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Henir's Time and Space

Henir's Time and Space. Time and Space is in complete chaos. A dangerous trial awaits us...
Originally William's Time and Space.

Dimensional time and space where a genius magician is serving an eternal punishment.

This dungeon mode allows you to fight the major bosses in Elsword in a boss rush style.

Through this mode, you can collect Pieces of Time and Space, which you can exchange Glave for special items and/or equipment.

Henir's Spacetime may be attempted as much as the player wishes, but they can only receive items for 3 runs per day.

  • If the stage fails to load or you disconnect while loading, it will still consume one of your rewarded runs for the day. The map will still show the counter (e.g 3/2/1) as if it did not take up a run but rest assured it did.
  • After all rewarded runs are consumed for the day, you will no longer be able to get Time Space Fragments, items, or ED drops from the run. You will still be able to complete the daily quest though
Normal Mode Rules:
  • Consumable(s) : Usable
  • Resurrection(s) : Allowed
  • Death of party/solo : Fail
  • Dead party members will be revived upon party entering Rest Area stage or Boss stage (Karis' True Form only)
  • Boss Level : Average level of the highest and lowest leveled players that are within 5 levels of the highest leveled character in party rounded down to the nearest whole level.
Challenge Mode Rules:
  • Consumable(s) : Disabled
  • Resurrection(s) : Not Allowed
  • Death of party/solo : Fail
  • Dead party members will be revived upon party entering Rest Area stage or Boss stage (Karis' True Form only)
  • Boss Level : All bosses and players will be normalized to Level 1

A phenomenon called Henir's Time and Space lies in a temple called Seven Tower, where sages were known to dwell. The land it stands on was discovered in the olden days. This discovery brought about the emergence of magical skills, and led to the temple being built. Legend has it that the god Henir endured Ragnarok, and afterwards created a place where there is no limitation of time and space. Here, he is able to see the rise and fall of the world. Should you reach this place, by Henir's force, you are bound to face the enemies you have met in the past and those you are destined to meet in the future.

It has been said that a person overcoming this test can meet Henir and acquire an immense power. However, as the power of El began to decrease, the entrance of Henir's Time and Space has suddenly appeared in several places. Elsword and the rest of the gang decide to enter this mysterious dungeon in attempts of gaining the legendary power and using it to take back the missing El.

Map Layout:
Boss Set List:
Ruben/Elder Set:

Stage 1 : William Phoru
Stage 2 : Fairy Guardian (x5) OR Monkey King (x1), Toto (x1) OR Mush King, Bomber Boss Mong OR Ancient Phoru
Stage 3 : Awakened Banthus (x1), Nasod Banthus (x1) OR Wally No.8 (x1), Verngert (x1) OR Ent, Bat King OR Jango, Kid Phoru, William Phoru

Bethma/Altera Set:

Stage 1 : Lizardman Warrior (x2) OR Shadow Warrior (2x) OR Raven (2x), Bellows Machine Gun OR Raven (2x), 190mm Howitzer OR Corrupt Nasod Driller (2x)
Stage 2 : Berauk (2x) OR Dark Berauk (3x) OR Kayak the Shaman (2x) OR Ignis and Leviathan OR Parasitic Alterasia Turret
Stage 3 : Nasod Driller (2x) OR Wally No. 8 MK2 (2x) OR Crow Rider (x2)
Stage 4 : Wally No. 9 Armor (2x) OR King Nasod (x1)
Secret Stage : Nasod Inspector (x1)
Elite Stage : Code: Q-PROTO_00 (x1), Apple (x1)

Feita Set:

Stage 1 : Dullahan Knight (x2) OR Teach the Tyrant (x2)
Stage 2 : Amethyst (x1), Glitter Necromancer (x2) OR Plant Overlord (x3)
Stage 3 : Cutty Sark (x1)
Stage 4 : Berthe (x2)
Secret Stage : Kayak the Shadow Shaman (1x), Ancient Bone Dragon (1x)
Elite Stage : Proxy the Nimble (x1), Wise Dutor (x1), Assaulter Crash (x1)

Velder Set:

Stage 1 : Uno Hound (x2) OR Chloe (x3)
Stage 2 : Crazy Puppet, Arc Glitter Alchemists (x2)
Stage 3 : Spriggan (x2)
Stage 4 : Dark Nephilim (x1
Secret Stage : Alterasia Type-H (x1)
Hoakin's Hallucination (x1)
Elite Stage : Stealthy Morfos (x1), McGard the Blitzkrieg (x1), Polka (x1), Invincible Vardon (x1), Sullen Hoakin (x1)

Hamel Set:

Stage 1 : Shadow Master (x3)
Stage 2 : Coral Serpent (x3)
Stage 3 : Taranvash (x1) OR Victor (x2)
Stage 4 : Avalanche (x1) OR Magmanta (x2)
Stage 5 : Ran (x2)
Secret Stage : Hoakin's Hallucination (x1)
Elite Stage : Shadow Stinger (x1), Bizarre Conrad (x1), Fallen Chloe (x1), Giant Hammer Bobosse (x1)

Sander Set:

Stage 1 : Giant Waldo (1x) OR Steel Wing Kelaino (1x)
Stage 2 : Chieftain Trockta (1x)
Stage 3 : Great Battle Chief Karu (1x)
Stage 4 : Karis (1x)
Stage 5 : Karis' True Form (1x)
Secret Stage : Fallen Guardian: Helputt (x1)
Elite Stage : Fierce Stone Axe Bootru (1x), Dark Wing Okypete (1x), Battle Chief Tariq (1x), Battle Chief Tuadin (1x), Succubus : Erilot (1x)

Encountering Secret / Elite Stages:

Secret and Elite stages are additional stages in Henir that the player may take to earn additional Pieces of Time and Space. Encountering a Secret\Elite stage is random and the chances of them appearing is affected by both the number of players and fever.
The formula is: ([# of Players] -1) * 15 + Fever/3 = % Chance.

  • 1 Player = 0% Chance [0 Fever]
  • 2 Players = 15~26% Chance [0~33 Fever]
  • 3 Players = 30~52% Chance [0~66 Fever]
  • 4 Players = 45~78% Chance [0~100 Fever]
    • Having any player be dead after the last boss of a Stage Set is defeated reduces the odds to 0%.
Rest Area Buffs:

Rest Areas will restore a fixed percentage of HP and MP. Each rest area after the first will restore a bit less HP\MP than the previous one.

Rest Areas will also have a chance of giving every player a special buff at random as follows:



  • Light Buff is mislabeled in this image, it is an Attack Power boost.
  • In the image it doesn't give a duration for Dark Buff as that is instantaneous.
Guide for Players:


Be equipped to your best ability.

  • Bring at least +6 weapons, have least 18% attack speed, 10% accuracy, bring lots of mana potions, craftable potions and/or 30% HP potions from Camilla, and most importantly, high DPS skills.

In Henir there are multiples of most enemies. Generally as a first priority, you would want to group the enemies if conveniently possible.

  • By grouping enemies together, you can effectively multiply your damage output.
  • A grouped enemy is usually much easier to defend against since you will only need to focus your attention on a single area.

Be considerate of your party mates.

  • Do not purposely knock down bosses that have high knockdown damage reductions. (This includes everything past Feita Set)
  • Do not hit the harpoons at Cutty Sark in Feita if you do not know the timing.
  • Do not use 250+ MP skills, some of Ara's skills that count as 250+ MP skills due to Orb usage such as Falling Dragon, Infernal Circle, Suppression Energy, Suppression or Flying Kite or some of Add's skills that count as 250+ MP skills due to DP usage such as Particle Accelerator, Conqueror or Psionic Generator at Berthe after he has over half his MP bar full.
  • Magmanta will escape after 60 hits when it is not super armored, do not use weak multi-hit skills that will cause it to escape like awakened Plasma Cutter, or Cyclone.
  • Some skills like Gungnir and Shooting Star have a long skill delay which is needed to hit enemies, do not interrupt it with a short skill delay if it will interfere with the skill.

Have an understanding of how each boss fights before challenging Henir's Time and Space.

  • There is information on every boss you can encounter in this wiki. If you are unfamiliar with any, you can read up on their skills and attacks as well as their weaknesses.
  • However there are some bosses that operate differently in Henir. These include:
    • No boss will have any displayed text warnings when they use a special attack.
      • This can make Joaquin's Hallucination skill much harder to spot, especially if he is in dwarf mode.
    • Uno Hound's regeneration is a fixed rate not dependent on its maximum HP. In Challenge mode, it will regenerate extremely fast.
    • Chloe's summoning of Dark Elves is time based in here. They will all do it at the same time if the fight is prolonged.
    • Coral Sea Serpents cannot be flinched by any attack, preventing them from being stun-locked.
      • It's still possible to flinch by inflicting Suppression's debuff after it uses the move Poison Spit though most Sakra Devanam users rarely use this tactic.
    • Taranvash's mirrors which will turn much faster than normal.
    • Avalanche will fire 4 homing ice blasts instead of 2 when he retreats. These will move much faster and further as well.

After completing a run, you will receive Pieces of Time and Space. These will be used for crafting Henir equipment or exchanging for other rewards at Glave.
In addition, certain titles can be obtained from completing Henir on Challenge mode. When you play in Challenge mode and quit the dungeon at the rest areas, you and your playtime will be placed on the leaderboards. Titles will only be awarded to Ranks 1 through 100 with the exception of Monthly Ranking, which will only be rewarded to Ranks 1 through 10.

Pieces of Time and Space

This table will help you calculate how much Pieces of Time and Space you will obtain, based off of your performance in the dungeon.

Area Reward for Exiting Reward for Failing Bonus Reward for Secret Stage Bonus Reward for Elite Stage
Ruben/Elder 4 0 N/A N/A
Bethma/Altera 8 1 4 2
Feita 16 3 5 3
Velder 25 7 6 4
Hamel 38 15 7 4
Sander 60 25 8 5

Completing all of Henir's Spacetime (all Secrets\Elite in the most efficient path) will reward you with 90 Pieces of Time and Space.

Aurora Gemstone

This table will help you calculate how much Aurora Gemstone you will obtain, based off of your performance in the dungeon.

Area Reward for Exiting Reward for Failing
Ruben/Elder 0 0
Bethma/Altera 1 1
Feita 3 3
Velder 6 6
Hamel 10 10
Sander 15 15

Completing all of Henir's Spacetime Challenge Mode will reward you with 15 Aurora Gemstones.

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Possible Bug/Glitches:

This is a list of possible bugs/glitches that might be encountered inside Henir's Time and Space:

  • Wally no.9 often does not appear from his armor in the correct position to non-host players.
  • Berthe roars at all special actives more than 200 MP, not just 250+ MP skills (except Hyper actives).
  • Coral Serpents sometimes spawn in random positions on its stage, some floating in air or in the middle of a platform. This happens due to laggy players.
    • Rest assured that they have spawned in their rightful places.
  • Avalanche becomes invincible at his HP threshold but does not teleport into the background, becoming an additional obstacle during his background attack phase to non-host players.
  • Players can be teleported onto Ran's platform before he teleports to the main platform due to loading problems. It's rare but possible that a player can become stuck on the side platform until the end of the fight.
  • Both Ran's might revive after defeating both of them, basically restarting the fight.