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Builds are specific skill point allocations that can help enhance gameplay or make the character stronger in various aspects of the game. This page was created for archiving purposes of build information.

Most builds utilize the fanmade skill simulator, which can be found here.


Class Build Creator Link Style Creator's Comments
Elsword 1-2.PNG RYMERO2001
Link Hybrid Updated for Smart Balance and lv 70
If you want a flexible skill tree for Lord Knight that can tank pretty well and be made for pve and pvp here it is
Midgetninja [1] Hybrid NOTE: my builds tend to max skills rather than spread SP over a wide variety. This gives you less versatility when choosing, but it makes the skills you do take much more powerful. I also recommend B slots for all of my builds.

-Roll for heavy hitstun and pass. The Hp usage won't even matter with such a high damage output
-Counter has multiple uses in pvp (re-catching after KD) and pve (blocking powerful attacks and continuing your combo) when used correctly
-Skipped Kick because you have KD resets, so use them. Also skipped Spiral Blast because the blast's damage is now PHYSICAL.
-I highly recommend the note for Armor Break, so you don't have to use it as many times to get the effect, but you don't need it
-Maxxed Arma and Stoic for their duration, and Arma is a wonderful mob cleaner, why not have it out for as long as possible?
-Maxxed Rolling Slash for gap closing

Sasuke556 Link Hybrid LK build for PvE and PvP - My Taste.

So, to the build - it's based on picking skills useful in both - PvE and PvP + some good only for 1 type.
- Flame Geyser and Triple Flame Geyser (mainly triple) on bosses especially with high physic defense (Like Nasod Inspector).
- Roll and Counter for PvP, it doesn't have much damage and it's mostly used only for continuing combo, so no point in wasting points there.
- Counter Chance for no knock down counters and no need for geting accuary bonuses.
- Kick for PvP as some instant KD reduction, Vitality for more MP gain, Arma Blade for PvE for enlarging combos and no real need to explain Armor Break + Stoic for both, use it as you wish.
- Rolling smash is good for both, especially in combination with Arma Blade.
- Impact Smash good for catching in PvP and good damage with Stoic for PvE, some useful passive, useless are skipped and of course HA.

Elsword 2-2.PNG RYMERO2001 Link Hybrid This is a Hybrid build to make a pretty decent Rune Slayer but its up to you
KaitoTakama Link PvE My build for PvE and a little bit PvP if u want to play.
KaitoTakama Link PvP Well, if you don´t use splashy explosion then up wind blade and don´t up rising wave high.
SimpleSuki Link Santa You aren't allowed to use Specials in PvP.
Midgetninja [2] Hybrid See my LK build Note

-Roll for heavy hitstun and pass, again. Plus it's one of the main ways to deal physical damage in this build.
-Counter for the same reasons, again.
-Wind Blade's damage is very high, better than Splash Explosion's, at the cost of a KD. Skill note highly recommended, but not needed.
-Skipped Kick because of the same Reason as LK.
-Fire Fist for charging Vitality Mode
-Rising Slash with the note is highly recommended, as it proves to be an invaluable mob cleaner
-Luna Blade because it's like a larger, more powerful version of noted Wind Blade, and you can combo off of it as well

Elsword 3-2.PNG Aubud
Link PvE

-Why Block? It is a easier to execute, more effective defensive skill than Counterattack when defending against multiple hits
-Take Counterattack + Compact Counter if you plan on PvPing
-Recommended skills to take for dungeons: Rage Cutter, Phantom Sword (noted unless Ice Attribute), Flame Geyser (noted), Sword Fall(noted)
-Interchangable: Block/Counter or Stoic depending on boss pattern
-Brutal Slayer + Mind of The Fighter is good for PvP
-You may wanna trade Rage Cutter for Maelstrom Rage if you think you can mob clear better/as good without Rage Cutter
-My current build is meant for maximum DPS on IS when playing PvE, hence the Harsh Slayer and Sharp Blade (Bleed)

Midgetninja [3] Hybrid See my LK build Note

-Roll for yet again, the same reasons
-Flame Geyser for Magical damage, also functions as a Launch Reset
-Sword Fall note is recommended, but not needed.
-Counter for once again the same reasons, is also why I did not go with Compact Counter.
-Harsh Slayer is useful in pvp for MB-happy people, and with Mind of The Fighter, helps you dish out more damage.
-Phantom Sword for the buff, you have Mob Cleaners later and you need a skill that can help you deal massive amounts of damage.
-Mirage sting for a pass in pvp/pve
-Sword Blasting over Crescent Cut may seem a bit controversial, but CC is easy to MB out of, while Blasting gets you more horizontal range, and roughly the same damage.
-Fatal Slap and Harsh Chaser for Runners
-I chose Maelstrom Rage because it gathers mobs, but Rage Cutter is an effective mob cleaner as well. Pick as you wish here.


Class Build Creator Link Style Creator's Comments
Aisha 1-2.PNG TomoSasazaki [4] PVP This build is a basic build with simple PVE and PVP Capabilities for players who can't utilize her with the Meditation nerf.
Aisha 2-2.PNG RYMERO2001 Link PvP This is a build mainly for pvp and why shadow of disaster you ask? cause I find it better to have more crit damage but you can change it if you want.
DWNewIcon4SizeFix.png Aubud Link PvE Very standard DW build

Remaining points can be spent on Buffs or Intermediate Strength Training

Flatio Link PvE You can take Binding Circle instead of Energy Spurt.


Class Build Creator Link Style Creator's Comments
Rena 1-2 Redo.PNG TomoSasazaki [5]

-Aerostrafe is no longer useful. This build is strictly PVP with a hint of PVE
-The skills chosen are for variations in combos and better catching when launching an enemy in the air
-Hence choosing arc shot

Rena 2-2.PNG Blazegamma Link

-Siege can easily be replaced with higher tumbling shot(for pvp) or noted crescent kick
-assault impact and slide double kick are interchangeable based on preference
-middle and low kick also interchangeable
-spend extra points as desired.

NWNewIcon3Fix.png TomoSasazaki [6]

-Siege is useless unless you're a Grand Archer. -I know what you're thinking new is better so why not the new skills the truth is the old skills in this case help more in pvp.


Class Build Creator Link Style Creator's Comments
Raven 1-2.PNG RYMERO2001 Link PvP
defaultNNC Link Hybrid Pick Emergency Escape! or Shadow Thrust by preference. If you pick the former, take points out of Intermediate Strength Training to max Shadow Pierce.
SwordWyvern Link Hybrid This is a build with a balance of PVE and PVP. Why Flying Impact? Its a badass move that can destroy people in PVP and PVE. You can take skill points from a Lvl 10 Counter Chance and a Lvl 1 Burning Rush and invest it. If you choose not to do Flying Impact spend the rest of your SP as you desire.
Raven 2-2.PNG SupahYoshi Link PvP

- Weapon Breaker a good active that decreases the damage output if the enemy decides to mana break and catch you. Also really good with the note to increase success rate of debuff.
- Limit Crusher a good active that can stun and also gives stoic. Can be used to catch people off guard and stoic protects you from being comboed.
- Archenemy A good special active when paired with core and is noted. Helps reset the KD counter on your enemy. Good Damage.
- Spiritualised Fury good for reawakening to catch people off guard and also to recharge the awakening meter quicker.

Asheciel Build Hybrid

- Only spend points on actives once, unless they have an additional effect besides damage that scales with higher skill levels.
- Lv1 Counter Chance is helpful in PvP for quick recoveries.
Be careful when you're around classes that can counter though, since they can use it against you.
- Make sure you max out both Basic Magic Training and Intermediate Magic Training. This will help maximize your damage output.
- Burning Nasod Hand will lock you as a pure magic damage class, which is not recommended since some opponents have high magical defense.
- If you really want to focus on damage, get Exploding Nasod Hand and Armor Crash. With this, RF will be able to deal severe physical AND magical damage.
- Maximum Cannon is effective for catching in PvP; the skill pulls the enemies towards you when they get hit by it.
- Cannon Blade is remarkably good for RF. The skill deals severe damage at lv 20.
If you plan to use this skill in PvP, make sure you hit opponents in the face!
Hitting them from behind will result in a quick KD.
- Shadow Punisher along with a skill noted Shadow Piercing will prove helpful in PvP by increasing RF's versatility.
- Spiritualised Fury is better for you if you want to primarily PvE.
It is recommended to invest in both Awakening Charge and Awakening Time if you plan to go this route.

Raven 3-2.PNG AVATAR Link Hybrid Version 1

- Barrage Attack is good choice because of his good damage when noted and with passive Air Slicer, and instantaneous cast time in mid air thanks passive Air Slicer
- Bursting Blade is universal skill, have good damage and very good damage in mid air with Air Slicer and with skill note, after lunch an opponent in mid air is good finisher, is nice catcher thanks Anger of Raven
- Harpoon Spear is powerful thanks 1 hit with over 4000% magical damage, extremely strong with double overheat from Overheat Mode Activated!, Awakening Mode with Anger of Raven, and with critical hit; speed of Harpoon Spear prevents manabreak before receiving damage
- Revolver Cannon - Original Piercing Ammo is good choice because when is noted have very good damage for such a price and very long range

Link Hybrid Version 2

- Maxed Ignition Crow - Incineration because of his great range and similar damage to Harpoon Spear
- Added Counter Chance and Shadow Piercing for pvp as catchers


Class Build Creator Link Style Creator's Comments
Eve 1-2.PNG Kroxigor Link Hybrid Level 67 (Hyper Active : None)
Link Hybrid Level 70 (Hyper Active : Yes)
Blazegamma Link -Genocide Ripper can be exchanged for Space Wrench (if so, spend extra points as desired)
Eve 2-2.PNG AVATAR Link Hybrid Last 52 skill points are used according to personal preference, for example if you want PvE/3v3 PvP I recommend Atomic Shield or for the PvP another catcher like Atomic Blaster - Sonic Gun, can be too something between like Generate Black Hole
RYMERO2001 Link PvP If you want a skill tree for a Code Nemisis made for mostly pvp here you are now if you want to change some things for more of your comfort you can totally do so.
Eve 3-2 Redo.PNG AVATAR Link PvP

-Taser Pilum effectively used with El Crystal Spectrum modes is very good catcher and crowd control to keep enemy in your combo(especially versus Aisha's and Rena's jumping out)
-Energy Needles is extremely good to fight on close range and can nice surprise the enemy, it is also very good crowd control in 3v3 PvP
-Maxed and noted El Crystal Spectrum with Amplified El Energy Reactor allow you to using modes over x3 times longer and thereby using over x3(x6 with El Crystal Spectrum note) less mana on using this skill

TomoSasazaki Link PvP PVP build but still dominates in PVE with it.
Lulliendia Link Hybrid

-Optional for maxing ECS and getting max mp/ duration.


Class Build Creator Link Style Creator's Comments
Chung 1-2.PNG ShadeMalkior
Click here for a more in-depth Guide
Link PvE

- The final passive choice between Advanced Metabolism Boost and Strong Will is really up to you, I just happen to use Strong Will in this one.
- If you use Guard very frequently, feel free to take some points out of Basic Strength Training and max out Guard instead.

Link PvP

- In the case of PvP, you'll definitely want Advanced Metabolism Boost over Strong Will, the MP gain and critical reduction is amazingly powerful in PvP.
- If you so choose, you can take Artillery Nova instead of Burst Wolf, both are great in PvP. Want to be even more unique? Try ditching both and use Steel Edge, that defense bypass can do wonders if you're facing a more heavily geared enemy.
- Absolutely never raise Metabolism Boost to lv17, it literally does nothing.
- The choice between resistance passives is pretty hard for PvP. Elemental Training: Fire, Ice, Poison gives resistance to a lot of really annoying effects, but Elemental Training: Wind, Light, Dark gives resistance to Wind and Dark, the deadliest elements in PvP, as well as a chance to negate Stun. Just go with whichever you prefer for this.


- Again, absolutely never raise Metabolism Boost to lv17, it literally does nothing.
- Since this assumes you'll be doing some PvE and PvP, Adv. Metabolism is once again the 100% recommended choice.
- I've left Guard out of this build because I personally don't use it, but if you want it, just drop a level of Basic Strength Training.

Chung 2-2 Redo.PNG Blazegamma Link A Silver Shooter based build

-rumble shot and leg shot interchangeable based on preference and if skill noted
-spend extra points as desired.

Link - Notice for Dual Buster and Headshot.
Gameboy224 Link Hybrid A hybrid cannoneer build. Designed to be quick in PvP while being just as destructive and PvE.

-Head Shot note is highly suggested.
-Dual Buster v. Heavy Railgun can we interchangeable.
-Remodel Magazine to cater to heavy ammo usage in PvP or unawakened in PvE.
-AS-QB and CC for pure PvE destructive force, field clearing and bossing.
-Leg shot and Bullet Blitz for quick damage and catching in PvP.

Chung 3-2 Redo.PNG ShadeMalkior Link PvE

- "But Shade, Grenade Launcher does more damage!" Yes, I'm aware, but I'd rather not use a skill that's bugged to the point that it's only reliable at close range, where as Hand Grenade always works, and can deal more damage if the note activates anyways.
- Reload Mastery is left at lv11 because that's all you really need, 50% chance to reload more ammo.
- Big Bang Stream is left at lv11 because the damage increase isn't worth leveling it any further, and 30 seconds is long enough for you to easily regain the MP needed to cast it again.
- Now for the controversial part: Chaos Cannon and Carpet Bombing. This eventually came down to making TT more versatile. Chaos Cannon is a far better skill for bossing now that it can be rapid-fired, and Dread Chase takes care of the mobbing/room clear power that Carpet Bombing would have, with the added bonus that it can wrap corners in maps.

Link PvP

- Tactical Field - Endurance and Mortar are both left at lv1 because there's no grand bonus in leveling them any further for PvP's sake.
- Endurance is chosen over Raid because Super Armor is a serious pain to fight in PvP.
- Both normal Detonation and Impact Detonation are viable, I just put SP in normal because I prefer the screen freeze and approach lunge. If Detonation isn't your style, you can always switch it out for noted Brutal Swing.
- Lv2 Seal of Patience because holy mother of reduced damage.

Link Hybrid

- So why maxxed Mortar in this one? I actually use it in PvE, so better make that little pea shooter do as much damage as possible.
- Raid is the optimum choice here, since that MP boost is far too good to pass for anyone who plans to PvE at any time.
- Pretty much everything else is the usual fare, and I've already explained the more controversial choices in the other build comments.


Class Build Creator Link Style Creator's Comments
Ara 1-2.PNG Aubud Link PvE -Tweaked to have 2 Secret Arts

-Vigor Energize +1 and Breaking +1
-I focus on Secret Tiger Art because it costs less Mana and thus more spammable
-Moonlight Slash and Shadow Knot are good mob cleaners

SayoAragami Link PvE This is a dual Secret Art PvE build.

- Shadow Knot is maxed because it has a very long horizontal reach and is the only reliable source of magic damage available against Nasod Inspector as a Sakra Devanam. It is also useful as a mob clear, or as a method of grouping monsters closer, which can be followed into a skill cancel. Skill note highly recommended, the reduced MP used is what gives this skill its spammability.
- Pulling Pierce is maxed for great burst damage. Skill note recommended for defense ignore.
- Gain Force is kept at level 11 as it gives 2 spirit on hit. Level 17 is also viable, if you have the skill ring (Which brings it to level 21) for 3 spirit.
- Rock Crash can be left at level 1, but can be maxed. I maxed it because of the damage potential when noted.
- Filled Power is left at level 8 for the maximum amount of MP added. (+75 MP)
- Double Collision is maxed for extra damage. Can be left at level 1.
- Tiger Claw and Low Brandish are left at level 1 because of the poor damage scaling.
- Moonlight Slash is maxed because it dictates the strength of Explosive Breaking. It is also a good Area of Effect skill.
- Breaking left at level 1 for canceling purposes.
- Self-Protection Fortitude is chosen over Quicken Guard because it provides Ara with more bulk, and is not a % chance to activate.
- Swallow Assault or Suppression : Bond is based on personal preference.
- Fullmoon Slash helps with executing the secret art faster, as well as giving the player the ability to use the skill quickly, rather than staying in one spot for an extended amount of time, charging. Power of Tiger is helpful when your critical chance is low, giving the player more damage, it is also nice for party support. Choose whichever suits your play style.

RYMERO2001 Link Hybrid A hybrid Build utilizing both the secret arts and the power that SD has both in pve and pvp
Ara 2-2.PNG AVATAR Link PvP Version 1

- Killing Spears are very useful in PvP 1v1 and 3v3 thanks possession of penetration enemy's defense and low MP and orbs consuming; Wolf Claw is maxed for high physical damage with stoic, Wolf Spear maxed for Killing Spears and very high magical damage as 60 mana skill(is also good the addition in combo after of Wolf Claw and very good combo finisher), Wind Wedge you need only on 1lvl to start Killing Spears
- High Speed maxed for wonderful damage per second and for high mobility
- Suppression : Energy is very universal because of good damage, lowering defense, sucking everything in range to the center, big hitbox, power stun

Link PvP Version 2(need ring on active skills for obtain 2/3 orbs from Conversion: Mana)

- Maxed and noted Finger Bullet is the cheapest special skill in game with powerful damage for such a price

TomoSasazaki Link PVP Specializes in PVP but works great PVE wise as well.
SayoAragami Link PvE This is a single Secret Art PvE build that focuses solely on Purgatory, it has both a good vertical and horizontal range.

- Shadow Knot is maxed because it has a very long horizontal reach. It is useful as a mob clear, or as a method of grouping monsters closer, which can be followed into a skill cancel. Skill note highly recommended, the reduced MP used is what gives this skill its spammability.
- Conversion: Health is left at level 11 as it provides the maximum of 3 spirit energy acquired.
- Hell of Tornado has good vertical and horizontal reach. It has very good damage (even when cancelled), and is instantly cast. This skill is taken instead of Wolf Fang, therefore Killing Spears can not be used.
- Prison Spear has a very high vertical range. Although somewhat weak, it deals with clearing weaker mobs as well as flying enemies.
- Either Self-Protection Fortitude or Resurrection can be chosen in lieu of the other. Since there are Resurrection Stones, I chose Self-Protection Fortitude. In the event that Resurrection Stones are can not be used, Resurrection can be a cheaper alternative.

Dude11111111 Link Hybrid (First time making a build so editors feel free to fix.)

- This build is similar to SayoAragami's but is geared towards those with only 4 skill slots and not in a couple/married.
- Note that it does require a lot of mana, but is a great energy builder.
- Works in PVP but is better at PVE.

Tempara2.png SayoAragami [Link] PvE In Progress


Class Build Creator Link Style Creator's Comments
GM.png ShadeMalkior Link PvE

- Grand Master has some wiggle room for PvE. I've stuck a few points into Leap and Kick just for the sake of having them there as chaining skills.
- Sword of Judgement is favored over Sword of Victory due to the fact that it's a Gale move. This means you can use it repeatedly on bosses for massive damage.
- The combination of Lv20 Rushing Sword and the Waltz of Sword passive is amazing to have in PvE. If you do all five slashes, that's 3,260% Physical damage for a mere 101MP.
- First Strike is optional, but I find the extra MP gain on combo starts to be very helpful when bossing.
- I really wish I could still recommend Saber - Extinction, but Spiral Blast vastly out-damages it.
- Grand Master's version of Sonic Blade is very useful in PvE, particularly against flying annoyances (wyverns, gargoyles, harpies), so you'll want that instead of Critical Dive.

Link PvP

- Probably the biggest changes here are the higher level actives, besides Rushing Sword. While flashy, it lacks utility compared to Dodge & Slash, Leap, and Kick.
- Sword of Victory is definitely your PvP choice, it's basically a better version of Lord Knight's Armageddon Blade.
- Advanced Knight Mastery's effects are too good to skip for anyone planning to PvP at any point.
- The other big change is Critical Dive over Sonic Blade. It's a great approaching skill, the range reminds me a bit of Brutal Swing, but a little less vertical.

Link Hybrid - Fairly similar to the PvP build in terms of choices, but some SP's been moved around to assure that Spiral Blast remains at max level.
BH.png ShadeMalkior Link PvE

- Wild Shock is chosen over Rushing Sword to help with building Gale.
- The choice between Concentration Mastery and Body of Fire is personal preference, as both serve the purpose of increasing Blazing Heart's damage output. Body of Fire has the added bonus of giving some Fire resistance.
- Overall, the main focus of this build is to give Blazing Heart access to numerous powerful AoE skills, such as Burst Rising, Sword Fire, Eternal Fire, and Blazing Dance.
- The primary chaining actives in this build are Fire Fist and Sword of Red Lotus. Fire Fist is mainly for raw damage and building Gale, while Sword of Red Lotus should be your primary low-cost buff.
- I've chosen Inextinguishable Fire as the last passive because Stigma of Fire's debuff isn't particularly useful against PvE enemies.

Link PvP

- All four of the 2nd Job skill choices have been reversed, funnily enough.
- Wall of Prominence is excellent for holding enemies down or laying down an area you want zoned off shortly.
- Scarlet Rose functions in a similar manner to Harsh Chaser, but much less glitchy and with a burn.
- Blaze Wing is like a Magic Missile from hell, but it bounces back and forth, holding enemies in place as you approach.
- Stigma of Fire is a brutal debuff against classes that rely on critical for their damage output, such as Deadly Chaser.
- The 300MP has also been switched to Infernal Blade because of its lower hit count, lowering the chance of it being mana broken.

Link Hybrid - Not much to say here besides that this is a simple fusion of the two previous builds.


Class Build Creator Link Style Creator's Comments
LPIcon.jpg ShadeMalkior Link PvE

- I've chosen Research Dynamo - Composition over Dissolution because your most powerful skill bursts will be while you're in DP Mode, so you'll want those skills doing as much damage as possible.
- Library of Limitless isn't maxxed because the knockdown reduction isn't all that useful in PvE, and the MP regeneration boost is barely noticeable. Furthermore, maxxed Fantasy Tracer gives plenty of MP regen in DP Mode.
- Instead of leveling Pulse Bullet, I've instead raised Charged Impulsar to a higher level to increase the effects of Pulse Bullet.
- Pulse Cannon's inclusion is mainly for the fact that its long delay makes it useful for dodging late-game boss attacks.
- Neither Magnetron nor Desolver is much use in PvE, so I've skipped that tier entirely.

Link PvP

-Shade, I fixed your build just a bit since Body of Transcendence isn't able to go to 7, so I added a point into Dynamo Configuration - Pylon. Sorry I don't know how to make an side build, so yeah.~ It's your choice with what you do with extra SP. You can also take it out of Dynamo Configuration -Pylon if you wish, I just added it for more customization and a bit of power in boss situations. That probably pushed it more into the hybrid section, but I hope you understand. >.<

-This time, Dissolution is favored over Composition because you'll want to charge DP Mode quickly in PvP. The sooner you can activate it, the sooner you can unleash the pain train.
- Particle Accelerator has been added for its useful large-range Stun attack.
- Phase Shift has been included for advanced mind games. If you don't want to use it, remove the SP in that and put it into Charged Impulsar, or switch it out for Mind Break if you're in the mood to ruin the day of any other magic-based class you meet.
- Magnetron is useful this time around. Combined with Pulse Bullet, it can be an amazing aid for catching.
- The only other major differences are a higher level Reverse Reactor and maxxed Library of Limitless. For PvP, you'll be needing that knockdown reduction.

Link Hybrid

- For a Hybrid build, both Dissolution and Composition can be useful, just choose whichever fits your play style better.
- The one major sacrifice I made for Hybrid is the lack of Twirl Rush. Having a pseudo Rasengan is fun, but Add has plenty of other useful actives to tide him over losing one.

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