The Tongue of Elrios

Event 1

-Daily Quest: [Event] 대전 NPC 최고전력

-Beat special event PvP NPCs 3 times to clear

-Obtain quest clear item ‘Cobo’s secret’ and trade them in for items from Ariel or Myu.


Event 2

-Daily Quest: [Event] 변화의 기운 파편을 찾아라

-Clear 2 dungeons within level range

Obtain quest clear item ‘Cobo’s secret’ and trade them in for items from Ariel or Myu.


Event 3

Log in daily to get mystery cube. These contain quest clear items from event 1 and 2


Creates another tab in bank.

Bank needs to be open first before you use it. Costs 140m to open with ED.

8000NX to open basic ‘membership’ with 8 slots.

Once openend it works as a shared bank across all your characters in an account(Server).

For event, you can buy package called 코보 은행 신용 보증서 which costs 8800NX to get full membership in one go.



6/25 Patch Notes

June 23rd, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (29 Comments)

# Content

1. Shared Bank Update
- Shared bank that all characters in an account can use is added
- Can share almost all cannot be sealed/untradable items with other characters in an account.
- Can expand slots through cash shop NX or Luriel NPC with ED.
- As an update event, until 2015 07 09, 30% discount on both ED and NX for Shared bank expansion.
- But there are separate shared banks per server. Also certain items like special crafting materials and couple&wedding related items cannot be stored in the shared bank.

2. LuCiel Revamp
1) Avatar and accessory abilities add up
- When Lu and Ciel are each wearing appropriate avatar and accessories, those stats can add up.
- Stats that add up
Avatar : Additional effects, Socket effects, Set effects  /  Accessory : Additional effects, Set effects
- Can meet set effect requirements by Lu wearing some parts and Ciel wearing others. But, cannot stack more than one of the same sets for effects or certain sets that give same effects.

2) Lu Ciel switching key
- Can switch character easily  using [V] key during battle
- Cooldown time for [V] key is 3 seconds. When switching, character switching out cannot be hit, but the character switching in can be hit.
- Can’t be used in reststop or town. Can be used in Dungeon, Field and PvP whenever movement and attack is possible.
- Cannot acquire combination point when switching using [V] key

3. IB/FR content changes
- Look at last Patch Notes

# Event

1. Summer Break Prep event
1) Cobo’s Secrets
- Log on daily to get ‘Mystery Cube’. Can exchange items obtained from the cube for various items.
- Possible exchangable itmes : [Cobo] IB,FR, Ariel’s Magic Amulet Lv.6~Lv.9,
Cobo blessed restoration scroll…etc
- 2015 06 25 ~ 2015 07 09

2) Fight your best! NPC boss trio
- Can use special ‘[EVENT] 최고전력에 도전’ to challenge PvP NPC bosses trios.
- Only 1v1 matching is possible and stats are set level 1 stats.
- Clear NPC boss trios 3 times a day and obtain rewards.
- Reward Items : Vigor Potion, 2015 Vacation Bag Exchange ticket, 2015 Vacation Safety cube, Ariel’s Magic Amulet Lv.8~Lv.9 etc
- NPC boss trio: Noah/ Code:Q-PROTO 00 / Valak
- 2015 06 25 ~ 2015 07 09

# Cash Shop

1. Ice Burner (Ara Salvatore Denip)
- Can obtain ‘Tears of Water dragon’ item by opening and can craft the set using the item.
(Crafting for Ara Denip IB set goes on until 08/06,
Unused ‘Tears of Water Dragon’ are deleted on 08/06)
- 2015 06 25 ~ 2015 07 30

2. Summoning Stone: MobyRT chariot custom -Golden Fire
- 2015 06 25 ~ 2015 07 02
- Added to FR after

# Fixes

1. Elsword  fixed ‘Mega Slash’ skill not MP cost and cooldown effects not working properly.
2. Elemental MAster ‘Friendship with elements’ passive not working properly with special actives
3. Yama Raja ‘Enhanced Spirit energy’ not increasing range
4, Yama Raja problem where when holding ‘Vaccum Wave’ and ‘Energy Wave’ skills, the skill would cancel without consuming extra spirit orbs.
5. Diabolic Esper ’Reverse Circle’ skill speed increased.

-various other minor bug/error fixes-




Scared Beasts were created at the same time as when the Giant El came down to Elrios. Possessing great powers, some of these Sacred beasts blessed the land they inhabited and lived in harmony with the land. However, other Sacred beasts caused destruction throughout the lands murdering and possessing anything they desired

Incarnation of greed, the red dragon Perkisas settled down in now abandoned ancient castle grounds of Elrian have been killing and stealing treasures from the humans for a long time.

Eventually growing bored of murdering endlessly, Perkisas decides to lure in adventurers saying that he will grant his treasures and power to anyone that defeats him.

According to the legend, one who passes Perkisas’s 3 trials will obtain Perkisas’s enormous power, but no one has ever passed this trial.

For his own purposes Glave feels that he needs Elsword’s party to become stronger and leads the party to Perkisas’s ruins.

Can Elsword’s party pass red dragon Perkisas’s trials and obtain the legendary weapon?


Obtainable from Perkisas Treasure Chest:

Perkisas’s weapons/Perkisas’s Horn

Obtainable from Regular Treasure Chests:

Wedges, Stamps, Magic Amulets….etc


Ingame Guide:




# Content

1. Boss Raid Revamp: Greed Incarnate ‘Perkisas’
- Boss raid system gets revamped
Because of this, you cannot meet older giant bosses ‘Eltrion’ and ‘Dravaki’ anymore.
- New Raid boss ‘Perkisas’ added
‘Perkisas’ is much more powerful than older raid bosses and can only be beaten by long cooperation amongst users.
- Boss raid ranking system added
Enter boss raid dungeon challenge the higher ranks daily. Get points by participating in the raid and also get rewards every time you enter.
- ‘Perkisas’ drops item called ‘Perkisas’s acknowledgment’ when defeated which can be used to craft Elsword’s first legendary grade items. Drop amount varies on contribution.

2. Lanox area title changes and additions

- Changes




  1% Chance of fireball when attacking
1% Chance of meteor when attacking
1% Chance of fireshower when attacking
1% Chance of 5sec burn when attacking
1.5% Chance of fireball when attacking
1.5% Chance of meteor when attacking
1.5% Chance of fire shower when attacking
1.5% Chance of 5sec burn when attacking
1.5% Chance of firehit when attacking
1.5% Chance of blaze hit when attacking

Dancing Fire Weapon

  Critical becomes 0 but 7% chance of becoming in ‘Ruin’ State for 4 seconds when attacking. (In Ruin State, all attacks are critical and critical damage increases by 50%) Critical becomes 0 but 11% chance of becoming in ‘Ruin’ State for 8 seconds when attacking. (In Ruin State, all attacks are critical and critical damage increases by 50%)

Oath of Ruin


- New

New Titles


Cold Stare


Lightning Speed

Demonic Kill

# Event
Boss raid revamp event
- 2015 06 11 ~ 2015 06 25

1) I am Legend!
- Obtain ‘Perkisas’s claw’ by defeating Perkisas. Can exchange claws for magic amulet.

2) Weekend is chance!
- When logging in for 30 minutes on weekends, you’ll obtain ‘[cobo] amnesia ticket’
-[cobo] amnesia ticket: Currently registered boss raid damage record for the day will be deleted, can enter boss raid one more time.

3) On 06 25 maintenance, rewards given out to all guild members that has the following ranks in Guild boss raid rank section.

Guild Ranking

Reward Item

Rank 1


Age Of Legend(Title)

Perkisas’s aura(accessory)

Sage Magic Stone x5

2 ~ 5


Perkisas’s aura(accessory)

Sage Magic Stone x5

6 ~ 10


Perkisas’s aura(accessory)

Sage Magic Stone x3

11 ~ 100


Perkisas’s aura(accessory)

Sage Magic Stone x1

101 ~


Sage Magic Stone x1

- Accessory : Perkisas’s Aura

- Title : Age of Legend

4) Collect and Exchange Perkisas’s claw from Ariel for various items

Can obtain by clearing daily event quest requiring you to clear boss raid once

2. Lanox Title revamp event
- 2015 06 11 ~ 2015 06 25
- Log in 10 minutes daily to get [New Lanox Titles 1 day cube] try out new and changed titles for a day.
- Cube Contains



New Lanox Title 1 day cube

Dancing Flame Weapon(1 day)

Oath of Ruin(1 day)

Cold Stare(1 day)

Emperor(1 day)

Lightning Speed(1 day)

Demonic Kill(1 day)

# Cash Shop

1. Summon Stone : Sacred Fox – Black Spirit
- sale date: 2015 06 11 ~ 2015 06 18
- Added to Fossil Reader after 2015 06 18

1. 2014 NA contest Avatar
2. Luciel Spring Fall Fantasy Academy Avatar

# Changes

[Ereda Island]
1. Ereda Island Monster HPs buffed
2. Ereda Island [Stat Upgrade] changes
- [Stat upgrade] ‘Awakening for 30 seconds’ effect changed to ‘+1 awakening bead’

[Mech MK-4 Set changes]
1. Mech MK-4′s 5 set effect changed



When below 50% HP: 20% chance of 3 sec critical resistance +50%, +50% Additional damage resistance, MP gain when hit +30%


When below 50% HP: 100% chance of 5 sec critical resistance +100%, +100% Additional damage resistance, MP gain when hit +50%



When below 20% HP: 20% chance of 3 sec critical resistance +50%, +50% Additional damage resistance, MP gain when hit +10% (10 second cooldown)


When below 35% HP: 100% chance of 5 sec critical resistance +100%, +100% Additional damage resistance, MP gain when hit +15% (10 second cooldown)

[(Old) Magic Necklace change]
1. (Old) Magic Necklace
- Unexchanged (old)Magic Necklaces will change into Magic Necklace(II

[Henir old gear upgrades end]
1. Upgrading feature for old Henir gears before revamp into new Henir gear ends

[Reaper Title changes]
1. Changed so only ‘Reaper’s blade’ effect will gain MP upon hitting.

[Henir Transcender Title changes]



Critical 3%
Additional Damage 3%
Attack Speed 3%
All element proc 1.0%

Phy Attack 500
Mag Attack 500
Critical 5%
Add Dmg 5%
Attack Speed 5%
All Element Proc 2.5%
All Resist 25

1. Fixed Fire Pillar effect for Elesis’s Power Buster skill note not appearing in right places.
2. Fixed Crimson Avenger’s ‘Shadow Edge’ Skill duration being different than skill description
3, Fixed problem where Diabolic Esper could use unlimited ‘Phase Shift’ [Link]

1. Graphic Error fixes for Rena’s ‘Sweet Waitress Weapon’ and ‘Psychic Devil Hat’
2. Fixed consumable Wind Orbs’s debuff to last 15 seconds as intended
3. Fixed errors where old guild service effects wouldn’t disappear when changing to higher grade services
4. graphic fixes on Eve’s Idol avatar’s shoulder

1. Text error fixes for Dreadlord job change quest

1. Text error fixes for Magic Wardrobe
2. Fixed error where players would end up in Guild Base when Arena loading fails.

06/04 Patch Notes

June 2nd, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (24 Comments)

# Cash Shop

1. Avatar : 2015 Idol (Elsword Aisha, Rena, Raven, Eve)
* Custom Motion: Dance: come together with the package.
- Chung, Ara, Elesis, Add, Lu/Ciel’s avatars released on 6/18.
- 2015 06 04  ~ 2015 07 02

1. Lu/Ciel SeeU avatar and mini-me


Mock Exam Event

May 27th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (4 Comments)

Until 6/11/2015

We’re planning a competitive solo ranking system for all dungeons which will become available after reaching the level cap. Challenging higher difficulties will have better chance of getting better item from the dungeons. There will be timed ranks for each dungeons and difficulties.

5/28 Patch Notes

May 26th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (83 Comments)

04AM ~ 11AM (7 hours)

# Event

1. Mock Exam Event
- Bring back Luriel’s lost test papers and get various magic stones as reward(Sage,Secret,Ereda Island dual stones)
- Attendance event for Ice Burners, Fossil readers and magic amulets
- 2015 05 28 ~ 2015 06 11

# Cash Shop
1. New Ice Burner[Velder Academy Knights]
- New Ice Burner [Velder Academy Knights]
- 2015 05 28 ~ 2015 08 27
* Can’t obtain Earth Power item to craft Salvatore Gaia set after maintenance

2. Custom: Tree stump of Memories
- New Custom Item [Custom Chair] updated
- The first ever [Custom Chair] ‘Tree Stump of Memories’ released
- Can be purchased in cash shop in ‘커스텀 모션’  category
- Custom Chair is activated by [B] key or commands  /앉기, /앉기1, /앉기2
- 2015 05 28  ~ always

1. Life Crystal (Eltrion Jr.)
-Can be obtained from Fossil Reader
2. NBS Lu and Ciel
3. Salvatore Gaia IB set
Crafting ends on 06 11
4. Avatar : Office Look

# Changes
[LuCiel changes]
1. Avatar and Accessory stats stack
– Stacked stats for Lu and Ciel’s avatars and accessories. (Example: u can have 2 full IB sets for Lu an Ciel and both their set effects will stack )
– Stats that are stacked : Additional Effects, Socket Effects, Set Effects
– Set effects can also be activated by Lu and Ciel each wearing different parts
Ex) If you need 3 parts for the set effect, Lu can wear one and Ciel can wear 2 to activate the set effect.
– But, Magic Necklace(II), Ereda Necklace, Ring of Fury, Skill Rings effects…and effects that increase skill level won’t stack.

Retracted for further consideration.

2. Character Change key added
- Press V key to switch between characters in Town and Field
- There is no cooldown, Super armor while character is switching.
- Can activate in all ready, walking, running positions
- No combination point gained for using V key.


1. Infinity Sword Fixed Phantom Sword skill’s first hit not working when using the skill while Phantom Sword is active.

2. Infinity Sword ‘Final Strike’ Infinite hit bug fixed.

3. Weapon Taker  ‘Harpoon Spear’ Fixed bug where flames was hitting targets that are one floor above.

<Update Item Preview>

- Custom: Tree stump of memories -