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SacCounter.png [Passive] Elsword strengthens his Counter Attack skill by defending with both of his swords.


Class Master Level Required SP Cost at First Level SP Cost Per Level Alternative Skill Requirement
Infinity Sword Lv. 20 50 10 3 Lightning Surge Counter Attack

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Damage (Physical) MP Usage Added Cooldown
First Sword Second Sword
1 50 175% 263% 10 MP 5 Seconds
2 183% 275%
3 53 191% 287%
4 57 199% 299%
5 61 207% 310%
6 65 214% 322%
7 69 222% 334%
8 73 230% 346%
9 77 238% 358%
10 81 246% 370%

Tips and Details

  • Even when Counter Attack does not make a successful block, Elsword will still swing his swords.
  • Does not counter well with certain attacks.
  • If you look closely when Elsword swings his Swords, you will notice that the second Sword (Conwell) is still inside of its Sheath.
  • If noted Compact Counter can serve as an extremely useful defense aura with no casting delays.


  • 07/04/2013 KR
    • Cooldown time ignore bug fixed(5 seconds)
    • SP required for the skill increased and SP required for leveling decreased.
    • Changed so it doesn't launch but gives hit stun.

Alternative Names

Korean Flag.png Korean  ??? Compact Counter
French Flag.png French Contre-attaque parfaite Perfect Counterattack

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