The Tongue of Elrios

Magic Necklace(old) was causing balance issues so it’s being removed.

You can exchange (old)Magic Necklace before its removed and changed into New Magic Necklace
1. Exchange date: 05 28  ~ 06 11
2. Can exchange (old)Magic Necklace into one of these items:
- NX cash 8k ticket
- Ereda Warrior Necklace
- Ice Burner x11
- Grand Fossil Reader

3. Can exchange from Ariel
4. Unexchanged old Magic Necklaces will be changed into Magic Necklace(II) upon 06/11 maintenance


We’re currently organizing the game scenarios and trying various things during this summer’s update so you all can understand the game’s story better. We are also considering ways to show story of Elsword outside of the game. We are open for suggestions.

Q: Is Eun Celestial Fox or Great Yokai? I think those two are very different things

A: Eun is an existence that cannot be easily comprehended by humans. The initial setting is that Ara’s goal is to return Ran back into Aren and Eun’s goal is to approach the El(Through Ara) and materialize herself.

A: But as you initially asked, it seems the descriptions do not fit together well. We’ll change her description accordingly.


Q: It seems there’s too much time difference between young Sasha and current Ara

A: It’s correct to think of it in Ara’s timeline. Official setting is that Sasha had an abnormal growth which was the result of her inheriting powers of the priestess. We’ll work harder to solve more stories inside the game.

Current Setting is that Ara joins the El-Search Party after Temple of Water and she acted independently until then. She traveled through same areas as the El-Search Party so they did come across each other before.

5/21 Patch Notes

May 19th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (50 Comments)

<’Summer updates  better be good to make up for Nothing happening’ the game>

From 08AM to 10AM (2hrs)

# Cash Shop

1. Life Crystal(Eltrion Jr.)
- 2015 05 21 ~ 2015 05 28
- Added to Fossil Readers after sale period

2. Custom : Skill Cut-om (Office Look)
- Office Look cut-ins added
- 4 versions added per character
- 2015 05 21 ~ 2015 06 18

1. Life Crystal(Eltrion Jr.) Package

# Changes

1. Henir 1st Dimension equipment upgrade that was for the Henir revamp event ends after 06/04 maintenance. Players that still wish to trade old Henir equipments should Upgrade them before it’s too late.

2. Crafting for Grand Ice Burner and Grand Fossil Reader materials ends

3. Graphic Error fix on Elesis’s Fire Flower bottom

4. Graphic Error on Ara wedding avatar

5. Fixed text error on Rena’s Crayon Pop FM rangers (LENA->RENA)

6. Fixed graphic error when wearing Evil Tracer, Kelaino Hair and ELS gothloli mask together

1. Fixed guild service remaining time not showing up properly

2. Fixed Cash shop item category error for ‘Snow Phoru’ and ‘Edge SnowPhoru’

3. Fixed error where scrolling over items wont show item descriptions starting from 2nd guild bank page and onwards.

4. Fixed error that occurs when dungeon start guide opens during magic wardrobe.

<Update Item Preview>
- Custom: Skill Cut-In(Office Look)-




<Random Tweets(Not part of Patch Notes)>

Developer Teams wish Rena to become better than she is right now and is planning her revamp first. We’ll work hard to make Rena users increase more.

This year we are not only planning an additional Henir revamp but Henir Challenge mode revamp as well. We’ll try to revamp Henir Challenge mode you mentioned into a single system. Thank you for your opinions.

Event ~06/11


5/14 Patch Notes

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<Nothing Happens, The game>

# Event

1. Harmony Festival
- 2015 05 14 ~ 2015 06 11
- Harmony Fest Avatar given out
- Harmony Fest Tickets given out. They can be exchanged for cube that has random accessory…etc
- Can update Lv.9 Magic Amulet, [Cobo] Ice Burners…etc by logging in daily.
- Stamina Consumption is halved during event time. Harmony Fest buff all the time.
* Buff Option: PHY.A+5%, MAG.A+5%,EXP+10%,Repair Cost -10%.
- Secret Dungeon and Henir Rewards doubled
- Can purchase Harmony Fest Pie for free from alchemist.
- Event title given:
* PHY.A+5%,MAG.A+5%, All Skill Level +1 (Except Wedding and Hyper Active)

# Cash Shop

1. Pet: Eltrion Jr. Package
- Package : El Tree Fruit x25, Pet Toy(30days) x1, Pet Fetch Aura, Life Crystal(Eltrion Jr.)
- 2015 05 14 ~ 2015 05 21
- Can purchase single Eltrion life crystal after package sale ends.

2. Avatar: 2014 NA contest Avatar
2015 05 14 ~ 2015 06 11

3. Avatar: Fantasy Academy Spring Fall(LuCiel)
- Permanent addition to Cash Shop. Package Sale ends 2015 06 11

1. Grand Fossil Reader & Ice Burners

# Changes
-Bunch of Minor Bug fixes-

<Update Item Preview>
- Pet : Eltrion Jr. -

- Avatar : 2014 NA contest avatar  -

- Avatar : Fantasy Academy Spring Fall (LuCiel) -

Free Stamina Potion

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1. Time

- Sat: 2015 05/09  06AM ~ 05/10 05:59AM
- Sun: 2015 05/10 06AM ~ 05/11 05: 59AM

2. Distribution
- Per Account(Not Stacked)
- Log in for : 30min/60min/90min 2 Stamina potion per hour

For Copy Paste Purposes:

Base Job Cut-Ins:

Just Search 여행을 시작하는


Elsword: 출격준비! 엘소드

Aisha: 준비운동 아이샤

Rena: 머리정리 레나

Raven: 어깨풀기 레이븐

Eve: 청결,제일. 이브

Chung: 스트레칭 청

Ara: 폴짝폴짝 아라

Elesis: 전투준비 엘리시스

Add: 분노조절 애드

LuCiel: 국민체조 루/총검준비 시엘

5/07 Patch Notes

May 6th, 2015 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (37 Comments)

# Cash Shop

1. Avatar : Vocaloid SeeU(Lu/Ciel)
- Also added ‘Vocaloid SeeU mini-me’
- 2015 05 07 ~ 2015 06 04

2. Custom: Motion
- New Character Motions.
- 2015 05 07 ~ always

3. Custom: Skill Cut-in
- Base jobs start their adventure. ‘Skill Cut-ins’ added.
- 2015 05 07 ~ always

1. Avatar: Pajama(Ara,Elesis,Add,Luciel)
2. IB Elesis Velder Imperial Guard
Sculpture crafting enabled until 05/14

# Changes

1. Wind Sneaker:
Fixed graphic errors that occurred when wearing Custom:Heart Eye and Archdevil wing‘

2. Veteran Commander: Fixed Overheat activating for ‘Victory Survival Strategy’ even when HP is below 10% when skill is under level 5

3. Code Empress: Fixed issue with Code:Thunderbolt icon images not switching in certain circumstances.

4. Ara Fixed error where Fierce Tiger Strike buff sometimes didn’t activate.

5. Asura Fixed error where Spell:Thunder’s extra hit activated when the character was hit

6. Lunatic Psyker Fixed error where Quake Buster was going through walls or the floor in certain circumstances.

7. Lunatic Psyker: Fixed Body of Transcendence’s movement buff not resetting after character dies.

8. Dreadlord Fixed problem with ‘Dancing Blade’ MP still decreasing in 90/60/30 range when reusing it.


1. Fixed problem with buffs cooldown time not showing up in Gate of Darkness

2. Fixed problem where Parasitic Alterasia Port boss’s mini cannon attack sometimes placed cannons in midair.

3. Fixed problem where ‘Resource Upgrade’ in Ereda Island was not increasing ‘Awk Charge’ and ‘Awk time’ as it was supposed to.

1. Fixed error where buffs lasted infinite time when quickly rejoining a room during respawn time and using a buff upon rejoining.

1. Fixed error where pet’s encourage HP recovery stopped midway.

1. Fixed Lanox Protector title’s conditions to [Clear Burnt Forest within 4 minutes 25 times] and [Clear Ash covered village within 4 minutes 25 times]

<Update Item Preview>
-Avatar: Vocaloid SeeU(Lu/Ciel)-

- Base Job Custom Skill Cutin -