Fessel Heilig

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LESA4.png [Special Active: Strength] Throw a projected dagger with the sealed chain of the gods [Gleipnir] forward.
Projection Skill
  • Skill uses projected weapon created from the borrowed power of god


  • Hit targets are inflicted with [Holy Shackle].
  • HP is equal to 20% of the caster's maximum HP (half in PvP).
  • Dissappears when its HP reaches 0 or when the duration is over.
  • Duration: 15 Seconds.

Holy Shackle

  • All defenses of the target are decreased by 30%.
  • When target travels too far away, pull the target back in and activate [Regression Shock]
  • When the target is pulled back in, duration is reduced by 3 seconds (KR: 5 seconds) each time.

Final Enhanced Skill

  • Shackle's HP is increased by 10%.
  • Duration is increased by 5 seconds.


Class Level Required [Enhanced] Level Left Skill Trait Level Right Skill Trait Level Skill Requirement
Lofty: Executor 30 87 34 43 Intermediate Training Skill Quest

Skill Information


Character Level Unsealing (Physical) Gleipnir MP Usage Cooldown
Summon HP (% of Max HP) Holy Shackle Duration
Defense Reduction Regression Shock (Physical)
30 2011% 20% -30% 919% 15 Seconds 150 MP 12 Seconds
[Enhanced] 87 30% 20 Seconds


Character Level Unsealing (Physical) Gleipnir
Summon HP (% of Max HP) Holy Shackle
Regression Shock (Physical)
30 643% 10% 257%
[Enhanced] 87 15%

Skill Traits

Killing Blow (1) Fessel Heilig Light Fessel Heilig
Level Required Attribute Effect Details Level Required Attribute Effect Details
Duration MP Usage
34 Skill effect's duration increased to 130% 19.5 Seconds 43 MP Usage decreased to 80% 120 MP
[Enhanced] 87 26 Seconds

Tips and Details

  • Holy Shackle will activate if the target moves away, even if they are invincible.


  • This skill's name is actually German for Shackle Holy, meaning the word order was mistakenly swapped around.
    • Correctly translated, the skill's name would be Heilige Fessel.


  • 12/29/2016 KR
    • Holy Shackle effect changed to restrain up to maximum 5 targets.
    • Added feature so limit amount decreases faster if there are more targets being restrained by Holy Shackle.
    • Added feature to decrease duration per forced returns.
  • 01/12/2017 KR
    • Fixed Fessel Heilig summoning sacrifices infinitely.
  • 02/23/2017 (KR) / 3/15/2017 (NA)
    • Fixed screen stopping for a moment when casting.
    • Unsealing damage decreased.
    • Regression Shock damage increased.
  • 04/27/2017 KR
    • PvE damage increased.
    • Forced return's duration Decrease increased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 페슬 하일리히 Fessel Heilig
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 神圣锁链 Holy Shackle

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