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6/5 Patch Notes

June 4th, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 7AM ~ 11AM (4hrs)


▣ Pet Expedition

Form your expedition and clear missions in various areas to receive pet related rewards

[Pet Expedition]

– Condition : level 99+

– How to use:

1) Form your pet expedition in [Life > Pet Expedition]

2) Can form with adult pets with over 50% affinity. (Min 1~ Max 3)

3) Pet Expedition consumes ED and life stamina

– Rewards: Drink, Pet Food, Pet Accessory, Pet Digestion Pill, Fish Bait

* Pet Expedition Mission resets everyday at 10 AM randomly

* Can only choose 1 mission at a time

[Pet Trait Added]

All pets get their own trait, choose your pets well when sending them off on an expedition.

Trait Effect
Wild Pet with wild instinctive power
Hardy Pet that never gives up
Intelligent Pet that can intelligently overcome hardships

* Pet trait doesn’t affect dungeon gameplay

[New Pet Items Added]

New Items that can be obtained from Pet Expedition

– Pet Food: New Pet food, petite jelly

– Pet Digestion Pill: Can reduce pet’s digestion time

– Pet Accessory : Can equip on pet’s accessory slot

* Pet Accessory cannot be removed once equipped. They can however be replaced by equipping another accessory.


▣ Pet Expedition Update Event

[Event Duration] 2019 6 5 ~ 2019 6 13 10AM

[Event Target] Character over level 99

[Event Detail]

1) Log in 10 minutes for El Tree Seed x5

2) Clear Event Quest to get new pet food ‘Petite El Jelly’, life stamina potion…etc

▣  24hr 2x Event

[Event Time] 2019 6 6 all day

[Event Target] level 99+

[Event Detail] Unlimited Stamina, 2x EXP, 2x Drop, log in for 10 minutes to get life stamina potion

[Cash Shop]

▣ New

1. Custom Motion: El Star Fan autograph session

– 2019 6 5 ~ 2020 1 2

2. Avatar : El Star (Ver.Switching)

– 2019 6 5 ~ 2019 7 4

3. Laby Custom Eye : Servion Eye

– 2019 6 5 ~ 2019 6 27

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22 Responses


    These filler events are getting tiresome.

  • Coki91 says:

    ”Pet Expedition”

    Someone give me a Closers meme please

  • Anon says:

    Still holding on to hope we see the individual character revamps soon.

  • Brancliff says:

    The whole “Pet Expedition” thing sounds really mobile game-y, like when you’re playing a crappy lootbox game and it wants you to send 1 – 5 of your pets out and they’ll come back in 24 hours and you get something free, and its just an incentive for the devs to give you push notifications and make you log back on to the game every day

    But I do like a more fleshed out pet system, so that’s good

  • anonii says:

    jesus they’re really taking the word “stalling” to a whole new meaning

  • K.G.I says:

    If FGO can stall there’s no way Elsword ain’t gonna do the same (what’s with this year and stalling for updates?)

  • Eliza says:

    does literally anyone give a shit about this update?

    cmon, give us what we want already. not some shitty music videos and filler worse than the latest boruto episodes.

  • Brancliff says:

    Yay! No ara update.

  • Gurem says:

    I don’t mind the fillers, I want more. Maybe then I can get my gear up-to-date and do raid and start the journey to getting the weapon and acc.

  • Flare Kyn says:

    Pet accessories? Do they actually do anything gameplay-wise, or are they just cosmetic?

  • QWQ says:

    God i feel like im watching Naruto fillers right naw with all those *updates* just revamp the fucking old characters already ,god lord

  • A growing developer says:

    I love these comment sections.

    KOG: *makes fillers, takes a while to develop updates*

    KOG: *releases unfinished update because nobody wants fillers*

    ^ basically the gist of most updates

    Let’s be honest everyone, this isn’t a translated server, this is the developer’s server. Developing new stuff takes a while. There is no shortcut to finishing new content, because those shortcuts are either going to lead to unfinished buggy stuff, or broken other buggy stuff. (and not the OP kind of broken, that’s normal and can be fixed, I mean server ending game crashing reversion necessary kind of broken)

    There is a limit to how spoiled and ungrateful some people can be. Respect the developers, because they control whether the game lives or dies, not the spoiled players. A game can live without a playerbase, but if the devs decide ‘it’s over’ then the game can have a quadriliontimes more players than WoW, it will still be shut down as easily as anyone can write a ‘HURRY THE F UP’.

    • Frost says:

      I love comment section too. Growing developer… You sound like 12 years old “developer”, maybe you really should grow up? You have no logic and no clue what are you talking about. “spoiled players” omg. And to make things clear let me explain something to you.

      First of all elsword having probably one of the most forgiving and patient playersbase ever. Simply because majority of players with regular patience already left from this sinking ship. Development takes a time? Sure – when you’re solo or few people developers in a team, who DEVELOPE a game. Elsword was developed/released in 2007 and that wasn’t even their first game.
      1. After that, what they were doing – are patches, and small portions of content for already developed game, which takes MUCH less time.
      2. KoGs nowdays is not a small poor indie studio that needs a year to make a patch – they were milking their playerbase for years.
      3. It’s a foking mmo – how can you don’t know, as “developer”, that mmos lives on patches and content – as higher quality and quantity of updates – then more playerbase the game have! In Elsword people sitting a whole year, waiting for content, playing the same grindy as hell things. And sometimes they are sitting whole year just to get some lazy sht like 3rd jobs or another “cut/paste” rework.
      4. One more problem here is that KoG’s idiotic politics can’t fit expectations they grow in playerbase themself. Like – they was promising old chars rework and right after feed players with laziest fillers ever instead for half year. “Oh no – someone on forum not happy with that” – are you really that dumb?
      5. “Respect the developers” – remember buddy one veeery important thing – no one owes you respect just because you’re developer. This is the market! You offer a product, you get paid for it. If people are not happy with your product – you lose buyers – as simple as that.
      6. “developers control whether the game lives or dies, not the spoiled players” – wrong again and shows how no clue on anything you are. Players control whether the game lives or dies. Especially with f2p (p2w/lootboxes) mmos. Because players are paying the cash, you know? If no one playing your mmo – it will die. If you’re dumb, greedy, lazy developer – your game will die (sooner or later).
      7. What about elsword particularly, KoGs ruining their own game since S3 with p2w, lazy cut/paste reworks, disbalance patches, constantly misleading players, etc. And nowdays – thats not a secret for anyone, why players eat fillers half year already. KoGs working on Kurtzpel only, trying to monetize it as much as possible, to milk new playerbase, while their new game “hot”. Thats basicly sum up their nowdays politics.

      • Flibbitydooda says:

        I love this comment section also. If you dare make a comment about anything, you will get verbally attacked, and it’s always personal~

        • Frost says:

          So, when someone jumps and judge game’s community calling people spoiled, ungrateful and portraining playerbase as “bad guys”, (just because they’re not happy with dev’s disappointing politics on forum), while white knighting obviously dismissive and greedy devs with childish logic statements – thats not “verbally attack”, and not “personal to anyone”… If you dare to make comments like that – then yes – expect to get treated accordingly… Also “verbally attack” in internet? Really? What a cruel world – you better avoid internet in general – it’s full of smarty savages, who can “verbally attack you”, just for you leaving cocky, verbally attacking whole community and dumb comment.

  • surge101 says:

    KoG only do a “half-assed job” (shenanigans) at releasing new force mod when the game is declining below their standard threshold (such as loss of population – PvP/PvE, characters/classes, etc..)”, then surely character revamp will take a awhile to arrive, due to KoG’s half-assed move every so and then. If their real get-go was to give us (or show us a trailer) character revamps this spring but fill us with all these fillers, then it is clear that KoG is purposely trying to “delay” a significant amount of time until they feel it’s necessary to release character revamp or new force mods. Otherwise, they could have at least update us some news; as to when or why it’s taking a while.

    I understand that if it’s classified of their own expense to not reveal info about new force mods or character revamps (yet)…, but if KoG have to keep people waiting beyond the release/reveal seasons, then that puts a slap to all of us who had/has “hopes and expectations” for the game. Disappointing… In fact, even if new force mod or character revamps releases, some characters will always fall under the category of getting something pointless and that’s a waste. Don’t forget that even if it’s an OP skill/passive, you should consider the possibility of a nerf because that’s the trend of elsword nowadays. Nearly everyone is already affected from KoG’s nerf vs buff syndrome through an exaggerated sense of opinions. Maaaybe that’s why KoG delays a lot and tend to be half-assed? Maybe, but still, the loop-hole of all this between KoG and the community is unfair, biased maybe… and dare I say, “undeveloped.”

  • MagicSpice says:

    They’re milking the hell out of this “life stamina” thing aren’t they?

  • MagicSpice says:

    Well shit…. KoG might have royally fucked up this time looking at this:

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