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3/14 Patch Notes

March 13th, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 4AM ~ 12 (8 hrs)


 Laby Mod Skills

– 12 New skills

Eternity Winner
Radiant Soul
Nisha Labyrinth
I am stone Want Candy? Oopsie!
Smash Gurumi Go Away!
Screw Punch Hide-and-Seek Poke it?
Mont Blanc Milky Way Flower Garden


Wedding System Revamp


1) Officiants ‘Emirit’ and ‘Bernard’ Added

2) New Wedding maps ‘Elysion’ and ‘Modern’ added

3) Wedding scene revamped, guest NPCs added

4) Scroll Lock button for recording can be used during weddin

[Wedding Celebration rewards]


Before After
Couple Wedding Cake x5
Wedding Champagne x5
Wedding 2 people sit custom (30 days) x1
Wedding Cake  x200
Guests Wedding Cake  x20


2) Wedding Anniversary day reward change

(Wedding Anniversary Day)
Wedding Anniversary Cube
(El Shard, Magic Stone, Stamina Potion, Random Resurrection Stone Cube x1)
Wedding Anniversary Cube
[Luriel] Expert Magic Stone x5, Wedding Cake x20)


3) 30 day dungeon buff and title given to couple

Buff/Title Effect
행복한 신혼 커플(Buff) When couple is together phy/magic attack +5%
신혼의 기쁨(Title) EXP 20%, Drop Rate 10%


4) 1 Year Anniversary Quest added to couple

Quest Name Detail Reward
당신과 함께라면! Clear dungeons within level range 3 times together [Luriel] Stamina potion x2
[Luriel] Vigor potion x2


[Remind Wedding Ceremony Added]

Remind Wedding added. Propose while already being married to have wedding again. Get dungeon buff/title/weekly quest again


[Other changes]

1) Divorce cost reduced (100,000,000ED → 10,000,000ED)

2) Dialogues of previous officiants Hagus, Helen and Glaive changed

3) [Cobo] Couple Ring sold in ED

4) White Tuxedo, Pink Dress’s socket effect changed to 2% chance of double attack

5) Wedding Skill Tooltip text changed


▣ Gate of Darkness Quickslot changes

– Can scroll over quickslot to see detailed information


New Character Trade Limit

– Newly created characters cannot use personal trade/guild bank/mail for 3 days (Can still purchase from board)


(Old)Gate of Darkness & (Old)Henir materials crafting/exchange/upgrade removed



Wedding Quest Event

[Event Duration] 2019 3 14 ~ 2019 3 28 10AM

[Event Target] All Characters over level 10 (Per Account/Per Server)

[Event Detail] Clear dungeon within level range to get wedding cake

Clear dungeon within level range 10 times to get [Cobo] Couple ring


Wedding Buff Event

[Event Duration]

1) 2019 3 14 ~ 11:59PM

2) 2019 3 16 0AM ~ 2019 3 17 11:59PM

3) 2019 3 23 0AM ~ 2019 3 24 11:59PM

[Event Target] All Characters over level 10 (Per Account/Per Server)

[Event Detail] Get ‘알콩달콩 결혼 버프’ buff given to players

* 알콩달콩 결혼 버프 : Phy/Mag Attack +5%


Ring Package Sold

[Event Duration] 2019 3 14 ~ 2019 3 28 10AM

[Event Target] All Characters over level 10 (Per Account/Per Server)

[Event Detail]

Players that purchased wedding package before 3/14 update can purchase wedding ring(propose) sale package


[Cash Shop Update]

Cash Shop

  1. Wedding Ring(Propose/Remind)

– Sale Duration: Always

Propose Remind
(Given by mail after proposing)
Wedding Tuxedo/Dress cube x1
Celeb Wedding Dress Cube (1 day) x1
Wedding Ticket x1
Wedding Invitation x30 days
(Given by mail after proposing)
Wedding Tuxedo/Dress cube (30 days) x1
Celeb Wedding Dress Cube (1 day) x1
Wedding Ticket x1
Wedding Invitation x30 days

* Wedding Ring(Remind) Can only be used when married


  1. Avatar : Luxury Wedding(Sapphire/Rose Quartz)

– 2019 3 14 ~ 2019 4 11


  1. Wedding Ring(Propose) Sale Package

– 2019 3 14 ~ 2019 3 28 10AM




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35 Responses

  • ForeverAlone says:

    Thanks for reminding me that I’m still single throughout the whole years I played because of this feature…

  • Katja Eclair says:

    Finally, I can divorce my dead husbandos without paying 100 mil a pop!

  • Abeyll says:

    I want to see Mont Blanc and Flower Garden mods.

  • Sieg says:

    More shitty filler

  • Dan Yami says:

    how about Varnimyr balance

    • AishaIsBae says:

      isn’t it easy enough already’

    • Frost Magi says:

      100% agree with with this. Adaptability does absolutely nothing, no matter how much percentage you have stacked, when the mobs in the second dungeon and onward can ONE SHOT YOU no matter what gear you have on. Wtf is the point in making us waste res tokens that we don’t have/won’t pay for just to get through some shitty end-game content? Before Varnimyr was released, Elrianode (Forgotten Elrian Sanctum specifically) was already hard enough. Varnimyr was not necessary. But this is KoG, they don’t care. Not even 2 months after Elrianode is released with 3rd jobs, “LeT’s MaKe AnOtHeR sEt Of DuNgEoNs AnD a NeW rAiD/wEaPoN tHaT’s BeTtEr ThAn AdD wEaPoN hUrR dUrR”. They don’t think things through at all.

  • Noware says:

    ✧・゚*:・゚✧*Cash Shop Update✧・゚: *✧・゚*:✧

  • SkyVR says:

    So looks like we are on track to be 9 months without new Mods and about an entire year since NA got a MW update?

    I mean, I love how Daydreamer looks but if it was at the expense of 2019 being devoid of relevant content…

  • K4guy4 says:

    it would be cool if KOG took advantage of that event and brought back all the wedding visuals once more to the game store. I really want the Eternal Wedding for my Aisha T-T

  • Blurples says:

    It appears people will never be happy, unless there’s a major update weekly. Hear that KoG? Start using them IVs in work, because people expect you to be like daddy Sakurai.

    • Or you know, *actually explain the changes they are doing so they can give us information as to why they made those changes?*

      It’s really not that hard.

      • Blurples says:

        How’s that a response to my comment? I’m sure you could make your own stand-alone comment that isn’t a reply to something that’s a bit unrelated. My comment is mainly towards the people that type something like “Dead update” or “More shitty filler” every time a week doesn’t have much going for it… even though F2P Couples Ring is finally a thing, and Laby’s got her other Mod skills now.

        • I understand that, the reason on *why* my comment is a reply to yours is because I *also* want an idea on *why* some of these updates/changes are made. I want a *reason* for these changes like what Blizzard does. I could careless about it being “unrelated”.

          But if you want it related, I *do* agree that some of these *filler* updates are indeed worth it. However, these updates wouldn’t be *CALLED* filler if they actually *EXPLAINED* what this patch note does and *WHY* it was made instead of balance changes others want to see.

          Do you see how my comment has relevance to what you were talking about now? Note that I’m not being aggressive nor insulting you: I’m only providing you my reason.

  • MagicSpice says:

    Never been married in game and probably never will.

    The system is nearly pointless, even after this revamp. Just need it for the wedding skill and the atk increase…

    • K.G.I says:

      And the penalty is stupid too, since if one is dead, the remaining active person have to pay the fine to get divorced, like wtf?

      The system is near pointless.

  • Gurem says:

    It’s a luxury not a necessity, if u need to divorce then pay the d*** ed sink. Besides it increases per year and ed isn’t that hard to get. 3 days and u can get over 100mil without doing a single dungeon, last time I checked this game (NA) isn’t 10 years old yet so no one needs 100mil to divorce yet.

  • Gurem says:

    Plus it’s made to resemble real life. Until Kog makes a delete in active account system this fine shall remain afterall, u can only remarry after a divorce or death of spouse. And u pay a fine for a divorce. Marriage is pointless irl and in game rn and only serves as a luxury.

    • MagicSpice says:

      Then by that logic a dead account (especially if it’s been banned) should mean you’re a widow… Meaning you shouldn’t have to pay the fine… KoG never thought of this…

      Also, if you have the right items, it’s easy to net 100 mil, otherwise you gotta farm storyline or harder dungeons. You must have a ton of stuff to sell or buy from item mall frequently or it’s a SLOG to get ED even with a lv10 treasure hunter. I know this from experience.

  • CrystalVanishs says:

    Still no gay weddings lmaoo whatever KOG, you can’t even do the bare minimum SKSJSKSJ

    • Frost Magi says:

      Lol, yeah, we need those. I agree. This is why Void is nice cause it DOES allow gay weddings. Void is best server confirmed. PLUS they don’t have +13 to make the game crazy broken for all the p2w scrubs, only goes up to +11 which is nice.

      Also, can someone PLEASE explain to me what Force Mod skills even do? Cause I still don’t understand the wording on them. For my Ara, I have Dragon Stance 4: Moonlight Slash mod, and it says “Slash: 952% Physical” (or something like that). Does that mean the damage is reduced to that much? Reduced by that much? Or is that much damage added on? KoG does not word things correctly so it confuses me.

    • Earlygame says:

      I just want to marry my Bluhen to a KE :(

  • Fujimoto says:

    Did someone knows the 2 force skill that can be obtained on the quest?

  • Jungk says:

    If i wanted to get the permanent suit, should i break up if i’m already married before the event start. Then marrying again during the event to get the suit. Would that work or will it count as ‘Remarrying’ ?

  • zi says:

    where is new force mod?

    half-ass to think that kog only release them when player base go downhill

  • Evenslife says:

    The crazy thing is half of y’all claim not to play elsword anymore (idk if it’s true) but still complain so much

  • Sieg says:

    NEXT PATCH WHEN???!!!?!????

  • Amy Plie says:

    I think Kog are busy preparing Kurtzpel for Global release -.-

  • Nyx says:

    I doubt KoG will ever make gay marriage a thing. That shit only flies in certain parts of America and is shunned upon in Korea, South & especially North.
    All I’m saying is don’t expect it to be a thing anytime soon.

  • Samii says:

    So when are these supposed revamps happening?? Kog sure is taking their time and not saying shit about it

  • They honestly need to tell us what’s going on.

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