The Tongue of Elrios

1/29 Patch Notes

January 27th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (0 Comments)

# Event
1. Added +10 Magic Amulet to Ice Burners and Fossil Readers.
- Added +10 amulets to all IB types and Fossil readers.
- Also applies to previously bought IBs
- Event Time: 1/29~ 2/02 (Until 9AM)

# Cash Shop

1. New Pet ‘Alice’ package
- 2015 01 29 ~ 2015 02 05

2. single Life Crystal(Alice) will be available at 2015 02 05 ~ 02 12

3. Elesis Dragon Knight reform available.
- can use reform tickets currently in sale.
- 2015 01 29 ~ 2015 03 12

4. IB batch Sale
- 1+1 cube can be bought 1 time per day per ID, Other batches can be bought 3 times per day per ID.

1. Chung, Ara, Elesis, Add 2010 titan check avatars

# Changes

1. Fixed tooltip error on Crimson Avenger’s Wild Tracker set options.
2, Fixed Royal Guard standing pose so his face is more visible.

[Dungeon, Field]
1. Fixed falling rock timing on Volcanic flames entrance dungeon so they match with the time when characters are available to move.
2. Fixed players showing up in Volcanic flames entrance dungeon boss cut scene.
3. Added visible red lines to Ignia’s party buff super armor in Volcanic flamse entrance.
4. Made more ‘현혹된 잡일꾼’ appear in Geyser fields(maximum 9) so clearing related quests are easier.
5. Bosses or Ally NPCs in Volcanic Flames entrance and Phantasmal Geyser had a elite monster setting when they shouldn’t have. This issue was fixed so they wont have elite monster settings.
6. Dungeon revamps completed up to Sader.
Fixed unintended parts in dungeon revamps so far.




‘Joaquin’ and other alchemist’s flask throw attacks changed to have no hitstun.

‘Southern Gate’ boss ‘Dark Nephilim’ HP increased.


Added waiting time to ‘Sunken Resiam’ boss ‘Coral Serpent’’s attack so dodging them is easier. 의
Lowered the time it stays off the map.

‘Fallen Chloe’’s bleeding effect was doing too much damage than intended and was fixed to do lower damage.


‘Garpai Rocks’’s boss ‘Kelaino’’s attack damage was stronger than intended and was fixed to do lower damage.

1. Chemi Solution Reset
2. Fixed MP checking options being applied to the magic wardrobe looks instead of the items themselves.
3. ‘[Cobo] Sirena jewel broach item was set as Accessory Face(bottom) instead of necklace as intended’
Players that had the item will have the current one deleted  then new one will be sent by mail.

1. Fixed minor quest errors

1. Fixed some text errors


3x EXP Unlimited Stamina: 1/24, 1/25 at 12:00 ~ 3:oo PM



Patch Notes 1/22

January 20th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (42 Comments)

# Content
1. 2 new Lanox dungeons. ‘Phantasmal Geyser’ ‘Volcanic Flames entrance’ and new field ‘Geyser Plains’
Culprit behind Lanox area incident start to be revealed and main story of the area start to progress.
2. Maximum level cap increased to 80

# Event
1. Flame Level up event.
- Repeat Event quest to get Flame 30% exp medal.
- Flame 30% exp medal can be stacked up to 10 times.
- During event receive ‘Growth cube I’ ~ ‘Growth Cube V’ for each level up.
- Event duration: ~ 2015 02 12

# Cash Shop

1. Avatar ‘Lonely Wolf’
- 2015 01 22 ~ 2015 02 19

1. Private Elrios academy discount
2. Historical hit Christmas Bunny Girl/Boy avatars
Custom: Heart Eye, Custom: Bunny Girl skill cut-in also removed.

# Changes

1. Fixed RS’s Critical Sword’s initial damage being lower than intended.
2. Fixed GrM’s Critical Dive not ignoring defense as intended.
Now ignores defense,damage reduction and guard.
3. Fixed GrM’s Provoke damage being lower than intended.
4. Fixed bug giving additional awakening time when combining RF’s ‘Subliminal rage’ passive with a mount.
5. Fixed CEM’s Electronic tooltip error. (Said attacks 8 times but actually attacks 6)
6. Fixed IP’s ‘Pandemonium-Chaos’ skill effect always giving 100% critical chance when it shouldn’t
7. Fixed LH’s Triagram Palm skill note’s mana break cancel effect not working properly.
8. Fixed LP’s Psychic Storm not getting larger by consuming Mutation points.
9. Fixed LP’s Reverse Reactor skill’s debuff effect being always fixed at level 1 effect when it should be increased.
10. Luciel Chiliarch and Royal Guard Changes





Encroaching Fear

Decided that Encroaching Fear’s effect wasn’t very good.
Attack decrease effect starts from level 2

Encroaching Fear lasts longer 5s->7s and stacking cooldown time decreased to 0.33s->0.1s so it can be stacked faster.

Also will affect all enemies near target.

Dead Hands

‘Dead Hands’ skill’s purpose was to stack Encroaching Fear maximum times. Duration was determined to be too short for this skill to be used as intended. Duration was largely increased while adjusting physical attack effect

Ruinous Impact

‘Ruinous Impact’ was determined to be not useful in dungeons due to its limited use against closer targets.
Hit damage has been divided into two types. First target will be damaged by both types 1 and 2. Target will then will go flying backwards, doing type 2 damage to more targets that it makes contact with.

Dark Crescent

‘Dark Crescent’ MP cost increased to 300. Damage adjusted accordingly.


Added back attack damage increase and defense ignore effect


Increased Apollyon’s fear absorption effect.
Each Encroaching Fear removed will increase attack 5% ~ 7%


Fixed start motion and victory motion effects not working properly




Royal Guard

Oblique of Marbas

Delay wasn’t long enough that targets were escaping.
Delay time increased.
Dynamic camera adjusted to view enemies further away.

Demonic Breath

Demonic Breath starting location moved more frontwards.
Range slightly longer.

Fixed bug where there was high chance of skill being used two times in a row when pressing the skill button multiple times


Increasing Dungeon usage.
Range increased by 33%. Damage decrease per distance added. Maxium range and effective damage range increased.


Fixed start motion and victory motion effects not working properly


Fixed Chain skills not working properly. Skill chaining point becomes faster.

Fixed ‘Oblique of Marbas’, and ‘Fantasy Impromptu – 1st Movement’ projectiles being reflectable.

[Dungeon, Field]
1. Fixed 190mm Carronade cannon explosion not working properly in Henir.
2. Underground Waterway’s Banthus wasn’t attacking very much and didn’t have much force. Provoked(?) to become more aggressive and cool boss.
3. Extreme Heavenly Love was affecting Ereda Island’s outcome too much. Changed so it cannot be used in Ereda Island.

1. Chemi solution deleted.
2. Fixed not being able to register Lu’s Crown(Ciel) /Assassin’s X scabbard(Ciel) in Magic Wardrobe.
3. Fixed minor text errors.

1. Fixed DE’s face accessory visuals disappearing in certain victory motions.
2. Fixed Memorize’s visual effects being visible in world map mode.
3. Fixed characters turning white in some instances when entering dungeons.
4. Minor bug fixes.
5. Fixed character disappearing when using /sit motion and F key at the same time.
6. HPs of boss and midbosses and HP of normal monsters after Velder adjusted
8. Lanox Chemi Cube level zone changed to 70~79
Cube can still be opened at level 75. Contents not changed.

<Update Item Preview>
- Lonely Wolf Avatar -


Lord Of Terror: Chiliarch

‘Don’t look back. Lest abyssal terror consume you…’

Lu gradually becomes worn out due to continued battle with the demon assassins.  At the point where she couldn’t count how many assaults they have endured… Lu recalls memories of the time when she commanded a large legions and awakens to her power ‘The Power to control Terror’. Lord of terror and the Butler of Terror stops worrying about their own safety and starts to massacre their enemies as terror itself.

Strongest Butler: Royal Guard

‘Hmph, playing the role of butler isn’t too bad.’

The wretched spectacles caused by the demon invasion seems endless. And the day when Lu will retake her throne feels further than ever. Ciel who has now overcome human limitations with the power of demons, focuses all his efforts on supporting Lu so she that may retake her throne soon as possible. As a result, Ciel unintentionally grows into a very potent butler. With this kind of support filled with Ciel’s sweat and blood at her back. Lu, still seeking the power of royal pure blood, hastens her quest to take back her throne and power.

Job Change into Chiliarch or Royal Guard to obtain Event Box that contains +10 level 20 weapon, Gnosis Blessing 60(15 days), 100% EXP medal (7 days), First unlock skill, 2x Skill reset pill

Event Period: Up till Jan 22nd maintenance.


3x EXP Unlimited Stamina Weekend:

Jan 17th, 18th. 12~3 PM KST

Patch Notes 1/15

January 13th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (28 Comments)

# Content
Lu/Ciel character over level 15 can choose 1 between the 1st job Chiliarch or Royal Guard.

# Event

1. Luciel 1st job event starts
Lu/Ciel character that finishes the first job change quest will get +10 level 20 weapon, 100% EXP medal, Skill unlocks and gnosis blessings.

2. During the weekend, there will be an event item handed out that allows registering any one look in the Magic Wardrobe for  free. ‘Magical Wardrobe ticket(Part)’ item will be handed out during 10 minutes,1hour,2hour time periods. (Weapon,Shoes,Top,Bottom.gloves,hair total of 6 tickets)
If there was an item you wanted so much that you dream about it, pick out the item looks you want. Your dreams will be granted.

# Cash Shop

1. Lu/Ciel’s first job items ‘Chiliarch’s soul’ and ‘Royal Guard’s soul’ added.

2. Lu/Ciel’s first job change items ‘Chiliarch job change ticket’ and ‘Royal Guard job change tickets’

3. Chung, Ara, Elesis, Add’s 2010 Titancheck avatar added
- Discounted Package
- 2015 01 15 ~ 2015 01 29

4. Lu Archangel and Ciel Archdevil IB
- 2015 01 15 ~ 2015 02 19

1. User contest skill cut-ins

# Changes

1. Fixed error where ‘Destuction Aura’ was not affecting the first hit of Lord Knight’s Double Slash.
2. Fixed error where sound was not playing on Crimson Avenger’s ‘Dash ZZZ’ command.
3. There was an error in Infinity Sword’s ‘Fighter’s Spirit’ passive.
Only IS’s attacks should have been counted as critical hits as the result of the critical buff. But the critical effect was being distributed to allies attacking the same target as well. Not only that the activation chance wasn’t working properly as well.
This issue was fixed and should now be working properly.
4. There was an opinion that it was hard to dress up Lu because of her crown. Lu’s crown was separated from the base hair and now will be put on when wearing a promotion costume
[Dungeon, Field]
1. There was an issue where crazy puppet couldn’t summon enough puppets when its HP decreased too fast, preventing story quest completion. Crazy puppet will now summon puppets on higher HP intervals.
2. Fixed problem where in certain cases homing skills like Shooting Guardian’s ‘Shooting Star’ or Moby Mount’s missiles, won’t lock on to target that’s right beside them.
3. Fixed problem of other team’s messages showing up in Ereda island.

1. Chemi solution reset.
2. There was an issue where Elesis couldn’t hit with skills like kick,leap,rushing sword when she’s wearing ‘대폭설의 신발’(Hamel normal set shoes). Shoes are important.
3. Players that love Lu reported a disgusting black line showing up below Lu’s nose when she wears the ‘Blush’ item. Developers were shocked as well. They deleted the line and apologized to Lu.
4. Minor bug fixes

[Pet, Mounts]
1. Minor bug fixes

1. Minor bug fixes

<Update Item Preview>
- Chung, Ara, Elesis, Add 2010 Check Avatar  -
타탄체크 아바타 착용 스샷

루 ‘아크엔젤’ / 시엘 ‘아크데빌’ 아바타 -

칼리아크 포스터

I’ll show you true fear….

로열가드 포스터

Hm… playing a Butler role isn’t so bad.

Patch Notes 1/08/2015

January 6th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (10 Comments)

Patch notes, translated from Hawaii :D

# Event

Luciel 1st job pre-event
- 2015 01 08 ~ 2015 01 15
- All characters logging in will get ‘Luciel 1st job commemoration cube’
Can obtain special accessories and can craft into perm accessory using ‘Chemi solutions’
- All Lu/Ciel characters get ‘Lord of Fear VS strongest butler’ cubes

* Chemi event was extended because lot of players was sad too see it go.

2. Real Chemi!! Present event. Some rewards are changed and is continued.
- Event Time: 2015 01 08 ~ 2015 02 12

3. Chemi Explosion!! Quest reward changed to ‘Chemi Super Explosion cube’
- Chemi solution 20, 30 exchange items changed to ‘‘케미 터지는 액세서리 랜덤큐브II’ (Chemi accessory random cube) and
‘케미 터지는 패션왕 랜덤 큐브’(Chemi Fashion Random cube}

4. Chemi explosion level up event is also extended
- 2015 01 08 ~ 2015 02 12
- Existing event cube will be deleted but the contents wont be. New cube will be sent after maintenance.

# Cash Shop

1. Heavenly Fox Shrine Maiden/Priest avatar reform tickets
- 2015 01 08 ~ 2015 02 12

2. Discount on Private Elrios acadmey avatar
- 2015 01 08 ~ 2015 01 22

3. Chemi solutions sale extended
- 2015 01 08 ~ 2015 02 12

1. Senar mount (only obtainable from FR now)
2. Add Salvatore Ebalon IB

# Changes

1. Fixed unintended long delay time on Asura’s Fox’s Meal skill.
2. Fixed error where Diabolic Esper’s ‘Time control’ skill getting better effects as skill level was lower.
1. Chemi Solution reset
2. Minor error fixes on Luciel Bunny girl skill cutin and Chemi accessory cube contents
1. Fixed problem where Alterasia Spore would drop items for Mastermind(2/5) requirements. Alterasia spore isn’t a Nasod.
Also fixed error where ‘Fire Nasod: Ignis’ was not dropping the quest item in certain situations.

- Heavenly Fox Shrine Maiden/Priestess avatar reform  -

Yappy Hew Nears

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Happy New Years, thanks for following this site in 2014 and I hope you all have great 2015.

New Years Event 2015

December 29th, 2014 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (8 Comments)

3x Exp weekend version 3

December 29th, 2014 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (0 Comments)

3x Exp weekend version 3

- Time : 01 03, 01 04, PM 12~3(3hrs) KST

-  3x EXP, Unlimited Stamina