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ElSkill8.png [Active] Gain Super Armor status and reduces damage taken.


Class Master Level Required SP Cost per Level
Sword Knight Lv. 20 40 3
Magic Knight
Sheath Knight

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Duration Damage Reduction MP Usage Cooldown
1 40 2.5 Seconds 0% 50 MP 15 Seconds
2 2.7 Seconds 1.3%
3 41 2.8 Seconds 2.7%
4 44 3 Seconds 4%
5 47 3.2 Seconds 5.3%
6 50 3.3 Seconds 6.7%
7 53 3.5 Seconds 8%
8 56 3.7 Seconds 9.3%
9 59 3.8 Seconds 10.6%
10 62 4 Seconds 12%
11 65 4.2 Seconds 13.3%
12 68 4.3 Seconds 14.6%
13 71 4.5 Seconds 16%
14 74 4.7 Seconds 17.3%
15 77 4.8 Seconds 18.6%
16 80 5 Seconds 20%

Skill Note

I found out a way to deal with the opponent's attack! Even if you get hit just tell yourself it doesn't hurt. Tell yourself 100 times... even though I feel like dying!!

~ Lowe

Skill Note Name: Mind & Body Technique (긴장된 호흡과 강화 유지 법)

Level Required: Lv. 40, 1st Job Change

Description: Decreases Iron Body cooldown time by 5 seconds and increases your damage by 1.1 times.

Tips and Details

  • All debuffs (Stun, Flattened, Bound, Poison, etc) will still affect you. The skill only grants Super Armor. It does not make you immune.
  • There are a couple of frames left between the activation and the effect of the skill where you can still hit Elsword, canceling the skill (though the red super armor outline may persist due to lag or some other reason).
  • You are still affected by KD calculations, so if you hit the KD limit, you will still fall down.
  • In KR, the movement/jump speed buff is not listed at all, despite being part of the effect. The increase is around 10% for both speeds and is not affected by normalization.


  • 02/05/2015 KR
    • Duration decreased.
    • Damage Reduction decreased.
  • 07/23/2015 KR
    • "Movement Speed Increase" effect added.
    • Damage Reduction greatly increases and the skill becomes able to remove debuffs when it reaches the [True] level.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 극기 Stoic
Japanese Flag.png Japan ストーンスキン Stone Skin

French Flag.png France Ambition Ambition
English Flag.png United Kingdom Ambition

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