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Paper Doll
Name Paper Doll
Release Date Chinese Flag.png December 13, 2013
Operating Period Chinese Flag.png Certain Comic Market Event Reward
Specification Elsword (Rune Slayer)
Aisha (Void Princess dressed in Elemental Master)
Rena (Wind Sneaker)
Raven (Blade Master dressed in Reckless Fist)
Eve (Code: Empress)
Chung (Guardian)
Ara (Little Xia)
Elesis (Free Knight)
Add (Tracer)
Maker ZT Game
URL Elsword Paper Toy
Aisha Paper Toy
Rena Paper Toy
Raven Paper Toy
Eve Paper Toy
Chung Paper Toy


Paper toys for the event reward in certain comic market.



  • On the top of the paper toy, ZT Game misspell ELSWORD as ELSEORD.

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