Toretugera Canyon

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Dicey Sky Road Toretugera Canyon Altera Village
Toretugera Canyon
Toretugera Canyon.png
Level Range:


Aggressive Mobs: Reactive Mobs:
  • Nasod Miner TYPE-N.jpg

Nasod Miner TYPE-N

  • Nasod Miner TYPE-F.jpg

Nasod Miner TYPE-F

  • Nasod Vulcan Bee.jpg

Nasod Vulcan Bee

  • Lizardman Commander.jpg

Lizardman Commander

  • Saurus Elite Soldier.jpg

Saurus Elite Soldier

  • Red Scorpion.jpg

Red Scorpion

  • none
Field Boss:

Wandering Saurus

  • Vescoo.jpg

Vescoo - A powerful, wandering Saurus lizardman, whose bright red skin is a source of pride.

First Nasod

  • Wally No. 0 TYPE P.jpg

Wally No. 0 TYPE_P - This large robot is said to be a terrifying vehicle of Wally. Brave are the adventurers who seek it.


Toretugera Canyon - field_besma003


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