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Twin Watchtower Bethma Village Bethagara Falls


You've arrived at Bethma Village. A breeze is blowing from the rocky valleys.
Description :
The parched, dry desert region of Bethma lies in the north-eastern region of Lurensia. You can almost hear the scorching earth dry. But what makes Bethma so unique is that the Lizardmen Tribe reside here, a race of peaceful reptiles. After defeating and chasing the evil Emperor Wally out of Elder, Elsword and his friends find themselves all the way to Bethma! Where the citizens have their own problems to deal with...
Niveau requis pour entrer :
PNJ :Mini-carte :

Npc chackabuknew.jpg Chacha Buch Npc stellan.jpg Stella Npc toman.jpg Toma Npc richangn.jpg Richian

Special NPCs

Npc cobo ariel.jpg Aranka Npc camilla.jpg Camille Rur.png Luriel

Champs :Musique(s) de fond :

Chutes de Besagara

Dicey Sky Road

Lac de Reikiki

Canyon de Toritugera


Bethma Village - village_besma

Unused Music in Region

Montagnes de Besma - dungeongate03

Donjons :
Dungeon Name Dungeon Name
3-1select.png Dragon Road 3-5select.png Richie Mine
3-2select.png Bethma Lake 3-6select.png Cargo Airship
3-3select.png Bethma Lake (Night) 3-x (Renewal).png Dragon Nest: Abyss
3-4select.png Dragon Nest
Galerie :