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Requirements to unlock secret dungeons

  1. Must complete all maps for said town on Very Hard
  2. To get inside secret dungeons, you require a pass. All party members must each have one pass.
  3. Be Level 70.

How to Obtain Secret Dungeon Passes

Secret Dungeon passes are a relatively common drop from monsters in any of the respective dungeons from each corresponding area. 0 to 4 Secret Dungeon passes can be found only in Normal mode of the specific Secret Dungeon. For example, for 2-X are a drop from monsters in the other maps of Elder, while dungeon passes for 3-X are a drop from the monsters only in Bethma.

Difficulty of Secret Dungeons

Secret dungeons are not like regular dungeons. The level of the monsters in Normal mode are the same as the person with the highest level in the party. The level of the monsters in Hell mode are the highest level in your party plus 5. For example, if you're in a party with a level 25, 34 and 42, the level of the monsters in normal will be 42, while the level of the monsters if you went into Hell mode would be 47.

This can cause problems for people that are substantially weaker than others, and thus it is recommended to go in the secret dungeons with a group of similar level to you.

Luto (Ruto)

Luto is a mysterious person who randomly appears in secret dungeon runs. He opens a door that you can choose to go into or not. Should you choose to go through the door, the drop rate in the dungeon will significantly increase, however, the level and difficulty of the monsters will also significantly increase.

Luto can appear in both Normal and Hell modes of secret dungeons.

It has been confirmed by Kill3rCombo GM's that the Fever gauge in parties increases the appearance of Luto in your dungeon runs.

Why should I go to Secret Dungeons?

  1. It's the only way to farm for materials needed to create dual stat gems. For more information on this, go to the Socketing Equipment guide.
  2. The drops found only in these dungeons are used to create armor sets.

Secret Dungeon Sets

See here.


  • When hunting for normal tickets, going to;
    • Banthus Cave (Normal) for Elder keys
    • Dragon Road (Normal) for Bethma keys
    • Altera Plains (Normal) for Altera keys
    • Residential Area 3 (Normal) for Velder keys
    • Sunken Resiam (Normal) for Hamel keys
  • --will assure you of a relatively fast hunt. The reason behind the (Normal)s is because they don't give rare drops thus, giving the key a bigger chance to be drop.
  • As of the new "Luto Secret Key", simply doing Dragon Road (Normal) gives you a chance of 2 Luto Key with just a few minutes or so.