The Tongue of Elrios


# Content

  1. Transcendence Update (Rose)
  1. PvP New Mode Update

– New Mode: Best of 3


[PvP Best of 3]

– 1:1 Match, but wins after winning 2 matches out of 3.

– Resources reset each round

– Map chances each round

– Rewards increase depending on rounds.



– Tournament open times:

Weekdays: 7PM, 8PM, 9PM/ Weekends: 1PM,2PM,3PM,4PM,5PM

– Each hour, tournament open notice is shown in game and can register for the tournament within 10 minute period

– Groups are created in next 10 minutes and brackets and tournament start notice is shown.

– Tournament rounds are carried out in 20 min, 30 min, 40min of each hour and winner is determined.

– Rewards are given depending on placement and tournament result gets recorded in hall of fame.


Rose? I’m not sure if such a character exists in Elsword but I’ll translate it anyways.


“We finally meet.”

I don’t usually try to post every little things but since this looks like a historical moment in this game….

Log in 10 minutes each day for:

15 Heroic Dungeon tickets, 15 Secret Dungeon Tickets

Also +2 Extra Henir Rewards runs during the event period

# Event

  1. New PvP mode & PvP revamp pre-event

– 2016 08/18 09AM ~ 2016 08/25

– Get daily reward for every 2 wins in arena



Volume6ch2 pdf

o3o took a while because lot of other stuff needed translation in between.

Henir Upgrade Event

-2016 08 11 ~ 2016 08 25

Log in for 30 minutes to get 5 Chaos cubes which opens up to one of these random cubes.

Needs Key item to open these cubes


– New IB rates

Item Grade
Item List
S Grade Magic Amulet
IB Avatar
Title – Undying Fighting Spirit

Title – Trinity Force

A Grade Promotion Avatar Cube(7days)
Special Magic Stone
Orihalcum Weapon Accessory Cube
B Grade Epic NPC card
complete recovery potion
C Grade El Shard
Town Boss Cube
Throwing Orb Bag


# Content

  1. Transcendence (Elesis/Add/LuCiel)

–  ☞ [Go]


  1. Henir’s Time and Space upgrade

–  ☞ [Go]


  1. Ice Burner Revamp

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