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Rose's Alternative Portrait.png

Depending on the image next to a costume set will depend on the following:
Yes.png - The set has all information/images.
No.png - The set is missing information/images

Item Mall Sets

These are sets that are available in the Item Mall permanently or are purchasable for a limited time.

Limited Edition Sets

These are sets that can be obtained from events.

Costume Contest Design Sets

These are winning sets that have been designed by players through an official costume design contest.

KR Designs

CN Designs

NA Designs

JP Designs

One-Piece Sets

These are one-piece costumes that cover the entire body.

Item Mall
     ElswordNEW.png Elsword Costume
     AishaNEW.png Aisha Costume
     RenaNEW.png Rena Costume
     RavenNEW.png Raven Costume
     EveNEW.png Eve Costume
     ChungNEW.png Chung Costume
     AraNEW.png Ara Costume
     ElesisNEW.png Elesis Costume
     AddNEW.png Add Costume
     LuCielNEW.png Lu Costume/Ciel Costume
     RoseNEW.png Rose Costume
     AinNEW.png Ain Costume