The Tongue of Elrios

5/07 Patch Notes

May 6th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (12 Comments)

# Cash Shop

1. Avatar : Vocaloid SeeU(Lu/Ciel)
- Also added ‘Vocaloid SeeU mini-me’
- 2015 05 07 ~ 2015 06 04

2. Custom: Motion
- New Character Motions.
- 2015 05 07 ~ always

3. Custom: Skill Cut-in
- Base jobs start their adventure. ‘Skill Cut-ins’ added.
- 2015 05 07 ~ always

1. Avatar: Pajama(Ara,Elesis,Add,Luciel)
2. IB Elesis Velder Imperial Guard
Sculpture crafting enabled until 05/14

# Changes

1. Wind Sneaker:
Fixed graphic errors that occurred when wearing Custom:Heart Eye and Archdevil wing‘

2. Veteran Commander: Fixed Overheat activating for ‘Victory Survival Strategy’ even when HP is below 10% when skill is under level 5

3. Code Empress: Fixed issue with Code:Thunderbolt icon images not switching in certain circumstances.

4. Ara Fixed error where Fierce Tiger Strike buff sometimes didn’t activate.

5. Asura Fixed error where Spell:Thunder’s extra hit activated when the character was hit

6. Lunatic Psyker Fixed error where Quake Buster was going through walls or the floor in certain circumstances.

7. Lunatic Psyker: Fixed Body of Transcendence’s movement buff not resetting after character dies.

8. Dreadlord Fixed problem with ‘Dancing Blade’ MP still decreasing in 90/60/30 range when reusing it.


1. Fixed problem with buffs cooldown time not showing up in Gate of Darkness

2. Fixed problem where Parasitic Alterasia Port boss’s mini cannon attack sometimes placed cannons in midair.

3. Fixed problem where ‘Resource Upgrade’ in Ereda Island was not increasing ‘Awk Charge’ and ‘Awk time’ as it was supposed to.

1. Fixed error where buffs lasted infinite time when quickly rejoining a room during respawn time and using a buff upon rejoining.

1. Fixed error where pet’s encourage HP recovery stopped midway.

1. Fixed Lanox Protector title’s conditions to [Clear Burnt Forest within 4 minutes 25 times] and [Clear Ash covered village within 4 minutes 25 times]

<Update Item Preview>
-Avatar: Vocaloid SeeU(Lu/Ciel)-

- Base Job Custom Skill Cutin -

4/30 Patch Notes

April 28th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (38 Comments)

# Content

Boss Raid Revamp: Greed Incarnate ‘Perkisas’
- Boss raid system gets revamped

Because of this, you cannot meet older giant bosses ‘Eltrion’ and ‘Dravaki’ anymore.
– New Raid boss ‘Perkisas’ added
‘Perkisas’ is much more powerful than older raid bosses and can only be beaten by long cooperation amongst users.
– Boss raid ranking system added
Enter boss raid dungeon challenge the higher ranks daily. Get points by participating in the raid and also get rewards every time you enter.
– ‘Perkisas’ drops item called ‘Perkisas’s acknowledgment’ when defeated which can be used to craft Elsword’s first legendary items. Drop amount varies on contribution.

Delayed until 6/11

2. 4th Guild revamp update
- 4th Guild revamp update
NPC Myu added in guild base. She’s in charge of Cobo service within the guild base.
- New currency Guild Coins added and can now expand guild bank

1) Guild NPC added
- NPC Myu added inside Guild base. She’s in charge of Cobo sale promotion service.
- Cobo’s sale promotion service can only be used by purchasing it with guild coins.
- NPC ‘Myu’ has following features




Cobo Store
- Special Item Package seal, Guild Creation Certificate, Nickname ticket, Invitation letter, Skill Reset potion/pills, Shop slot extension, Cobo support package, resurrection stone cube(x10)


Cobo Crafting
- IB costumes, Reform, Guild SP reset, Guild member slot expansion, Guild Gnosis’s blessing, Cobo special present box[Select skill reset medal].


Cobo Exchange
- All of Ariel’s exchange list

Guild Service

Guild specific item
- Guild SP reset, Guild Gnosis’s blessing, Guild member slot expansion..etc
Guild NPC service item
- Beginner guild service ticket…etc

2) Guild Coins
- New currency Guild coins added as a reward for Guild Coop missions.
Guild coins can be used to purchase Guild specific items, Guild NPC service, Guild bank slot expansion and other features that will be added later

3) Guild bank expansion
- Can expand Guild bank
Each expansion increases 8 slots up to 56 slots per page. Can expand up to maximum 3 pages.
Guild bank expansion ticket can be purchased from Guild NPC and can also be bought from cash shop.


# Event
1. Children’s day event
- 2015 04 30 ~ 2015 05 14

1) Go for the full set!
- Can obtain [Cobo] El Officer accessories
Log in daily and complete quests to obtain EO accessories!
- Obtainable : [Cobo] EO cape, [Cobo] EO ceremonial Sword,
[Cobo] EO ceremonial armband, [Cobo] Pet fetch aura, [cobo] El tree fruit random cube(Permanent)
- Can obtain these from Ariel’s crafting

2) Massive Growth day!
- 2x EXP on weekdays, 3x and unlimited stamina on weekends and holiday
In effect in 06~10 PM for weekdays, 06 AM to ~ next day 06PM on weekends and holiday

3) Elrios Children’s day present
- Log in daily for 10 minutes to obtain ‘[Cobo] Children’s day present box’~
can obtain Star dust, William’s small apple crate and special reward depending on the day.
- Reward Items: [Cobo] Blessed restoration scroll exchange ticket, [Cobo] Ariel’s Magic Amulet exchange ticket,
[Cobo] Ice burner, [Cobo] Fossil reader, [Cobo] Blessed time&scroll exchange ticket,
[Cobo] Magic Necklace(3days)
- Collect star dust and obtain shooting star accessory!(Star dust can also be obtained through quests)

2. Boss raid revamp event
- 2015 04 30 ~ 2015 05 14

1) I am Legend!
- Obtain ‘Perkisas’s claw’ by defeating Perkisas. Can exchange claws for magic amulet.

2) Weekend is chance!
- When logging in for 30 minutes on weekends, you’ll obtain ‘[cobo] amnesia ticket’
-[cobo] amnesia ticket: Currently registered boss raid damage record for the day will be deleted, can enter boss raid one more time.

3) On 05 14 maintenance, rewards given out to all guild members that has the following ranks in Guild boss raid rank section.


Guild Ranking

Reward Item

Rank 1


Age Of Legend(Title)

Perkisas’s aura(accessory)

Sage Magic Stone x5

2 ~ 5


Perkisas’s aura(accessory)

Sage Magic Stone x5

6 ~ 10


Perkisas’s aura(accessory)

Sage Magic Stone x3

11 ~ 100


Perkisas’s aura(accessory)

Sage Magic Stone x1

101 ~


Sage Magic Stone x1

3. Guild 4th update event
- 2015 04 30 ~ 2015 05 14
- 2x Guild Coins from Guild coop missions.

4. Elsword Smarter brain event
- 2015 04 30 ~ 2015 05 27 till 23:59

1) I am  Legend!
- Log in 10 minutes daily  [두뇌개발 출석도장 Smarter brain attendance ticket]
Use tickets to register for bunch of prizes in the main webpage.
- [Cobo] Ice burner given depending on amount of attendance dates.
- More details on event page later

2) Genius reward for new players
-  ‘[코보] 신규모험가 두뇌개발 큐브’ given to new players
- Contains: AA full set cube(30days), Random Mount(30 days), 100% exp medal(7 days), Magic NecklaceII (30 dayS), 4 kinds of skill rings(30 days)
- limited 1 distribution per account

# Cash Shop

1. Avatar : Office Look
- ‘Blazer jacket’ also given upon package purchase
-  2015 04 30 ~ 2015 05 28

2. Grand Ice Burner(Archangel), Grand Ice Burner(Archdevil)
- Can obtain Ice Burner avatar 100% using [Grand Ice Burners]
- Can obtain all parts(All in one accessories too) with the same chance.
- When opening the Ice Burner, Archangel IB will give also give ‘Large Angel crystal’ Archdevil IB will give’ Large devil crystal’. These can be crafted into Archangel or Archangel IB avatars.
- Sale Time: 2015 04 30 ~ 2015 05 14

- Contents(Obtain all):

Grand Ice Burner(Archangel)

Grand Ice Burner(Archdevil)

Item Name


Item Name


EL shard(Mystery)


EL shard(Mystery)


Complete recovery potion


Complete recovery potion


Magic Stone


Magic Stone


Adv Magic Stone


Adv Magic Stone


Large Angel Crystal


Large Devil Crystal


Archangel Avatar


Archdevil Avatar


3. Grand Ancient Fossil Reader
- Can obtain pet or mount 100% with [Grand Fossil Reader]
- Can obtain all pet or mounts with same chance.
- Sale Time: 2015 04 30 ~ 2015 05 14
- Contents (Obtain all):

Item Name




El shard(Mystery)


Silver Fox Miho

Ice Hameling

Complete Recovery Potion


Grim Reaper – Reverse

Oberon 650

El Tree Fruit




Pet or Mount



Nasod Battle Gear

Berthe Jr.


4. Guild bank expansion ticket
- Expands guild bank.
- Can be purchased by everyone but can only be used by the guild master
- Expands 8 slots. There are 56 maximum slots per page and can expand up to maximum 3 pages.

5. Amnesia Ticket
- Deletes Boss raid damage rating for that day and can enter boss raid one more time.
- Participating Rewards don’t get deleted


1. Summon stone : Raul’s Vassal
Can obtain from Fossil Readers
2. Crayon Pop FM rangers

# Changes

1. Revamped interface to make magic stone enchanting easier.
- Without needing to drag, can also mouse right click to put stone on socket.
Right click sockets from top to bottom. Also tries to cover over existing sockets.
- Can lock sockets that you do not want getting replaced using left click. But dragging will replace the socket regardless.

1. Fixed some avatar motions not working or being canceled because of some character’s special actions(Aisha,Rena- mana charge, memorize/ Chung- reload)

2. Fixed ‘Sword Wave’ skill note not working properly.

3. Fixed ‘Mega Slash’ skill note not working properly.

4. Fixed Flame Geyser and Triple Geyser not striking knocked down enemies.

5. Fixed Grand Archer’s Wind ward hitbox being located higher than intended.

6. Fixed Grand Archer’s entangles level 1 binding time being shorter than displayed time.

7. Fixed Glowing hand visual not disappearing if falling down a cliff while using ‘Wild Charge’ skill.

8. Fixed Eve’s ‘El Crystal Spectrum’ not being exchangeable during jumping once pet is summoned/recalled.

9. Fixed Code Nemesis’s ‘Hornet Sting- Shaped charge’ damage being different from toolip.

10. Fixed throwing items being unusable once entering the field from town while Elesis’s ‘Way of the sword’ is activated.

11. Fixed Crimson Avenger’s ‘Shadow Edge’ skill having higher damage than intended during annihilation.

12. Crimson Avenger’s blood runaway’s dark aura cooldown time was only working in PvP. Fixed so it works on all places.

13. Fixed ‘Shadow Edge’ duration being longer than intended.

14. Fixed ‘Reverse React’ and ‘Shadow Edge’ not being  canceled as they are supposed to once the shared damage exceeds 100%(10% pvp).

15. Fixed Diabolic Esper’s ‘Reverse Stigma’ debuff time being longer than intended.

16. Fixed Paranoia’s final explosion effect not appearing properly.

17. Fixed ‘Hero’s sacrifice’ guild skill not being activated when Ciel character dies.

[Dungeon / Field]
1. Fixed Code Nemesis’s Iron scraps skill effects not appearing in Elder Secret Dungeon.
1. Fixed characters being unable to respawn when killed while binded by Sander secret set’s effects.

1. Fixed flashing that appears while using the cash shop while in field if other characters use skills.

2. Fixed charging sound still remaining even if you turn off the sound when using Taser Pilum, Kugel Blitz, Mega Electronball repeatedly.

3. Fixed character’s falling motion showing up continously when character is killed while binded(Sand Blast effect, Void Field note)

4. Fixed so other guild members don’t show up in your guild base.

From 4/20 Patch Notes: 6. Fixed character skill hitboxes and errors



04/20 Client Patch changes

April 20th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (5 Comments)

1. (Skill Note)EMP shock’s MP cost increased by 10%. All targets hit gets all their current buff duration(including awakening) decreased by 5 seconds and all current debuff duration increased by 5 seconds.

2. Fixed some Mastermind’s commands not working properly and making character disappear.
3. Fixed Luna Blade’s hit not working properly
4. Fixed Mastermind gaining MP by gaining Mutation Points while Mutation point gauge is full.

From 08AM ~ 10AM (2hrs)

# Event

1. Skill Note Update event

- 2015 04 20 ~ 2015 04 30
- Collect ‘Mystery Note Piece’ ‘의문의 메모지’ and bring them to Ariel to obtain [Cobo] Sage’s Skill Note

* What’s ‘Sage’s Skill Note’?
Magical skill note that allows you to record any skill note possible.

- Leftover ‘Note pieces’ can be exchanged for William’s small apple crates from Ariel,

# Cash Shop

1. New Skill Notes Added
- New skill notes for characters that didn’t have them are released.




Little Specter but big *****




Psychic Tracer Weak to Darkness, Game bugs ,Specters

Arc Tracer Trooper

Time Dark Tracer


Luciel Loli and Lolicon

Chili sauce

Royal Guard Royal lolicon

2. Iceburner Luciel Nasod Battle Suit
- 2015 04 20 ~ 2015 05 28
- Upon opening, obtain ‘Nasod Energy Cluster’ instead of ‘Ice Crystals’, which can be exchanged for Lu and Ciel’s Nasod Battle Suit.

3. New Mount ‘Raul’s Vassal’
- 2015 04 20 ~ 2015 04 30
- Can obtain from Fossil Readers starting from 04 30

1. Add Diamond Yaksha reform crafting

# Changes

1. Blazing Heart’s  ‘Undying Flame’: was doing damage 1 level higher than it should. Fixed damage to fit level.
2.Crimson Avenger’s ‘Injection Stigma’: Had a bug where if you used it 17~18 times without letting the skill duration run out, it will stop doing damage. Fixed.
3. Diabolic Esper’s ‘Nasod Armor Mode-Overlimit’: Special Active cooldown 1.5x increase effect was not working. Fixed.
4. Mastermind’s ‘Nasod Armor Mode-Transform’: When gaining Mutation Points from 5 to 6, MP wasn’t being obtained. Fixed so it works properly.
5. Luciel when wearing MK-4 full set: MP increase effect wasn’t working properly.

6. Fixed character skill hitboxes and errors

1. Minor bug fixes
5. Fixed Issue where mana break was possible if you pressed direction button during Dragonic Force set’s enrage effect activation.
1. Nightmare’s X skill visuals remaining when dismounting fixed.

[Dungeon Field]
1. (Old)Magic Necklace’s effect doesn’t work in Ereda Island anymore.
2. Sander Secret Dungeon boss stage BGM changed

<Update Item Preview>
- Luciel’s NBS -

- Raul’s Vassal -


-New Skill Notes-





Use level


Little Specter

Exorcism 2nd Stance : Specter Restraints

10% Damage Increase. Spirit consumption decreased to 2


절제된 기력의 운용법

Spell : Storm

MP cost decreased by 10%. 10 second buff after casting: 15% Attack Speed, 15% double attack chance


돌풍의 부름 II

Spell : Aerial Blades

Throws extra 8 small daggers towards bottom(Damage: 100%(Magic) each, 4x 2 times)


숨겨진 암기

Exorcism 4th Stance : Darkness Sever

Upon casting ‘Night Parade of 100 Souls’, level 1 Specter Walk effect is activated without spirit consumption. Specter Walk Skill Note is also activated if the character posses it.



Phantom Fox 1st Stance : Savor

Critical chance increased by 15%. First multi hit makes target turn around.


날카로운 손길

Specter Walk

Spirit Consumption cost increased by 1. But Skill changed to apply to all party members. Affects party members within 1000 distance. Doesn’t affect invincible party members.



Phantom Fox 2nd Stance : Discordance

33% chance of extra claw attack activating for maximum 3 times. Extra claw attack doesn’t consume spirit and is of 50% of original attack damage.


날카로운 손길 II

Mana Drain

Changed so MP recovers gradually overtime in 5 seconds. But recovers 25% more MP.


기혈을 타고 흐르는 마력




Skill Note

Use level


Dark Knight

Brutal Cutter

If the skill is reused while the demon sword buff is still active, the sword darkens and the double attack chance becomes 5% and the buff duration is increased by 1.5x


마검 강화

Ejection Buster

MP cost increased by 80. But always fires fully charged blast.


화력 강화

Brandish Breaker

Changes skill to Annihilation. When using extra damage, cast 5s buff that increases critical damage 150%->170%


타오르는 피

Burning Phantom

Extra damage’s HP consumption decreased by 33%


고통에 대한 고찰 II

Injection Stigma

Cooldown increased by 2s. Debuffs targets that are hit. (Debuff: 6s, -2% attack damage per hit. Maximum 20 stack)


끊임없는 침습

Dark Wave

Pushing Attack cancels target’s mana break. Target hit by the last explosion becomes stunned for 1 second


정신을 잃게 만드는 타격 III





Use level


Psychic Tracer

Pulse Cannon

Resource Cost for additional cannon blast decreased by 5, Changed so it’s possible to fire up to maximum 8 cannon blasts.


입자 가속기

EMP Shock (All Adds)

MP cost increased by 10%. Removes one of the target’s buffs with the highest duration. (Except Awakening)


기억 소거

Quake Buster

When using during awakening mode, if there is more than 2 mutation points, consumes an additional point to recover 25MP after firing.


에너지 반작용

Stasis Field

Collects energy when hitting and being hit to increase damage up to maximum 2x. (Size doesn’t increase further than 150%)


이중 반응 구조체


Consumes Mutation Points even in non awakening mode. Projectile amount increase proportional to the mutation points used. When awakened, Additional non awakening shock projectiles fires proportional to the points used.


다이너모 자동 변환기

Dynamo Configuration
- Magnetron(All Adds)

When using during awakening, if there is a mutation point, uses 1 point to create 5 Magnetrons. Then when summoning 3 magnetrons, if there is already 4 or more mangnetrons, recover 15MP per disappearing mangetrons.


양적 향상에 대한 생각III

Dynamo Configuration
- Dissolver

Gains 1 Mutation Point upon successful hit


입자 변환기

Dynamo Configuration
- Pylon (All Adds)

First Pylon turns into improved Pylon. Improved Pylon creates electronic field attack by itself that’s 6 times slower but does 4 powerful non hitstun attacks.


자체 발전

Arc Tracer

- Drone Activator

When the target mode is activated, Cooldown of Dynamo Configuration skills resets and their MP cost decreased by 10%. (Except Pylon)


드론 재활성

Panzer Buster

Panzer Buster’s shock cannon becomes very thin and damage doesn’t decrease depending on distance. When using during awakening, will consume up to max 3 Mutation Points to increase damage by maximum 30%(10%x3)



Psyonic Generator

Explosion and search radius increased by 20%


강화 사이오닉 반응로

Phantom Seeker

Drone duration increased by 1s. Damage decrease over time accounts for 1 second increase.(Slower decrease)


샤프 슈팅 II

Dynamo Configuration
- Rushing Drone

Rushing drone does not explode and changes so it does damage upon collision. Still Responds with exploding versions for Drone Activator


질주 본능 III

Time Dark Tracer

Void Impact

Small Space debris remains in the place where space warp occurred and obstructs target’s movement. Debris lasts for 5 seconds.


질 나쁜 방해꾼

Void Field

Restrains targets by immobilizing them completely


시간 정지

Maximum Strike

33% chance of space-time orbs turning into special variations. Special orbs does not explode but does damage that includes explosion damage. Special orbs ignores target’s monster guard, damage reduction stats and is not affected by damage decrease over time.


마탄의 구체 II

Stardust Shower

Cooldown decreased by 3 second. Can use direction keys to determine location that character will exit from.


출구는 여기입니다

Dynamo Configuration
- Space Crack

MP cost for moving shot decreased by half. Walking speed increased by 25%


파워 워킹





Use Level



Triple Shot

Changes attack type to Active Skill which can activate attributes. Creeping Terror is still activated


속성 탄환 II


Stomp radius increased by 10%. 5 seconds of slowing field created in the crater. Entering the slowing field reduces speed for 2 seconds


루 크레이터

Flick Shot

30% chance of bullet dividing into 3 projectiles


양적 향상에 대한 생각IV

Evil Claw

Cooldown increased by 2 seconds. 1/3 chance of ignoring Defense, Monster Guard, Damage reduction stat. 1/3 chance of summoning attack with 30% increased damage. (Other 1/3 chances can be activated for normal skills)


확률은 1/3!

Soul Infest

Souls attach to targets hit, decreasing their attack and movement speed greatly for 7 seconds.


들러붙는 환영

Nether Shredder

Damage decreased by 10% but last hit does not launch and restrains targets for 2 seconds.


구속의 망령

Strong Strike

20% chance of 3x more powerful strike.


더 아프게 때리는 방법 II

Prey Chaser

Target’s KD count reduced by 3 per hit.


효율적인 타격 방법 II

Devil’s Flame

Gains buff that increases attack by 5% for 5 seconds whenever devil’s flame fires.(Can stack maximum 3 times)


악마의 속삭임


Dead Hands

Touch of Death buff duration increased by 5 seconds, Upon casting, either Seal of Darkness or Punishment’s(Whichever character learned) effect activates for self only. The Self Seal of Darkness/Punishment effect duration is the same as Touch of Death buff duration. Seal of Terror also activates if learned.


어둠! 징벌!! 공포!!!

Dark Crescent

30% chance of 3 second bleeding on targets. Chained usage increases chance and duration by 2x


깊게 베기 II

Ruinous Impact

Cooldown increased by 3 seconds. Ignores target’s defense, monster guard, damage reduction stat. Inflicts targets hit by close range attack with 3s debuff that decreases Defense, Damage Reduction Stat by 99% and disables monster guard’s defense reduction effect



Oriax’s Authority

Movement speed decreased by 50%, but can dash




50% chance of summoning Darkness Demon beast attack. Darkness beast ignores defense and damage reduction stat


어둠에 물들이다


Demon Beast upgraded to Bloody Demon Beast, attack’s critical damage increased by 10%, Instant death range increased by 20%, Instant Death attack damage increased by 30%


피로 물들이다

Terror Chain

Successful chain will inflict 8 second debuff decreasing target’s attack speed by 20%


충격과 공포


Upon successful back attack, inflict debuff with 4 second critical resistance -100%


충격과 공포 II

Royal Guard

Soul Extortion

Cooldown increased by 3s. If collected soul isn’t at 5 stacks, stack is changed to max stacks.


영혼 대상인

Demonic Breath

3 different hellfire trails remains nearby after the skill to burn enemies for few seconds(Trail Damage over time 75%/150%/225%(Magic), 7 seconds)


지옥불의 정령

Fantasy Impromptu
- 1st Movement

Cantabile does maximum 25% additional damage to far targets. Accelerando does maximum of 25% additional damage to close targets.



Oblique of Marbas

Fires additional non hitsun souls when firing Z/X. X fire’s recharge speed becomes 2x faster.

Z: 1 soul per 3 shots,

X: 3 souls per 1 shot,

Soul Damage: 50%(Magic)


사선을 넘나들며


If there are collected souls, all souls are consumed to increase Range and Size by 3% per soul.


영혼 증폭

Fantasy Impromptu
- 2nd Movement

For chained usage, Damage and Critical chance increased by 30%


치명적인 아름다움

Trigger – Surge of Souls

Doesn’t consume collected Souls, Attack strengthened per soul collected.


고스트 피스톤 시스템

Trigger – Soul Eruption

Cooldown decreased by 1s per soul used


재활용의 기술

4/16 Update Postponed

April 14th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (6 Comments)

4/16 Update postponed till 4/20

<Event and Items>
1. Friend Invite event
- Event ends on 04/16
- But can exchange items till 4/20
- Friendship ring(Green) can’t be obtained after 04/16

- Friendship ring(Red/Blue) can be obtained until 4/20

2. Reach 200! Event

- Event ends 4/16
- EXP medal 15% won’t be distributed after event ends
- Can exchange medals with Ariel until 4/20

- Random cube given when possessing 200% EXP medal will be given on 4/20

3. Item that were supposed to be deleted on 4/16 deleted on 4/20

4. Add Diamond Yaksha reform deadlin
- changed from 4/16 to 4/20

Chemi Food Party Q/A

April 12th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Interviews - (44 Comments)

Official Summary Post by KOG


Hello this is GM Riel.

Chemi food party event was held last April 4th.

As you might know already if you watched GM Megaphone, we didn’t just only make pizza but also had to Q/A time with the developers.

But since lots of people seem to be curious about the details of this Q/A, here is a summary of what kind of questions and answers were given that day.

▣ When will the hacking restoration support system be introduced?

- Our current support is in the form of giving certain items to the hacking victims.
- A system to completely restore all items is in development and it’s planned to be updated rather soon.


▣ Is Choice based Skill Tree(Skill Tree Revamp tree) here to stay?

- It’s planned to be removed.
- The concept of skill tree itself will disappear and the method to acquire and level up skills will change.
- All of this will be carried out along with the character renewal that will that place this summer.


▣ What is your standard for the balance patches?

- Standard for balance is ‘how many users select this?’
- The selection also encompasses skill usage rates which we think is important too.

- It’s important to think about what is the goal of balance patches, and we think that its goal is to diversify the selections. Character’s performance is just one of the many reasons that result in selections. Thus, we don’t think performance should be sole standard for balancing.

- By balancing the game this way, more characters or classes that aren’t selected should become better and the skills that are chosen too much can become weaker.

- There were opinions that older characters are lacking in many ways compared to the newer characters.

  This problem will also be adjusted in the character renewal that will take place this summer using the balancing standard mentioned above. This way, characters that aren’t selected too much and characters that aren’t selected because of their performance will be adjusted.


▣ Is there a plan to stabilize ED prices?

- We don’t think ED retraction method that targets the players will solve the problem. That is actually the form that people who want to sell ED for real currency wants.
- We think the problem lies with in game prices that are based on ED to real Currency exchange. So we will try to suppress real currency exchange the best we can which will help retract ED.

- The ED retraction rate is back to normal and is in good state currently. Please don’t buy items from real currency trades but buy from the market at their market prices. If the market prices continue to be adjusted abnormally there is no choice but to place restrictions in game.
- There is also a method to block all ED personal trade completely to stabilize the game prices. If the prices don’t settle down, there is no choice but to take this route despite our reluctance to carry it out.


▣ Is Auto party matchmaking here to stay?

- Playing together is a big goal for Elsword and is the fun factor of online games. We made our current auto party matching system, buff and reward systems developing that idea.
- There were lots of games that attempted this method but most were lacking or unsuccessful. We think Elsword’s matching system is being used well and is playing a good role in getting players to play together.

- Field is a free to enter dungeon that started along with the auto matching system. It was developed so players can auto match or enter dungeons from there.

- There are people that abuse auto party matching currently. We plan to add or adjust various systems like auto matching item restrictions, boot system and mark systems to develop the auto matching system to become better. There is no plan to bring back manual party system.


▣ Can’t you divide PvE and PvP skill tooltips?

- In a game like Elsword where you can enjoy both PvE and PvP contents we think the ideal model is to prevent extra education and adjustment time by having same skill effects for both PvE and PvP.
- But some skills do have different functions depending on PvE or PvP because of the skill’s nature.

- Thus, it isn’t because we can’t that we aren’t dividing the skills. We will continue to work towards having unified skill tooltips for PvE and PvP while dividing them only if we feel it’s necessary.


▣ It feels Henir equipments are harder to make than Secret Dungeon equipments but aren’t that much better.

- We will adjust them so they match the effort to obtain them.


▣ It’s hard to understand Elsword’s story and there are parts that feel forced. They try to find El and all they do is fight demons. It was especially hard to understand Elesis’s setting in Lanox movie. - Scenario is already all organized very well. Start of Elsword’s journey is to take back the El, but the larger goal of the El search party is to restore the El. If you understand the story, you’ll be able to know why the Lady of El possessed Elesis.
- We think the problem lies with both lack of sufficient explanation in parts that need them and the crude way of showing the game’s story. We are currently preparing to organize the story quest more generally and to have it show the story more effectively. It’s a fun and exciting story so be ready.


▣ There are players that are damaging the game by using IP DDOSattack.  What are you doing about this?

- We are well aware and it’s a clear violation of the law.
- We put in a ban according to the ingame records, and are compiling evidences that are suspected to be DDOS attacks and is preparing the lawsuit.


▣ (Old) Magic Necklace is ruining the game balance in Ereda Island and many more.

- We stopped selling old magic necklaces long ago because we thought it would ruin the balance too. But there’s still lots of them in circulation and is being sold in very high prices.
- We plan to do something about this issue soon. We ask for many user’s cooperation and understanding regarding this matter.


▣ Why isn’t space and time scroll tradeable?

- We made most items purchasable by cash tradeable long as they have no problems.
- We’ll look into why that item wasn’t tradeable and if there is no problem with it being tradeable, we will adjust it so it’s tradeable.
(Carried out on 04/09 update.)


▣ Is there a plan for Shared account bank?

- It might look different but we do plan to develop a feature that allows moving untradable items within same accounts.


▣ Is reaper title planned to return?

- Reaper title was the title you could obtain by repeating the max level dungeon at the time so it had the ability that was appropriate to the effort.
- At the time you had to repeat the max level dungeon but since the level cap was increased we couldn’t give it the same ability.

- The current title that can be obtained by running last max level dungeon is a title that replaced the Reaper title. If it’s determined lacking compared to the reaper title, it will be adjusted to be a match for the reaper title.


▣ Timestop for skills was removed for the boss monsters, we want it back.

- Timestop feature was a double edged sword that concerned the developers since the time of Elsword’s development. Timestop makes a stage for fancy skill execution but has a downside of stopping the flow of the online game that’s supposed to be played together.
- 4 players were using unnecessary time stops in a dungeon frequently. So first, timestop for the party member’s skills was removed.

- But there was still a problem. If 4 players go around taking turns using skills and drinking potions, dungeon boss monster wasn’t even allowed to move. This problem with having useless bosses got even worse when the Ara character was introduced as her skill chaining stopped the game even more frequently. Ara’s skill chaining system even made developers think about timestop issue in pvp too.

- Later we tried removing the timestop in a 12 player content Boss raid and determined that having no timestop can give more fun.

- So we removed the timestop from boss monsters as well. There were lots of dissatisfied users because of this but we plan to fix the problems associated with this by giving more hitstun time and
- One of the recent solutions was to add a counter to the super armor that prevents hitstun.
When users purposely continue to attack the boss in super armor, while they don’t stop completely, they can counter the super armor patterns. You might already know, but some bosses became even weaker because of this. But we think that’s still reasonable than the unfairness that results with a timestop.
- There were lots of opinions about Ara’s secret art usage. Even if boss’s timestop was removed, Ara’s secret art system is a big advantage that only Ara has. Thankfully, boss monsters aren’t smart as you users. If you use secret are after analyzing the boss patterns bosses won’t be able to dodge it.


▣ Cube open animation seems too long and unnecessary. Can you remove it?

- We will first remove it from cubes that have no random elements.
- We will think able less boring animation time for cubes with random elements.


▣ Is there a plan to compensate the Giant Boss raid weapon?

- Concept of raid boss weapons is that it’s a luck based item with less emphasis on effort. Thus, we made it +9~10 when it was acquired. So since it was developed with a thought that there were no efforts to acquire them, there should be no effort that should be conserved.
- But there were users that put in additional enhancements on the raid boss weapons. It’s regrettable but there is no plan currently to conserve that effort. We regret that we should have made them unenhancable, or made them drop with highest enhancement values.

- In the future, revamped Raid boss rewards will be very different and level 80 raid boss weapons will be last of their series.


▣ Equipments make too much difference in PvP and it’s unfair.

- Elsword is not a pure PvP game. It’s a game that puts more factors other than control into consideration like level, growth and collectibles and deems all of them important.
  But we don’t just use PvE stats like some other games. We only allow 10% increase in attack that result in level and equipments.

- There are lots of effort involved in collecting and enhancing equipments in Elsword and we believe there should be a feedback to those efforts.

- It’s hard to determine how much advantage should be allowed. If a 10% standard is determined to be too much, we think it should be changed. We will look again into this issue. Still, we believe that if there are no large difference in skills between the players, the one who put in more effort should win. Our revamp standard will be based on this idea. Alternatively, we believe that even if there are slight difference in skills, the difference should be manageable long as they have good equipments.

- Example : There is a SS rank and S rank with same equipments. S rank with a even better equipment should be able to manage the rank difference, and only players with both good equipments and skills can become SSS rank.


▣ Why did you remove apples purchasable from AP? We’d like them back.

- Many rewards obtainable with AP was overlapping with other content’s rewards so they were removed all together.
- But the rewards obtainable with AP aren’t very diverse at the moment and the dungeons that require more consumables is increasing. There isn’t much ways to obtain consumables at the moment, so we think apples will be good way to spend AP. We will make the purchasable again with AP soon as possible.


▣ When will you do Wardrobe ticket event, job change event and jumping event again?
- No plans at the moment.


▣ When will the next character come out?- No plans at the moment. 


▣ What is the chance of IBs? It’s so hard to get anything.

- We are optimistic about releasing the percentage of chance items.
- There were lots of considerations for the development team involving the sale of ice burner avatars.

- Currently players must go through trades to obtain the IB avatars they want and unnecessary price changes occur during the process. We are planning to better this problem by trying many systems of selling Ice burner avatars that won’t result in the loss for users that are willing to pay appropriate price for them.


▣ If there’s problem with the trade environment because of hoarding large amount of money, how about running a ‘buying’ board?

- It could be a good way to introduce good buyers with good sellers. We will think about developing this feature.