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[ElLive] Elsword

April 11th, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Elsword News

Uh am I doing this right?

Hey! My name is Elsword I’m the first up for ElLive but what should I say…?

Well.. I got cast with my sis for some reason we we’re in agency. But I think I’ll debut in a different group than her.

Elsword? What are you doing?

I’m on live! Shhh! Woah there’s so many of you watching.

I just got back from today’s practice session. I’m honestly still not used to dancing yet, but I gotta try hard to catch up to sis!

Anyways thanks everyone for watching and cheering me on!

Uh… I heard this is basically equivalent to saying I love you. Is that correct?

Hehe, I’ll turn the Live off for now. See ya! Huh…. how do you turn this off?


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