The Tongue of Elrios

3x Event 8/02 ~ 8/03 2014

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Date and times are all in Korean please do your own conversions.

3x EXP, Drop Rate and unlimited stamina will last from 1PM ~ 6PM

Stay logged in during following times for free Ice Burners,Fossil Readers and more:

1:00PM ~ 1:20PM: 1IB(8/02) | 2IB(8/03)

1:20PM ~ 1:40PM: 1FR(8/02) | 2FR(8/03)

1:40PM~2:00PM: 1 Otaku class cube(8/02) | 2 Otaku class cubes and one 100000000 NX cash cube(8/03)

Is for people who didn’t get to participate in the first jumping event: This means if you did the first jump event. You cannot participate in 2nd.

Time and Detail are exactly same as the previous jumping event. Only thing changed is the date:

2014 8.03 ~ 8.04

For details on how to participate, check out the post on 1st jumping event.


There is sale on all current IBs lasting till August 7th.

Picture is self explanatory:

*The details in this part are from the Elsword Comic Book. Which actually should have similar setting than the game but a different story. Still, I’m including this section because of that one line Karis says at the end of Sander story quest mentioning “Revenge against angels/heaven”. Which might hint that they are using this same setting.*

Once upon a time there were was a Continent.

Gods created Elves, Humans, Spirits, Monsters and many other living creatures and made them live in the Continent.

At the same time, gods drove off the Demons that had taken over the continent back to the demon realm.

However, demons didn’t like this and they organized under a Demon King named Krom. Krom and his 13 demon generals launched a counter attack against the gods and the Continent became a battleground for the Gods vs Demon war.

This war pretty much ruined the Continent and left it virtually uninhabitable for life.

The Three Goddesses that cared deeply about the living creatures in the Continent created a Giant Gem that radiated life energy. This gem was to be placed at the center of the Continent once the war was over to make it habitable for life again.

The war ended with the sacrifice of the Three Goddesses which resulted in the death of Krom.

But Krom was not truly killed. He left an embryo of his son(Angkor) back at the demon realm. This embryo, once awakened could be used for Krom to resurrect himself. Demons retreated back to the demon realm biding for the day when their king awakened again.

Elves were creatures living in the Continent who were most blessed by the gods. At the end of the war, some of the elves undertook a mission to guard the gateway to the demon realm located in the Dark Continent. These Elves that went to the Dark Continent came to be known as Dark Elves.

As the Three Goddesses planned, the gem was sent to the Continent to restore life. All went according to plan and the gem helped the Continent become habitable again.

Living beings in the Continent named this gem El and named their continent Elrios.

Patch Notes 7/31 2014

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# Main Update

1. Character Customization – Face
2. Ara Third 2nd Job

# Event

1. Ara Third 2nd job event (2014 07 31 ~ 2014 08 07)
2. 3x Miracle Event  (2014 08 02, 03  01:00 PM ~ 06:00PM) [Details]
3. Naver Search Word event  (2014 08 02 ~ 2014 08 03)

# Cash Shop
1. ELS Summer 2014 Package/Separate
- Sale: 2014 07 31 ~ 2014 08 29

2. Fox Sound(Timed)
- Sale: 2014 07 31 ~ 2014 08 06

3. Character Custom – Odd Eye

1. 2008 Checker Summer Look (Chung,Ara,Elesis,Add)
2. Nasod One Grand Prix Avatar
3. Millennium Fox’s Ears (Timed)

# Changes

1. Ara Third 2nd job added.
2. Fixed Little Specter moving to the center of the boss when using Exorcism Secret Art on the Field Boss.
3. Fixed error where Ara’s 3 bead awakening visual was cancelled when moving from Dungeon -> Field / Field -> Dungeon.
4. Fixed Little Specter not having lower hitbox. (Entangle, other traps…etc)
5. Fixed Little Specter’s 1 bead Fox mode effect not occurring when using Awakening Items.

1. Fixed Underground Chapel Boss Amethyst not doing anything.

1. Class Point Reset
2. Fixed some title details not aligning with the title item’s description.
3. Fixed Slayer: Anud not dropping Swan of Black Bow.
4. Fixed error where Ara’s archdevil hair turned purple

<Update Item Preview>

- ELS Summer 2014

- Character Customization: Odd eye -

This is based on this picture of the game files. Not 100% certain until release date. Putting this info out there for people who like to speculate :3

Active, Special Active, Passive, Hyper Active


Chinese Characters: 急襲.
Commonly used word. It means to attack swiftly. Good translation would be ‘Raid‘ or any other word that means attacking swiftly.

Chinese Characters: 降靈.
One more character to this 降靈術 would make it translate to necromancy. However 강령(降靈) by itself just means the ‘process of spirit descending’. The spirit referred here isn’t restricted to the spirits of the deceased. Rather, after some research the spirits usually associated with this word are very ‘high’ ranking spirits, even some Gods. I guess ‘Spirit Summoning‘ or something along these lines would be the most accurate translation. 

Chinese Characters: 雷電.
Literally the characters Thunder and Lightning. So I guess, ‘Thunderbolt‘?

Chinese Characters: 靈眼.
It means eye that can see spirits. ‘Spiritual Eye‘ would be a good translation

Korean Breakdown: [수라/修羅/Asura] + [의/'s] + [길/Path,Road]. 
It says ‘Asura’s Path/Road 

Korean Breakdown: [여우/Fox] + [웃음/Smile,Laugh].
It says ‘Fox Smile/Laugh

Korean Breakdown: [여우/Fox] + [밥상/ Meal,Meal table].
Fox’s meal‘ would be a good interpretation. The name seems to be reference to old Korean children’s play 여우야 여우야 뭐 하니 which is like Redlight Greenlight + Tag where the ‘it’ is referred to as a Fox. 

Korean Breakdown: [여우/Fox] + [불꽃/Fireworks, Flame, Spark,Fire].
aka (Mozilla) Firefox. Or ‘Fox Flames‘. It sounds like variation of those fires that miho pets use, not Fox that is made of fire. So I’m leaning towards Fox flames more than Fire Fox. Or depending on how the skill looks, Fox Wisps might even be a better interpretation. 

Edit: After further research. 여우불(Fox Fire) is what Koreans called ‘Will O’ the Wisp’. Back then they thought Will O’ the Wisps were created by grave digging foxes. Hence the name. So this skill is highly likely ‘Will O’ the Wisp’

Chinese Characters: 制壓:鬼.
This is Suppression with ghost/specter character after the ‘:’ sign. Aka Suppression: Specter

Korean Breakdown: [천년/1000Years/Millennium] + [여우/Fox].
1000 Years fox or Millennium Fox.


TL: 2nafish


Hello. This is GM Mackerel.

Ara’s new 1st job that many of you have been waiting for, the Little Specter was finally been released. She’s cool and lovely like you all expected right? >_<

Be excited for even more cool updates!

Below are the suggestions we received from 2014 07 06(Sun) ~ 07 19(Sat).

1. Implemented Suggestions

① Eltype Season 3 released
- Many of you wanted more Eltype to be released. I was also waiting for more. Go check out the new Eltype Season 3~!

② Fixed Problem where you couldn’t deal damage if you awakened while riding a mount.
- This was fixed during 07/24 maintenance.

③ Certain places in Richie mines where Aisha characters couldn’t move.
- This was fixed during 07/14 client patch.

④ Error where Void Princess’s Abyss Angkor’s beam didn’t to full hits

- This was fixed during 07/17 maintenance.

Next is the popular suggestion that had lots of discussions

2. Popular Suggestion

① Various revamps for Elsword – the voice of adventurer ‘0청월황제0
- For even more fun Elsword, there were various suggestions on each character’s standing pose, items, dungeon and their systems…etc.

> [Go to Suggestion Post]

- Thank you for various suggestions written in detail. We’ll be sure to check each one thoroughly!

Following are various suggestions from our adventurers.

3. Registered Suggestions

① Character
- Balance suggestions on each character
: Nerf Elemental Master’s meditation
: Nerf Mastermind
: Buff Blade Master(Increased Skill damage)
: Revamp Tactical Trooper’s skills

② Item
- Sync Code:Empress’s skill note usage required level with the level needed to acquire the skill.
- A package cube used to trade Full sets of Avatar.
- New Item(Animal avatar)
- Re-release All-In one IB
- Release Walking/Running motions for customization

③ PvP
- Make it harder to rank up
- Make a power mode option for Arena
- Suggestions of gear stat modifiers for Arena

④ Dungeon
- Nerf Altar of Dedication boss Berthe
- Buff dungeon monsters (pattern variations)
- Giant Raid boss accessories
- New mode for Henir’s time and space
- More coins from clearing Secret dungeons

⑤ System
- Separate locations for Dungeon mini-map and temporary item storage box
- Make it so you can open bunch of cube items at once.
- Increase maximum ED cap
- Make accessories visible for Ara’s Celestial Fox mode
- Feature to reset mail box.
- Make First Class cube obtainable from NPC rather than from quests.
- Make Magical Wardrobe shared between Gaia/Solace servers.
- Make it so new characters are not automatically put in a channel.

⑥ Pet
- Pet release feature

⑦ Other
- Fix PC Cafe crashing error
- Make Camilia’s voice dialogues more friendlier
- AP x2 events
- Fix ‘No response from server’ error
- Make registered items non-deletable for Magical Wardrobe
- Option to Skip animations when opening Item Cubes

These were the suggestions that we received during the last 2 weeks.
I GM Mackerel will try to become even better at listening to our adventurer’s voices.! ^-^

(* Next notice is scheduled to be in 2th week of August :D)
(* Previously posted suggestions weren’t listed)


Elesis new path silhouettes

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Jumping Event~!

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There are lot of details so I’ll try to keep this all summed up and simple as possible. (*stuck at work Q~Q can’t use image tools)

First of all, the event page link.

And secondly, Event time: from 7/26  6:00 AM  ~ 7/28 6:00AM

These are in Korean time and date. So figure out the correct time for you.

To simplify, Jumping Event means that you can get any Base Job character under level 20 boosted up instantly to level 60 with 2nd job change. (Like using bunch of rare candies in pokemon :D)

There are restrictions in which characters can get this awesome opportunity to level Jump though.

First, as I mentioned before. The character has to be base job under level 20.

Second, only 1 character per server. That means you will have to choose one character in Solace, and another in Gaia.

Third, Ara’s new Little Specter -> Asura path will not be included for this jumping opportunity. Makes sense since Asura isn’t out yet.

(But as an aside, if you have the money, you could technically make either YR or SD. Then job change to Asura when she actually comes out. Boom, instant level 60 Asura :D

Along the same train of thought. You can make GM,BH,LP,MM and job change to Elesis and Add’s 3rd path 2nd job when they come out)


Now for the 2nd part of the event.

To support newly created level 60 characters, they will also give you a Box item  upon Jumping your character that only characters level 60 or above can open

These boxes contain decent lvl.60 gear to start you off with plus bunch of other goodies ranging from EXP medals, Dual Magic stones, Raid boss Wedges..etc. Most importantly these boxes also contain an another Box item . This box within a box also contains bunch of goodies. However, this new box can only be opened by characters level 61 or above. This level 61 box will contain another box inside, this time available to open only for characters level 62 or above. I think we are beginning to see a pattern here :D. The pattern goes up to the level cap at level 70.  There are so many goodies you will get during your journey from level 60~70 that you’d be mistaken for a heavy cashing player xD.

To motivate you guys even more let’s just say that the level 70 Box contains a +9 Weapon.

Just a reminder though. All these Jumping level boxes will be deleted after the event at 8/28.


Now the Third part of this event:

Logging in for longer than 10 minutes during the event period will grant you an “Otaku class Cube” These cubes contain one of these items:

-Elesis Pillow Ticket

-Random Character doll cube

-Favorite Character doll exchange ticket

Elesis Pillow ticket will actually grant you the chance to win the real life Elesis pillow. After the event they will choose 20 players with these Elesis Pillow ticket in their inventory and after certain procedures, they will send you the Pillow~! Don’t throw away your ticket if you didn’t win the first time. Apparently they will have more draws for the pillows later in the summer break.

Sadly. If you don’t live in Korea or don’t have a buddy/family living in Korea you won’t be able to complete the address agreement part of getting this pillow. ;(

Random Character doll cube contains random character doll accessory.

Favorite Character doll exchange ticket  .When you gather 4 of these tickets you can exchange for a Doll accessory you want from Myu NPC.


Wow what a generous event. I guess you have to make players want to play the game first before they decide to spend money on the game. *cough NA cough*

Here’s the picture of the doll accessories:

And Here’s the picture of the Elesis Pillow




All Little Specters get these:


All Characters get these upon logging in.

Asura Shadow + Asura Weapon Shadow| Found Sound(Temp) + Fox Bell = Fox Sound(Perm)   (Crafted from Camila)

*Fox bell available starting from 7/31 ~ 8/6