The Tongue of Elrios


When you craft shining, there’s random chance of you getting regular instead of shining.


they plan to move the shining stone crafting to upgrade section then show what the % of getting shining is in next patch.

5/26 Patch Notes

May 24th, 2016 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (26 Comments)

Maint:  02AM ~ 10AM (8hrs)

# Cash Shop


  1. Summon Stone : Dekal’s chair

–  2016 05 26 09AM ~ 2016 06 23 09AM



Okay I miscalculated and couldn’t finish chapter 5.

Chapter 5 in itself is around hour of work but I do skim over the entire volume to do checkup whenever I finish a volume. So I thought I’ll post chapter 5 together with the full volume 4 pdf. (I’ll also post chapter 5 only in wordpress as well). Getting this done won’t take all week and I’ll probably post it earlier than next monday.

Think of chapter 5 as an epilogue.

Volume4ch4 pdf


Origin: Phys+Mag damage increase 0~125

Growth: Exp increase +1~3% & recovery item effectiveness +1~3%

Hunt: Damage done to bosses +1~3% & Damage received from bosses -1~3%

Counter: 0.5~1.5% damage reduction when below 30% HP & 0.5~1.5% increased damage when attacking targets with 30% or less HP.

Once upon a time, an Elite Secret Dungeon Gear pants was dropped during secret dungeon run as a RNG drop. This pants was something that could only be dropped as RNG drop and couldn’t be obtained any other way.


Character Changed Detail
LuCiel PvP revive penalty – Fixed issue where revive penalty wasn’t working properly for Ciel
Ciel ZZZ – Fixed issue where certain monsters wouldn’t get hit
Diabla Bounding Combo – Doesn’t track to location anymore. Tracks towards target.
– Consumes Combination gauge only when hit is successful
– Uses only 1 combination gauge now(2 before)
– Fixed issue of sound effect not playing
Dash JumpXZ,
Dash JumpXZX
– After delay becomes shorter
Land Crasher – Launches less
Nightmare – ‘Can use in air’ feature added- ‘Innovative’ trait removed, ‘Gigantic’ added.
Gigantic increases attack size by 130%
– Trait reset
Altar of Evil – Z command speed increased. Cancel points adjusted to be smoother

– PvP modifiers added to X command
– Fixed issue of there not being invincibility and delay when Awakening during Madness state
– fixed issue of ‘300MP skill damage increase’ option affecting Madness commands
– Duration in PvP changed from 30 to 15 sec

Phantom Circle – Cooldown time changed from 30 to 60 sec
– Natural HP MP recovery effect halved in pvp
Demonio Character Stat – HP stat decreased and distributed to Phy/Mag defence
– Phys attack stat decreased and distributed to magic attack stat.
– Total stat doesn’t change
Desperado – fixed problem with weird gun location during ‘Sniping’,
– pushing distance decreased  during ‘Sniping’,
Transcendence – PvP modifiers added to X command
– Fixed issue of there not being invincibility and delay when Awakening during Madness state
– fixed issue of ‘300MP skill damage increase’ option affecting Madness commands

– Duration in PvP changed from 30 to 15 sec

Punisher – Changed so effect pierces through everything when cast as Ciel.

– ‘Enhanced’ trait removed and ‘Tough’ trait added.

Tough trait gives superarmor and increases cooldown by 120%
– Trait reset

Haures’ Garden – Main flower’s max HP in PvP changed from 50% of caster’s HP to 25% of caster’s HP.
– ‘Demon world garden’ all speed decrease by 35% effect changed to 15%
– Fixed problem of it stopping monsters from spawning in certain stages.

# Content

  1. Lanox Secret Dungeon, ‘Grand Cavern: Source of the Demonic energy’ update

  1. Secret Dungeon Revamp

# Event

1.Lanox Secret Dungeon update/Secret Dungeon revamp Event
– 2016 05 19 ~ 2016 06 02
1) Free Secret Dungeon Gears

– Log in for 5 minutes to get [Cobo] Lanox Secret Dungeon gear cube

2) Get new dual magic stones daily

– Log in for 1 minutes daily to get 1 [Cobo] Lanox Secret dungeon release device,

Clear daily Event quest (Clear Lanox secret dungeon once) t o get new dual magic stone cube.

3) Sage Magic Stone, Time and Space Scrolls, Fossil Readers

– Clear event quest ‘[EVENT] 비밀던전급 태세전환 (1), (2), (3)’ to get these items by mail.
2. Goodbye Fossil Reader event
– 2016 05 19 ~ 2016 06 02
1) Log in during weekend for ‘Goodbye! Fossil Reader’

– Log in for 30 minutes, 60 minutes
2) Timed legendary mount, pets

– 05/19 ~05/25 Log in for 10 minutes to get [Cobo] Legendary summon exchange ticket(pet) (per character)

05/26~06/02 for [Cobo] Legendary Summon exchange ticket(mount)
3) Play with Legendary Mount&Pet

– Clear dungeons 50 times with legendary Pet&Mount to get Legendary ancient fossil shard containing fully grown pet
4) Goodbye! Ancient Fossil reader sale event

– Goodbye! Fossil Readers on sale during event

* [Cobo] Goodbye! Fossil Readers, [Cobo] Legendary Summon exchange ticket (Pet), [Cobo] Legendary Summon exchange ticket (Mount),


# Cash Shop




Chapter 4 is in 2 parts because it’s a bit large.

But Chapter 5 is rather small so next update should complete volume 4.

Volume4ch4p1 pdf

I’m doing these translations so non-Korean speaking people can get the same reading experience that Koreans get when they first buy the novels.

I’m fine with people who want to be spoiled looking up stuff and reading or seeing spoiler contents beforehand. But I do have mixed feelings about people starting to spread the spoiler contents.

On one hand, I fully realize that I have no rights to enforce anyone to not spread these spoilers. All I’m doing is an unofficial and sub-par quality fan translation after all.
But on the other hand, whenever I see these contents start to spread, I feel sorry for the readers that might accidentally see these contents when they didn’t want to. (Just like I accidentally did earlier today.)

Whatever the story is, I believe that stories shouldn’t ever be spoiled to people that doesn’t wish to be spoiled. I also believe that your enjoyment of the stories drop significantly when you see these stories after getting spoiled. There may be those that might share my beliefs and those that might not. But even if you don’t share these beliefs, you should at least respect the wishes of those who wants their reading experience to be fresh as possible. All I can do is to beg for this, please take some measures for people that don’t want to be spoiled when you are posting these spoiler contents. Of course, it’s totally the their fault if they saw them after you took those measures.

It really makes me happy when I see people reading my translations then giving feedbacks(good and bad) or just talking about the novels in general. Because I think that means I gave more people the opportunity that they may never have gotten because of something so lame like a language barrier. (Unless reading Time Trouble scarred some of your lives forever. I’m really sorry then. Q_Q. But hey, there’s probably some Koreans that got scarred just as same as you. That’s some neat fact to realize right?). I’m also happy that so many of you are taking interest in the spoiler contents. Since I interpret that as you’ve been keeping up with the story enough to care about it. I’m just asking, respect those that don’t want to be spoiled. Please take some measures so that people that don’t want to see them can’t see them.

Now, for some selfish rants I want to get off my chest. Just ignore this last part if you want. It’s just selfish me talking.


[End of Fossil Reader sale]

–  2016 05 19

-Can sill use ones that are in inventory.


[Goodbye Fossil Reader event]

– 2016 05 19 ~ 06/02(Thurs)

*More details in 05/19(Thurs) notice