Ereda Island (Season 3)

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This content is not yet released on certain servers, check its availability status.

Ereda Island (Season 3)

A new PvP dungeon based mode!
A place where the 'Red Knights' of Velder and 'Guardian Knights' of Hamel fight till their heart's content.

It was said that they both compete to promote unity and development, but in actual fact they compete because of the hidden artifacts in the island and both kingdoms fight for it. The island battle was hidden with a mysterious force but now the mysterious land known as Ereda Island has appeared in the eyes of everyone.

A strategic battle mode where you win by destroying enemy's base quicker than your opponents.
Recommended Level
40 - 99
Appropriate Item Level
Map Layout
Entry Requirements
  • Altar of Dedication must be completed once
  • Accessible from dungeon maps between Feita and Sander
  • Waiting time for entry needs at least 6 or 8 people to be queuing.
Gameplay Guide



You can acquire Battlefield ranking by Winning/Losing in Ereda Island(E ~ SSS Rank).

Ereda Rank
RankE2.png RankD2.png RankC2.png RankB2.png RankA2.png RankS2.png RankSS2.png RankSSS2.png

Conquest page added in Boards > [Ranking]


In Conquest, there is a highest rank called the "Star Rank".

Rank Detail
Awarded weekly to top 100 ranks.
Star Rank characters can use 1 week timed title called the "Absolute of Ereda".

Maximum and Minimum Ranks per level range.

Added so it can match against characters with similar skill and abilities.

Character Level Available Battlefield Rank
Lv. 1 ~ Lv. 40 RankD2.png ~ RankE2.png
Lv. 41 ~ Lv. 50 RankC2.png ~ RankD2.png
Lv. 51 ~ Lv. 60 RankB2.png ~ RankC2.png
Lv. 61 ~ Lv. 69 RankA2.png ~ RankB2.png
Lv. 70 ~ Lv. 99 RankStar2.png ~ RankS2.png
Ereda Island - pve_stage01

Hunting Fields