Killing Howl

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WSS.png [Secret Art] Activated when you activate 'Wolf Stance 1, 2, 3, 4' one after the other. Materializes several wolf spirits that will rush forward.


Class Skills Requirement
Little Devil Wolf Stance 2 : Wind Wedge
Wolf Stance 3 : Wolf Claw
Wolf Stance 4 : Wolf Fang

There are 2 methods to use this move:

The 1st method is to:

  1. Begin with DR.pngZ.png or Z.pngZ.pngZ.png move
  2. Use Wind Wedge next
  3. Cancel with Wolf Claw
  4. Cancel with Wolf Fang.

The 2nd method is to:

  1. Assign Wind Wedge to a empty skill slot.(You do not need to equip the other skills.)
  2. Begin the combo with DR.pngZ.png or Z.pngZ.pngZ.png move.
  3. Press the skill button in which you assign Wind Wedge.
  4. Press that skill button again before the final stab to activate Wolf Claw automatically.
  5. Press that skill button again before Ara does the 2nd claw slash to activate Wolf Fang automatically.

Art Information


Character Level Damage (Magical) Number of
wolves materialized
MP Usage
Spirit Energy
Required Used Gained
25 705% 4 140 MP 2 -4 +3
81 132 MP


Character Level Damage (Magical)
25 282%

Tips and Details

  • Initial requirement of Spirit Energy is 2. After Wind Wedge, 2 orbs will be consumed and 2 orbs will be returned. After Wolf Claw, 1 orb will be gained. After Wolf Fang, 2 orbs will be consumed.
    • Canceling Wolf Tooth to use Killing Spears will not regain the 2 orbs used.
  • This secret art can hit mobs behind Ara and if used at point-blank range, it will hit mobs from behind. (Useful against mobs with shield like Glitter Defender but not recommended against Edan)


  • 08/22/2013 KR
    • Range decreased.
  • 07/10/2014 KR
    • Damage increased, damage modifier adjusted in PvP.
    • Cannot Mana Break.
  • 01/12/2017 KR
    • Damage decreased.
  • 04/27/2017 KR
    • PvE damage increased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 낭아오의 Killing Spears
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 狼牙奥义:狼魂击 Wolf Tooth Secret Technique : Wolf Soul Strike
French Flag.png France Esprit du loup Wolf spirit

Little Devil Skills
Secret Art
WSS.png Secret Wolf Arts : Killing Howl
Special Active
HellofTornado.png Infernal Circle       WolfSpear2.png Wolf Stance 4 : Wolf Fang       WaveEnergy.png Energy Wave       SpearPrison.png Rakshasa Stance 3 : Spear Prison       EnergySuppress.png Suppression Energy
WolfClaw.png Wolf Stance 3 : Wolf Claw       StealSoul.png Rakshasa Stance 1 : Soul Reaping       HPSteal.png Life SwapMana Swap       ForceSpear2.png Force Spear
YRPassive2.png Spirit Enhancement