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7/4 Character Reboot Notice(Ara/Elesis/Ain)

July 3rd, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates | Patch Notes


Character Skill/Trait Reboot
Ara, Elesis, Ain Skill Slot Reset All Skill Slot Emptied
Ara, Elesis, Ain Trait Reset All Traits Reset
Ara, Elesis, Ain Command Commands renewed
Ara, Elesis, Ain Stats Base stats and growth stats renewed


El Tears Skill damage increase stats changed as follows

Character/Class name
Ara Tempest Dance Damage Increase Falling Dragon Damage Increase
Little Hsien Quick Thrust Damage Increase Radiant Orchid Damage Increase
Little Devil Force Spear Damage Increase Detonation Spear Damage Increase
Little Specter Heavenly Strike Damage Increase Fox Hill Damage Increase
Elesis Sonic Assault Damage Increase Wild Shock Damage Increase
Grand Master Upper Slash Damage Increase Triple Sonic Damage Increase
Dark Knight Shade Scratch Damage Increase Blood Swamp Damage Increase
Erbluhen Emotion Lied Schwach Damage Increase Edel Lid Damage Increase


Character/Class Skill/Trait Reboot Detail
Ara Secret Art All secret art damages increased
Ara Tempest Dance [Strength] → [Flexibility] Skill rank changed


Skill’s form changed

Little Hsien Abundant Power Added feature to convert all magical attacks to physical attacks
Little Hsien Fierce Tiger Strike Skill’s form changed
Little Hsien Quick Thrust Skill removed.
Sakra Devanam Energy Activation KD Decrease rate adjusted(lvl 4)
40% → 20%


Physical Damage Increase feature added

Sakra Devanam Radiant Orchid New [Bravery] grade skill added
Sakra Devanam Spiritual Dragon Trait changed
Apsara Time of Enlightenment Physical Damage amount and stack amount adjusted
2% 20 stacks. Decreases by 5 stacks  → 3% 10 stack. Decreases by 3 stacks


Free secret art usage when Using 4th art at maximum energy Energy cooldown time
20s → 10s(PvP20s)

Special Active skill Cooldown time Decrease effect cooldown
10s → 7s

Little Devil Spirit Enhancement Feature added to convert all physical attacks to magical attacks


Max MP Increase feature added

Little Devil Wolf Stance 4: Wolf Fang [Tenacity] → [Strength]


Spear throw size and range increased, Multi hit.
[Killing Howl] wolf range increased

Trait changed

Damage adjusted

Little Devil Force Spear Skill removed.
Yama Raja Energy Enhancement Magical Damage Increase number adjusted.(lvl 4)
6% → 8%(PvP 3.2%)


KD Decrease rate adjusted
30% → 15%

Yama Raja Howling Wolf Strong wolf Chance adjusted.(lvl 4)
50% → 80%
strong wolf’s Range Increased
Yama Raja Hell Gate When casting Rakshasa art, feature added to decrease cooldown of Special Actives
Yama Raja Sage Spirit Force Spear skill effect removed
Yama Raja Detonation Spear New [Bravery] grade skill added
Yama Raja Vortex Energy Trait changed
Devi Unleashed Chi Additional energy gain amount when using secret art adjusted
2 → 4(PvP 2)
Devi Chi Release [Rakshasa Fear]’s All Defense Decrease effect changed
All Defense 30% Decrease → Magical Defense 40% Decrease
Devi [Mod]
Energy Void
Skill’s form changed
Little Specter Assimilation Added feature to convert all magical attacks to physical attacks


Awakening per hit Energy Recovery amount changed.(lvl 4)
1Awakening : 12 hits → 8 hits
2Awakening : 9 hits → 6 hits

Little Specter Heavenly Strike Skill removed.
Little Specter Suppression : Spectre Hit features changed


Damage adjusted

Asura Specter Power Release KD Decrease rate adjusted.(lvl 4)
30% → 15%


Physical Damage Increase feature added

Asura Repose of Souls When activating exorcism art, Repose of souls orb generation feature added
Asura Spell : Spiritual Eye When using secret arts, Special Active Cooldown Decrease time adjusted(lvl 4)
10s → 7s
Asura Liberated Will
: Asura
KD rate adjusted
50% → 25%


During Awakening, chance to not consume Energy adjusted
5% → 50%(PvP 10%)

HP recovery amount adjusted when using skills that consume Energy
Per 1 Energy Recovery rate : 1% → 10%(PvP 1%)
Recovery cooldown : 10s → 5s

Asura Spirit Synchronous : Millennium Fox Heavenly Strike skill removed


[Spell : Thunder] skill’s Critical activation amount adjusted
15% → 50%

Asura Fox Hill New [Bravery] grade skill added
Asura Spell : Necromancy Buff effect changed
Critical, Additional Damage 15% → Bravery Skill Damage Increase 15%
Asura Fox Illusion Trait changed


Hitbox, damage adjusted

Asura Fox Fire Trait changed
Shakti [Mod]
Spell : Necromancy
Buff  effect changed
Critical, Additional Damage 20%(decreases enemy’s damage by same amount) → Strength skill Damage Increase 20%
Shakti [Mod]
Fox Fire
Skill’s form changed
Shakti Mana Release [Power of Darkness]’s Movement Speed Decrease effect changed.
Movement Speed 20% Decrease → Received Damage Increase 20%


All skill Cooldown time Speed Up effect changed
All Skill Cooldown time Speed Up 2x
→ Special Active Skill Cooldown time Speed Up 3x
(Fixed abnormal bug with old Speed Up effect)

Shakti Awakened Specter Power Reboot skill added to list of Eun’s Power skill
Shakti [Mod]
Spell : Thunder
Skill’s form changed


Character/Class Skill/Trait Reboot Detail
Elesis Chivalry Chivalry system revamped
Can use V key to freely swtich between Annihilation/Gale modes.
Elesis Sonic Assault Skill removed.
Elesis Roll and Dodge New [Flexibility] grade skill added
Saber Knight Knight’s Destiny Added feature to convert all magical attacks to physical attacks
Saber Knight Triple Sonic New [Strength] grade skill added
Saber Knight Power Break Skill obtain level and class changed
Grand Master, at lvl 80
Grand Master Upper Slash Skill removed.
Grand Master Point Jab New [Tenacity] grade skill added
Grand Master Drastic Charge [Flexibility] → [Tenacity] grade adjusted
Grand Master Skilled Knight Max MP Increase feature added
→ Max MP Increase : 100


Received KD Increase amount Decrease
20% → 10%

KD Decrease rate Decreased
20% → 10%

Grand Master Cross Slash X New [Strength] grade skill added
Grand Master War Prelude Buff effect changed


Max MP increase effect removed

Empire Sword [Mod]
War Prelude
Skill range Increase.


Buff effect changed
→ Max MP Increase effect removed.
→ Chivalry gauge related effects removed
→ Buff applies to party members as well

Empire Sword Knight’s Demeanor Skill removed.
Empire Sword Charge! New Passive skill added
Applies [Knight’s Stigma] when attacking, when allies attack enemies with
[Knight’s Stigma], stigma explodes and damages enemies. Character’s damage reduction stat increases if there are enemies with [Knight’s stigma] nearby
Pyro Knight Explosive Fist Skill obtain level and class changed
Blazing Heart, lvl 35
Pyro Knight Body of Fire Added feature to convert all physical attacks to magical attacks


Skill tooltip changed

Pyro Knight Avatar of fire lvl 20 locked skill
Pyro Knight Fireplay No longer a locked skill


[Flexibility] → [Strength] grade adjusted

Skill’s form changed

Blazing Heart Red Lotus Sword Skill obtain level and class changed
Pyro Knight, Obtained at lvl 15
Blazing Heart Blooming Flame Skill removed.
Blazing Heart Seed of Fire New Passive Skill added
Whenever using Special Active skills, [Fire Seed] stack is increased (Maximum 3stack)
At Maximum stack [Burning Fire Flower] Buff activates


[Fire Seed] Stack doesn’t increase while [Burning Fire Flower] Buff is active

Blazing Heart Fire Pillar New [Tenacity] grade skill added
Blazing Heart Flame Rose [Flexibility] → [Tenacity] grade adjusted


Skill’s additional feature changed
Generates up to Maximum 3 depending on amount of targets hit.
→ When succeeding in attacking [Fire Seed] stack increases by 1

Blazing Heart Flame Orb New [Strength] grade skill added
Blazing Heart Invincible Fire Fire pillar added to target skill list
Blazing Heart Liberated Will
: Blazing Heart
Max MP Increase feature added
→ Max MP Increase : 100


Skill tooltip changed

Blazing Heart Mistress of Inferno Effect added to new skills
Fire Pillar, Flame Orb
Blazing Heart Soul Ignition Additional fire attack feature also activates onSpecial Actives


Feature added to increase special active damage within Duration

Dark Knight Dark Force Features related to chivalry gague removed


Added feature to convert all magical attacks to physical attacks

Dark Knight Blood Swamp New [Strength] grade skill added
Dark Knight Revenge of Blood Skill Feature changed
Whenever attacked [Revenge of Blood] stack increases. Whenever attacking with a skill
[Revenge of Blood] stack is consumed by 1 to increase skill damage
(Hyper Active removed)
Dark Knight Blood Storm New [Bravery] grade skill added
Dark Knight Shade Scratch Skill removed.
Dark Knight Injection Stigma Skill obtain level and class changed
Crimson Avenger, obtained at lvl 50


[Flexibility] → [Tenacity] grade adjusted

Dark Knight Burning Phantom Skill obtain level and class changed
Crimson Avenger, obtained at lvl 50


[Bravery] → [Strength] grade adjusted

Crimson Avenger Blood Explosion New [Tenacity] grade skill added
Crimson Avenger Liberated Will
: Crimson Avenger
Some [Knight of Darkness]’s feature changed
[Knight of Darkness]
– When HP is below 65% (PvP 30%), activates differently depending on Chivarly mode
– Physical Damage 5% Increase
– Critical 5% Increase
– Maximization 5% Increase
– Physical Damage 5% Increase
– All speed Increase : 5%
– Hit and being hit MP gain 10% Increase
Crimson Avenger Berserk Features related to Chivarly removed


Max MP Increase feature added
→ Max MP Increase : 100

Crimson Avenger Assault Strike Skill obtain level and class changed
Dark Knight, lvl 30


lvl 30 locked skill

Bloody Queen [Mod]
Injection Stigma
[Flexibility] → [Tenacity] grade adjusted
Bloody Queen [Mod]
Burning Phantom
[Bravery] → [Strength] grade adjusted


Character/Class Skill/Trait Reboot Detail
Ain Bohren· Vereisen Skill obtain level changed
lvl 15 → lvl 10
Ain Dritt · Stilett Skill’s form changed


Skill obtain level changed
lvl 10 → lvl 15

Lofty: Executor Attack Type Changed All skill’s attack type obtained after 1st class are changed to physical attacks
Lofty: Executor Continuous Projection Added feature to convert all magical attacks to physical attacks
Lofty: Executor Viert · Werfen Speer Skill’s form changed
Lofty: Executor Zweit · Sicheln [Flexibility] → [Bravery] grade adjusted


Obtained when advancing to
Arme Thaumaturgy

Skill’s form changed

Arme Thaumaturgy Autosuggestion [Autosuggestion] effect partly changed
→ Party Movement Speed Increase removed. Only Caster is affected
→ Party Awakening Charge Increase effect changed to 1.2x
→ Max MP Increase changed to 1.2x
Arme Thaumaturgy Reinforced Projection [Reinforced Projection] Maximum stack amount changed
50stack → 30stack


Per 1stack Critical Damage amount changed
Per 1 stack Critical Damage 0.5% Increase → Per 1 stack Critical Damage 0.8% Increase

[Reinforced Projection] amount of stack removed after duration changed
7stack → 5stack

When Awakening, 5stack [Reinforced Projection] is applied

Richter [Mod]
Max MP Increase adjusted to 1.2x
Richter Apotheosis Projection stack enhance level adjusted
lvl 10 → lvl 6
Lofty: Anpassen Noble Pledge
: Eid
Feature added convert All Physical attacks to Magical attacks
Erbluhen Emotion Inner Growth Max MP Increase amount changed
Max MP Increase : 150 → 100
Erbluhen Emotion Lied Schwach Skill removed.
Erbluhen Emotion Edel lid New [Bravery] grade skill added
Erbluhen Emotion Vertrauen Melodie [El’s Blessing]’s Magical Damage Increase effect changed to only affect the caster
Blue Hen [Mod] Windhose Ally Hit and being hit MP Recovery effect removed


Skill damage changed

Lofty: Wanderer Attack Type Change All skill attack type obtained after 1st job are changed to magical attacks
Lofty: Wanderer Wavering Faith Added feature to change all physical attacks to magical attacks


Changed to not obtain absorption when attacked

Lofty: Wanderer Geist Herrschaft Skill obtain level changed
lvl 40 → lvl 25
Lofty: Wanderer Brechen [Flexibility] → [Bravery] grade adjusted


Obtained at Apostasia

Skill’s form changed

Apostasia New Belief All skill’s remaining Cooldown time Decrease feature changed to activate while in Awakening State
Apostasia Ruler of the Abyss [Encroaching Chaos] effect changed to only decrease Magical Damage
Herrscher Chaos Barrier Increases attacks of allies within Chaos Barrier
Caster’s Critical Damage Increase : 15%
Ally’s Critical Damage Increase : 10%
Herrscher Enhanced Absorption Skill Cooldown time acceleration effect duration reduced
10s → 5s

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98 Responses

  • Paprika says:

    Bruh Richter loosing 20% atk hurts a lot.

    • Wavedashing says:

      Where is he losing 20%? I am seeing he lost 1% on projection passive but inherently stacks it faster with awaken spamming now. Way faster than before. Smh.

      • Wavedashing says:

        If you do normal dungeons, 20% is not being lost until you’ve spammed so many skills that everything is already likely dead. And god help you for Henir speedruns. Max power nerf is not equivalent to an actual nerf if they make stacking it hella faster, literally by over 5x the speed lmao.

        • lecarm says:

          What he means is that this passive does not talk about his physical attack increase, which is 1% per stack. Since he lost a maximum of 20 stacks then he lost 20% overall from that passive.

      • Akria says:

        20% is 20%. They increased the crit dmg, but not the phys damage per stack on reinforced projection. Big oof to ya’ll Richters.

        • Paprika says:

          Thing is they did not even increase the crit dmg : 0.8×30 = 24 while 0.5×50= 25

          Stacking speed was only an “””issue””” in regular dungeons (more likely 12-8) but surely not in raids if you’re not looking for the big timers thanks to Autosuggestio MOD and Apotheosis RNG.

          I’d rather NOT trade 20% atk power for 20 stacks (wich are 10 with Auto MOD xd)

    • Terra says:

      If you work it out, the passive gives 24% Critical Damage instead of 25% and is much faster to get full stacks as well as it lowering slower when the duration expires and even gaining stacks when awakening…even if its a 1% crit damage nerf, its a huge buff overall imo

  • Earlygame says:


    Bluhen doesn’t deserve this

  • Terra says:

    Avatar of Fire is a locked Level 20 skill? Shouldn’t it be locked level 30 skill as Fireplay isnt locked anymore?

  • Narazeon says:

    As Bluhen main
    I don’t accept this , – ,

    guess ill change to another character

  • Eliza says:

    look what they did to my boy, absolutely destroyed him

  • An Actual Devi Main says:

    1. Devi’s reworks are quite meh, I hoped for Soul Reaping and Wolf Claw tier change to tenacity/strength, but that’s okay. I guess they still don’t know what’s the problem. >.>
    2. Also, why is Force Spear removed…? Remove Repel (or Absorption Nova, no one uses it after hitbox nerfs), not Force Spear. Bring it back!
    3. Energy Void rework is actually good.
    4. Tempest Dance was trash, I’m glad they changed it into escape skill.

  • Dan Yami says:

    Blue Hen

  • shan says:


    VN: okay
    BR: could’ve been better but i won’t complain
    SH: i wasn’t needes to be but it was heavily buffed

    ES: weird
    FL: i liked
    BQ: i’m curious

    RT: geez, one of most not-used jobs being nerfed to the inexistence
    BL: kog witchhunting support classes like they’ve done in the past vol, of re:boot with CU. you suck, kog
    HR: are those changes? i’ve felt nothing

    Re:boot 2 in general: oh my… that was pure pure shit

    • Biriri says:

      Hersch got too many already.
      Don’t forget that his phys skills are mostly 10k%+ ish.
      With them being pure magical now, his clearing utitlity and overall dps will be much more better.
      And they haven’t touch his dmg boost tools even bit so Sakrosankt with the giant boss gonna be fkin scary.
      I’m more afraid of his nerf afterward instead.

    • Veteran says:

      Don’t forget about them nerfing Wonderwall to nothing as well (witch hunting support classes in PVE) . Honestly after this patch I expect them to nerf CC to dust, and then buff Cent and FP like usual. Which is bs.

  • Abeyll says:

    Soul Ignition, at last maybe I will love you.
    Also, I guess they want FL to really go full on Strength haha

  • Bluhen did not deserve this at all. Richter kind of did. As a Herrscher main, I’ll take my MAtk conversion passive and go. Looking forward to seeing his new commands.

  • Soren says:


    Ok, got that off my chest.. Sorry bout that Lol~

    Alrighty, so Are didn’t get much change, only deleted and replaced those stupid spear active skills.

    Elesis got it good for now, removing Knight’s Demeanor is good and the Chivalry change is very welcome, as well as the new skills. Flame Lord is also bueno, I really like the changes to Soul Ignition~ And Bloody Queen.. I’m not sure.. I hope she still heals via Knight of Gale and Knight of Destruction… And moving Burning Phantom from a Bravery to a Strength… The new bravery skill better make up for the lack of Burning Phantom.. All in all I’m also very curious about her new skills~

    And lastly Ain, lol his changes were miserable to look at and I don’t even like him lmao. Like LOL he had the least changes. XD
    I mean he only got a single new skill hahah, although I am insanely curiois as to how they changed Zweit Sicheln

    • Soren says:

      Ara*.. Stupid autocorrect…

    • Familiar says:

      ES changes are SERIOUSLY bad. Also new skills.. only Triple slash / saber isn’t trash.


      • Adrian says:

        its sad, ES deserve better than this? war prelude MP is gone
        Knight’s Demeanor is gone too T_T


          DANG IT!BRING BACK SNAP CRUSHER instead..she lost her utility now because they think that es is a support not a semi dps…well if u geared it enough you can bring her former glory..but some of us who doesnt WHALE for IB’s and +11 amuls making her a viable class is almost and utterly impossible..

  • Aradere says:

    Wait so like… are Fox Hill, Detonation Spear, etc. new skils or do I just not remember them?

  • Verkova says:

    Friendly reminder that whatever nerf Ains get they all deserve it

    • xLunatix says:

      Lol screw you. If you know how to play him properly you’d know it isn’t exactly easy to use like the other characters.I hope everyone else gets nerfed if this is the case. Let me see how they “balance” this shit out.

  • Kiro says:

    is this a joke? wtf is this sh*t? more buffs for ara? kog? hello? do you want to make her oneshot roso with +0 weap or something? 100% disgusting, 100% bullshit, 100% trash

  • Neko says:


  • Katja Eclair says:

    Whew, none of my Devi’s PvE actives were changed.

  • Lead says:

    why the hell did they remove the trio spear active skill? Please no, not quick thrust, not force spear (heavenly strike can go, stupid skill), Ara will never be the same without them. They are literally the best weapon f2p players got to fight against whale noobs.

    • xd says:

      heavenly strike im actually sad about cause i used it for MP burn trait in PvP. Helped keep people from MBing.
      i dont know how they were “literally best weapon against whale ‘noobs’ ” but alright
      force spear was really good so gg :(

  • LastGlint says:

    Always keep an eye on the command changes.
    There could be a reason to the damage changes, I don’t think Richter was nerfed as much as people are saying. Until I see the change visually and the damage changes to his skills, I won’t speak on it.
    But I will say that there’s a chance that another aspect of their skill was drastically changed to compensate. KoG was never too keen on details. They always leave out important stuff.

    • ifloppsy says:

      tbh the command changes aren’t gonna help much in PvE where everything late game is 99% skill focused. nor does it really help Bluhen or Herrscher

  • Eliza says:

    Apsara: New bravery skill, and they didn’t touch flying kite so isall good. The 10% dmg nerf hurts but not as bad as Richter.
    Shakti: Really wondering what they did to the mod skills as both of those felt worthless.
    Devi: Hell yeah yah girl got a buff to the best secret art.

    ES – okay cool
    FL – okay cool
    BQ – Soooooo many changes. 3 new skills as well, awesome.

    Ain – hahaha

  • ifloppsy says:

    herrscher really….got nerfs or nothing e

    croaching chais, why was that not just deleted, it’s useless in every aspect

    brechen [Flexibility] → [Transcendence, idk what that means. it’s not tenacity, bravery or strength.

    no absorbing when attacked, okay? it was useful to a point now they took it away for no reason.

    cooldown decrease only in awakening, again why??

    chaos barrier, cool a buff….for other players.

    Skill Cooldown time acceleration effect duration reduced
    10s → 5s, tbh not like it was that noticeable anyway. and for how long it takes to get to third seed (still because log did nothing to change it), this was 1000% a nerf

  • Uzi Yadish says:

    Shit, if Ain goes down then Laby probably will too.

    GG Ain, your succrifice will not be in vain.

    • Earlygame says:

      Or they could be nerfing Bluhen so that ppl jump to RS as the better supporting character

      We’ll see… But honestly Laby is the newest waifu, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • RandomPerson says:

    RT gets killed despite barely being used, BL is less of a support class now and Herr, Ara and Elesis in general gets buffs.
    I can already see the pattern of these patches and at least RT is drinking a cold with RM somewhere.

  • Spuck says:

    This is hardly a “reboot” lmao. Do better kog.

  • Tai says:

    OK. I’M MAD, WTF


    ok. I hope that Edel Lid bs is atleast A DECENT SKILL or atleast cleaning skill. He needs one other than Requiem or Windhose. That’s literally the only two cleaning skills he’s got.
    maybe Lind Scheien but it’s on a minor scale

    but am i blind or i did not see the escaping skill on Ain? or any of the characters? wtf

    Now that ‘ve seen this i can oficially hang myself, scuss me
    I’ll stay faithful to BL tho, he’s my boy.

  • Moon says:

    I don’t know why all these ains complaining ain was top tier he rarely needed any changes his commands are getting changed which was the only bad thing about him stop bitching

    • ifloppsy says:

      autosugesstion was basically the only thing that made Richter good in parties and it was nerfed. also lost 20% dmg.

      Bluhen main purpose was party support but they nerfed some of his support.

      herrscher….basically is the only Ain that didn’t get touched and benefited from the overall damage change every class got.

    • xLunatix says:

      Lol? Df you talking about? Top tier my ass. I look on that leaderboard and richter is miles away from being the top tier. LITERALLY his entire system depends on that passive he has nothing else. Almost all his other passives were to help with that 1 passive which now does 20% less ALL damage. Idk why I even bother, you sound like someone who doesn’t even play/ know how to play him properly.

  • ifloppsy says:

    now that my initial rage has passed i guess i’ll try to look at positives for Herrscher since all dmg is now magic.

    Entfernen deals 11,108.16 (13,329.792 with full HP), what most Herrscher use for huge dmg.

    [mod] schmerz -heavy can deal 14k magic dmg

    Verzweiflung maybe useful early on now

    Gottvergessen Sense-heavy 14k magic dmg and probably won’t just be used for abyss stacking (mod version imo gonna pale in comparison)

    Choas Feld dmg increase

    Brechen is gonna be 300MP(maybe) magic now so gotta see how it changed. if it’s a henir release skill, all the better since it gets a MP reduction.

    Sakrosankt Zertreten with Heavy can deal 31,907.52(?) dmg across all Ains if all hits connect.

    as for his passives i’m upset they didn’t do more. only buff is his barrier now helps party but his barrier is way too small. he’s also now 1000% more awakening reliant, with ROF nothing changes.. [Encroaching Chaos] is still useless in PvE and PvP.

    as for commands, if it’s the same treatment as the first reboot, not gonna help Ain much, but his commands were the worst thing about him.

  • QWQ says:

    BQ geting a skill called Blood Storm.. i swear there must be a period joke in there… oh wait

  • QWQ says:

    And in the way this whole reboot right naw is
    Ara: *gets buffs dat i bet she didn’t deserv to begin with*
    Elsword 2.0: *gets some buffs*
    Ain: O u c h

  • ifloppsy says:

    i guess my rage stems from Abgrund really never getting its range back ;(

    but Sariel can stand there and the entire map gets erased

  • Just a Guy says:

    I really dont know why there is so many comments complaining abaut Bluhen changes, i main him since he came out and i legit dont see anything wrong abaut the changes they did to him, what lost 50 max MP, they remove the MP gaing from WIndhose [Mod]? so what do it really matter? you have a friking Batt Blume to get MP back, that character dont have any MP problems, i would call a nerf if they remove the other effect on Windhose where you get reduce CD on every skill you have that is way more useful. complain abaut they removing the mag attack for other people in party, but you still get it? whoo cares is not a nerf for you, you will still get the mag attack, and you think you that liltle buff matter? things will still get 1 shot by other people whit buff or not, and we dont know what the new BRAVERY skill do as second effect, we dont know if it some kind of support skill that give some kind of mag attack ect. yea i really dont get you guys complains i really dont im really ok whit this changes for a new bravery skill where he need more bravery skill for dmg, ill take that any day any time

  • Lol says:

    People who say ain nerfs are deserved or that he was broken clearly never actually consistently played one endgame and are talking out of their ass

    Go look at the outcry on the kr balance forums, theres a +12/ 300+ erp RI who posted their dmg on training dummy pre balance lol. It looks actually quite sad as it is, let alone what its gonna do to him after nerfs.

    Ain was busted on release, but that didnt last. He hasnt been touched for a year, and the last update was nothing but nerfs. Many other charas got boosted in the year, but ain still sat the same with nothing. The stacking for ri and hr seemed dated compared to others. Now this is how they “fix” it? This is really disgusting.

  • Lefi says:

    lucky class: ohh my class got new skills and buffed… ok..

    DG class: *laugh in depresso*
    im waitin

  • Majestrix says:

    As I adviced, thank Kog.

  • tuna says:

    lul @Ain players

  • MagicSpice says:

    (Sees the fires starting in comments)

    And I’m just sitting here waiting for Aisha…

    • Minami says:

      Same Still waiting for AS BUFF!!!!! … AISHA MUST GET BACK TO THE PVP TOP 10

      • Biriri says:

        For those who ask why Ains mains keep complaining, he was op alrdy.
        From my view, he wasn’t an op, just a strong char. (Have you see many Ains on KR ranking board nowadays? No?)
        And Richter, he was an underused class alrdy, esp in raid.
        His dmg wasn’t that extraordinary compared to how annoying his system was (Slow start, must not die) While those ravens and renas can just spam spam and spam.
        20% atk buff decreased isnt something acceptable for those high end gears ppl, unless his renewed 2 bravery are strong.
        Also the nerf on autosuggestion buff is disgusting.The buff is bravery, but can give only 1.2 times awk speed, maxhp/mp to party? Gross.
        For Bluhen, his role in raid was mostly supporter, but they still gutted his support potential. He’s not like DaB who is fkin strong in dps alrdy tho, still can give op debuff like stigma to greatly support the party dps. Also fkin easy to use.
        For Hersch, nothing to say. The nerf is really deserved because they haven’t touched his dmg boost tools even bit so he can burst his dmg to hell as usual, just harder to handle with befreiung buff in raid. But with many more dmging skills, it’s worth it. Still, i dunno why they even have to bother with useless trash like Encroaching Chaos debuff.

        To conclude, his difficulty and annoying system wasn’t worth with the output received compared to those old chars. But they still gutted him more, and secretly buff HR who was alrdy strong before. (I’m HR main, but i think he got most buff in this patch among Ains, which is too much)

        Imma wait and see how they do with his commands first before ranting again.
        Also those new bravery skills.

        • ifloppsy says:

          the only reason he got buffed was because they changed his overall kit to magic, giving him more options and now some of his skills do more damage. something they were doing for all hybrid classes, making them focus on one type, it’s not like something KoG actually thought about, they still nerfed one of his passives and didn’t really look at any of his other stupid passives. the magic debug should’ve just got deleted because it’s useless.

          if the change to focus on phys or mag wasn’t a thing for all classes, his overall damage would still be low. he got buffed inadvertently, not because KoG cared to buff him, as a herrscher main we only got lucky.

  • Leanthir says:

    I couldn’t believe they would do something good for Bluhen. Thanks to KOG for another kick.

  • Pinil says:

    why nothing changed in debuf in Fire Lord it is’n working on the boss

  • MomoXennpai says:

    Lol suck it Ain users, you guys deserve every single nerf in this

  • Earlygame says:

    Welp only Edel Lied Wille is good… Rein is meh but I have to test it, Mut is just a weaker but bigger Requiem 2.0

    I shouldn’t have expected much haha;;

  • ifloppsy says:

    Ain commands = still crap.

  • Dia-chan says:

    Why would they nerf bluhen….

  • Aincon says:

    Ppl keep saying Ain deserved this.. No he absolutely did not. Richter was already so rare anyway because he can’t be used in raid.. Now he’s just gonna be even more worthless with less stacks and less dmg. Bluhen.. Why tf would you nerf an already dying character.. Bluhen has so little dmg thanks to his previous nerfs that he can really only be a support now.. Lol jk KoG makes him even more worthless and takes that from him too. Btw thanks KoG for doing absolutely nothing to the most broken Ain class, Herrscher. I’m sure that his skill spamming added onto the mini buff you gave him is totally deserved.
    As a Richter main, I’m ready to pack my bags and either quit or change mains. Richter was already a struggle to use due to his strong skills having either horrendous animation times or no range.. I stand by him being a strong character to make up for his animation times and lack of range. But ig I’m not allowed to play a strong character, so thanks KoG, love how you listen to your audience.

  • Saigo Hoshizora says:

    Dear KoG Games
    Did you really just decrease the support capacities of a support class? again? I have a slight feeling you don’t get how playing in a party works, you have the damage dealers (Which in your game is everyone apparently, try figuring that out) who are meant to be dishing out the big numbers, then you have the supports, the supports are not meant to be dishing out the big numbers, they are meant to weaken your enemies, strengthen/refresh your allies and setting up the mobs so the damage dealers have an easier time dealing damage.

    The support class in question has some notoriety for being a wonderful support which is good for him, we all like good supports, but some people seem to claim he is “too strong” when it comes to his other skills too, what you do on that case is… wait for it… weaken the things not related to helping allies and counterbalance it by rounding out things that can help him help allies **IF IT IS NECESSARY**.

    Please do not forget that despite us players sometimes preferring solo play and some even being so strong as to just solo the entire universe, your game is still supposed to be an MMO, it’s still supposed to encourage party play and synergy, playing the lone wolf is boring and when you discourage party-based gameplay by removing party interaction, you push your players to being lone wolves, don’t do it.

    Sincerely, Saigo

  • Jotaro says:

    Female favorism at it’s finest…
    This “reboot” looks like – KoG did most buffs for those two whores and for, it looks like they didn’t have time to think of how to buff Ain, so they just nerfed him instead, turning him into a ghost “just like it always was”. (or everything even more simplier. They got scared to buff him, because of whining waifu-fags, crying that he is too strong, while they don’t realise how hard he is to play sometimes)

    • Leanthir says:


    • QWQ says:

      Waifu fags? holy sheat just wait until you see the reaction they have at Aisha and rly outa Elesis and Ara, yeah Ara got the most DID SHE DESERV IT? Nah but a waifu faggot would say *OMG MY WAIFU DESERV ALL THIS LOVE* gosh dang Waifu fags

    • iBeDorky says:

      ok, so no… since release BQ has gotten nothing but nerf after nerf after nerf they just buffed her to turn around a nerf her again in the last update… ES new skills r lazy and nothing special like wtf a triple saber? lazy AF and also her new passive is trash and they nerfed others overall ES feels neutral AF only big positive is her ability to control her chivalry system like her brother. Then BH needed some heavy help for pve did they add it meh i mean they did add some help but still horrible pve char compared to her counter parts her clearing skills r non existent pretty decent bossing skills for larger bosses lol. all i can say is she did get a fair few changes. So overall to say that buffed elly all together nah as i said ES pretty neutral cant call it a buff. BH yah can call it a buff she needed for pve. BQ yeeeh finally a buff after never ending nerfs just to nerf her new skill again is she god tier again meh maybe right below it.

  • Jotaro says:

    what the hell is with my comments? why do they dissapear? (for me at least)

  • Biriri says:

    Ok, the result was as expected.
    They gave Richter 2 op brv, one can deals a huge amount of dmg like Mont Blanc but with the addition small targets also hurt LOL.
    To conclude, hersch got almost nothing except a bit more dmging skills while his passive was nerfed (this gonna be harder in raid)
    And Bluhen is the worst being treated.
    Not just losing a bit of his support ability, hes got nothing in return unlike CU lololol
    Well done KOG, for making game more boring.

  • RazorPump says:

    The Ara changes were fine and needed. Although a few issues still remain.

    – Force Spear
    Removing FS was the worst possible thing they could do for Devi.
    It was a wonderful skill for Cancels, Clearing, Finisher, Utility and Damage (especially Gray damage for Raids).
    Its removal is a top-notch nerf, a really big Nerf.

    Although, Heavenly Strike and Quick Thrust weren’t really that useful, and removing these two made more sense.

    If anything, the skill they SHOULD have deleted was Steel Body.

    • GarryMS says:

      Why Steel Body? That skill is a godsent cancel skill, 0 cost, 5s CD and faster than Heavenly Strike Bruh. Same goes for Quick Thrust, idk why they would remove them, it’s a good cancel skill

  • Lolme says:

    I hope they fckin nerf laby hitbox and skill to op

    • Katja Eclair says:

      I hope they fix and/or replace Nisha’s sucky ZXXX combo. The range is so wonky that you’re better off with ZZ spam in every situation.

  • Kaiohshin says:

    I’m very disgusting, for BL nerf. My main is completely ruined. WTF! BL is always in low tier, he hasn’t damage in raids and he has an insuficent skill set for pvp. He has at least 5 or 6 active skill absolutely useless especially in pvp. BL hasn’t stoic combo or skill with good mp cost for pvp (The only one is Aurora 300 mp). And KOG nerfed it…absolutely ridicolous! I understood because BL was nerfed. To promote Radiant Soul! Radiant has similar skills and now is the only buffer of the game. RaS has a very similar skill to an atomic shield and in fact what did they nerfed on CU? Atomic shield !!

    Who has nerfed bluhen, has the faintest idea how it works? It is extremely cumbersome to use, as the use of eid slows it down a lot in the use of some skills. This is especially felt in pvp, a role in which it is very disadvantaged. I was expecting a buff, given the lack of damage I do in raids, but instead they took away the little utility I had to give it to Laby! Mod Windhose hasn’t any increased damage after reboot, I saw italiano on many korean video on YouTube. Windhose damage is the same of before. No new combo command or evasion skills. Nothing!!

    I hope they make a balance like last week and fix up the colossal stupid they have combined

  • MagicSpice says:

    -One week later-

    (Sitting among the burning chaos that is the comment section, waiting on Aisha changes)

    This is fine…. This is normal to me.

  • Miss him( says:

    where is Endgame?
    Has any1 see Endgame?
    he was the only reason to read this comments(((
    come back, Endgame T_T

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