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SI Airelinna.png [Special Active] Rena summons the spirit of the Forest, "The Flaring Fairy", with the spirit creating a circular aura that continuously Heals the entire party and increases their Attack, Movement, and Jump Speed.


SP Requirement
Wind Sneaker
80 SP

Skill Information

Skill Level Healing Speed Increase Duration Mp Usage Cooldown
Attack Movement Jump
1 0.7% 10% 11 Seconds 150 MP 10 Seconds
2 11% 12 Seconds
3 0.8% 12% 13 Seconds
4 13% 14 Seconds
5 (M) 0.9% 15% 15 Seconds
6 16%
7 1% 18% 16 Seconds

Tips and Details

The Flaring Fairy
  • The attack/movement/jump speed bonus will stack with the character's natural attack/movement/jump speed, permitting for very quick basic combos and skills and improving DPS drastically.
  • For only the caster, it is possible to move out of delays from skills and awakening.
    • This is because normally, being hit during a delay would allow you to move. The caster is constantly receiving a negative hit, and thus can move in the middle of others' skills and awakening delays.
    • Party members may still receive healing and speed boosts, but they cannot move out of delays, even though they are being "hit."
  • It is possible to dodge the effects of Arielinna if the caster's Accuracy is lower than the recipient's Evade, this applies to the caster themselves as well.
  • Healing is based on character's maximum health.
    • Healing effects stack with multiple Airelinnas, but attack/movement/jump speed does not.
    • Airelinna will no longer heal being stunned (i.e. Sharp Fall) or being frozen from Binding Circle.
      • In the past, this was possible because the healing effect of Airelinna is a minus damage(i.e -(-340)= +340), therefore is considered a hit. Hits will cancel stun, delay, or binding.
      • Even though this is treated as a hit, it will not generate mp for people within the field under normal circumstances.
      • It will build awakening, but only for the caster, it does so by 'hitting' all allied targets in its field of effect.
        • Having multiple people in Arielinna increases the rate it builds awakening for the caster.
        • The caster will gain approximately 30% of an awakening bead per person assuming everyone stays under it for the full duration.
  • Airelinna can activate the effects of certain set equipment and titles that proc when the player is hit.
    • These 'hits' do not count against the player(s) in any way score-wise, meaning it will not interfere with acquiring titles such as Magic of Splendor.
      • This allows players to mana break (including in the middle of a skill) and trip over immediately.
  • Extremely useful in the Challenge mode of Henir's Spacetime as recovery items cannot be used.
  • In an unbalanced Team PvP match (such as 2v3), if the user is on the team with the lesser amount of members, then s/he will also recover 3 MP per pulse.


  • 2/21/2013 KR
    • This skill no longer activates Mechanical Mk.II or Henir Weekly title effects.
  • 5/23/2013 KR
    • No longer saves player from dying upon reaching 0 HP in airborne.
  • 6/04/2013 NA
    • This skill no longer activates Mechanical Mk.II effects.
    • This skill now charges awakening (for user only) much like hitting an enemy would and appears to activate every other effect that procs on hit other than the above effect when it would not have before. (Glitch?)
    • Can no longer 'save' people who drop to 0 HP while in the air.
  • 6/27/2013 KR
    • Korean Elsword no longer has this skill. Instead it has been renamed to Airelinna - Nymph
  • 07/23/2015 KR
    • This skill was reinstated since pre-Skill Tree Revamp with an additional effects from Airelinna - Sylph and skill animation during usage change to be like Sylph.


  • This is the first healing skill in the game.

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