The Tongue of Elrios

-This doesn’t apply for players with  internet speed so good that they can PvP with Koreans almost perfectly with no distance lag.-

But for you players that experience noticeable distance lag during your matches against Korean players, I highly recommend that you all restrain yourselves from at least playing in random arena matching more than necessary amounts.

As some of you might know. Korean server implemented IP block for certain countries few days ago. While exact reason for this block is still unknown, it is suspected that Nexon is starting to cut off all the countries that don’t earn them enough money to justify having the local Koreans dissatisfied with the game because of foreigners with annoying distance lag.

Due to the recent ‘End of PvP Season 2′ event, the amount of reports and discussions about foreigners with distance lag ruining their PvP experience has become uncomfortably high in the Korean Elsword communities.

Before, this wasn’t much of an issue as foreigners in the Arena was something more like an Epic NPC encounters to them. (Although more annoying in higher ranking matches). However due to this recent event, amount of foreigners queuing up for Arena has risen considerably, and along with it, the amount of complaints against foreigners in the Korean community has risen to worrisome levels as well. There is a high possibility that Nexon KR will decide to IP block more countries if the amount of dissatisfaction amongst its players rises to critical levels.

This doesn’t mean don’t enjoy the PvP events. But please keep the amount of Arena matches you have to bare necessities. Using the recent event as an example, it’s pretty hard to let the chance to get the very special Season 2 Avatar set. Still, if you only need 30 matches, just do 30 matches and no more. If you aren’t in the high enough rank to get the rewards you wanted, please don’t be greedy and just settle with lower ranks that gets you only the necessities.  Even just reaching S or SS rank(which is rather easy to get) will get you 4 or 5 piece of avatars. While the weapon piece can easily be replaced by IBs and there are much better hair pieces out there. Is PvPing really that important that you have to endure the P2P distance lag all the while risking you and your fellow foreign player’s chance to be playing in KR server at all? If feel like you have to no matter what enjoy the PvP experience in KR server, please be satisfied with just Sparring with your fellow foreign players.

All of the above also can apply to playing dungeons with Korean players as well. However, dungeons are not as big of an issue as they mostly aren’t competitive content.

Please remember that the Korean Elsword server isn’t made with the intention of servicing foreign players. Foreign players have absolutely no rights in the Korean server. (Maybe except actual Koreans using their own accounts living outside Korea). Please be thankful that we get this wonderful opportunity to play at all in the mother server of this game we all love so much with the chance try out all its newest contents. So please try your best not to do things that inconvenience the local players in Korea whenever possible and do not risk ruining the KR server experience for every other foreign KR players as well.

Thank You.





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Gladiator Avatar is similar to ones Camila is wearing

Grand Master Creation Story

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<Knights captain fighting for her country in the front lines, Grand Master>

Tell us about Grand Master’s concept

S: I worked on her using the ‘Female Knight with a frail body fighting in the front lines for her country’ as a key word.

 Technically, it was the other job’s point to show the Elesis’s boyish side so this job focused on the girlish charm of the ‘Lady Knight Elesis’.

The graceful image that the 1st job had with dress-like armor and neat hairstyle was enhanced even more, while Elesis’s boyish side was attempted to be shown in a roundabout way by giving her a huge sword that even a heavily built man would have trouble carrying, and having her fight in the front lines with that sword.

<Different views of Grand Master>

What was the most difficult part of creating Grand Master?

S: There were a lot of difficulty in designing Saber Knight to be fancy, so even when put together with other 2nd jobs she wouldn’t stand out. Also drawing the illustration. There are lots to improve on but I’m glad a lot of the adventurers like it. T_T

<Looking more like Grand Master right?>

What’s the main charm of the Grand Master?

S: Girlish! Giant Sword! and lastly, and of course wouldn’t it obviously be her backside?!

Grand Master was worked on strictly in the concept of enhancing the charm of Saber Knight. There was some time gap between the 1st job and the 2nd job so I hoped people would not regret choosing Saber Knight when seeing Grand Master.

….In truth, I was lured in by Saber Knight’s backside and ended up working on Grand Master.

<You can see her attractiveness in this skill cut-in>

You can say another charming point of Grand Master’s is her Giant Sword. Tell us about the sword.

S: Grand Master’s promotion sword design was designed with ‘What shape would it take if Grand Master’s personality was reflected in her Sword of Victory?’. After much pondering, I concluded for myself that ‘even if they are  same skills, Saber Knight would wield a pure blade, while Grand Master would wield giant shield like sword!’. If it was another Elesis and not a Grand Master, she’d probably have different looking sword. :->

<Her Giant Sword>

And some last words for all the adventurers-

S: Because Grand Master’s promotion illustration emphasizes her formal position as the Knight leader, there were some of you who were worried about how Elesis’s jolly personality might have disappeared. Grand Master also has the jolly personality of the original Elesis. Except now she’s aware that her actions or appearance stands for image of the Knights as a whole so she controls herself in formal situations! So you don’t need to worry ^_^

Adventurers that loves Elsword~!

I’ll do my best so you can always have fun time. ‘-’)7

Thank you.

Oh and this is a bonus~

4/17 Patch Notes

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# Event

1. End of PvP season 2 event
(2014 04 17 ~ 2014 05 15)

# Cash Shop


1. Moonlight Sonata limited avatar
- Time: 2014 04 17 ~ 2014 05 15

2. Chung, Ara, Elesis, Add 2010 Bad Guys Avatar
- Time: 2014 04 17  ~ 2014 05 15


1. Chung, Ara, Elesis, Add 2009 World unity avatar package
- Can still buy parts

# Changes


1. Random Mission buff effects increased
2. Added tooltip for reward when scrolling over mission UI.
3. Fixed problem of mission UI showing up again after event scene when removing them with Tab or Del keys.


1. Fixed Apocalypse not transitioning well when moving from field to field.
2. Fixed skills some skills resetting all the way to lvl 0 when they should be reset to lvl1.
3. Fixed Yama Raja’s effects not showing up during Dungeon start motions.
4. Fixed Shelling Guardian’s Big Bang Stream’s grenade generator not having cooldown time.

[Dungeon, Field]

1. Fixed EXP medal not working on field mobs.
2. Fixed Magician 1/4 quest showing up as Wally’s castle when it should be Suburbs of Wally’s castle.


1. Fixed so Skill Slot Extension medal(1ea) is acquired as an item when purchased.
2. Fixed some of the new Secret Dungeon sets’s 5 set effects not working properly.
(Alterasia/Ancient Guardian set’s MP gain and reduced damage effects)
3. Changed burning event’s Tuesday reward, ‘Phoru stamp present set”s deletion date.


1. Fixed Oberon series mounts being able to stack up Jump Z attacks.

<Update Item Preview>

-Moonlight Sonata Avatar-


- Chung, Ara, Elesis, Add, 2010 bad guys avatar -


- Camila’s new Outfit-

Log in every day during event period for 10 minutes and a Burning Day cube will be sent to your character. (Sent to Only 1 character per day)

Burning Day cube contains Event Muramasa Sword and a Burning Elemental Wing accessories.(Timed)

It also contains 1 Burning Ticket

Collect these to trade for various items. If you collect 14 of them you can get free permanent Costume Set at Ariel.

Here’s the exchange menu at Ariel. Each cube contains full costume sets.

In order from left to right these boxes contain:

[ELS Beach Look Set(No Add's)] [Elrios Musketeer Set] [Elrios Salvation Army Set] [Star Idol Set]


Another Burning Event:


During dungeon runs, a random mission might appear to players:

When clearing these missions, certain amount of additional EXP will be given. Players can get up to 5x EXP plus a special buff that lasts 30 minutes.


-Can carry out only one mission per dungeon and missions do not appear in Ruben/Elder dungeons, Henir, Ereda Island and Gate of Darkness.
-Normally, Mission clear check only works individually.
-Missions requiring Hyper Actives only show up in dungeons with minimum level of 65


-Maximum level characters (Lv.70) will not get extra EXP bonus, but instead will have higher chance for a better buff.
-Mission clear rewards can only be gotten after completely clearing the dungeon. (Will got acquire when exiting)

-Buff Effects can stack up to 3 times. (EX, Attack power increase 5% + Attack power increase 5% + Attack power increase 5% = Attack power increase 15%)
-Buff duration is not stacked however and the buff timer is reset to max. (It is not reset during Max 3 stacks)
-Buff timer is consumed even when logged off
-Buffs do not work in PvP

Types of Missions:

[30번] 연속으로 적을 공격하라!
[50번] 연속으로 적을 공격하라!
[100번] 연속으로 적을 공격하라!
[xx Times] Continuously attack enemy!

[보스몬스터] 에게 [10%] 데미지를 입혀라!
[보스몬스터] 에게 [20%] 데미지를 입혀라!
[보스몬스터] 에게 [30%] 데미지를 입혀라!
Deal [xx %] Damage to the boss monster!

던전 클리어까지 [적에게20번이상] 맞지마라!
던전 클리어까지 [적에게10번이상] 맞지마라!
던전 클리어까지 [적에게5번이상] 맞지마라!
Don’t get hit [xx times] until dungeon clear!

[8분]이내로 던전을 클리어하라!
[5분]이내로 던전을 클리어하라!
[3분]이내로 던전을 클리어하라!
Clear the dungeon within [x minutes] !

[60초] 이내로 [다음서브스테이지] 를 클리어하라!
[40초] 이내로 [다음서브스테이지] 를 클리어하라!
[20초] 이내로 [다음서브스테이지] 를 클리어하라!
Clear the next sub-stage within [xx seconds]!

던전 클리어까지 [퀵슬롯아이템을5회] 사용하라!
던전 클리어까지 [퀵슬롯아이템을7회] 사용하라!
던전 클리어까지 [퀵슬롯아이템을10회] 사용하라!
Use quick-slot item [xx times] until dungeon clear!

파티원을(자신포함) [1번] 부활시켜라!
파티원을(자신포함) [3번] 부활시켜라!
파티원을(자신포함) [5번] 부활시켜라!
Resurrect Party members (including self) [x times]!

[2분] 안에[50번 연속]으로 적을 공격하라!
[1분] 안에[30번 연속]으로 적을 공격하라!
Within [x minutes] continuously attack enemy [xx times]!

던전 클리어까지 [MP를 1500]만큼 사용하라!
던전 클리어까지 [MP를 2100]만큼 사용하라!
던전 클리어까지 [MP를 3000]만큼 사용하라!
Use [xxxx MP] until dungeon clear!

[120초]이내로 [MP 1500]만큼 사용하라!
[90초]이내로 [MP 1500]만큼 사용하라!
[90초]이내로 [MP 2000]만큼 사용하라!
Within [xxx seconds] use [xxxx MP]!

던전 클리어까지 [엑티브스킬]을 [10회] 사용하라!
Use [Active Skill] [10 times] until dungeon clear!

[45초] 이내로 [엑티브] 스킬을 [3회] 사용하라!
[30초] 이내로 [엑티브] 스킬을 [3회] 사용하라!
Within [xx seconds] use [ActiveSkill] [x times]!

던전 클리어까지 [스페셜 엑티브] 스킬을 [5회] 사용하라!
Use [Special Active] skill [5 times] until dungeon clear!

[1분]이내로 [스페셜 엑티브] 스킬을 [3회] 사용하라!
[45초]이내로 [스페셜 엑티브] 스킬을 [3회] 사용하라!
Within [xx min/sec] use [Special Active] Skill [3 times]!

던전 클리어까지 [하이퍼 엑티브] 스킬을 [2회] 사용하라!
Use [Hyper Active] Skill 2 times until dungeon clear!

Types of Buffs:
물리/마법 공격력 증가
Phys/Mag Attack increase
물리/마법 방어력 증가
Phys/Mag Defense increase
동작속도/이동력/점프력 증가
Atkspd/Movement/Jumpspeed increase
명중/회피 증가
Accuracy/Evasion increase
타격시 MP 회수율 증가
MP gain increase when hitting
피격시 MP 회수율 증가
MP gain increase when being hit
불 속성 방어력 증가
물 속성 방어력 증가
자연 속성 방어력 증가
바람 속성 방어력 증가
빛 속성 방어력 증가
어둠 속성 방어력 증가
Elemental Resistance Increase (Fire,Water,Nature,Wind,Light,Dark in order)
더블 어택 확률 증가
Double Attack chance increase
자연회복량 증가
Natural recovery increase.

4/10 Patch Notes

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# Main Update

[Dungeon Random Mission System]

-Random mission is given when entering the dungeon. Special reward is given when clearing the mission.

# Event

1. BIG Burning Day!
(2014 04 10 ~ 2014 04 29)

# Cash Shop


1. ‘Uh-Ee’ Crayon Pop Avatar
- Duration: 2014 04 10  ~ 2014 04 28


1. Elsword Aisha Rena Raven Eve Chung Priest avatar discount
- Can still buy parts

2. ELS Spring Rain Avatar package
- Can still buy parts

3. Summoning Stone : Flying Celestial Fox – Red Spirit
- Can still acquire from Fossils

# Changes


1. Fixed some effects showing up during Eve’s cloaking

[Dungeon, Field]

1. Fixed Drabaki and Eltrion not getting rage buff.


1. Fixed so mounts can’t quick drop during jumping.


1. Fixed only Camilia quests showing up during practice channel/sparring channel


Good luck to whoever attempting to go for this.

4/03 Patch Notes

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# Cash Shop


1. Ice Burner – Hamel Navy Officer
- Duration: 2014 04 03 ~ 2014 06 26

2. Ara, Elesis, Add Priest Avatar
- Duration: Package  2014 04 03 ~ 2014 05 01

3. New Mount ‘Summoning Stone : Flying Holy Fox – Red Spirit’
- Duration: 2014 04 03 ~ 2014 04 10


1. Ice Burner – Evil Tracer Season 2
2. Ice Burner – Ara Dragon Knight
3. Chung, Ara, Elesis, Add Star academy
4. Avatar Reform Ticket – Ara Dragon Knight

# Changes

1. Aisha
- Fixed Memorize’s graphics going through dungeon clear lines.
2. Rena
- Fixed graphic error when using hyper active while wearing one piece avatar.
3. Raven
- Fixed Reckless Fist’s ‘Subliminal Rage’ awakening charge boost not working for special actives.
- Fixed Nuclear Skill note showing non-noted skill effects.
4. Eve
- Fixed so Ferdinand and Apocalypse is not summoned again when moving on to next stage.
- Fixed Code:Battle Seraph’s Kugelblitz, and Taser firing automatically when stepping on sandstorms in PvP maps.
- Fixed Eve’s Z attack not working on Glitter Vanguard in Palace Entrance dungeon.
5. Chung
- New Tactical Trooper skill cut-in
- Fixed Shelling Guardian’s Elastic Bomb Grenade Launcher’s tooltip error.
6. Ara
- when Little Devil(Yama Raja) uses ‘Repel’ then Blazing Heart uses dash jump XZZZ combo, fixed fireball projectiles reflecting downwards.
- Fixed Little Hsien not having animation for ‘Fall’
7. Add
- Fixed skills being used in non Awakening state but not consuming DP when cancelling awakening and using skill at the same time.
- Fixed Dynamo Factory buff staying when moving from field to dungeons.
- Fixed Nasod Armor shield activating when attacked while using ‘XX↓X’, ‘Dash Jump XZZ’  combo when awakened.
- Fixed Arc Tracer’s ‘Psyonic Generator’. ‘Phantom Seeker’ not activating Berthe’s howling.
- Fixed Arc Tracer(Mastermind)’s Nasod Armor shield activating when attacked during certain commands.
- Fixed some Arc Tracer(Mastermind)’s skills being counterable.
8. All Character
- Fixed summoned NPC or Skilled Summons dying or taking damage when falling off the pitfall.
[Dungeon, Field]
1. Giant Boss Drabaki
- Fixed Black Hole attacking effects staying longer than intended.
- Fixed Some sound effects not working
2. Fixed characters sliding down slowly in slanted terrains.
3. Fixed background disappearing in Heart of the Spire dungeon when playing in low or medium resolution.
4. Fixed enemy guardian monster Dullahan’s special attack not activating.


1. Fixed pets keep jumping when moving through Elder village’s stairs.
2. Fixed Millennium Fox Eun’s shock attack not affected by light resistance.


1. Fixed Ruben village’s beginner guiding arrows not showing up in certain cases.
2. Fixed Guild Skill ‘Critical Counter’ not working properly even when lvled up.

<Update Item Preview>

- Priest Avatar (Ara, Elesis, Add) -

아라, 엘리시스, 애드 프리스트 아바타 착용 모습

- Flying Holy Fox- Red Spirit (Mount) -

비호선-적령 탈것 모습

- Hamel Navy Officer -

하멜 장교 아바타 착용 모습

1st Job ‘Shield Knight’ Description:

During her travels to find clues about the demons that attacked her and Elsword, Elesis comes across many dangerous situations. While Elesis’s overwhelming skills were good enough to allow her to survive any encounter, there were some cases where people that she fought together with were critically injured.

“While, it is important to hone my individual skills, in the future there might be enemies that I absolutely cannot defeat alone. Battles are not won by having one or two skilled fighters, it is won when more of your team survives and combines their strength.”

To better protect everyone she fights with, Elesis decides to pick up a shield. With the help of the Elder village blacksmith Lenphad, she manages to obtain a durable shield that she could use.

“I’m going protect everyone. So that everyone can fight their hardest!”

With her new shield in one hand and her claymore in another, Elesis claims the title ‘Shield Knight’.

Elesis continues her journey, protecting everyone that’s important to her.

2nd Job ‘Infernal Sentinel’ Description:

Continuing her journey as the Shield Knight, Elesis runs into a problem. The shield she used until now has started to burn out due to her continuously increasing power to control the fire. Then in the Altera village, the village chief Adell tells her about the legendary shield named Svalinn that can withstand any type fire and allows the user to amplify and control the fire that the shield comes in contact with.

“That King Nasod uses the shield to control the direction his immense laser pong.” Elesis obtains the Svalinn after defeating the King Nasod. However, while it did not burn up like the other shields, the shield refused to allow Elesis to utilize its full power.

Continuing her journey and reaching Feita’s battlefield, the Knight Lento recognizes Elesis’s shield and gives her an advice. “Sometimes weapons that have existed for long time can develop a consciousness. They will not let the user utilize its full power until it has recognized the wielder’s strength.”

Following Lento’s advice, Elesis defeats many powerful demons in the battlefield of Feita in order to have Svalinn to recognize her as its master. Then finally, Elesis became able to use Svalinn to its full potential.

Using her new power, she helps to drive off the demons from Feita, becoming the ‘Infernal Sentinel’ that protects everyone that fights along with her.