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Entrance Requirements

To unlock Secret Dungeons on the dungeon selection map, the character must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Achieve Level 70
  • Complete all dungeons in a region on Very Hard
  • Possess at least 2 Luto's Secret Key in your inventory

Difficulty of Secret Dungeons

Secret dungeons are not like regular dungeons. The level of the monsters will be equal to the highest level player in your party plus 5. For example, if you're in a party with a level 25, 34 and 42, the level of the monsters will be 47.

This can cause problems for people that are substantially weaker than others, and thus it is recommended to go into Secret Dungeons with a group of similar level to you.


Luto is a mysterious person who randomly appears in Secret Dungeon runs. He opens a door that you can choose to go into or not. Should you choose to go through the door, the drop rate in the dungeon will significantly increase while the level and difficulty of the monsters will also significantly increase. Luto will have a higher chance of appearing if the Fever gauge is full.

Secret Dungeon Sets

See here.

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