The Tongue of Elrios

4/28 Patch Notes

April 26th, 2016 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (27 Comments)

# Cash Shop

1. Avatar: Flower Waltz (LuCiel)

– 2016 04 28 ~ 2016 05 26

2.Avatar: Fairy Tail

– 2016 04 28 ~ 2016 05 26

3.Custom: Deep Blue eye

– 2016 04 28 ~ 2016 05 26


1. Vincent& Vincent Package

2. 2013 Rose Swimsuit

3. Sgt.Frog items

4/25 Update Notification

April 25th, 2016 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (17 Comments)

# Event

  1. LuCiel 3rd job line update pre-event

– 2016 04 25 ~ 2016 05 03

Event 1. Chance for free mount depending on login time

– Get “루시엘.. 보고싶어요” cube every 10 minutes each day. Max 3 per day.

Logging in for 30 minute gives “루시엘.. 보고싶어요!!” cube instead and you can collect 약속의 증표 to exchange them for various items.

[Cube Contents – 1 random]



Chapter 2 is complete :3



4/21 Patch Notes

April 19th, 2016 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (37 Comments)


# Content
2. Character Balance Revamp

3. New PvP modes

– Winner Match

<Image: Can Either play from Arena or Sparring. 3rd option in Arena, 4th option in sparring with the new sign>

3v3 Winner match where players take turn fighting 1v1

Rules : Each team pvps 1 member

> Players that are not fighting spectates

> Players return to spectator state when their HP reaches 0 and player next in line battles.

> Reach the designated kill amount to win.

– 1:1 Duel request feature

Now can start 1:1 match with anyone from town

How to : Right click on player you want to challenge and click  1대1 대결 신청  > 1:1 match starts when the other accepts

[Winner Match – Ash covered Arena]

[Winner Match – Room of Greed]

  1. EXP/Stamina/Megaphone display screen rearrange

– Megaphones don’t cover exp and stamina gauges anymore.



[Client Download]

Test Server opens on 2016 04.14 & 4.15, from 4PM~8PM

Client Download available starting from 4/14, 3PM

  1. Account on test server is same as live account’s before 4/07 Maintenance
  2. Times might change depending on circumstances
  3. No activities from the test server are carried over to the live server
  4. Tooniland, Naver accounts excluded
  5. Friends feature(chat) cannot be used


I would personally really appreciate it if those of you that get bad sync issues in KR pvp refrained from playing in Arena. Give Koreans some room to test out the new balance changes in a lag free environment. Thank you *bow (-_-) (_  _)(-_-)

If you have bad sync, you can always still test stuff out in Sparring with your friends. (Unless you don’t have friends….. But don’t worry, you’re not alone there. I don’t have many friends either ㅠㅠ. )Anyways, even if you don’t have friends, it’s not hard to find English speaking KR Elsword community that you can test things out together. Try googling around.


After you try out the test server, leave your opinions about it in the comments on this post. I’ll try to translate them and post them in the Test server feedback section for you. (Unless you know how to write Korean. Then you can just go do it yourself.) Try to keep your opinions compact as possible though. I physically and mentally can’t translate essays per comment.


You can see the balance patch changes here

So many characters….

the trait swap patch

KOG edit: 4/13



Translated from Basic Guide by 2ㄴAㅅ :

Because I’m too lazy to make one from scratch

1.What is a  Hero Dungeon?

It’s new content that came out recently, made for players who are tired of

Normal dungeons that no one ever looks at again after level capping unless you are going for titles.

Secret Dungeons, Henir’s Time and space that’s been recycled over and over again for last 6 years.

Hero dungeons are written as ‘new hardcore content made for players mentioned above’

and  read as ‘recycled normal dungeons with only increased difficulties’


From Hero Dungeon Gear effects: (Skill name) damage +%

effects found from LuCiel weapons

-Abyss Strike

Flauros’ Garden (or Haures’ Garden)

-Diabolic Disaster

-Land Crasher



-Phantom Rush

Hero Dungeon Daily Quest

[영웅] 영웅의 도전/Lv.85/From Glave/Clear Random Hero Dungeon 3 times

Reward: 3x Hero’s trophy box, 20x Hero’s trophy shard

Hero’s Trophy Shard can be used to craft Hero’s Gear. They are dropped in hero dungeons randomly

(Has random chance of getting either Elite(Guardian Hero’s ____) or Unique(Savior Hero’s ____) grade hero gear when crafting)

Weapon: 1000 Shards

Top: 500 shards

Bottom: 450 shards

Gloves: 400 shards

Shoes: 325 shards


Hero’s Trophy box is dropped from Hero dungeon bosses randomly.

They have a chance to give Hero’s Guardian/Savior gears or bunch of random items like wedges and sage magic stones.

Needs Hero’s invitation tickets to enter Hero dungeons.

They have a chance to be dropped from monsters in dungeons/secret dungeons/Henir

Following steps to enter Hero dungeons.


[Event] 영웅에 도전하는 용사들/Lv.80 or higher/Clear Hero dungeon 1 time

Reward: [Cobo] Hero Dungeon Support Cube

contains: some cards and Hero’s Trophy Shard.

-Event [cobo] items are removed on 4/21

[Event] 영웅의 흔적/ Lv.80 or higher/ Clear Hero dungeon 3 times

Reward: [Cobo] Hero – Savior’s gear cube x1

Event [Cobo] Hero gears are set to +7 and are removed on 4/21


Logging in for 10 minutes daily will give you Hero’s invitation tickets. 3 on weekdays, 6 on weekends.


Daily Event Quest: Clearing dungeon within level range 1 time, win pvp 1 time, clear gate of darkness once = [Cobo] Blessed time and space scroll x1




4/07 Patch Notes

April 5th, 2016 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (24 Comments)

# Content

  1. Character Deletion 3 day grace period

– Can completely delete character after 3 days


  1. Hero Dungeon official service


  1. Defense, Maximization, Identification, Gate of Darkness Revamp

# Event

  1. Hero Dungeon Update Event

–  2016 04 07 ~ 2016 04 21

– EVENT 1) Hero Support

[EVENT] Get powerful items that help with clearing Hero dungeons by clearing quests.

– EVENT 2) Experience Hero gears

[EVENT] Clearing quests will allow you to experience unique grade hero gears.

– EVENT 3) Get Hero’s invitation tickets

Log in for 10 minutes during event period to get 3 hero tickets per day.(6 on weekends)

  1. ‘Content’ Revamp Event

– 2016 04 07 ~ 2016 04 14

– EVENT 1) Re-identification item given daily


# Cash Shop
1. Avatar:SWAT

– 2016 04 07 ~ 2016 05 03


  1. Blessed Re-identification Scroll

– 2016 04 07 ~ always
1. Avatar: Magician to Illusion

  1. All in one IB (Rose)
  2. Accessory: Ribbon sash

# Changes

1. Metal Heart, Optimus changes

– Mega Generator MP recovery rate increased

– G-4 Frisbee can be mana broken

– Air Bomb Mech: Gale Force now reacts to Robot Detonation and attacks but isn’t destroyed

– Gale Force and High-mobile mech volt attack cooltime decreased so they attack more often.

– G-Extension display method changed

– Autogun command attacks buffed through passive.

(range increased, maximum x2

MP gain increased, maximum x2

Final Autogun attack consumes up to maximum 50% ECP

Autogun bullets has 20% chance of ricocheting off to another target )

– G-2 Rolling Thunder’s maximum attack amount changed from 3 to 5.

  1. Fixed problem where Battle Magician’s skills didn’t work when changing direction right after Energy Road
  2. Fixed Junk Break and Iron Scraps skills continuing when mounting right after skill usage.
  3. Fixed Ruinous Impact damage not being registered when attack is mana broke in pvp.
  1. Fixed Tactical Trooper’s Mobile Shelling damage being different than one shown on tooltip.
  2. Fixed Weapon Taker’s revolver Cannon tooltip saying it fires 3 times(should be 4)
  3. Fixed Weapon Taker’s Harpoon spear tooltip details
  4. Fixed Lu Ciel not being able to hear skill sounds from character before switching in certain situations.
  5. Fixed Crimson Avenger’s Injection Stigma not showing proper annihilation icon effect.
  1. Fixed Dreadlord’s chain of restraint damage not being equal to tooltip.
  2. Fixed Crimson Rose’s Sonic Spike skill damage
  3. Fixed Master Mind’s command zzxx’s final mini drone attack not working in pvp
  4. Fixed issue of Code Empress not being able to use Mega Electronball even though having enough MP.
  5. Fixed stat error with Elesis’ Knight’s destiny Lv.4 buff.
  6. Fixed damage of Storm Trooper’s Pampero Booster

[Dungeon, Field]

  1. Random Matching waiting time reduced to 1 minute.