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Patch Notes – August 2nd

July 31st, 2012 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates

New Events

Further information will be released on Thursday, August 2nd.

  1. Angel’s Feather: Just for You!
    Trapping Ranger is now eligible to receive feathers upon clearing level-appropriate dungeons. Dimension Witch and Battle Magician will be removed from the list of characters eligible to receive feathers.
    (August 2nd to August 8th Maintenance)
  2. With Guardian Angels
    Upon first logging onto the game, you will receive a “Uyn Ji Angell” accessory for the first character you log onto.
    (Uyn Ji is a member of the Girl Band “A Pink” – All of the angel accessories are named after members.)
    (August 2nd to August 8th Maintenance)
  3. Night Watcher Pre-Event
    Guardian of Eldrasil Quest added – permits you to obtain the timed accessory and Appointment Cube for Rena’s promotional accessory.
    (August 2nd to August 8th Maintenance)


New Cash Items

  1. New Limited Edition “Sports Day” Avatar Added.
    (August 2nd to August 30th Maintenance)
  2. Dark Shadow Ice Burner Weapon can now be received from Ice Burners!
    (August 2nd to September 27th Maintenance)

Bug Fixes
[System Fixes]

  1. Added a feature where upon obtaining a consumable item, it will be added automatically to the quickslot.

[Character Fixes]

  1. Some counter-able Special Active skill can no longer be countered by the effects of Distortion and Counter.
  2. Fixed a bug where Code Electra’s Amplify mode effects would not take into effect after using Cloaking (with skill note)

[Dungeon Fixes]

  1. Fixed a bug where Gates of Darkness Clear buff would remain till the next Gates of Darkness Opening Time.

[Pet Fixes]

  1. Fixed a bug where pet hunger would decrease unnaturally during Velder secret dungeon Hell Mode.
  2. Pet Hunger will no longer drop during dungeons that do not give experience points.

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