Phantom Breathing

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SI Phantombreathing.png [Special Active] Aisha summons Petit Angor in front of herself to unleash dark energy which can trap opponents. Anything caught in this attack is affected with Curse.


SP Requirement
Void Princess
80 SP

Skill Information

Skill Level Damage(Magical) MP drain/sec Duration Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
1 74% 6.5MP 5 Seconds 8 200MP 10 Seconds
2 88% 7.2MP
3 103% 8MP
4 118% 8.9MP
5 (M) 140% 9.9MP

Tips and Details

  • You can move freely right after executing the skill.
  • This skill's MP drain amount and duration are affected by Dark resistance. Together with its mediocre damage, this skill is not very useful in PvP.
    • If the opponent is using a Magic Necklace, along with Concentration, a moderate amount of Dark resistance will cause the opponent to actually gain mana from this skill. Full Dark resistance causes an unimpeded mana gain.
  • For some reason, this skill will always gain back the same amount of mana regardless of how many foes you've hit.


  • 08/06/2015 KR
    • Black Hole Added
    • Angkor's position higher

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