The Tongue of Elrios

Members of the El Search Party joined forces to gather the mysterious gem called El. But the genious mechanic Add joined the party for a different reason.

Add’s true objective is El search party member Eve, to steal her Core which is essentially her life.

With his intention hidden, Add was looking for a chance to steal Eve’s core. But he’s found out by other member of the party, Silver fox Eun.


Good job this person for representing rest of us in such a positive way.

If you really must pvp for event rewards do 3v3. It’s chaotic enough to hide some lag.

Don’t do more than necessary.


Title: Elsword Time Trouble!

Volume 1 out on August.

7/30 Patch Notes

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# Event

1. Pet + Aura giveaway event
- Log in for 50 minutes during event time to get [Pet + fetch aura cube]
- Event Time : 2015 08 02 13:00 ~ 14:59 (1 per server)
- Contains


Item Name

1 random

[Cobo] Life Crystal (Berthe Jr.)

[Cobo] Life Crystal  (Sheriff)

[Cobo] Life Crystal  (Tanato)

[Cobo] Life Crystal  (Marionette)

[Cobo] Life Crystal  (Hoya)

[Cobo] Life Crystal  (Alice)

[Cobo] Life Crystal  (Medusa)

[Cobo] Life Crystal  (Eltrion Jr)

[Cobo] Life Crystal  (Silverfox Miho)

[Cobo] Life Crystal  (Firefox Shiho)

[Cobo] Life Crystal  (Darkfox Naho)

[Cobo] Life Crystal  (Grim Reaper-death)

[Cobo] Life Crystal  (Grim Reaper-Reverse)


[Cobo] Pet fetch aura

2. NX cash ticket
- there’s giveaway for this but you can’t use it unless you live in Korea.

# Cash Shop

1. Ice Burner(Add Salvatore Solace),(Lu/Ciel Salvatore Solace)
- Crafting Item Name:  ‘태양의 기운’ ‘Solar Energy’
- Crafting ends on 09/03
- Sale Ends :2015 08 27

2. Avatar 2011~2014 Swimsuit Luciel
- 2015 07 30 ~ 2015 08 27

1. JP 2015 Contest Costumes

# Changes

[Elsword Renewal Related changes]





Cancel Point

Some classes get their cancel point after zzz combo become more smoother.

Sword Knight

Auto guard

Receive 0 damage for hit that activates it
Changed so Auto guard lasts long as enemy’s attack.
Can use roll skill while in auto guard
Has 15 second cooldown in Pvp

Double Slash

Damage Increased

Rune Slayer

Sword Fire

Berthe doesn’t howl on it anymore.

Z combo

Fixed problem where you float when using ZZZZ combo on a cliff.

Sheath Knight

Final Strike

Base damage increased. Evil(Attribute)’s effect changed to -3MP pet hit.

Infinity Sword

Rage Cutter

Fixed problem where damage was lower than intended.
Current: 145%(per hit), After change : 496%(per hit)

[Rena Renewal Related Changes





Siege Mode

Z/X mp cost increased

Back Tumbling Shot

Fixed bug where it didn’t do hit sometimes.

Combat Ranger

Crescent Kick

Damage Increased

Spinning Kick

Damage Increased

Low Kick

Damage Largely Increased
Range Increased

Back Kick

Damage Largely Increased
Cooldown decreased by 1sec

Dive Kick Bombing

Damage Increased

Assault Impact

Damage Largely Increased
Cooldown decreased by 3sec

Wind Sneaker

Nature Force

Damage Largly Increased
Cast Motion speed increased
Showave’s range increased and added hitstun.

Violent Attack

Damage Increased
Hit method changed to not lift targets.
Skill Tooltip changed

Sharp Fall

Damage Increased
Shockwave range increased
Falling speed increased and invincible while falling.
Fixed skill tooltip error.

Reflect Kick

Damage Largely Increased
Cooldown decreased by 1sec

Sniping Ranger

Arc Shot

Arrows hitstun changed to strong hitstun


Arrow damage increase rate decreased

Sharpshooter’s Mindset

Arrows hitstun changed to strong hitstun
Decreased effectiveness of Sure-kill(2)

Rapid Shot

Arrows hitstun changed to strong hitstun
Cast motion speed increased

Grand Archer

Stigma Snipe

Arrow fires bit faster


Spear falling range increased. Amount of spears increased.
Immune to delay when targetting

Trapping Ranger


Damage Largely Increased


Damage Increased
Fixed bug where it had delay when it’s an active

Night Watcher

All Traps

Damage Increased
- Explosion Trap
- Eldrasil’s fury
- Brier Trap(excluding bleed dmg)
- Evoke
- Delayed Fire
- Seed of Wrath

Sharp Arrows

Defense Ignore rate increased

Dungeon Field]
1. Fixed bug where Game wouldn’t proceed in Heart of Behemoth.
2. Fixed text error that didn’t show Hyper active skill damage increase in Gate of Darkness buff

1. Fixed Complete Recovery Potion 200 and 300 not having correct item descriptions
2. Sword Knight’s promotion glove avatar didn’t look like the icon. Fixed so they look alike.
3. Fixed bug where Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Raven, Eve’s 2015 swimsuit package with no sunbed will show sunbed motion in preview.

1. Various minor bug fixes

1. Receive Gift pop up window now shows up one by one after the dungeon
2. Various minor Bug fixes

Little Blue Arrows below skill icons.

강화된 Enhanced – Damage buff

거대화된 Gigantified – Skill range/size increase

가벼워진 Lighter – MP cost decrease

묵직해진 Heavier – Attack power increase, Cooldown time increase

유용해진 Useful – Does more hits. Damage per hits decrease

극대화된 Maximized – Critical 100% Attack Power 80%

역발상 Innovative – Consumes less resource, Increased Cooldown

치명적인 Critical – MP Cost up, Ignore defense and guard

가속화된 Accelerated – Cooldown Time decrease

재생하는(1) Regenerating(1) – Certain % of regaining MP

재생하는(2) Regenerating(2) – Certain % of cooldown time reduction

무자비한 Merciless – Cancels Mana Break

사악한 Evil – Chance of Mana Burn

강인한 Tough – Super Armor, Cooldown increase

확인사살(1) Sure-kill(1) – Skill Buff Duration Increase

확인사살(2) Sure-kill(2) – Buff effectiveness Increase

흡수하는 Absorbing – Better Mana gain

집요한 Tenacious – KD count reduction

초월한 Transcendent – O_O Changed to different type of skill

1. Elsword




Mega slash

Can charge by holding skill key
– 1.5x damage when charged over 1s

  – Super Armor when chargin
  – Auto cast when charged around 2 seconds


Doesn’t use HP when HP is lower than 40%

Flame Geyser

Moving distance increased and does more hits
Target hit burned for 10 second

Fire is created more near Elsword to fix the problem of the skill not hitting very close targets.

Unlimited Blade

Final effect activates even when not awakened.
Total Damage Increased

Assault Slash

Moving distance largely increased and does more hits

Triple Geyser

Moving distance increased, made it easier to get full hits.
Fixed problem where hits weren’t being registered in between the geysers.


Movement speed increased during duration.
After being increased to [Transcend] level, it removes all debuffs upon activation and reduces more received damage.

Sword Knight/ Lord Knight




reduces slightly less KD rate

Spiral Blast

First hit’s movement distance increased and hit range increased
Stuns target for 2 seconds.

Fixed problem of the skill not hitting when target was inside the fire effect.


MP gain rate decreased

Impact Smash

Movement distance increased and hit range increased.

Double Slash

First hit range increased and second attack does more hits
Overall cast time slightly faster.

Rolling Smash

Movement distance increased. Doesn’t lift target.
Will jump over enemies less.

Armageddon Blade

Duration slightly Increased, 20% critical chance increase during activation.

Wind Slicer

Activation chance increased. Sword aura’s speed and distance largely increased.


Movement speed increased during duration.

Counter Patience

Attack buff effectiveness when debuffed slightly decreased.


Forwards movement speed increased to be able to hit further and number of hits increased.
Revamped so it pulls in targets near the storm better


Can now only counter melee physical attacks

Sonic Blade

Cast speed increased and stuns target for 2 seconds.
hit motion graphics changed so it doesn’t look like targets are flung out when they are pulled in.

Gigantic Slash

Fixed issue where target would get pushed out of the skill range.
Made sword hitboxes at Elsword’s back of Elsword to be able to sweep the entire screen.

Magic Knight / Rune Slayer



Rising Slash

Sword amount increased by 1 on both sides.
Fixed problem where hits wouldn’t register if target was between swords.

Paradigm shift

Magic damage increased by certain % of physical attack.

Wind Blade

Burns 50MP off targets.

Sword Wave

Cast speed and range slightly increased.

Storm Blade

Pulls in targets towards center blades to make it easier to get full hits in.
Range increased.

Sword Enchant

One of Fire Water Poison attribute will be added to weapon. 20 second duration

Luna Blade

MP cost decreased by 50 to make it cost 150. Cast time slightly faster.
Explosion damage added after the blade hits ground. Changed so MP burn of targets happen with the explosion within the explosion radius.

Sword Fire

MP cost changed to 200. Damage adjusted to match MP cost change.

Magic Counter

Attempts action to reflect magic projectiles.

Rune Mastery

Magic attack increase effect added

Sheath Knight / Infinity Sword



Sword Shield

Cast time slightly faster

Sword Fall

Total skill cast time faster
Time of sword generation up to where the first hit happens faster as well.

Crescent Cut

Total skill cast time faster
Hits more and cancel point added so it’s possible to do next action faster after the skill.

Final Strike

Black hole range increased. Does more hits.

Harsh Chaser

Skill cast speed and projectile speed increased.

Lightning Surge

Attack Speed increase effect added.

Sudden Strike

When attacking certain chance of all attacks activating as critical for short duration(1.5s)

Compact Counter

Made into basic skill

Sharp Sword

Certain chance of causing bleeding. Certain chance of ignoring target’s defense.

Blade Rain

Casting speed increased. Power stun effect added upon activation.
Changed so targets aren’t pushed away from the attack range.

Gives additional hitstun upon later hits.

2. Rena




Perfect Storm

skill note effect now is skill base condition.
- HP/MP % recovery

Aero Tornado

Size and damage increased when using awakened.

Phoenix Strike

Becomes possible to consume NF and changed so it doesn’t knock down

Siege Mode

Z key auto targets targets within range
If there is NF gauge, consumes NF gauge to fire more powerful arrows.

Combat Ranger/ Wind Sneaker



Crescent Kick

Damage increased when using awakened.

Back Kick

Decreases both physical and magic attack


Combined two Airelinnas. HP recovery, attack power/ all speed increase.

Sharp Fall

X axis range increased

Flexible Movement

Attack speed increase and arrowkey +z quick stand effect added.

Spiral Strike

Hitbox Adjusted

Sniping Ranger / Grand Archer



Guide Arrow

Additional arrow and increased pierce amount when using awakened.

Wind Ward

Size increased when using awakened

Sharpshooter’s Mindset

New Active, following effects for skill duration
– Arrow command MP cost 0, range/MP gain rate per hit increased.

  – Physical damage/MP gain rate per hit decreased

Crazy Shot

Size and hit amount increased when using awakened.

Stigma Shot

50% reduced damage and pierces all targets when using awakened,


Redesigned as area target/install skill

Wind Blast

Redesigned as Homing restraining skill

Aero strafe

Can now be used in midair.

Binding Seed

Borrowed Night Watcher’s Seed(Entangle farm didn’t do too well and original Entangle seed strain went extinct Deleted)

Freezing Arrow

Damage and freezing duration increased when using awakened.

Vibe Shot

Hitstun/damage increased

Shooter Destiny

Hitbox adjusted and black hole effect added

Trapping Ranger / Night Watcher




skill note effect now is skill base condition.
- Can use in air

  – +10% critical chance

Humming Wind

Bought the skill off Grand Archer for some Binding seeds.

Changed to new multi hit skill
Can use in air

Eldrasil’s Rage

Hitbox adjusted
- Changed so it’s possible to combo off it


Hitbox adjusted
- Hits targets while pushing away(not launch), width range increased.


Changed to pull in targets that are hit.


Hitbox adjusted and black hole effect added

# Content

1. Elsword, Rena renewal
- Elsword and Rena character renewed
- Improved commands and flashier skill effects
- Skills acquired or enhanced automatically upon level up and can use all skills given.

1) Elsword Renewal Summary
- Stoic Revamped
- Addition of Effective commands
- Elsword’s controls revamped. Skill and commands cancel points added.
- Sword Knight, Magic Knight promotion avatar and hair revamped
- Face and body proportions changed
- New base Elsword promotion illustration added.

2) Rena Renewal Summary
- Nature’s Force(NF) effects revamped
- Skill usability revamped and effective commands added.
- Hyper Active skill hitboxes revamped.
- MP cost for Arrow commands revamped
- Body proportions revamped
- New base Rena promotion illustration added.

3) Skill Tree Revamp
▶ Skill Tree Revamp
- From a structure where you could only choose 1 out of 2 skills, the tree is changed to a structure where you obtain all skills.
- Skill Tree interface changed, general information about the character and class, their main skill and commands added.
▶ Skill growth revamp
- Skills are automatically acquired as character levels up. Skills have sufficient damage immediately upon acquiring
* Characters with high level but no job advancement only gain skills available to their classes.
- From a structure where you invested skill points to enhance skills, the tree is changed to a system where skill’s abilities are enhanced automatically as character levels up.
Some skill abilities are enhanced up to [True] level and upon enhancement, skill’s damage is boosted or special abilities are added to the skills.
▶ Skill growth notifications
- It shows message if character acquired new skills or skill has been enhanced.
- When acquiring new skill, skills are automatically filled in the skill slots if there is room.

2. Story Quest Full Voice
- Event scenes that appear after clearing story quests get full voicing.

# Event

1. Elsword, Rena Renewal Event
1) Change to class you want every day.
- Clear quests every day and use ‘Ariel’s class change ticket’ to change class for free.
* Ariel’s class change ticket: only works for 2nd job advancement classes.

2) Get Promotion Avatar tickets
- Log in for 30 minutes during event times to get promotion avatar tickets
- Promotion avatar tickets can get you magic wardrobe look of your character’s class promotion avatar. You can also choose your base class promotion avatar or your 1st job promotion avatar


07 23

07 24

07 25

07 26

07 27

07 28

Hair Ticket

Weapon Ticket

Top Ticket

Bottom Ticket

Gloves Ticket

Shoes Ticket


07 30

07 31

08 01

08 02

08 03

08 04

Hair Ticket

Weapon Ticket

Top Ticket

Bottom Ticket

Gloves Ticket

Shoes Ticket

- 2015 07 23 ~ 2015 08 06

3. PvP Season 3 ends, Free season starts! 
- PvP s3 will end and free season will start. Enjoy the pvp free season events and prepare for pvp season 4 starting 09/24
- Event Duration : 2015 07 23 ~ 2015 09 24
1) Get PvP title and arena avatar.
- 07 23 ‘수호 투사의 열쇠’ item will be given by mail depending on character’s season 3 rank.
- Open the ‘수호 투사의 무구 보관함’ obtainable through event quest with ‘수호 투사의 열쇠’ to obtain Guardian Warrior’s avatar and rank titles.

Event quest is talk to Camila
2) Craft Guardian Warrior’s avatar
- Clear Event quests to gather ‘패배자의 옷 자락’ to craft Guardian Warrior avatar from Camila

Event Quest: 3 Arena victories

3) Purchase Guardian Warrior’s accessories
- Camila sells upgraded versions of arena accessories during the event period.

Sold by Camila

4) 2x Chance to meet Epic NPCs
- 2x chance to meet Epic NPCs during event period.

4. Mission Potent Enhancement
- Elsword party is starting! gather potent elixirs(milk bottles) to exchange for party accessories and avatars.
▶ 23 bottles : Party Crown / Party Mask / Party Wing
▶ 50 bottles : Party single piece avatar
- Can also purchase bottles from cash shop.
- 2015 07 23 ~ 2015 09 03

# Cash Shop

1. 2015 Swim Suit (Chung, Ara, Elesis, Add, Lu, Ciel)
‘Sun bed’ sit motion only comes with package purchase.
- 2015 07 23 ~ 2015 08 27


2. Invisible Accessory(Necklace, Ring)
- maint ~ always

3. Class advancement ticket, class change ticket 50% discount
-  2015 07 23 ~ 2015 09 03

4. Potent elixirs(milk bottles)
- 2015 07 23 ~ 2015 09 03

5. Grand Ice Burners(Elsword,Rena Dragon Knight, Royal Servant/Maid)
- Grand IBs have 100% chance of acquiring a piece.
- All pieces have same chance of being acquired.
- Obtain ‘Grand Cold Crystal’ when opening Grand IBs and can craft Dragon Knight or Royal Servant/Maid costumes with them.
- 2015 07 23 ~ 2015 08 06
- Grand IB contains:

Item Name




Complete Recovery Potion


Grand Cold Crystal


Dragon Knight Avatar
Royal Maid/Servant



6. Avatar Reform Ticket
- to reform Elsword and Rena Dragon Knight & Royal Servant/Maid
- Reform from Ariel or Myu
- Sale : 2015 07 23 ~ 2015 08 20
- Reform period : 2015 07 23 ~ 2015 08 20

[Sale Ending]
1. IB (Ara Salvatore Denip)
2. Skill Note, Skill Reset Medal, Complete Skill Reset Medal, Gnosis Blessing, Elsword and Rena Skill Notes.

# 수정 사항

1. Aisha fixed problem where Binding Circle skill note debuff effect was not being removed by old Ancient Guardian set’s ‘Remove debuff upon awakening’.
2. Battle Magician Fixed Supernova skill note not working in PvP.
3. Veteran Commander Fixed Harpoon Spear’s first hit not doing damage sometimes.
4. Add Fixed Particle Accelerator skill note making skill cast time longer.
5. Mastermind Fixed Psyonic Generator’s tooltip saying skill damage was lower than what it really was.
6. Mastermind ‘Install-Starfall’ was supposed to hit 7 times. Fixed it doing 8 hits when using it first after entering a dungeon.
7. Luciel Fixed Lu being able to teleport to strange places in Hall of Water using dash + z

[Dungeon / Field]
Fixed not being able hit ‘몽환의 잡일꾼’ in Lanox Field Geyser Plains

[Item] [Pet/Mount][Quest]
1. Various minor bug fixes.

1. Fixed error where Iron Paladin and Deadly Chaser’s character abilities graph was swapped.
2. Fixed Guild Skill ‘정신 집중’ not working after opening  guild skill ‘균형잡힌 육체 Lv.1’
3~5. Minor bug fixes.
6. Solace Server’s Resurrection Stone daily charge amount changed from 3 to 10.
7,8. Minor bug fixes
9. Fixed error where Magic Stone, Advanced Magic Stone, Elshard(Mystery), Weapon,Armor Enhancement Stone lv.7 was not dropping from monsters with Lv.76 or higher. Lv.76
10. Changed so IB notification only appears in one line instead of two.
11. Normal Quests and Job advancement quests don’t have event scenes anymore

Event Change Notice

July 15th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Uncategorized - (13 Comments)

Till 08/06

Avatar tickets are wardrobe tickets only available to promotion avatars. You can get any promotion avatar look of your class and below. (Ex. LK or SK or Base)

7/16 Patch Notes

July 14th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (15 Comments)

# Cash Shop

1. 2015 Swimsuit + Custom sit motion, ‘Elrios beach sun bed’
-Custom sit motion only acquirable through package.
- Chung, Ara, Elesis, Add, Lu/Ciel’s avatars released on 7/30
-2015 07 16 ~ 2015 08 13

2. Accessory : 2015 Vacation Sunglasses
-2015 07 09 ~ always

1. Avatar: Idol(Chung,Ara,Elesis,Add,LuCiel)=
2. Summon stone: Jet ski E77-DX

# Changes
[Dungeon Monster stat changes]
1. We received lots of opinions that after Henir revamp, Hamel area monsters were more powerful than Sander and Lanox ones. We have decided this was an issue to be fixed so there will be an adjustment to all monster’s stats in all areas.
2. Hero’s gathering buff(Random matching buff) is removed from Ruben dungeons.
3. Henir and Ereda Island monsters are re-designed in level 80 standard.

1. Fixed error where VIP service mount’s stamina would refill when re logging in.

[PvP Season 3 End. Free Season start]

1. At 2015 07/23, PvP season 3 will end and free season will start
After maintenance, rewards will be given out depending on your Arena rank. PvP Season 4 will start 9/24.




Guardian Warrior’s Key (★)

Weapon Avatar(★)

Shoes Avatar

Top Avatar

Hair Avatar

Bottom Avatar

[Cobo] Complete Recovery Potion

Gloves Avatar

Title : Lord of PvP (Season 3)


Guardian Warrior’s Key (SSS)

Weapon Avatar

Shoes Avatar

Top Avatar

Hair Avatar

Bottom Avatar

[Cobo] Complete Recovery Potion

Gloves Avatar

Title : Legendary Competitor (Season 3)


Guardian Warrior’s Key (SS)

Top Avatar

Hair Avatar

Bottom Avatar

[Cobo] Complete Recovery Potion

Gloves Avatar

Title : Strongest Competitor (Season 3)

Shoes Avatar


Guardian Warrior’s Key (S)

Top Avatar

Shoes Avatar

Bottom Avatar

[Cobo] Complete Recovery Potion

Gloves Avatar

Title : Passionate Competitor (Season 3)


Guardian Warrior’s Key (A)

Bottom Avatar

[Cobo] Complete Recovery Potion

Gloves Avatar

Title : Elrio’s Competitor (Season 3)

Shoes Avatar


Guardian Warrior’s Key (B)

Gloves Avatar

[Cobo] Complete Recovery Potion

Shoes Avatar

Title : Elrio’s Competitor (Season 3)


Guardian Warrior’s Key (C)

Shoes Avatar

Title : Elrio’s Competitor (Season 3)

[Cobo] Complete Recovery Potion


Guardian Warrior’s Key (D)

[Cobo] Complete Recovery Potion

Title : Elrio’s Competitor (Season 3)


Guardian Warrior’s Key (E)

Title : Elrio’s Competitor (Season 3)