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Enhancement Event 9.08~9.11

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Another one is coming up.

Event Duration: 2014 9.08~9.11

Event Page:


You can’t get other character’s avatars. Only the ones for your own character.

Time Tracer Pre-Event

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Also same deal as other Class releases. The Vote event. Press the Red Button so everyone can enjoy longer 3x EXP,Drop Unlimited Stamina event.

Go vote here:

Original KR site Post:

Hello. This is GM Riel

Elsword already has a Video capture feature in game, but there are adventurers that use additional external video capture programs.

But cases have been increasing where players are causing harm to other player’s PvP experiences by using these video capture programs to affect the game’s frame rates. Because of these issues, the game will be changed so that these kind of external capture programs cannot be used.

<External Video capture program block notice>

- Time: After 2014 08 28 Maintenance
- Details: External video capture programs (Bandicam, Frams…etc) cannot be used in Elsword anymore.

<How to use Elsword’s ingame Screenshot & Video capture feature>
1. Press PrintScreen to take screenshots, Press ScrLk key to capture videos.

2. Check the folder where Elsword is installed in ‘data\ScreenCapture’ folder to check your captured screens and videos.
 - If there was no custom directory specified during installation, you can find the Elsword folder at  ‘C:\Nexon\ElSword\data\ScreenCapture’
3. Qualities adjustments like the video size and frame rates can be set using  ‘ESC > 옵션 > 녹화 설정’ menu

After the maintenance, the external capture programs will still run but you will not be able to capture using those programs. So please use the in-game Elsword Video capture system from now on.

Thank You.


oh wow… they can’t prevent frame abusers so they just decide to block every video capturing programs. This wouldn’t be an issue if the in-game capture system was good as the external ones. I hope this does not affect streaming programs too.

also if you look in the main site where this post is posted, there are bunch of people yelling at the GMs get get rid of foreigners from KR server. Please try to refrain from PvPing in KR server if you experience even a slight distance lag.

Edit: For those of you that don’t have Scroll Lock Button available, They also made Insert Button available for capturing videos.

2014 8/28 Patch Notes

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<Maintenance Schedule>
1. 2014 08 28
2. PM 06 ~ 10 (4hours)
3. All Servers

# Event

1. Add Third 1st job Pre-Event (2014 08 28 ~ 2014 09 04)

# Cash Shop

1. Mobile Assault Battle Ship Avatars
- Packages: 2014 08 27 ~ 2014 09 25

2. Add Nasod Battle Suit IB
- 2014 08 28 ~ 2014 10 07

3. Ponggo Scorpion Type-E
- Cash Shop: 2014 08 28 ~ 2014 09 11
- Added to Fossil Readers

1. El-Lord Accessories
2. Life Crystal (Marionette)
3. 100% EXP medals
4. ELS Summer-Less avatars

# Changes

1. Little Specter/Asura, Dark Knight/Crimson Avenger bug fixes and balance changes

[Ara > Little Specter > Asura]




↑X, X Combo

- ↑X KD reduction effect removed.


Energy Drain (or Mana Drain)

- MP gain amount reduced, damage increased.

[Elesis > Dark Knight > Crimson Avenger]





- ZZZXX command motion speed revamped.

Special Active

Burning Phantom

- HP consumption decreased, base additional hits damage adjusted.
– Can use additional hits without consuming HP if HP is lower than 20%.

- Chivalry Type changed to Gale.

Brandish Breaker

- HP consumption decreased, base additional hits damage adjusted.
- Can use additional hits without consuming HP if HP is lower than 20%.

Ejection Buster

- Damage Increased


Dark Force
Two sides of Darkness

- HP consumption decrease effect removed from Annihilation. Skill damage increase effect added for Annihilation.

Special Active

Dread Weapon

- Chivalry Type changed to Annihilation.

Shade The Illusion

- Chivalry Type changed to Annihilation.

Blood Cutter

- Chivalry Type changed to Gale.


Assault Strike

- Chivalry Type changed to Annihilation.

Shade Scratch

- Chivalry Type changed to Gale.


Revenge of Blood

- Additional Damage amount increased.


[Upon Stoic-Strong activation]
- MP cost decrease effect removed.
– Damage Increase buff is retained during super armor.

– Damage Increased and PvP modifiers added.

- Unlock SP changed to 10.
- Fixed annihilation super armor activation dealing damage.


Survival Guarantee

- Additional Casting or Blood Hit system does not consume HP below 10%


- Changed HP consumption PvP modifiers.

2. Fixed: Battle Magician’s Z combo hit boxes disappearing after mounting and dismounting during Magical Make up.
3. Fixed: Add not blinking when using odd eye customization.
4. Fixed: Add warping to random locations in certain situations when moving left or right from his air ready stance.
5. Fixed: Add sometimes doing 0 damage when double attack effect procs.

1. Fixed: Tanato pet’s attack ending abruptly in certain situations
2. Fixed: Returning from Gate of Darkness with reduced HP

1. Weekly Class Point reset
2. Minor Bug fixes/Adjustments

1. Minor Bug fixes/Adjustments

1. Revamped issue where frames stopped when moving from Windowed mode to Fullscreen mode.
2. Changed so Frame rates cannot be adjusted using external programs.
3. Fixed error where Burning Phantom, Brandish Breaker sound remained long after skill was over.
4. Minor bug fixes/adjustments

<Update Item Preview>

-Battle Ship Avatar-

- Ponggo Scorpion Type-E -


- Add Nasod Battle Suit  -

Windy Cartoon No.79

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Thanks to Windy for providing Elsword fans with fun comics.


Translated from article:


▲ Promotion image of Elesis’s new 2nd job character ‘Crimson Avenger’ (Picture provided by: Nexon)
Last August 21st, KOG’s action RPG ‘Elsword’ updated a new 2nd job called ‘Crimson Avenger’ for their character Elesis. To promote their new update, Elsword team attended the Seoul Comic world event during the 23rd and 24th for a meeting with its fans.
‘Elsword’ booth was decorated with Crimson Avenger as the theme. The booth was extremely popular to the extent where over 3 thousand people gathered near the booth 2 hours before the event started.  What kind of character is this Crimson Avenger that was the center of attention for this event? To find out more we went to the Seoul Comic world site to met with KOG’s development team leader Gwon-Oh-Dang.
▲ KOG Kwon-Oh-Dang ‘Elsword’ Development team leader
  • This is Elsword’s first time participating in Seoul Comic world. How do you feel?
Development team leader:  We were worried that we might interrupt users in having fun but I felt relieved after seeing users having fun carrying around ‘Elesis’ giant pillows. Since there are many ‘Elsword’ fans and players that come to this event, we plan to come here more regularly.
  • Comic World event is held in both Seoul and Busan. Do you plan to attend the Busan Comic World as well?
Development team leader: Development team did visit Busan Comic World during 16th and 17th. We enjoyed the event by buying items sold from the booth and such. Before this year, we used to visit Comic World Elsword user booths to cheer them on and buy them snacks. We plan to continue being observant for the events like these from now on. If possible, we want to appear in Busan Comic World as well.
  • Even before the booth opened, Over 3000 users gathered around the ‘Elsword’ booth. How did it feel?
Development team leader: I felt very thankful. I wanted to give something to every user who visited the booth but couldn’t do so due to material shortages. The event continues in the 24th and we are still giving out gifts so I hope users continue to visit and give their attention.
  • Elesis ‘Crimson Avenger’ was updated on the 21st. Introduce her for the users who haven’t met her yet. 
Development team leader: ‘Crimson Avenger’ is Elesis’s third 2nd job. Her play style differs from other Elesis jobs in that she deals damage by using up her HP. She battles by alternating between her Chivalry systems Annihilation and Gale. These two system modes have effects that absorb or recover HP so it is important to play managing these two modes.
Because of this, Elesis players have a high gap between Pro and Newer players depending on their control. Scenario wise, Crimson Avenger’s setting is that of Elesis losing her fellow Knights due to demon ambush and even Elesis herself dying and reviving. She was once a bright and chivalrous knight but after accepting the demon’s powers she staked everything on revenge. Thus she has a more violent personality. Users that weren’t satisfied with the older Elesis jobs will like this Elesis with a newer concept.
  • What were the user reactions after ‘Crimson Avenger’ was released?
Development team leader:  Response was great despite the update being released after the Summer Break. Opinions of the users is that the Crimson Avenger’s playstyle is worth researching. Also, satisfaction ratings on the Crimson Avenger’s image was very high.
  • Before ‘Crimson Avenger’ was released, there were already gameplay videos of her inside 1st job ‘Dark Knight’ promotion videos. This got  many users guessing. Did you guys plan for this?
Development team leader: Some details were revealed unintentionally while some were intentional. It was to build up the expectations of the users for the 2nd job by showing them new information. Before, the 1st and 2nd classes were released together. However for this summer update, releasing 1st and 2nd classes by 1 week intervals was a strategic decision to build up expectations for the new jobs.
  • Unlike other jobs ‘Crimson Avenger’ uses Chivalry system. There are opinions that the Character is difficult to use because its hard to manage the system.
Development team leader: It is true that Elesis’s Chivalry system is hard to manage. But even if you don’t exactly know what the system does, it does not cause any inconveniences when playing.  Still, we are working on revamps to address the issue of Chivalry system being hard to manage. We plan to change Chivalry system so users can make easy use of the system on the 28th update.
  • There are some dissatisfaction regarding ‘Crimson Avenger’s’ skill balance. What are your thoughts on this?
Development team leader: Development team is observing the situation with the users. The Crimson Avenger Skill revamp update is on the 28th. Also additional balance changes will be made gradually.
  • Can you give us an introduction on Add update that’s coming up in September?
Development team leader:  Add’s new job that will appear in September update will have a scenario from the past as his background. It’s a story about how Add gains an ability to jump between time and space and works towards on fixing his unfortunate past. It’s hard to reveal any more but, since he can freely control Time and Space, this new Add will feel very ‘freely controlled’ for the users. It would be alright to have  high expectations for this job.
  • Last words for ‘Elsword’ users?
Development team leader: From the start I wanted one thing. To provide for the current users that enjoy Elsword, a game that they can play proudly and to have them meet with even more new friends inside the game. I worked towards releasing characters and contents that cannot be seen in other games. Through more updates, I will continue to work hard so many friends can play and enjoy ‘Elsword’.
▲Visitors in ‘Elsword’ booth. Users holding ‘Elesis’ giant pillows were targets of admiration

▲ You can only participate after taking a photo in the Trick Art zone.
▲ Elesis giant pillows that caught the eyes of every Comic World visitors

▲ There were many booths other than the official booth selling Elsword related items.

TL: 2nafish


Hello, this is GM Mackerel

Did you all hear that Elsword is coming to the Seoul Comic World?

It will be a great chance for you all to experience the Elsword’s class if you attend. There are also events prepared for those of you who cannot attend so be ready.

Then let’s check out the Implemented Suggestions from 2014 08/03 ~ 8/16

1. Implemented Suggestions

① Dungeon Boot System revamp
- There was an issue where party powerful party members could boot out other weaker party members. This issue was revamped during 8/13 maintenance.

② Invisible Accessories
- A lot of you wanted to have invisible accessories to keep both the look and the stats. These accessories were released.


2. Popular Suggestion

① Opinions on Item set options that are activated by awakening -  voice of adventurer 닉세

- This was an opinion that effectiveness of the set effects that activate upon awakening should vary depending on awakening beads used.

> [Go to Suggestion Post]

- Since lot of you were interested in this suggestions we’ll be sure to check this opinion out thoroughly. Thank you for your time in sending us this suggestion.


Following are various suggestions from our adventurers.

3. Registered Suggestions

① Character
- Character Balance Suggestions
: Blazing Heart Damage Buff
: Nerf Asura’s Mana Drain
: Increase KD counter on EM’s lightning commands
: Nerf Infinity Sword’s Cruel Slayer
: Buff Infinity Sword’s Hyper Active
: Nerf Sakra Devanam’s Flying Kite
: Revamp Rune Slayer’s Hyper Active skill effect.
- Sync Ara’s face skin color with her body skin color.
- Revamp Eve’s face visuals.
- Change Eye colors for Character Customizations.

② Item
- Item to refill Mount Stamina
- Fix problem where Thanatos wings doesn’t open upon awakening.
- Buff Grendized Alterasia weapon
- Buff Additional effects of Raid boss weapons, but nerf drop rates.
- Feature to not pick up items that you select for dungeons.
- Release 1st job Skill cut ins

③ PvP
- AI mode in sparring
- Prevent same classes from being matched up for random matching in Arena.
- Room search feature for sparring.

④ Dungeon
- Retry button after clearing a dungeon.

⑤ System
- Prevent changing item in trading once items are registered.
- Monster Card collection system
- Option to make either megaphone chat invisible or shrink the megaphone chat window.
- Make ED storeable in Banks and add password locks for them.
- Be able to search for weapon enhancement levels of equipments on boards.
- Special Upgrade system for sparring gears.

⑥ Pet
- Make mounts attributable

⑦ Other
- Feature to customize guild rank names.
- Guild contents like Guild PvP, Guild Raid…etc
- Make Each Character’s Tutorials progress differently.
- No more Jumping Event.
- Reply to comment feature in Message Boards
- Fix some Post disappearing in Message Boards.
- Would like it if Event Winners announcement page was more noticeable.
- Character Base Hair on/off feature.
- Fix ‘Bored Elesis’ custom standing’s Sword positioning. (Sword accessory covers half the face)

These were the suggestions that we received during the last 2 weeks.
I GM Mackerel will try to become even better at listening to our adventurer’s voices.! ^-^

(* Next notice is scheduled to be in 1st week of September :D)
(* Previously posted suggestions weren’t listed)

More details will be updated in Elwiki soon. This is to help people choose until more detailed infos get updated in Elwiki.

Goes from Left to Right, Top to Bottom. Skips Intermediate Training Passive.

Shade Scratch [Active]
-Does damage and absorb HP

Crimson Break [Special Active]
-Does Damage

Dread Weapon [Special Active]
-Does Damage

Shadow Edge [Active]
-Bind debuff on opponent. Shares damage with opponent.

Assault Strike [Active]
-Does damage, prevent mana break debuff

Revenge of Blood [Passive]
-Absorb portion of attacker’s dmg as HP. Also gains additional damage buff when hit.

Shade The Illusion [Special Active]
-Summons dark image of self. Reduces received damage and certain Special Actives are buffed.
Affected Special Actives: Brutal Cutter, Crimson Break, Dread Weapon Double attacks

Blood Cutter [Special Active]
Does damage

Condemnation [Passive]
Buffs Stoic-Strong. Damage upon activation, MP cost decrease

Judgement [Passive]
Hits have chance of causing bleeding. When attacking bleeding targets, gain portion of the damage done to the target.

Fate Smash [Hyper Active]
Does damage

08/21 Patch Notes

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# Main Update

1. Elesis Third 2nd job


1. Elesis Third 2nd job event (2014 08 21 ~ 2014 08 28)

# Cash Shop

1. Life Crystal(Marionette) Single
- 2014 08 21 ~ 2014 08 28
2. Swimming School Rumble Avatar
- 2014 08 21 ~ 2014 09 18
3. Invisible Accessory 7 kinds/package
- 2014 08 21 ~ 2014 09 04

1. 2009 Summer Casual Package
2. SeeU limited Mini-me accessory
3. Ara Nasod Battle Suit IB
4. Marionette Pet Package

# Changes

1. Dark Knight Changes



Special Active

Brutal Cutter

 - Cast Damage Increased. Duration and Double attack chance adjusted.

Ejection Buster

 - Hitbox adjusted to fit visual effects

Burning Phantom

 - Fixed too much damage being done during additional hits. Additional hit damage increased.

Brandish Breaker

 - Fixed too much damage being done during additional hits. Additional hit damage increased.
- Cancel point added at the ending motion to make comboing easier.


Rampaging Blood

 - Duration increased as skill levels up.


Skill HP consumption/gain

 - Rates adjusted for PvP

Blood Hit system revamp

 - When HP is lower than certain amount, blood hit is activated without consuming HP.

1. Weekly Class Point Reset

<Update Item Preview>

- Swimming School Rumble Avatar -