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4/25 Pet System Revamp pre-notice

April 17th, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates | Patch Notes

4/25 Pet System Revamp pre-notice

▣ Pet Trait

– Previous pet traits won’t function anymore.

– Growth points given to pets depending of previous pet trait growth

– All pet actions that were affected by traits are adjusted to new type of action.


▣ Pet Stats

– Each pet get 4 type of abilities. (Each of them have max level)

Type Effect
Encourage Encourage’s cooldown decreases as pet grows up
Patience Duration of Encourage increases as pet grows
Mastery Pet skill damage increases as pet grows
Focus Failure chance Pet skills reduces as pet grows


▣ Raising Pets

1) Pets obtain growth points whenever they eat food

2) Can raise pets using obtained growth points

3) Can also feed all pets at the same time.

(But can’t overfeed pets. Each pet needs time to digest their food)


▣ Special Encouragement

– If all stat levels are over certain amount, pet gets additional encourage skill

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