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Atlas Territory
Elysion Territory
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City Outskirts Elysion Judge's Sanctuary


Elysion. A Nasod paradise created by Debrian. A secret plan is being executed deep inside it.
Travel to a place that's neither here or there. A place that exists in a different dimension. Is this where the Pillar of Light points to according to the prophecy? Will the El Lady finally reveal herself to the El Search Party? Get ready to journey through time and space.
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Atlas Station Shyflowne Pond City Outskirts Elysion Judge's Sanctuary

Elysion - li_village_elysoin001


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  • Elysion exists in neither Lurensia nor Fluone. In fact, it does not exist in Elrios at all. Instead, it exists in a completely different dimension. However, El energy still exists in this dimension.
  • It is explained in the Side Story Adams' Welcome Party 7 that Cobo had successfully built a device called the "Express Cobo Service" which allows them to appear in Elysion as holograms.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 엘리시온 Elysion
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 艾丽西昂 Elysion
Spanish Flag.png Spain Elision Elysion
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Elysium Elysion

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