    이겼어요!
32264    음, 오늘은 여기까지~!
32265    너무 용쓰진 마라

32266    New Character Quick Voice /Compliment
32267    New Character Quick Voice /Thank You
32268    New Character Quick Voice /Apologize
32269    New Character Quick Voice /Good Work

Random data
32270    Warning, Will you change the guild names? Previous Guild name cannot be used for 7 days.
32271    Present Message

Speculated to be new town data
32272    Ranox
32273    Burnt Forest
32274    Ash covered town
32275    Geyser
32276    Ignor Volcano: Gate
32277    Ancient Fire Temple
32278    Ignor Volcano: Interior
32279    Mag nom
32280    Mas Stone
32281    Mag charger
32282    Angry Gripig
32283    Angry Dryad
32284    Angry MotherPig
32285    Dryus Kenta
32286    Steel Petty Worker
32287    Steel Worker
32288    Steel Errand Runner
32289    Steel Mechanic
32290    X2Death Machine
32291    Inspector Alminung
32292    Steel Anvil Sedeing
32293    Meru Lock
32294    Meru Mei
32295    Illusionary Seirena
32296    Steel Volcanic Gladiator
32297    Steel Volcanic Light Warrior
32298    Light Warrior Armageddon
32299    Mag Lock
32300    Mag Mei
32301    Chained Flame Hawk
32302    Chained Ancient Fire Hawk
32303    Chained Iplitan
32304    Chained Mag Stone
32305    Scar
32306    Edel & Sebastian
32307    Stel
32308    Pesoph
32309    Shota
32310    Ignia
32311    Gloria
32312    Dark Gate
32313    Forest Burned by fire damage. Fire hasn’t quelled even after long time has passed, Something strange is going on in the forest.
32314    Town where ashes piled up. Because of this there are few people here. Steel Blacksmith’s base is somewhere here.
32315    Burnt Forest. Filled with Ruins…Undying ember… this isn’t a normal forest fire. Something is going on.
32316    We followed Steel Blacksmith to find the kidnapped Priestess, but their whereabouts are unknown. We must find their base that’s somewhere in this town.

Random messages and some new voices speculated to be for Camila or another NPC
32317    [@1]아이템을 인벤토리로 옮기면 사용(기간/기능 적용)되고, 청약 철회가 불가능하게 됩니다. 아이템을 정말 인벤토리로 옮기겠습니까?
32318    @1@2 : @3
32319    점령전에서 본 임무를 훌륭히 수행한다면 ‘투사의 승리 훈장’을 지급받을 거야.
32320    용사! 임무를 수행할 준비는 됐나?!
32321    오우! 훌륭히 임무를 완수했구나!
32322    이제부턴 자유롭게 훈련하도록 해. 난 여기까지! 다음에 또 봐!

Random stuff + Speculative Data on new dual magic stones or something else
32323    All Resist ? + All Attribute Proc chance ?
32324    Attacking,Getting hit MP recovery ? + Max MP ?
32325    Critical, Add Damage ? + Double Attack ?
32326    Can only use on ‘Weapon’ type items
32327    Gate destroyed. Move to the portal that leads to the next Gate!
32328    This is a used Coupon
32329   Can’t use cash shop in Sparring. Please leave sparring to use the cash shop.

New Cash Shop UI

October 29th, 2014 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates - (0 Comments)

Honestly, it should all be very easy to figure out using Trial and Error. But I’ll make one of these anyways.

Here’s the main screen:


What happens when you uncheck Display Windows:


What happens when you check Lighting:

Full Screen Display Feature: (Click on Fullscreen)

I’m sure the rest of the new UI will be self explanatory.




10/30 Patch Notes

October 29th, 2014 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (1 Comments)

From:  05AM ~ 10AM (5hrs) KR Time

# Cash Shop

1. 2014 Halloween Avatar Package/Parts
- 2014 10 30 ~ 2014 11 27

2. Character Customization – Cat’s Eye
- 2014 10 30 ~

1. Nightmare Mount

# Changes

-Minor Bug Fixes: Aisha 2014 Contest avatar, Chung Nasod Battle Suit MK2 visuals

[Pet, Mount]
-Minor Bug Fixes: Oberon 650 Mount, Grim Reaper pet

1. Cash Shop UI revamp
-Minor Fix: Elesis Star Academy package tool tip

<Update Item Preview>
- 2014 Halloween Avatar Psychic Devil  -

- Cat’s Eye Custom -

Message of Water & Wind

October 23rd, 2014 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Site News - (1 Comments)

Water El’s message told by the Water Priestess.

…Purified energy of water…
Shackled energy of heat… in suffering…

Wind El’s message told by the Wind Priestess.

Shackled Darkness and Nature…
…What the other worlders desires is…
Their goal is her…
Two powers become one and descends…

Leaked New Town Name

October 22nd, 2014 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Site News - (2 Comments)

The name is Ranox/Lanox

The set requirements in this image for some reason include
“Ranox Town Crafted Top
Ranox Town Crafted Bottom

It somehow got mixed into 68 set description and they probably forgot to take it out.

2014 Halloween Event

October 22nd, 2014 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (2 Comments)

These masks are given out after logging in for 10 minutes with characters over level 10.

Amount of these items that are sent by mail after logging in for 10 min are changed:

weekdays: Normal Amount 3 Entrance Tickets, 1 Candy Bag, 1 Party Mask Cube

weekends: x2

Hallween Day: x3


*Not feeling like translating every single line that GM Mackerel says this post. Maybe Later.

1. Implemented Suggestions

  Rena Aero Tornado Skill note malfunction error

- was fixed.

② Raven Swimsuit Bottom Image Error

- fixed in 10/02 maintenance

③ Rena 1st job Character image revamp

- Was revamped through 10/16 maintenance. Play with more prettier Rena~!


2. Popular Suggestion

① Adjust Gate of Darkness’s hitbox and revamp GoD Accessory crafting mechanism

> [Go to Suggestion Post]


3. Registered Suggestions

① Character

- Character Balances

:Code:Nemesis Buff (Increased Queen’s throne duration, buff MEB hit stun)

: Buff damage of Rena’s weapons

: Buff Ara’s Steel body stun chance

: Nerf Dark Knight, Crimson Avenger passives and commands.

- Fix Raven’s attack hit boxes when becoming Giant of Dwarf state.

- Make Accessories visible during 3 bead awakening for Ara

- Make special visuals for Ara and Chung’s 3 bead awakening modes ‘optional’


② Item

- Character expression custom items (Crying, laughing etc…)

- Colored Name, Colored Chatting, Text Bubble custom items

- Special IB exclusive titles

- More detailed hair avatars

- Make ‘oddeye’ custom item’s eye colors adjustable

- Michael Jackson Moonwalk avatar and dance motion


③ Dungeon

- Feita Secret Dungeon

- Gate of Darkness Hitbox and revamped GoD accessory crafting

- Buff Time and Space Transcender title


④ PvP

- Mount PvP system (translator comment: wtf, stop suggesting this. I’m scared that they will actually make this)


⑤ System

- Skill Note Pages to go along with Skill Tree Pages.

- Search Feature for Magical Wardrobe

- Fix character’s name showing up when consuming field ‘meat’ items

- Ingame report system


⑥ Pet

- Make Pet appearances adjustable for adult pets. (appearance of infant, teen stages)

- Tree Knight Mount

- Revamp Larva mount skills

- Make players be able to feed other people’s pets.

- Support Type pet that recovers HP and etc

- Pet decoration feature


⑦ Other

- Remove Eve MEB charge sound effect

- Special skills for professions as they level.

- More couple skills and couple system skill tree

- Family system

- increase Larva avatar motion volume

- Revamp mentor system. (Increase level range or add content that can mentor and pupil can play together)

- Nickname feature


Next Suggestion board update: 5th week of October.

Patch Notes 10/23/2014

October 22nd, 2014 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (0 Comments)

Time: 05 ~ 10 (5hrs)
# Event

1. Halloween Event(2014 10 23 ~ 2014 11 06)

# Cash Shop

1. Nightmare Mount package
- 2014 10 23 ~ 2014 10 30

2. Halloween Teddy Bear Pet
- 2014 10 23 ~ 2014 11 06

3. Crayon Pop Strawberry&Chocolate Milk onepiece avatar, Package(+Straw)
-  2014 10 23 ~ 2014 11 20

4. 2012 Star Academy Spring/Fall package (Elesis, Add)
- 2014 10 23 ~ 2014 11 06
- Individual parts also available

5. Hallowbear’s Nightmare entrance ticket
- 2014 10 23 ~ 11 06

1. 2010 Fantasy Academy Spring/Fall Package (Chung,Ara,Elesis,Add)
2. All-in-one IB
3. Larva mount – Red

# Changes

[Dungeon, Field]
1. Velder Clear Video
2. Fixed Eve’s ‘Giant Phoru Toy’ not showing up in available dungeon drops.

1. Fixed some items that were not able to be registered in Magic Wardrobe.

<Update Item Preview>

- Nightmare Mount -

- Halloween Teddy Bear Pet -

- Crayon Pop Strawberry Milk, Chocolate Milk  -

- 2012 Star Academy Spring/Fall (Elesis/Add) -

- Halloween event Exchange Avatar  -


Elsword Case File ???

October 15th, 2014 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (35 Comments)

See what the NPCs say and Guess the identity of the mysterious shadow

“One day, a strange shadow appears in Elrios. Increasing amount of people are reporting seeing a shadow that disappears quickly after it bewilders its watchers with cute dances and songs….”

Hagus: “Was pretty… mmm was cute… very good…good haaakh”

Echo: “Its going to show songs and dances that hasn’t been seen before… I dunno… what is that? It’s scary…”

Hanna: “it was two people I’ve seen before.”

Daisy: “wearing pink.”


some collaboration event or new character?