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The Character Customization System is a system where players can customize their characters with unique features to distinguish themselves. You may customize your characters with up to four features: a new idle stance, a new facial appearance, a new skill cut-in, and a new chair.


All features of this system requires purchases from the Cash Shop. Each individual feature costs 2,400 NX Cash or 350 K-Ching. However, the Dance motion is only obtainable by buying the Dance Avatar package from the Cash Shop. After purchasing the item, it can be traded to other players and characters.

When you activate the item, it can no longer be traded to anyone else or be sold away. Once it's activated, your character can be customized with the item. The item can only be applied to the character that activated it. It cannot be shared between characters. If Lu/Ciel activated the custom part, the custom part will apply for both Lu and Ciel. It will not affect them individually.


Aside from access to their own character's classes motion as well any prior previous class motions (Base, 1st, and 2nd job), players have the option of purchasing a new idle stance. All purchasable poses feature a unique animation.


Aside from access to their own character's classes face, eyes and expression players have the option of purchasing a unique face pattern. These customization usually refer to as eyes customization but they also modify the character expressions.


Aside from access to their own character's skill cut-in as well as their character's base cut-in, players have the option of purchasing a new skill cut-in from the Cash Shop to replace their original artwork. Each character can be customized with up to 4 new skill cut-ins, one for each skill tier level (Tenacity, Strength, Bravery, and Hyper Active). Your characters can also use skill cut-ins from other classes of the same character. For example, a Lord Knight can be customized with any cut-in that is related to Elsword, including "Rune Engraving Rune Slayer" and "Speed of Light Infinity Sword". All custom skill cut-ins are animated.


Players have the option of purchasing a unique chair. When equipped, activate by pressing the [B] key or using the commands "/앉기", "/앉기1", or "/앉기2".

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