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SI Airelinna.png [Special Active] Summons the spirit of the Forest, "The Flaring Fairy", with the spirit creating a circular aura that continuously heals the entire party and buffs the entire party and increases their Attack, Movement, and Jump Speed.


Skill Information

Tips and Details

The Flaring Fairy
  • The damage multiplier of this aura will not benefit skills that deal their damage within invincibility frames as it is unable to 'hit' the recipients when they are invincible.
    • This makes this skill more favorable to use with combos over Special Actives.
  • The attack/movement/jump speed bonus will stack with the character's natural attack/movement/jump speed, permitting for very quick basic combos and skills and improving DPS drastically.
  • For only the caster, it is possible to move out of delays from skills and awakening.
    • This is because normally, being hit during a delay would allow you to move. The caster is constantly receiving a negative hit, and thus can move in the middle of others' skills and awakening delays.
    • Party members may still receive healing and speed boosts, but they cannot move out of delays, even though they are being "hit."
  • It is possible to dodge the effects of Airelinna if the caster's Accuracy is lower than the recipient's Evasion. This also applies to the caster.
  • Healing is based on character's maximum health.
    • Healing effects stack with multiple Airelinnas, but attack/movement/jump speed does not.
    • Airelinna will no longer heal being stunned (i.e. Sharp Fall) or being frozen from Binding Circle.
      • In the past, this was possible because the healing effect of Airelinna is a minus damage(i.e -(-340)= +340), therefore is considered a hit. Hits will cancel stun, delay, or binding.
      • Even though this is treated as a hit, it will not generate mp for people within the field under normal circumstances.
  • Airelinna can activate the effects of certain set equipment and titles that proc when the player is hit.
  • Extremely useful in the Challenge mode of Henir's Time and Space as recovery items cannot be used.


  • This is the first healing skill in the game.


  • 07/23/2015 KR
    • Merging with Airelinna - Nymph.
    • HP Recovery effect added.
    • Renamed "Airelinna". Icon changed from Newlinna.png to SI Airelinna.png
  • 10/29/2015 KR
    • Damage increase amount increased.
    • "Sure-Kill(1)" attribute effect increased.
  • 11/05/2015 KR
    • Skill effect decreased.

Wind Sneaker Skills
Hyper Active
SS.png Spiral Strike
Special Active
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