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El Resonance is a feature that enables characters at max level to further enhance their abilities and all other characters linked to the same account.

Unlocking El Resonance

El Resonance Button

El Resonance can only be unlocked through the item El Resonance Book, which can only be obtained through the quest "Another power! El Resonance!". Only characters that have reached level 99 can obtain this quest. After unlocking this feature, the El Resonance menu can be accessed through the character menu.

StoryAnother power! El Resonance!
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Achieve Level 99
  • Defeat each Secret Dungeon boss once
  • Collect 200 Alchemy Essence
  • Collect 1 El Resonance Device

Look at you, now you look stronger! But it's not enough! I got a secret book that could help you step up. I will hand it to you if you do something for me. Oh, you can buy [El Resonance Device] from [Ariel].

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 0 ElResBook.png [COBO] El Resonance Book NOIMAGE.png N/A

Upon completing the first quest on a capped character, all other characters get access to the El Resonance System regardless of their level.

El Resonance Levels

After the El Resonance Book is activated, the EXP bar in the user interface will become cyan-colored. It will now display the progress towards the next El Resonance Level when viewed with a character at level 99.

Characters at level 99 can now obtain EXP as normal. All EXP gained from killing enemies, doing dungeons/PvP, and completing quests will contribute to the El Resonance Level. Progress towards the next El Resonance Level is shared between all characters within the same account. Only characters at level 99 can contribute to the El Resonance Levels. The amount of EXP needed to advance to the next El Resonance Level will be increasingly higher as you level up.

El Resonance Points

El Resonance Points (ERP) are obtained every time the El Resonance level increases. Points can be invested into El Resonance passives. The maximum amount of ERP that can be obtained is 999.

To remove El Resonance Points that are invested into passives, the player must use the item El Resonance Point Reset Coin or the El Resonance Point Reset Scroll. The coin can be consumed to remove one point while the scroll can be consumed to remove all the points within a single column.

The allocation of El Resonance Points is separate for each character in the player's account. All characters with access to this system will not share the same allocation of points, but each character may maintain a unique allocation. Each character will have an equal amount of El Resonance Points to invest and the point allocation of one character will not affect the others.

El Resonance Passives

Body Magic Support
Skill Image Effect Per Level Max Skill Level Skill Image Effect Per Level Max Skill Level Skill Image Effect Per Level Max Skill Level
Passive Body 1.png Physical Attack +5
Magical Attack +5
Infinite Passive Magic 1.png Active Skill Damage +0.35% 100 Passive Support 1.png MP Cost -0.25% 100
Passive Body 2.png Physical Defense +5
Magical Defense +5
Infinite Passive Magic 2.png Tenacity Skill Damage +0.35% 100 Passive Support 2.png Skill Cooldown -0.25% 100
Passive Body 3.png Elemental Activation Rate +0.2% 50 Passive Magic 3.png Strength Skill Damage +0.35% 100 Passive Support 3.png EXP Gain +2% 100
Passive Body 4.png All Elemental Resistance +3 50 Passive Magic 4.png Bravery Skill Damage +0.35% 100 Passive Support 4.png ED Gain +2% 100
Passive Body 5.png Max HP +0.5%
Max MP +0.5%
50 Passive Magic 5.png Hyper Active Skill Damage +0.25% 100 Passive Support 5.png Item Drop Rate +2% 100

Related Items

Image Item Name How to Obtain Cost Effect
El Resonance Point Reset Coin.png El Resonance Point Reset Coin Purchasable from the Item Mall 25 K-Ching Use to take back one point from a passive effect.
Resonance Point Reset Scroll.png El Resonance Point Reset Scroll Purchasable from the Item Mall 2,390 K-Ching Use to reset all the El Resonance Points invested in one column.
El Resonance Device.png El Resonance Device Purchasable from Ariel 10,000,000 ED
ElResBook.png El Resonance Book Complete the Story Quest Another power! El Resonance! N/A

Tips and Details

  • The Support passives will not reduce the MP cost or cooldown time of Hyper Active skills.

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