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Elsword KR is looking for new update testers

September 15th, 2012 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates

Meeting Details:
– Meeting to test the new Elsword contents
– A simple questionnaire after the test.

– 1st: 2012 Sept 22 2:oo PM
– 2nd: 2012 Sept 22 3:00 PM

– 대구 광역시 중구 동성로 KOG Main office 14th floor

– 1st: 10 Elementary School students that play Elsword frequently
– 2nd: 10 Middle School students that play Elsword frequently

Tester choosing method:
2012 Sept 19 (wed) Till 2:00 PM (14:oo)
– Register under the main announcement post by commenting in our free board. [Area/age/reason for registering]
– Testers will be selected based on their character level and their understanding of the game. Testers that are chosen will be announced with Sept 20 official announcement.

– Free board main announcement [바로가기]

Tester Benefits:
– Experience our October update contents early!
– Transportation fee provided
– Free snacks and small gifts provided.

Translator note: Omg I wanna go so bad. Anyone with Korean connections send your friends that live in Korea. I’m kind of concerned that KOG is targeting more younger user base while leaving older users in the dust. It is very unlikely that we will find out what these testers will see… However we can make some speculations on upcoming updates by the fact that KOG actually collecting testers for their new contents.

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