The Tongue of Elrios

2014 9/18 Patch Notes

September 17th, 2014 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (2 Comments)

# Cash Shop

1. Miracle Alchemist Ice Burner
- 2014 09 18 ~ 2014 12 11

2. Character Custom  – Star Eye

1. Elesis Salvatore Solace IB
2. Swimming School Rumble
3. Thanatos IB

# Changes

1. Time Tracer, Diabolic Esper changes

Time Tracer > Diabolic Esper



Armor Combo ZZZZ

- Hit effect changed


- ZZX , X. Attack missing fixed


- XXX[X] Range decreased

Nasod Armor Mode – Overlimit

- Fixed ‘Dynamo Config – Composition’ passive not working
– Fixed ‘Overlimit’ affecting base job special actives.

– Special Active Cooldown increase effect during awakening is decreased by 1.5x

Void Impact

- Damage Increased
– Range Increased

Void Field

- Fixed Frame Dropping during first use.
– Walk/Dash cancel point added

Seal of Time

- Casting time decreased
– Skill Tooltip changed

Maximum Strike

- Casting Damage decreased
– Projectile and explosion damage increased

– Cooldown on Firing Projectiles decreased

– Projectile range increased

Stardust Shower

- Added Black Hole effect upon casting
– Fixed problem where it hit far outside of its range.

Reverse Circle

- Aerial use tooltip added
– Fixed problem of Explosion damage stacking

Force Finger

- MP cost decreased

Moonlight Rhapsody

- Casting Damage Increased
– ‘Rhapsody’ Debuff stacking time decreased to 1 second
- Added additional PvP modifiers to ‘Rhapsody’ Debuff

– Skill Toolip error on ‘Overlimit’ fixed.

– ‘Diabolic Esper only’ part removed from skill tooltip.

Gravity Buster

- Skill Tooltip error fixed.

Time Control

- Fixed problem of All skill cooldowns not decreasing when passive activates
– Passive proc change increased


- Powerstun debuff added to first hit and following hits
– Fixed error where it had low damage.

– Debuff tooltip changed

When wearing 300mp skill ring

- Fixed problem where Moonlight Rhapsody/Gravity Buster increased 3 levels
– Fixed problem where Reverse Circle/Reverse Stigma increased 3 levels.

2. Fixed: Where Pyro Knight cannot use Dash Jump XZZZ attack again if she uses dash attack before landing from dash XZZZ attack.
3. Fixed: some skills not having darkening effect when using(Splash Explosion, Awakened Rising Slash)
4. Fixed Burning Phantom/Brandish Breaker Sound Error.

1. Fixed: Unreachable Treasure Chest in Trock’s lair.

3. Adjusted all character’s 2nd job quests to be of similar difficulties.

<Update Item Preview>

- Miracle Alchemist Avatar  -

- Star Eye -

There seems to be a misunderstanding about Yama Raja’s powers amongst various English speaking communities. So let’s clear this up.

First, the main point:

***In no sources what so ever is stated that Yama Raja uses demonic powers.***

I believe the misunderstanding that Yama Raja uses demonic powers originated from mistranslation caused by people trying to translate Little Devil’s story with machine translators. There is mention of demons in her story and it must have gotten mixed up with the part that describes her powers.

Now then, what powers does she use?:


Windy Cartoon #80

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Event lasts from KR Time: 1~3 PM

TL: 2nafish


Hello, this is GM Mackerel

Did you all hear about the returning of the 4th avatar design contest?

It’s been really a long time since our last one. Register your pretty and cool avatar designs filled with your fashion senses.

I’m already really excited to see which of our adventurer’s designs will be chosen to be developed. ^_^. We hope to see many attention and participation in this avatar contest too!

Then let’s check out the Implemented Suggestions from 2014 08/17 ~ 8/30

1. Implemented Suggestions

Problem where ‘Returning Everything to Normal’ Quest reward only gave out Altera Sword for all characters
- This Was fixed in 08 21(Thurs) maintenance~!
Altera Swords can also be exchanged for other Altera Weapons from NPC Ariel

Problem where characters returned to town from Gate of Darkness with low HP.
- It must have been very inconvenient returning from Gate of Darkness with a very low HP. This was fixed during 08/28(Thurs) maintenance.

③ Revamp Asura’s mana drain skill
- MP gain for Mana Drain was decreased and damage was increased.

④ Ingame Video capture ‘Insert’ key added
- Adventurers that played Elsword with laptops. Insert key can now also be used to record ingame videos along with ScrollLock key.

⑤ Revamped Quality of Screenshots
- There were opinions that screenshot qualities were not very good before. So that screenshots can be taken at the ingame’s quality, the screenshot format changed from JPG to PNG.

Next is the Suggestion that had the most amount of votes.

2. Popular Suggestion

① Opinions on Sparring Set  – The voice of Adventurer 대한boy

- It would be nice if multiple sparring sets existed in the form of Rare~Unique like before. They should also be purchasable with AP with rank restrictions on purchasing them. 

> [Go to Suggestion Post]

- Many good suggestions on sparring sets were received. Thank you for your precious suggestions.  (_ _)!


Following are various suggestions from our adventurers.

3. Registered Suggestions

① Character
- Character Balance Suggestions
: Buff Code:Empress’s Code:Thunderbolt
: Nerf Add’s basic hits, homing hits and range.
: Add super armor to Code:Empress and Nemesis’s xx zzzz command.
: Make Asura’s mana drain so it has different effects during PvP and PvE.
: Buff Blade Master’s command and active skills
- Make future Eve’s costumes more prettier
- Make 3bead awakening systems for characters that doesn’t have one.
- Adjust Elesis’s face accessories so they don’t cover up her entire face as much.

② Item
- Add more items that can be crafted with bethbites
- Make Sparring sets exchangeable for higher versions from Camila just like before.
- Release Invisible Hair avatar
- Unify all levels of enhancement stones for more inventory space.
- Special IB that only gives weapon avatars

③ PvP
- Additional PvP modes: Hyper Active on/off mode, NPC PvP mode, 3:3 protect the leader mode…etc
- Make it so you cannot be matched with same opponent again in Arena

④ Dungeon
- Make it so dungeon cut-scenes skip if majority of people vote to skip.
- Make Gate of Darkness Difficulty adjustable (Normal/Hard/Very Hard)
- Content that can start by making Dungeon rooms through Town NPCs.
- Add Ereda Island Set, Buff Ereda Island rewards.
- Make AI feature so you can play dungeon with AI party members.
- Update New Town

⑤ System
- Custom Character Portraits
- Make it so Dungeon Clear screen is still visible even if you don’t enter Gate of Darkness
- Make other character’s level and job class more visible when trading.

⑥ Other
- Different effects for mana-burn skills in PvE and PvP
- Remove Hitstun from Rena’s traps and other installing skills.
- Feature for Blacksmiths to repair their own equipment without going to the NPCs.
- Make Celestial Fox mode portrait visible for Ara’s new custom cut-ins.
- Buff certain title’s effects
- Discount on Job Change tickets whenever a new class releases.
- Make NF,Spirit,Awakening Bead…etc recover in towns too.
- Make Counter not affected by character’s attack speed.
- Make Elixirs be available to use in towns
- Just like couple rings for characters of opposite genders, Friendship rings for same genders
- See my post feature in Message boards
- Make cut-scenes skippable with button other than Esc
- IRC like private chatting channels
- Be able to adjust folder where movie recordings are saved.

These were the suggestions that we received during the last 2 weeks.
I GM Mackerel will try to become even better at listening to our adventurer’s voices.! ^-^

(* Next notice is scheduled to be in 4th week of September :D)
(* Previously posted suggestions weren’t listed)

2014/9/11 Patch Notes

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Looks like the Patch Notes Came up early because employees are gonna be off for the KR Thanksgiving holidays.

Anyways, Reminder that there’s a 3x EXP/Unlimited Stamina event at 9/06(NA05) 1:00~5:00 PM KR time.


# Main Update
1. Add Third 2nd job

# Event
1. Add Third 2nd job event  (2014 09 11 ~ 2014 09 18)

# Cash Shop
1. Japan 4th year Anniversary limited Avatars
- 2014 09 11 ~ 2014 10 07
2. Add Gothloli Avatar
- 2014 09 11 ~ 2014 10 07

1. Summon Stone: Nasod Battle Gear

<Update Item Preview>
- Japan 4th year Anniversary limited Avatars -

- Add Gothloli -

Bingo Event 9/04~10/16

September 3rd, 2014 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (0 Comments)

Reformed Military Set is the reward for this Bingo Event

They are back until October 16th.

^this is a template i can recycle in the future releases of All In one IBs. :3

This time AIO IBs contain:

With following new Accessories:

-Ara RB not included

-Elesis RB SE not included

-Add DY RB SE not included

-Dark Crystal Cube can only be crafted during event period.