The Tongue of Elrios

Add Voice Webtoon ”Company” Quantum Leap Episode 6

September 30th, 2016 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Comics | Lore

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  • Shadow S.R. says:

    Thank you for the translation, 2na.

  • Flow says:

    So that’s it.

    • L says:

      Yeah, too much studying, lack of sleep, and addiction to caffeine. Everyone that goes to post secondary can relate to his struggle.

  • Sdhorm says:

    Next will probably be Elesis.

    • Endgame says:

      Maybe they’ll finally tell us where the hell she ran off to for all those years.

      …..While trying to make her look awesome and completely better than everyone else. Because, you know. KOG.

  • Teivel says:

    One of the pages is missing, 2na.

  • ThatOneGuy159 says:

    I can’t help but a laugh a little at that picture of TT and DiE shopping

  • ThatOneGuy159 says:

    If all of this never happened, Add and Echo would of ended up as great friends.

  • Regolant says:

    2na the page number 5 is missing

    • 2nafishisgood says:

      Strange… I could see it. I reconstructed the post so see if that helped. Otherwise, I’ll just use a different image host.

  • Endgame says:

    So….. with that, I can only assume that Add ended up being an irredeemable asshole because it’s in his genes.

    Asshole genes passed down by his asshole father.

  • Dundershock says:

    *looks at Add shopping*

    *sees “Kellogg’s'” replaced with “Kog’s”

  • Raveande says:

    The picture of Diabolic Esper really breaks my heart. ;^;

  • Wdjncjladfnodmdk says:

    Well, that makes his death quote “Dynamos, you pieces of junk” or something like that kinda sad

  • Malle says:

    Still trying to figure out where the insane part came from.
    He was already a slave so it’s not like he didn’t know he lost his parents.
    He knew the situation he was in when he fell into the library. And he was more or less happy to be in a NASOD archive.
    He got more information on why everything happened to him. And he didn’t exactly go insane, just became worried.
    He studied hella hard, made new technology and even had a clear minded resolve to fix everything.
    He’s not even remotely insane. That’s just called the love for his mother and wanting revenge on his father.
    So my question is, where did he ACTUALLY go insane?

    • Endgame says:

      Yeah, this is an underwhelming explanation as to why he’s the downright evil cackling tryhard edgy asshole with rapist undertones he is in the animated trailer + certain stage clear quotes.

      Apparently they’re trying to back away from that characterization of him outside of DE from what I’ve seen of Time Trouble and story quest dialogue.

      • L says:

        It’s the coffee. His lack of sleep drives him insane. Now that he’s back in Elrios, he cranky since he hasn’t had his cup of coffee.

    • Mine says:

      Nowhere, he never went insane in the first place.
      Everyone seems to have the impression that because he shows signs of sociopathy, he’s “insane” or something, but that’s not really the case.

      • Endgame says:

        Our first look at him was him cackling maniacally while killing Oberon and he has a “rape face” going on in every piece of artwork used ingame.

        But like I said, KOG seems to be backing away from that characterization of him. Between Time Trouble and this comic they’re trying to rebrand him as a sympathetic angry dork that only reverts to his old characterization as DE.

  • Dynamo says:

    That explains why Add refers to his creations as Dynamo instead of Dynamos in his quotes.

  • K says:

    Am I the only one thats notice that add seems to get a lot of favoritism from KoG and the fans in terms of Videos/Stories, such as the Light Novel or this.

    • Endgame says:


      You’re also not the only one that’s overlooking that the game its self favors Elesis. As in, KOG loves Elesis but the remaining playerbase loves Add so KOG makes Add stuff to milk them while the story tells you Elesis is the most special of them all.

      So special in fact, that she’s even a major character in Time Trouble and appears on just as many volume covers as Add.

      • ThatOneGuy159 says:

        Mind you also that Elesis was put in game because of Grand Chase. The Elysion story is about her being the next El Lady who has the biggest role in the whole series

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