Emergency Escape!

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Emergency Escape.PNG [Passive] Whenever Raven receives a hit from behind, he will have a certain chance to activate Shadow Step, escaping forward.


Class Master Level Required SP Cost per Level Alternative Skill Requirement
Blade Master Lv. 20 60 5 Shadow Thrust Level 60 Layer Skill Quest

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Activation Chance MP Usage
1 60 4% 10 MP
2 7%
3 63 10%
4 67 13%
5 71 16%
6 75 19%
7 79 22%
8 83 25%

Tips and Details

  • More useful in PvP rather than PvE, with some exceptions, such as Fallen Chloe
  • While being able to escape attacks that would be potentially lethal, Emergency Escape! has its risks. Raven may end up endangering himself by unintentionally strafing into an attack, a wall, or a bottomless pit.
  • Emergency Escape!'s Shadow Step level is equivalent to the player's normal Shadow Step level, otherwise it will be level 1 if Shadow Step isn't learned.
  • Shadow Piercing can still be activated while using Emergency Escape!
  • Any Skill Note affiliated with both Shadow Step and Shadow Piercing will still activate under the influence of Emergency Escape!.


  • In NA, this passive is renamed to Evacuation!.

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