El Lord Exodus (Vitality)

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[Costume Face Accessory (Middle)] A design containing the spirit energy of El. Whispers of warnings can be heard.

El Lord Exodus (Vitality)
HQ Shop Common Cash AC Face2 100003634.png
Name El Lord Exodus (Vitality)
Rarity Normal
Item Type Costume Face Accessory (Middle)
Level Requirement 0
Reselling Price Impossible
Trading Impossible
Additional Effects ▪ Critical +2%
▪ Attack Speed +2%
How to Obtain
Method Location(s) Requirements
Event Reward N/A Luriel's Blue Box Event
  • Flag-us.png 09/09/2015 ~ 09/22/2015
NPC Affinity Event
  • Flag-us.png 01/06/2016 ~ 01/19/2016
Base Stats
Class Physical Attack Magical Attack
All Classes 35 35
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