The Tongue of Elrios

Weekend Chuseok Pre events

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How to get Full Moon stone.

1. Stay Logged in for 10 minutes during Sept 12th,13th,19th and 20th to get 1 moonstone shard

2. Complete Event quest [Event]달이 차오른다: 초승달 월석 to get Crescent Moon stone.

3. Exchange them for Half Moon stone

4. Exchange Half Moonstone + Moonstone shard for Full Moon Stone.

Full moon stone will turn into a cube containing awesome items on 24th.

1. Can stay Logged  in during Sept 12,13,19,20 to get Mystery Moon Rock. Get 1 upon logging in, get 3 when logged in for 10 minutes.

2. Collect 3 Moonlight powders to exchange for Moon rock.

3. Clear repeatable event quest [Event] 달이 차오른다: 달빛 돌덩이 during Sept 12,13,19,20 to get unlimited Moon Rocks.

Teencash,Eggmoney announcement

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Starting from 11/01 you will not be able to load up KR NX using these two.

You get them all in one day in KR date.

9/05: Stay logged in for 30 minute for gloves, weapon, top tickets

9/06: Stay logged in for 30 minutes for shoes, hair, bottom

9/12: Stay logged in for 30 minute for gloves, weapon, top tickets

9/13: Stay logged in for 30 minutes for shoes, hair, bottom


1. Ara




Tempest Dance

MP cost Increased, Damage adjusted

Dragon Stance 2: Pulling Thrust

Spirit gained by Spirit conversion(cancel) decreased.
MP cost decreased

Wolf Stance 2 : Wind Wedge

conversion spirit gain decreased
Chance of causing bleeding

Exorcism Stance 3 : Shadoweave

MP cost decreased, consumes 2 spirit when casting.
Doesn’t gain spirit when casting.
conversion spirit gain increased.

Steel Body

Changed to power stun, divided into two hits.
Traveling Distance decreased

Spirit recovery when awakening

At stage 1, 3 orbs

At stage 2, 6 orbs

At stage 3, 10 orbs

Celestial Fox enhancement and ravamp.

Can receive Celestial Fox buff effect in 1,2 awakening as well.
Celestial Fox buff revamped/enhanced

Little Hsien / Sakra Devanam



Tiger Stance 1 : Rock Smash

Super armor added when casting.

Fierce Tiger Strike

Changed to 200MP spirit consumption skill.
Doesn’t gain spirit when casting.

Abundant Power

MP gain adjusted

Dragon Stance 3 : Eight Trigram Palm

MP cost decreased

Shining Lotus
(New Skill)

Throws Spear forwards and widely spins it to create storm of flower.
Storm Slowly travels forwards to push all targets while doing multiple hits. Scatters flowers in 1 second intervals to have them explode at maximum range. Scattering flowers causes debuff and they all explode when the Shining Lotus explodes.

Quick Thrust

Spirit Cost decreased

Full Moon Slash

Skills cast faster when chained into.

Matchless Truth

Damage and range increased

Tiger Power

Skills cast faster when chained into.

Heaven’s Wrath

Motion and Effect revamped.
Range Increased.

Little Devil / Yama Raja



Wolf stance 3 : Wolf Claw

Last hit’s damage increased and doesn’t knock down.

Infernal Circle

Changed to 200mp skill.

Wolf Stance 4 : Wolf fang

Projectile speed and range increased
Has chance of causing bleeding

Energy Wave

Charge feature removed. Always fires in fully charged state.

Rakshasa Stance 1 : Soul Reaping

Changed to active skill

Life Swap

HP recovery upon successful hit increased slightly

Force Spear

Fixed problem where it wouldn’t hit targets that are too close together.
Pierces all targets

Howling Wolf

Skills cast faster when chained into.

Hell Gate

Skills cast faster wehn chained into.


Spirit required to resurrect increased
Recovery amount per spirit increased
Upon activation, forces knockdown and removes all debuffs

Little Specter / Asura



Spell : Storm

changed to 200mp skill.

Spell : Thunder

Hit range increased when casting

Mana Drain

Hitstun decreased slightly

Repose of Souls

Skills cast faster when chained into.

Fox’s Laugh

Skills cast faster when chained into.

Spell: Spiritual Eye

Cooldown time decreased when using secret arts. Changed effect to defense piercing

2. Elesis




Dodge & Slash

Can backwards dodge at [True]

Spiral Blast

Changed to shared skill.

Wild Shock

Ignores target’s defense when in annihilation.
Changed to gale skill.

Stoic – Strong

20% damage reduction during super armor at [True]

Saber Knight / Grand Master



Rushing Sword

MP cost when repeating rushing sword decreased each time it’s used.
MP cost resets to normal after casting is finished.

Saber Extinction

Range Increased
Angle adjustment interface shows up quick as possible.
Base angle is 0 degrees and faces forwards(→)
Size increased if casted while in sword of victory. Size increase varies depending on Sword of Victory’s stage.

Knight’s Destiny

Becomes immune to all physical type debuffs when HP is below 25%
: Stun/Chaos/Fear/Disoriented/Suppressed/Aged/Wounded/Sight reduction/Movement, action speed decrease, Haze, Bleed

Power Breat

Changed so it targets certain area in front.
Changed so the skill doesn’t have stacks.

Critical Dive

Added bleed effect per hit.

Sword of Judgement

Total range increased, Changed to Annihilation Skill.
Cast speed becomes much faster after the first hit. You can charge skill by Holding the skill key to do more damage.


Changed so it targets certain area in front.
Can force the counter attack by pressing the skill key one more time before the skill ends, this costs extra MP
The counter attack changed so it doesn’t knock down and gives hitstun instead.

Sword of Victory

Added effect to improve MP gain per each hit.
Casts stage 2 sword of victory when casting while sword of victory buff is active.

Enhanced Agility

Added buff that increases movement/attack speed per each dodge&slash or rushing sword casted.

War Prelude

Changed to a buff that Increases Maximum MP, Increases command and active skill damage.
Causes debuff that decreases maximum MP and decreases special active skill damage.

Waltz of the Sword

Added effect where MP spent for Dodge&slash’s attack is regained if the hit is successful.
Added effect to increase Dodge&slash and rushing sword damage when in annihilation.

Juggernaut Buster

Movement speed and hit speed increased while casting, black hole effect added to the slow strike.
Ignores defense, decrease received damage effects and damage reduction stat when casting during Sword of Victory.

Drastic Charge

forward movement speed increased, push power increased

Skilled Knight

KD reduction effect added.
Added effect to block and reduce certain amount of damage

Pyro Knight/ Blazing Heart



Explosive Fist

Removes Blaze effect(Weapon attribute, burn, Undying Flame) debuff from the target hit by explosive fist and does all the damage the debuff would have done at once.

Sword Fire

Red Lotus sword effect auto casted after sword fire.

Incarnation of Fire

Removes all Blaze effect(Weapon attribute, burn, Undying Flame) within 1000 distance and gains MP depending on amount of debuffs removed.

Infernal Blade

Ignores target’s defense depending on the amount of your Fire Resist stat.
Infernal Blade is equipped to the character for 20 seconds after casting.
Changed to annihilation skill.

Eternal Fire

Horizontal range increased
Changed to gale skill

Blazing Dance

Recovers MP depending on amount remaining if the skill is cancelled.

Fire Stigma

Added KD reduction effect to stigma explosions.

Flame Rose

Summons amount of flame rose equal to the targets that were hit by the pulling attack in random locations. But the maximum rose amount is 3.

Fire Wall

Size increased, causes burn and undying flame debuff pet to targets that touch the wall.
the magic projectile that was like spatial distortion changed into remove(burn) effect.

Dark Knight / Crimson Avenger



Ejection Buster

Charge speed faster


HP recovery decreased when in gale.

Brutal Cutter

Changed so it gains enhancement buff when casting multiple times.

Injection Stigma

Doesn’t cost MP anymore. Consumes 3% of maximum HP.

Burning Phantom

Doesn’t charge using HP anymore. Costs MP.
(Blood Hit removed, Consumed extra MP to do extra hits)
Changed to annihilation skill and recovers hp % depending on targets hit.

Shadow Edge

Does not share damage anymore and absorbs HP when tied together.
Can be tied to maximum 3 targets

Brandish Breaker

Damage increased the lower your HP gets

Revenge of Blood

Activation chance decreased

Overflowing Blood

Doesn’t recover HP. Addes attack power increase buff.

9/03 Patch Notes

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1. Ara, Elesis Renewal

1) Ara renewal summary
- Damage redistributed for Secret Art component skills
- Ara’s Celestial Fox mode awakening effect enhanced
- New Command and Skills
- Adjusted Face, Body Proportions and Promotion Avatar
- New Ara base job promo illustration

2) Elesis Renewal Summary
- Grand Master Skill range and damage increased
- More effective ‘burn’ based playstyle for Blazing Heart
- Divided Crimson Avenger’s skills into Blood Hit and and HP recovery types.
- New Commands and Skills
- Adjusted Face, Body Proportions and Promotion Avatar
- New Elesisbase job promo illustration

2. Ara, Elesis specific Story Quest scene

3. Henir’s Time and Space entrance scene
- Cool cutscene video when entering Henir for the first time
- Can rewatch in Videos menu in quest window


. Elsword Potent Nuclear Explosion 3
- Chained Event Quest available for all dungeons except Ruben, Henir and Ereda Island.
- 2015 09 05 1PM ~ 02PM (1hr)
2015 09 06  01PM ~ 02PM (1hr)
- 05th’s chained event quest is continued in 06th

Quest Name




[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 3탄!
:이벤트 팔 액세서리

Clear 2 Dungeons within level Range

Event Arm Accessory ticket


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 3탄!
: 현자의 마법석

Clear 2 Dungeons within level Range

Sage Magic Stone


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 3탄!
: 이벤트 얼굴 상 액세서리

Clear 2 Dungeons within level Range

Event Face Top Accessory ticket


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 3탄!
: 현자의 마법석

Clear 2 Dungeons within level Range

Sage Magic Stone


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 3탄!
: 이벤트 얼굴 중 액세서리

Clear 2 Dungeons within level Range

Event Face Mid Accessory ticket


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 3탄!
: 현자의 마법석

Clear 2 Dungeons within level Range

Sage Magic Stone


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 3탄!
: 이벤트 얼굴 하 액세서리

Clear 2 Dungeons within level Range

Event Face Bottom Accessory ticket


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 3탄!
: 현자의 마법석

Clear 2 Dungeons within level Range

Sage Magic Stone


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 3탄!
: 이벤트 하의 액세서리

Clear 2 Dungeons within level Range

Event bottom Accessory ticket


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 3탄!
: 현자의 마법석

Clear 2 Dungeons within level Range

Sage Magic Stone


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 3탄!
: 이벤트 상의 액세서리

Clear 2 Dungeons within level Range

Event top Accessory ticket


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 3탄!
: 현자의 마법석

Clear 2 Dungeons within level Range

Sage Magic Stone


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 3탄!
: 한벌 아바타

Clear 2 Dungeons within level Range

Event one piece avatar ticket


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 3탄!
: 현자의 마법석

Clear 2 Dungeons within level Range

Sage Magic Stone


* Cannot use accessory wardrobe tickets on IB avatar, Special Accessories and Timed Event Accessories.
* Tickets can be stored in shared bank

2. Crescent Moon shaped Moonstone
- Clear 2 dungeons within level range to get crescent shaped moonstone
- Will be used in future events so keep them safe
- 2015 09 05 ~ 2015 09 06

3. Ara, Elesis Renewal Event

1) Free class change daily.
- Clear event quest daily with Ara or Elesis and get ‘Ariel’s class change ticket’

2) Get Promotion Avatar wardrobe Ticket
- Stay logged in for 30 minutes as Ara or Elesis to get promotion avatar wardrobe tickets


09 03

09 04

09 05

09 06

09 07

09 08








09 10

09 11

09 12

09 13

09 14

09 15







- 2015 09 03 ~ 2015 09 17

#Cash Shop

1. Mount: Keroro 5kinds
- 2015 09 03 ~ 2015 10 1

2. Grand IB (Ara Dragon Knight, Royal Maid/ Elesis Dragon Knight, Royal Maid)
-  2015 09 03 ~ 2015 09 17
- Can reform until 2015 10 01

3. Custom : Model Force motion
- 2015 09 03 ~ always

4. Pet : Hedgehog package
- Package Contents: El Tree seed x25, Pet Toy(30days) x1, Pet fetch aurax1, Life Crystal(Hedgehog)
- 2015 09 03 ~ 2015 09 10

[End Sale]
1. Potent Awakening potions sales end (Milk bottles)
2. Class change ticket 50% discount
3. Grand IB(Eve,Chung Dragon Knight, Royal Maid/Servant). Can still reform until 2015 09 17
4. Ara, Elesis Skill Notes

# Changes

1. Fixed ‘cannot overheat due to low HP’ message showing up for other players for Veteran Commander’s ‘DashZZZ’ command.
2. Fixed graphic error for Oberon in dungeon start/end motion
3. Fixed Air movement count resetting after Code Nemesis’s Dash Jump ZX command.
4. Royal Guard ‘Fantasy Impromptu 1st movement’ tooltipe text error fixed
5. Fixed graphic error for Ciel’s triple poison attirubte or triple frozen attribute.

1. Epic NPCs buffed because people were winning too easily against them

1. Secret Dungeon weekly quests revamped

8/27 Patch Notes

August 25th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (62 Comments)


1. Goodbye Summer event
- Stay logged in during event time for goodbye summer gifts

Login time

08/29 06:00 ~ 08/30 05:59

08/30 06:00 ~ 08/31 05:59


여름방학의 작별선물(goodbye summer gift) x1

여름방학의 작별선물 x1


여름방학의 작별선물 x3

여름방학의 작별선물 x3


Cube Item Name

Available Items

여름방학의 작별선물

Magic Amulet Lv.6

Magic Amulet  Lv.7

Magic Amulet  Lv.8

Magic Amulet  Lv.9

Magic Amulet  Lv.10

Ariel’s job change ticket

[Cobo] Fluorite stone exchange ticket

[Cobo] Blessed restoration scroll exchange ticket

[Cobo] Blessed time space scroll exchange ticket

[Cobo] White Phoru Stamp

[Cobo] Purple Phoru Stamp

[Cobo] Gold  Phoru stamp

[Cobo] Oblivion scroll

[Cobo] Blessed alchemy item box

Event limited to once per server per day

# Cash Shop

1. New Ice burner : Masquerade
- 2015 08 27 ~ 2015 11 19
- Crafting time until 2015 11 26
* Can’t craft Velder Academy Knights after maintenance

2. Avatar : The Butterfly Dream (Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Raven, Eve), Custom : Skill Cut-In(The Butterfly Dream)
- PiKa’s first avatar release and second custom cutin release
- 2015 08 27 ~ 2015 09 24
* Chung,Ara,Elesis,Add,Luciel versions on 2015 09 10

1. Velder Academy Knights IB.
Can still be crafted until 9/03
2. 2011 ~ 2014 Luciel Swim suits
3. Add Luciel Salvatore Solace
Can still be crafted until 09/03
4. Summon Stone: Bumblebee
5. Summon Stone : Servant Pho(Added to Fossil readers)

# Changes

1. [Avatar] inventory page extended. Can use up to 5 pages.

[Eve,Chung Renewal Changes]
1. Code : Nemesis Fixed ‘Critical’ attirbute not working for Iron Scraps
2. Code : Nemesis ‘Tesla Shock’ MP cost decreased. Damage adjusted accordingly
3. Code : Nemesis ‘Spear Burst’ skill area increased
4. Code : Nemesis ‘ZZX’ command range increased
5. Code : Empress ‘Genocide Ripper’ damage on each hits adjusted. Skill’s total damage doesn’t change.
6. Chung cannonball MP regen rate decreased
7. Shooting Guardian Deadly Shot skill damage increased

1. Elemental Master In ‘XX←X’ command, fixed problem where last fireball would fire by just pressing XX.
2. Rena Adjusted damage reduction buff per 1 NF point which was set too high.
3. Veteran Commander Fixed ‘Mecenary’s Survival Strategy’ not working
4. Veteran Commander ‘Mecenary’s Survival Strategy’ fixed ‘extended overheat’ attribute not working.
5. Code : Nemesis Fixed ‘Critical’ attirbute not working for Iron Scraps
6. Deadly Chaser Fixed ‘Shooting Star’ ‘Transcend attribute not being affected but Intense Showtime’s cooldown reduction effect.
7. Chung Fixed Hyper Active skills not becoing [True] state even though meeting level requirements

1. Fixed patch % turning ‘-0000(unknown number)%’

1. Eve




Dimension Link Sentry

Attack Doesn’t Knock down and has reduced KD.

Seal Buff skills

Seal of Victory removed. Can only use Seal of Annihilation

Dimension Link Guardian

Flame follows patch and works as the current skill notes do

Code : Exotic / Code : Nemesis



Metal Dust Aura

Command and Active Skill damage increased while casted

Elegant Steps

Only Elegant steps can be chosen. Electron ball study removed

Telsa Shock

Changed to class specific skill

Concentration Aura

Added Divine Aura’s effect

Queen of Vengence
(New Skill)

Gain MP depending on HP damage taken.
(All damage including mana conversion damage)

Queen of Destruction
(New Skill)

When in awakening gain MP in 10/20/30 whenever core beam activates depending on awakening stage. Also reduces cooldown timer on skills on cooldown by 1/2/3 seconds

Code : Archetecture / Code :Empress



Mega Electron Ball

Charge feature removed

Oberon Guard

Changed to special active skill and is casted forwards instead of backwards. Changed so it blocks enemies

Surface Cutting

Attack’s KD reduced for initial summoning attack

Tesla Shock

Changed to class specific skill

Genocide Ripper

Skill redesigned to attack large area in front and behind the character

Electron ball study

Also increases air movement amount

Space Wrench

X projectile size increased

Assault Spear – Buster

Last hit’s hitbox slightly changed


HP increased, Disk attack changed to homing attacks.

Code : Electra / Code : Battle Seraph



Kugel Blitz

Charge feature removed and changed to special active skill.

Tesla Shock

Changed to class specific skill

Energy Needles

MP Cost increased, skill duration increased, hitstun removed. Projectiles home-in and once they hit one target they seek the next target.

2. Chung





Charges Cannonball upon awakening
At 1,2 stage awkaneing consuming all cannonballs will always grant 1 cannonball.

3rd stage awakening doesn’t consume cannonballs

Black Blast

Causes explosion and evacuates current location(Invincible while casting)

Scare Chase

MP cost reduced

Reload Cannon

Reloads 1 cannonball. 3 on [True]

Siege Shelling

Initial casting motion speed increased

Fury Guardian / Iron Paladin



Burst Wolf

Cast speed increased
Doesn’t launch targets, pushes targets away with hitstun.
Aftereffect hitbox activates even if the main attack doesn’t hit.


Debuff revamped
Following effects for certain duration
- 20% Additional hit damage
- Disable Skill
- Ignore Guard

Brutal Swing

Doesn’t launch targets, pushes targets away with hitstun

Elemental Training

Combined, increases all element resistence

Land Demolisher

Buff granted after casting
- Chance of extra hits during buff duration

Pain of Caladbolg

MP cost reduced

Shooting Guardian / Deadly Chaser




Chance of doing 2x damage

Dual Buster

Reloads 1 cannonball when casting

Remodel Rifle

Magic bullet damage increasee effect added

Deadly Shot (New Skill)

Consumes 1 cannonball to do large damage in area infront.

Trick Shot
(New Skill)

New skill based on leg shot. Fires 2 magic bullets towards ground, magic bullet bounces across enemies and the ground doing damage. Causes movement/jump reduction debuff.

Rapid Cannon

Cooldown time reduced

Shelling Guardian / Tactical Trooper



Elastic Bomb

Certain chance of large grenade

Bigbang Stream

MP cost reduced

Impact Detonation

Changed to Special Active

Chaos Cannon

MP cost and damage increased

Mobile Shelling

Switching and firing speed when switching between siege and mobile shelling increased.
Changed so 1 enhanced cannonballs load per 1 siege shelling shot.
Can use [Back Blast] skill while in Mobile shelling.

Tactical Field

Buff revamped
- Super Armor (Including party members)
- 30% attack dmg
- 10MP recovered per 1 second

Cannon Strike

MP cost increased.
Loads all of both normal and enhanced cannonballs

8/20 Patch Notes

August 18th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (47 Comments)

# Content

1. Eve, Chung Renewal
- Eve and Chung character renewals

1) Eve renewal summary
- Balancing for each classes
- Fancier skill effects
- Effective additional commands
- Face,body proportion, promotion avatar look improved.
- New base Eve promotion illustration

2) Chung Renewal summary
- Improved addtional effects upon awakening
- Reload cannon revamped
- Cannon reloading process improved
- Face,body proportion, promotion avatar look improved.
- New base Chung promotion illustration

2. Eve and Chung’s own story quest scenes
- Added Eve or Chung specfic story quest scenes for earlier story quests

# Event

1. Elsword Potent Nuclear explosion 2nd!
- Get swimuit(2014 and before) full set Magic wardrobe ticket and summer accessories
- Can complete quest in everywhere except Ruben, Henir, Ereda island
- Quest can be completed per account and is chained
- 2015 08 22 01PM ~ 03PM (2 hours)

Quest Name




[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 2탄! : 신발

Clear 2 dungeons within level range

Old swimsuit wardrobe ticket(shoes)


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 2탄! : 산소 마스크

Clear 2 dungeons within level range

Oxygen mask wardrobe ticket


Sage magic stones


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 2탄! : 장갑

Clear 2 dungeons within level range

Old swimsuit wardrobe ticket(gloves)


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 2탄! : 하의

Clear 2 dungeons within level range

Old swimsuit wardrobe ticket(bottom)


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 2탄! : 작살총

Clear 2 dungeons within level range

Harpoon wardrobe ticket


Sage magic stones


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 2탄! : 상의

Clear 2 dungeons within level range

Old swimsuit wardrobe ticket(top)


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 2탄! : 헤어

Clear 2 dungeons within level range

Old swimsuit wardrobe ticket(hair)


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 2탄! : 보잉 선글라스

Clear 2 dungeons within level range

Sunglasses Magic Wardrobe Ticket


Sage Magic stones


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 2탄! : 무기

Clear 2 dungeons within level range

Old swimsuit wardrobe ticket(weapon)


[EVENT] 포텐핵폭발 2탄! :
현자의 마법석(반복 퀘스트)

Clear 1 dungeons within level range

Sage Magic Stones


* (old)swim suit wardrobe ticket can only be used on swimsuit avatars before 2014 versions
* Summer accessory wardrobe tickets can only be used in following category ‘아바타>상시 판매 액세서리>썸머 액세서리’ in magic wardrobe.
* Cannot register some character’s unreleased avatars
* Wardrobe tickets can be stored in shared bank.

2. Eve, Chung Renewal event
1) Job change daily event
2) Promotion Avatar tickets
- Stay logged in as Eve or Chung for 30 minutes during event time to get promotion avatar wardrobe ticket
- Can register promotion avatars of the character’s class or lower


08 20

08 21

08 22

08 23

08 24

08 25

Hair Ticket

Weapon Ticket

Top Ticket

Bottom Ticket

Gloves Ticket

Shoes Ticket


08 27

08 28

08 29

08 30

08 31

09 01

Hair Ticket

Weapon Ticket

Top Ticket

Bottom Ticket

Gloves Ticket

Shoes Ticket

- 2015 08 20 ~ 2015 09 03

 # Cash Shop

1. Avatar : B1A4 Sweet Girl~♥
- Special Dance Motion
- 2015 08 20 ~ 2015 09 17


2. Grand Ice Burners (Eve Dragon Knight, Royal Maid/ Chung dragon Knight, Royal servant)
- 2015 08 20~ 2015 09 03

- Reform tickets sold in cash shop
- Can reform avatar until 09 17

3. Summon Stone: Customer Satisfaction Servant Pho
- 2015 08 20 ~ 2015 08 27

1. Grand IB (Aisha Dragon Knight, Royal Maid/ Raven Dragon Knight, Royal Servant(Reform lasts till 9/03)
2. 2015 Swimsuit avatar(Chung, Ara, Elesis, Add, Luciel)
3. Eve and Chung Skill notes


# Changes

1. Lord Knight Fixed bug where ‘Warrior Physquie’ says it increases HP but it didn’t in game
2. Veteran Commander fixed ‘Metnal Crash’ debuff icon looking like Apocalypse icon

3. Over TakerXX→XX’ fixed error where 4th X was not doing any damage.
4. Blade Master Fixed shock wave being used unaturally

1. Character HP increased to match renewed characters damage output in PvP

8/13 Patch Note

August 11th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (101 Comments)

# Event

1. Keroro Launching event
1) Clear event quest once to obtain ‘Keroro’s Keron star’ reward
-Can clear dungeon within level range for rewards.  Can infinitely repeat event quest.




Blue Elrios Invasion plans

[Cobo] Ice Burner

[Cobo] Fossil Reader

[Cobo] Oblivion Scroll

[Cobo] Blessed restoration scroll exchange ticket

[Cobo] Fluorite exchange ticket

[Cobo] Blessed Time and space scroll exchange ticket

[Cobo] 10 res stone cube

Ariel’s Magic Amulet Lv.8

Sage magic stone

Potent Explosio accessory random cube

Ariel’s Magic Amulet Lv.9

Ariel’s Magic Amulet Lv.10

Ariel’s class change ticket


Vigor potion x 1

* collect 3 퍼렁 엘리오스별 침공 계획서 [Blue Elrios Invasion plans] to get 1 [케로로의 케론별 보급품]
- 2015 08 14 06:00 ~ 2015 08 17 05:59

2) Just stay logged in during these times for reward boxes
- 1 per server



10 minute

20 minute

30 minute

8 14

케로로의 케론별 보급품 x1

케로로의 케론별 보급품 x2

케로로의 케론별 보급품 x3

8 15

케로로의 케론별 보급품 x1

케로로의 케론별 보급품 x2

케로로의 케론별 보급품 x3

8 16

케로로의 케론별 보급품 x1

케로로의 케론별 보급품 x2

케로로의 케론별 보급품 x3

* Stay logged in for longer than 30 minute to obtain up to 6 event reward boxes 30
- 2015 08 14 06:00 ~ 2015 08 17 05:59

2. 70th National Liberation Day anniversary
- Stay logged in to Obtain Korean flag cape and milk bottles


Time & Rewards


10 minute

20 minute

8 14


광복절 기념 포텐 각성제 큐브 x1

광복절 기념 포텐 각성제 큐브 x2

8 15

Taeguk cape

광복절 기념 포텐 각성제 큐브 x1

광복절 기념 포텐 각성제 큐브 x2

8 16


광복절 기념 포텐 각성제 큐브 x1

광복절 기념 포텐 각성제 큐브 x2

* [광복절 기념 포텐 각성제 큐브] :  Contains random amount of milk bottles [8], [15], [70]

# Cash Shop

1. one piece costumes : Keroro, Kululu, Kiruru, Dororo, Tamama
- Sgt. Frog costumes
- 2015 08 13~ 2015 09 13

2. Sgt. Frog face expression mask accessories
- 2015 08 13  ~ 2015 09 13

3. Sgt. Frog accessories
- 2015 08 13 ~ 2015 09 13

1. Avatar 2015 Swim Suit(Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Rave, Eve)

# Changes

[Aisha&Raven renewal changes]






Dash Jump Z

Feel of control changed

High Magician

Elemental Master

ZZX command

Fixed damage calculation error causing fire road to do too much damage.

ZZXX command

Fireball damage decreased

Seal of Wisdom

Magic attack increase amount decreased

Meteor Shower

Fixed damage calculation error causing fire road to do too much damage.

Circle Flame

Changed so damage increases after the circle flame s created.
Total damage is same as before.

Element’s Friendly

Fixed natural MP recovery increase effect not working

Dark Magician

Void Princess

Gravity Ball study

Gravity ball damage increased depending on passive level

Seal of Acceleration

Fixed error where Movement and Jump speed increase stats were swapped with eachother.
Added Phys/Mag damage increase effect

Mana Intake

Added new skill enhancement option.
Hit timing faster after casting
Fixed issue where it was only gaining MP from 1 target

Shadow’s Contract

‘Consumed MP absorb’ rate increased depending on passive level

Magic Intensification

‘Max MP increase’ rate increased depending on passive level

Battle Magician

Dimension Witch

Energy Ball commands

Energy ball MP regain decreased

Energy Road

Skill enhancement attribute changed


‘MP regain rate’ increased depending on passive level

Seal of Strength

Phys damage increase amount decreased

Energy Spurt

Damage Increased

Magic Staff

‘Activation Chance’ effectiveness depending on passive level decreased

Energetic Body

Phy damage increase amount decreased






[True] Shadow Step

Changed so Z thrust attacks forewards

Sword Taker

Blade Master

ZZZ[X] command

Black hole damage decreased

Sonic Slash

Fixed issue of skill effect remaining after skill is cancelled

Ensured Victory strategy

Critical chance and MP regain amount decreased

Giga drive limiter

MP cost decreased

Bloody Accel

MP cost decreased

Over Taker

Reckless Fist


Nasod spear damage decreased

Dash Jump XX

damage decreased

Burning Nasod Hand

Skill damage increased amount decreased
Most increase is at Lv.1. Increase amount decreased with higer levels

Exploding Nasod Hand

Lv.2 Lv.3 Critical chance decreased

Refined Physique

Added increased MP regain and awakening charge effect

Wild Charge

Time required for full charge decreased

Weapon Taker

Veretran Commander

Dash jump XX repeat command

Damage increased

Mercenary’s victory strategy

Changed so some actives can be used in the air

Harpoon Spear

Initial explosion damage increased


Damage increase amount increased
Added MP regain effect when awakening in certain HP condition.

1. Fixed problem where Dimension Witch’s MP gain rate for ‘X,XX’ attacks was higher than the rate indicated in tooltip.
2. Fixed Veteran commander’s ‘Mental Crash’ debuff icon looking like ‘Apocalypse’

1. It has hard to see when the harpoon will fire in Boss raid. Added new gauge so amount of hits required is easily visible.
2. Changed so players that doesn’t contribute over certain amount don’t get reward is boss raid.
3. Fixed meteor attacks being too fast in some part of the raid.

1. fixed issue where enemies didn’t appear in 3:3

1. Aisha





MP Cost increased when used consecutively
Gains Super armor when in [True]

Chain Fire Ball

Projectile and skill motion speed increased

Gust Screw

Number of hits increased when awakenend

Gust Storm

Left/Right range increased
Can move while casting

Lightning Bolt

Stuns target after certain amount of time

Meteor Call (New..)

Creates spell circle in front and summons meteor to cause large explosion.

Binding Circle

Can now be used in air

High Magician / Elemental Master



Magic Missile

MP cost decreased
Projectile speed and hit amount increased
Projectile speed increased when awakenend

Chain Lightning

MP cost decreased

Blizzard Shower

MP cost decreased

Elemental Body

Mana Shield added

Element Study

Natural MP recovery rate effect added

Dark Magician / Void Princess


개편 내용

Dark Road (New)

Creates dark fire road in front that remains for certain amount of time.

Petit Angkor

Base is Time Bomb
Can change skill attribute to use Heavy Doll


MP cost decreased, Black hole added
Damage Increased when awakened

Mana Intake

Can use in air

Phantom Breathing

Black Hole added

Shadow Body

Magic Attack increase and super armor added

Dark Burst (New)

Repeatedly fires dark orbs

Battle Magician / Dimension Witch



Energy Road (New)

Creates energy infront that charges forwards for certain amount of time

Magical Makeup

MP Gain increase effect decreased
MP cost decreased


Added effect to increase physical attack based of magical attack

Heavy Press

Stun added to 1/2th hit

Guillotine press

Can use in air
stun added

Energy Spurt

MP cost increased

Magic Staff

Changes base comand fireballs into energyballs

Spatial Distortion

MP cost increased

Energetic Body

Additional damage increase effected removed
Physical attack and MP gain increase effect added

Spirit Acceleration

Movement speed increased if possessing less MP

Space Leap

Reduces teleport MP cost increase penalty

2. Raven




Maximum Cannon

Burns target’s MP

Shadow Step

Activation, Movement speed increased
Pressing [Z] key during skill will perform powerful stab that pierces through enemy.
Doesn’t Knock down and gives weak hitstun
Can use in air
Can move backwards 1 more time by additional skill key input
Fixed problem where you could get hit during shadow step.
Enables stand up attack by pressing [X] key when standing up

Cannon Blade

Projectile moves further and pushes targets away

Power Assault

Changed to single hit skill. Moves while piercing through enemies
Doesn’t knock down and gives large hitstun

Flame In

Leaves flame in place where skill hit
Flame does quick multiple hits, only the 1st hit gives hitstun

Seven Burst

Creates large fire pit that causes 7 hits

Power concentration

Greatly Increases Physical and Magical attack

Over Taker / Reckless Fist



Hell Dive

2nd hit’s movement range increased

Valkyrie’s Javelin

Timing of Nasod spear hits changed
After creation, hits occur when spears are rising and does extra damage when they are falling.

Charged Bolt(Hedgehog)

Hit range increased, low chance of causing wound debuff.

Limit Crusher

Cast speed slightly increased


Explosion size increased, weak black hole effect added

Exploding Nasod Hand

Critical damage increase effect added
Exploding attacks don’t have hitstun anymore so they don’t get in the way of chaining combos

Wild Charge

Movement range and casting speed increased
Takes around 1.5s for maximum charge. 1.5x damage when maximum charged

Subliminal Rage

Core is fully charged when awakening and reawakening
Awakening duration decreased


Additional hits for base explosions

Enchant Hand (New)

Attacks target with Nasod Hand and enhances self
Nasod Hand attacks disables Mana break for duration of the enhancement

X Crash

Movement distance increased. X explosions last hit has longer hitstun

Infernal Arms

First hit’s range increased
Skill delay lasts until first hit
Overall skill speed increased
Black hole added to final chained explosion attack

Sword Taker / Blade Master



Finishing Slash

Hits occur slightly faster


Amount of hits increased

Bloody Accel

MP cost decreased


Amount of hits increased

Giga Drive-Limiter

MP cost decreased

Cut tendon

Wound chance becomes 50%

Wolf Fang

Movement range increased

Ensured Victory strategy(New)

Gains critical chance and mp gain increase buff every 5 combos.
Can stack up to 5 times

Weapon Taker / Veteran Commander



Haze explosion

Creates smoke that causes various debuffs

Mental Crash (New)

Makes target’s MP gain rate into 0 for short time

Revolver Cannon – OP Bomb

MP cost decreased

Napalm Grenade

Cast speed faster, throws more grenades

Hellfire Gatling

Attacks a focused area in front.

Breaking Fist

Movement range and casting speed increased. Changed to Super armor

Ignition Crow Incinerator

Cast speed increased. Does extra explosion damage upon hitting targets


KD reduction effect added

Ignition Crow Napalm

Cast speed and amount of hits increased
Duration decreased

Ground Impact

Attack power increased

Deadly Raid

HP cost during overheat decreased
Changed so you can contiune comboing with core launch after the last hit.