The Tongue of Elrios


Vol3ch2 pdf


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2016 02 04 ~ 2016 02 18

Log in during these times to get luminarie festival hairband and title.

Title effect removed after event is over



Duration 2.04~2.18

Enhancement Event

Login to get. Enhance this weapon

Login daily to get

(Fluorite and Restoration scroll for all levels)



I know, it’s fast. But these first two chapters(0,1) weren’t too long to being with :3

Vol3ch1 pdf

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02/04 Patch Notes

February 2nd, 2016 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (22 Comments)

# Content

  1. Character Balance [Link]

# Event

  1. East Asian new years event

–  2016 02 04 ~ 2016 02 18

# Cash Shop


  1. Avatar : Celestial Messenger of Dark Clouds (Elsword, Raven, Chung, Add, Ciel)
  2. Avatar : Celestial lady of Dark Clouds (Aisha, Rena, Eve, Ara, Elesis, Lu, Rose)

– 2016 02 04 ~ 2016 03 03

– Exclusive accessories for package purchase

  1. Enhancing scroll cube [Event]

– 2016 02 04 ~ 2016 02 18


  1. Sunlight Fluorite Stone/ Sunlight Restoration scroll [Event]

– 2016 02 04 ~ 2016 02 18

1) Sunlight Fluorite Stone: Fluorite stone for all levels

* Can’t use on +10 or higher

* Except for Enhancing day event(2016.02.05  14:00 ~ 2016.02.15 14:00) where you can use it on +10 or higher

2) Sunlight Restoration scroll: Restoration scroll for all levels


  1. All-In-One IB (Season 6) (Except Rose)

– 2016 02 04 ~ 2016 03 03

– Contains: Salvatore Gaia, Celestial Fox priest/priestess , Velder Academy Knights, Glacial Prince/Princess

1. Winter Break Event Item: Bullets

2. 2015 China contest avatar

# Changes(Notable)

1. Fixed Kugel Blitz skill motion not showing

  1. Fixed Asura’s Dash Jump ZXX, Dash XX command damage being too high
  2. Fixed skill effect of laser rifle remaining when using it from 2nd floor and dropping to 1st floor
  3. Fixed Dimension Witch’s ‘Manaflow overdrive’ not working when under 90% HP
  4. Fixed Code Empress’ summons not coming out in certain situations
  5. Fixed Crazy Shot appearing in other side when Grand Archer has too much attack speed
  1. Fixed ‘Sharpshooter syndrome’ effect ‘headshot’ not working on XZZZ command.
  2. Fixed certain skills that uses hit effects to attack enemies getting their own time stop cancelled by the hit effects.

[Dungeon, Field]

  1. Fixed Henir challenge mode problem where entering with 2 people party and one person leaving will allow other person to ride mounts.

[Pet, Mount]

  1. Revamped mount speed in towns, rest stops


Fixed Ciel looking like Lu for other players when reviving after dying as Ciel.


Starting Volume 3 Now~

Vol3ch0 pdf

Starts in 6AM on 2.06, Ends in 5:59AM on 2.15

Usual Stuff, use Fluorites on +10s, No breaks upon enhancing, Special Fluorite & Restoration scroll sales

And there will be details on how to make +12 amulet later on in 2/04


Not related but practice your Enhancing skills here:


* Details may change


Class Skill Detail
All All projectile damage decreased in PvP



Job Skill Detail
Shared Roll Invincibility frames changed to Super Armor
Sheath Knight
Sword Shield ‘Absorbing’ attribute changed to  ‘Tenacious’
Infinity Sword
Harsh Chaser Motion after using the skill becomes shorter, adjusted cancel point, ‘Throwing sword’ pulls targets in slightly faster


파일 엘소드라노벨_2


Yay volume 2 is complete.

Thank you for sticking with and reading these translations. :D

Hope to see all you readers in volume 3 as well~

Volume 2 pdf

Times: PM1~3/PM8~9(Weekdays) PM7~9(Weekends)

드랍률: Drop Rate%

경험치: EXP%


Bloodia/Crimson Rose Event:

1) All Storm troopers get Crimson Rose job change ticket by mail

level 70 Crimson Rose can do event quest [EVENT] 스톰트루퍼 재전직 – 취향 존중 A/S to get storm trooper job change ticket. (Clear 10 dungeons requirement)

2) Clearing event quests(reaching level 15,35) as Rose/Boodia gives free job change to Bloodia/Crimson Rose

3) Clearing event quests (reaching levels 20,30,45,69,65) as Rose/Bloodia gives free skill unlocks.


*Daily account attendance event

1. Event Duration: 2016 01 28 ~ 2016 02 04
2. How to participate: Stay logged in for 30 minutes daily to get Magical Wardrobe coin(exchange for wardrobe ticket) & 1x [Adieu! Winter Break Present Cube]

Adieu! Winter Break Present Cube contents

Date Cube Names


Wardrobe Coins

01 28 아듀! 겨울방학 선물 (1일차) 2x Res Stone
01 29 아듀! 겨울방학 선물 (2일차) 2x Shining Dual Magic Stone
(6 kinds)
(18 Total)
01 30 아듀! 겨울방학 선물 (3일차) 4x Twisted Sage Magic Stone 10x
01 31 아듀! 겨울방학 선물 (4일차) 4x Stage Magic Stone 10x
02 01 아듀! 겨울방학 선물 (5일차) 2x [Cobo]
Blessed Elixir
(8 kinds)
(Total 40)
02 02 아듀! 겨울방학 선물 (6일차) 2x [Cobo]
Steel Wedge
02 03 아듀! 겨울방학 선물 (7일차) 2x [Cobo]
Guaridan Wedge

How to exchange wardrobe ticket

Exchange NPC

Wardrobe Ticket

Needed Item

Needed amount
Ariel 마법의 옷장 티켓(장갑)


마법의 옷장 코인

Wardrobe Coin

마법의 옷장 티켓(신발)


마법의 옷장 티켓(무기)


마법의 옷장 티켓(헤어)


마법의 옷장 티켓(상의)


마법의 옷장 티켓(하의)