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Worst Elsword offline event ever

Heros Tournament is the most popular Elsword offline event that’s  held yearly in Korea. This year’s tournament was held on November 28th.

First of many troubles to come struck during the 1st match. A player was disconnected during the match. So the MC had to buy time holding improvised minigames by calling people out from the crowds and hold prize draws. But when it seemed like they had fixed the issue and tried to start up the first match again, another disconnection occurred. This made the tournament staff go into another on-site maintenance and left the MC trying to buy time again for over an hour.

Finally after an hour of MC’s improvised minigames, they had an another attempt at starting the first match. First and second match managed to finish without a problem this time. But the trouble occurred again during the 3rd/4th place match, this time one of the players’ keyboard had malfunctioned.

So…. another hour of improvised minigames later they tried to get the 3rd/4th place match going again but….. what do you know, it ended in player disconnecting again.

Way behind schedule, the staff ended up showing the new character reveal early. This ridiculous farce of an offline event had already tested the patience of Elsword users both at the site and those watching from the livestream. The state of Elsword balance was already bad and they got worse after the character renewals. But KOG showed no intention cleaning up after the character renewals and was now releasing a new character when they had clearly said “we have no plans for new character” during the Chemi food party event they held earlier this year.

Seeing the new character reveal, patience of Elsword users ran out and all their pent up rage exploded. You could see multiple angry people leaving the event right there.

<New Character Rose + Crowd reaction>

For Elsword users that were faced with broken balance caused by the aftermath of late 2014 Raid Hack incident, Character Renewals and the Stat Maximization patch. They were in no state to want a new character.

Quite a large amount of Elsword users are negative about this update reveal with the reasons summed up by this post.(Which I translated the key points)

  • Release timing is horrible. Elsword isn’t in a state to add a new character. To make things worse, it’s not even an Elsword original character but a DFO collaboration Ctrl+c/Ctrl+v character.
  • Even if new character comes out there’s nothing to do in the game.
  • Overlapping character concepts: Pistol(DC), Artillery(TT), Mech(CEM), Spitfire(VC)
  • In next 5~6 months nerds(players) will be playing Rose anyways. KOG knows this. This reveal is just them saying “Here play some busty female character and forget about game’s current problems.”
  • The new character isn’t even related to Elsword. Why Dungeon Fighter Online? If they had wanted a dual gun wielder they could have chosen from Grand Chase.
  • ^Actually even Grand Chase character Elesis coming to Elsword and acting like the true main character is distasteful. Now we have to see a character from completely unrelated universe come in and run amok.
  • If they had brought a GC character it could have been more acceptable as “GC memorial” since its closing on 12/31/2015. Adding a DFO character was very random and off place.
  • ^Then why did they not bring a character from GC and instead brought a DFO character? There’s no players to attract from GC.
  • ^KOG’s intentions: “We’re losing players so we can just bring DFO players. If we bring a pretty and popular Female gunner from DFO we can shut those nerds(players) up and reel in DFO players at the same time. 2 birds with one stone.”
  •  ^How KOG views its players: Players = Customer that gives money  = Machine that give money
  • Rose as a character isn’t as much of a problem with most players except those angry with overlapping concepts.  It’s her release time and the intention behind her release that’s the issue.
  •  What players are mad at is not the new character. They are mad at KOG releasing a new character not as a apology of their faulty management but as to use it as a coverup knowing fully well that nerds(players) will be all over pretty&popular female character.

In the end, the 3rd/4th place match and the final match was postponed to further date. So poor Elsword users that went to watch the offline event had to watch improvised show for almost 4 hours and no PvP tournament they came to watch.


“Listen up. You get betrayed because you’re expecting something. You won’t get betrayed if you don’t expect anything in the first place.”

-Trainer, CLOSERS Online, in TOP 3 NEXON Game quotes.


Basically F.Gunner. Ctrl+c Ctrl+v into Elsword universe
-They took the same basic concept and story from female gunner from DFO(Similar Story, mission from heaven…etc)
-But made her into an Elsword original character Rose
-Not same character
-4 weapons: Revolver, Musket, Assault Rifle, Hand Cannon
-She has 4 paths
-All 4 paths will be out until “it gets warm after winter”

14th Heros Tournament

November 27th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Elsword News - (11 Comments)

Tournament was a huge mess and Final match and 3rd,4th place match delayed till further date.


I’ll keep an eye out for where they’ll be streaming it. (Probably on their youtube ch)

The Event already started at 2:00 KST. They are watching fanart gallery, playing minigames and getting prizes and stuff.
The Actual tournament starts in 4:30 KST

It will be streamed on their youtube ch

Tournament is on 28th at 2PM in KR time. Night of 27th for NA

they are revealing their Winter Update contents in this event.




11/26 Patch Notes

November 24th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Comics | Patch Notes - (13 Comments)

# Cash Shop

1. Girlfriend Avatar (Boys)

- 2015 11 26 ~ 2015 12 24

2. Mini Fossil readers
- 2015 11 2 ~ 2015 12 10

- 1/3 Price! But better stuff!?

# El Point Shop

1. Christmas Avatar

# Changes(notable)

-can now manabreak from sandblast set’s restraint effect


Content Filler:

Fall 2015 Harmony Festival

November 19th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (8 Comments)

Weekly Gifts. Log in during following dates.

Daily Attendance Stamps. Keep exchanging to reach +9 or +10 Amulets

As with all other Harmony Festivals:

you can collect harmony festival tickets by clearing/winning Dungeons(2), Henir(1),  PvP(3), Ereda(1), Gate of Darkness(1) and exchange them for ALL random accessory cube or 7 days IB cubes(In order Miracle Alchemist, Arch Devil, Solace, Gaia

You can buy Harmony Fest Pies for 0

2x Henir, Secret, Gate of Darkness Quest Rewards

Daily Present Boxes by mail


11/19 Patch Notes

November 17th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (51 Comments)

# Content

1. New Area Update
- 2 New Dungeons ‘Atlas City’ and ‘Elysion Tower’, one new field ‘City Outskirts’

# Event

1. Harmony Fest
- 2015 11 19 ~ 2015 12 17

2. Hero’s Tournament 14 event
- 2015 11 19 ~ 2015 12 03

# Cash Shop

1. LuCiel Priest Avatar
- 2015 11 19 ~ 2015 12 17

1. Halloween Avatars

- 2011 Add Luciel

- 2012 Ara~Luciel

- 2013 Add Luciel

- 2014 Luciel
2. Steam Fever Elsword~Eve
3. ‘Summon Stone: Baal’

# Changes(Notable)

[Dungeon Field]
1. Fixed area that wasn’t hit by Bone Dragon’s breath attack.

2. Fixed Henir Crow Rider’s normal attacks not hitting.

1. Inventory Stack for throwing orb bags changed from 30 to 100


2x,3x EXP Times 11/12,14~15

November 11th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (2 Comments)

Top: 2x Time

Bottom: 3x Time

# Event

1. Exams are over!  Time for Elsword!
- 2015 11 12 ~ 2015 11 26
- 3x Event times

# Cash Shop

1. Summon Stone : Lord of Destruction Baal
- 2015 11 12 ~ 2015 11 19

New Ice Burner: Henir – Lord of Other World

- 2015 11 12 ~ 2016 02 04
- Crafting Time : 2016 02 18

3. Police avatar(Luciel)
- 2015 11 12 ~ 2015 12 10

1. IB (Lu/Ciel Celestial Fox shrine priest/maiden)

2. IB Masquerade

# Changes

Can upgrade Perkisas weapon to level 85.

upgrade time: until 12/03

Charge up with On-Cash and get +20% more NX

November 8th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (Comments Off)

Its just as title says.

Oncash kr characters to help you search: 온캐시

Lasts until end of November


I’ve never tried translating a full novel before and I was never too good with literature. But I tried my best.

It hasn’t been checked  through enough so there should still be bit of errors here and there.I hope its at least readable so you guys can enjoy it.

That is 1 out of 5  chapters complete now.