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Dimension Witch Videos and Information

July 25th, 2012 | Posted by Conspire in Korean Elsword Updates

These are the basic skill and combo videos. More advanced gameplay, translations and interviews will be coming out extremely soon! Keep your eyes on Babel, your front-line source for KR information.

UPDATE: The KR patch was extended for one hour. However, since I cashed Dimension Witch, I managed to get a preview of the pose for you guys before the server shut down!

More Videos:




Skill Information:
(Sorry, my connection was unable to get a screenshot of Distortion and Impact Hammer before the game crashed!)

200 MP: Screw Driver

Aisha generates a dimension swirl at the tip of her staff, and rushes forward rapidly. The resultant vortex creates a black hole that attracts opponents, hitting them continuously. The attraction range is slightly larger than the hit range.
Damage (Level 1):
174% Physical Damage per Hit
MP Cost:
200 MP
10 Seconds


Passive: Magical Staff

When attacking with the staff, Aisha has a chance of generating a time magic that causes additional hits of spatial energy (“Space Impact”) upon activation.
Effects (Level 1):
Probability of Activation: 3.3%
Space Impact Damage: 50% Magical Damage
Maximum of 3 opponents per Space Impact.


Passive: Advanced Teleportation

Permits you to teleport downwards when holding the down button during teleport. Furthermore, when Aisha teleports with her >>zx combo or with the teleport active, she will obtain a short time buff that increases additional damage. Skill note effect is now applied upon >>zx (invincibility effect).
Effects (Level 1):
Buff Duration – 1.2 seconds
4% Damage Increase (Calculated with average damage)
Effects (Level 5):
Buff Duration – 2 seconds
20% Damage Increase (Calculated with average damage)


EDIT: Thanks to Kajin for providing the Distortion screenshot!

Active: Distortion

Aisha generates a realm of distorted space by twisting the space in front of her. This distorted space has its own hit ability, flicking away weapon attacks* and absorbing attacks with weak penetration.
* According to Roo, this means it works similarly to Elsword’s Counter
Damage (Level 1):
Duration – 0.8 seconds
300% Magical Damage
MP Cost:

30 MP
6 Seconds

100 MP: Impact Hammer

Aisha draws in a massive amount of energy into her staff and strikes hard. While striking, the energy generates a shockwave by exploding, stunning nearby opponents.
Damage (Level 5):
Stun – 1.8 Seconds
1448% Physical Damage
MP Cost:

100 MP
5 Seconds

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