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[Special Active] Aisha casts a glowing magic missile that repeatedly homes in on random targets.


Class Master Level Required SP Cost per Level Alternative
High Magician Lv. 20 30 3 Chain Lightning

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Damage (Magical) Max Hits Duration MP Usage Cooldown
1 30 266% 8 8 Seconds 200 MP 13 Seconds
2 30 275%
3 31 283%
4 34 292%
5 37 301%
6 40 309%
7 43 318%
8 46 327%
9 49 335%
10 52 344%
11 55 352%
12 58 361%
13 61 370%
14 64 378%
15 67 387%
16 70 396%
17 73 404%

Skill Note

Name: The Newest Missle(NA) / Ideal Missile (생각대로 미사일) (KR)

Description: Magic Missile becomes 50% faster and has two times more max hits.

Tips and Details

  • Unlike most of High Mage's damaging skills, Magic Missile has a very poor Mana regeneration rate, making it very poor for Mana efficiency.
  • Magic Missile will not be delayed in any way; the use of skill freeze may help trap opponents into being hit by the Missile.
  • If used at the same point as another players awakening or special active, Magic Missile will not target them.
  • Magic Missile can target invisible monsters/obstacle generators off-screen and has a tendency to do so if they exist in the current map; while the majority of these generators are not destructible, rendering the skill useless in several locations, there are rare exceptions where the missile can destroy the generator, preventing new mobs from being generated - an example would be the generators in the air on the Hamel Boat map.
  • When passing through groups of mobs, Magic Missile will only hit the mob that it has targeted and not any nearby mobs.
    • This skill can target different opponents.
  • Without its skill note, Magic Missile turns out to be very slow. This allows players to run away from it with ease.


  • 03/29/2013 KR
    • Although not included in the list of Revamp changes to Elemental Master, Magic Missile received the following change:
      • The missile will now travel in a straight line towards the target, and will only turn around to strike it again after it travel a bit of distance. This is considered a nerf because now the missile will no longer spin around the target to trap them.
        • However if there are 2 targets close together and 1 is killed the missile will circle the other target instead of travelling some distance before to turn around and attack again.
  • 11/06/2014 KR
    • Damage increased.
    • Added Damage Penalty after travels further.
      • Damage decreased by 14.5% per second.

Alternative Names

French Flag.png French Projectile magique Magical Projectile

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