The Tongue of Elrios

New Demon Realm Region Pre-Notice

July 11th, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates | Patch Notes

New Region : ????

Dimension of chaos becomes more violent and interrupts the El Search Party’s return to Elrianode.

Just when monsters warped by Henir are about to enter through the gap in the seal made by El Masters and the Priestesses, a girl and a mirror stops them in their tracks

In that moment, the space distorts and turns into a dimensional gap, throwing the El Search Party and the girl into an deep unknown sea…


New Dungeon

5 dungeons are added to ???? starting with ‘Sea of Ruin’

First dungeon, ‘Sea of Ruin’ requires combat level of 350,000 to enter.

Prepare for battle against even more tough bosses in following updates

Dungeon Name

Combat level limit

Demon Realm Debuff

Planned Update Date

Sea of Ruin



2019 7 18

Closed Underwater Tunnel



2019 7 18




2019 8 1




2019 8 1




2019 8 14

New Armor Added : 홍예항마(Antimagic/Antidemon Rainbow)

???? Collect dungeon drops or clear daily quests in the new region to obtain material items and use them to craft 홍예항마, an armor specialized for the Demon Realm.


홍예항마 armor has following traits

1) Can use a new system called ‘Refine’ to make the armor more powerful

2) 홍예항마 armor has total of 6 types and each type has a special set effect.

 New Armor

홍예항마 – 주(Orange) (Top,Bottom,Gloves,Shoes)

홍예항마 – 단(Red) (Top,Bottom,Gloves,Shoes)

홍예항마 – 벽(Teal) (Top,Bottom,Gloves,Shoes)

홍예항마 – 창(Blue) (Top,Bottom,Gloves,Shoes)

홍예항마 – 녹(Green) (Top,Bottom,Gloves,Shoes)

홍예항마 – 감(Navy) (Top,Bottom,Gloves,Shoes)

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159 Responses

  • bad says:

    XDDDDD gotta lock all end game content to whales amirite

    • Kerialstraz says:

      Or just play the game, get +10 void (which is easily obtainable for F2P) heroic gear and you can enter too. Especially after re:boot boosting CP tremendously

      • drugs says:

        i hope they boost it by alot since even with +10 void fully upgraded and full elrianode set and i still only have 420k CP

      • bad says:

        >just get a +10 void

        sure bud lol

        • Kerialstraz says:

          Not like using the blacksmith profession and getting all void stages atm is easy amirite?
          But that would require effort and people wouldn’t be able to cry about it when they would inform themselves.

          • this ain't it chief says:

            “easily obtainable for F2P”
            i have wasted triple digit of real money and few billion of ED ingame and i can’t even get +10 with blacksmith so naw

          • bad says:

            oh so I see that you approve of the .1% chance to get a +10 after grinding for months okay bud whatever suits you

          • Akria says:

            Listen up.

            How about you inform yourself and realize that unless you’re whaling, the chance of actually getting +10 (even with blacksmith) are below 1%

            Get out of your fantasyland and open your eyes

            Void weapon is easy, yes.

            +8 is easy, yes.

            +9 you might have to wait for an event to get if they decide to give free scrolls

            +10 is dumb hard to acquire

            I’m actually one of the F2Ps who got +10 and it was just dumb luck. I didn’t even grind for it or anything. Most normal unlucky players will not be able to do it. You’re locking 90% of the playerbase behind gear-walls that can only be passed either by spending high amounts of money or just getting lucky. It’s dumb. It’s stupid.

            Might I also add that even with my +10 and decently good elrianode set, I barely scrape 400k?

            Funny how that works, huh

            So you don’t just need +10, you need perfect Elrianode too or +11

            Both of which can practically only be acquired by whaling

            I’d like to see you do it if it’s so easy. Go on, stream it, I’ll watch. Heck, link it right here. No balls.

          • Kerialstraz says:

            Maybe you forgot to realize but re:boots bumped your overall CP by at least 30%.

            Also funny how you don’t even mention your ERP and how its distributed. Not like asd/polarize are the best way to get high CP and getting good ERP is easy by itself.

            Or farming niche items and selling them on board would also make a good amount of money.

            But yea I gotta prove something that other people already did through determination because people don’t wanna put effort into the game and just want their old gear to carry them through all new regions.

          • Samii says:

            Yeah it’s soooo easy to get +10 and decent gear huh? You sure do live in a fantasy land. A whale can easily buy gear pieces with money, enhance with money, grinding is literally hell if you have shit gear and now it’s behind another massive paywall. Plus +14 is going to be a thing which can be aquired by cash whaling.
            No f2p person will achieve that unless they spend years grinding.
            Just shut up.

          • Starsonovasa says:

            Call me crazy, but didn’t they just boost the rates for getting up to a +10? Weapons won’t break until +9 now iirc due to a recent change in Korea, so getting a +10 isn’t as out of reach for F2P players anymore

        • Kerialstraz says:

          “oh so I see that you approve of the .1% chance to get a +10 after grinding for months okay bud whatever suits you”

          Not like getting decent gear doesn’t require sheer but determination and just daily farming. If you won’t do this then don’t complain lol.

          • bad says:

            Dunno where ur getting the fact that I dont grind but as I’ve said whatever suits you bud.

          • sss says:

            Only some classes get the overall CP boost, some classes that are already high up on the list barely get anything due to the stats being reset to the highest tier class right now (EW) so anybody close to that does not get 30%

          • thecoldhardfacts says:

            How does one “grind” for a +10 when the items required to even give you a chance at it are normally locked behind a paywall? And even with an enhancement event, the material we get are given in scarce quantities as well? Many people have been grinding for months and maybe even years now and do you see a majority of the playerbase just casually waltzing around with +10 or +11? You telling me they didn’t get a +10 or +11 because they “didn’t grind enough?” You say it like this “grind” is something quantifiable with a guaranteed return at the end of all of it, and that couldn’t be any from the truth.

        • Katja Eclair says:

          Got a +10 void, made it to 296k CP, can probbbbably make it to 300k with the 5th yellow void disk.

          350k ain’t happening, and rip all the other chars I have that I want to play in the new area.

          • Katja Eclair says:

            “re:boots bumped your overall CP by at least 30%”

            If that’s true for Devi, that’ll bring me to 384k CP, and I’ll STILL be locked out of the rest of them.

            The only hope is that KOG massively reduces the CP requirement of these dungeons like they did with the first 4 Varnimyr dungeons.

          • Katja Eclair says:

            *Sorry, not first three, later ones with story mode and all

          • Kerialstraz says:

            Where is the problem in gatekeeping current endgame for players not being able to play it at all?

            No other mmorpg makes you get into the new endgame without prior farming and gearing up aswell. Are you complaining about that too?

            That system is not Elsword specific. The only bad thing about Elsword is the sheer RNG heavyness in everything, but if you know what you have to do to get your CP then its easily possible. But people rather want stuff handed to them on a golden platter instead of trying to get into that area by work.

          • bad says:

            “Where is the problem in gatekeeping current endgame for players not being able to play it at all”
            Literally translates to “Lock endgame content to whales”
            Come back again at a later time KoG shill.

          • Shinaitsa says:

            +10 henir weapon here, 350k CP, just saying hello

          • Shinaitsa says:

            “actually play the game” fixed your translation for you

          • En says:

            Have you tried getting +9 elrianode gear with crit. damage? ASD? ERP level to 100 at least and puttin them in ASD? socketing boss damage? I dont know fam. I’ve seem people going around with 420k CP using heroic gear + void.

            Maybe you should stop complaining and try looking for a way to improve. :3

          • I tried to replicate how little a typical NA player would have to my best ability on the test server(aka void)
            Assuming your luck, you have elri +9,
            typical dungeon set accessories, maybe an ib 5/5
            +10 void weapon
            150 erp
            Absolutely not perfect stages but your sockets are fine.
            Attempting to emulate this I hit a little over 400k.
            But remember, just because you can get in doesn’t mean you’re actually capable of doing the dungeon. You’re going to want at least 700k cp before going in, and that’s where the real issue lies.
            You can bet that the minimum requirement is a whole lie.

        • En. says:

          Hi, I’m a f2p player that has obtained 3 +10s (one in a SD weapon back in the days tho, rip that sword I guess) and 1 +11.

          Pleasure to meet you :D

      • Flare Kyn says:

        Uh… how the hell can a F2P easily get a +10 Void weapon?

      • TerrorTaco says:

        Since when is a +10 ez to get

      • Human Race says:

        Ok, put a new player to play the game without spending cash and you see how he can get a +10 void + full sockets and + full elrianode equipment. This was only a paywall, seriusly :l

        • Human Race says:

          Is really funny to see old players saying ”+10 is ez to get” because these players can sell items who don’t use and are expensives vs newplayers or midplayers who doesn’t spend money on the game to enjoy the history :l

    • EarlyGame says:

      +11 pay to win armor hype.
      Am I right boi.

    • Tewi says:

      Why spend your time grinding if you can spend your time whining.

      • OwO says:

        it’s a good opportunity to practice you multi-tasking skill by whining at the game and grinding it at the same time

      • Saigo Hoshizora says:

        Although I agree that the whining gets really annoying and it’s so surface-level on the issues the game has that it hurts me, it’s not like they don’t have a bit of a point, why yes, you can grind for some time and make some ED, maybe you’ll get a really strong drop that will net you buckets of ED, maybe you’ll go for more moderate but guaranteed methods like SD or Void Fragments, but the sheer amount of RNG involved with the late game is kind of a problem
        Take the Raid weapon for example, not only do you have to be incredibly strong (Which depends on RNG if you’re dropping your eltears and quite a lot of ED if you’re buying them-Which is the real reason one might pin the game as P2W, since cash items are the easiest source of ED, although I’m not that keen into that perception I will not deny it has reasoning-) you also have an really low chance of even dropping it on a mode that is limited on how many runs you can do in a set time, and once you get it… it’s still worse than the weapon you already have because you probably invested a lot on your Void just to get here, and now you have to invest again from scratch to get it on par with the Void
        And how do you get it on par with the Void? Well, you just use the unique feature of the weapon of increased Mystic Stones slots, and then you realize that Mystic Stones need RNG not only to drop but also on the effects that they give, which means you need either buckets of ED if you buy them only this time with added RNG, but you need twice as much RNG if you decide to grind it yourself
        Do you see the problem here? the early game was significantly streamlined which is great, the mid game is somewhat RNG based but it’s not all that bad but the further you go the more you need pure dumb luck to get stronger, and I’m not even going to mention refine because that’s a whole different beast

        Buuuuuuuuuuuuut since I don’t like pushing only one side of the discussion when doing these walls-of-texts that few are actually going to read, it does seem people tend to give flak to the game either for the wrong reasons or for things they don’t really think that much about, like complaining about ES having a party-only passive, it’s annoying for solo play but the balancing already has too much focus on that, give party play some love please, I know we are all anti-social wrecks with no communication skills but maybe having something we enjoy pushing us to actually giving half a crap about other people might be useful outside the game too
        Or maybe the complaints about the time it was taking for these revamps to come out, I know waiting is kinda lame but this is KoG, they need that time to figure stuff out and they seem to be at least trying, “Filler” might be seen as a bad thing these days but it’s literally giving you something to chew on while the main course doesn’t come, if you want to be critic about the main course wait until it’s served

    • Akazhi says:

      Llorando 😢 como siempre, nunca lograrán nada si solo se la pasan llorando y gritando, esta es la realidad señores, y tienen que adaptarse, sino les gusta, a sufrir entonces.

    • Lumen says:

      yikes, one of my alts has (i don’t play it at all) 420k with heroic +9 wep (free from story) and +8 heroic armor (free from story), anyways I would like to bring to your attention everyone with reboot will receive a CP boost (a lot of people got 20-30% increase 420k x 120%= 504k!. This comparison is a bit unrealistic because a big part of my cp is my high ERP. However, you can get just as much, and two you can easily improve on this with a Void wep +9/ elrainode gear! If you factor potential CP gains from the new system it becomes much more feasible. Not to mention this character does not have other items that boost CP by a significant amount for example Awk/Cutscense and titles which are easily obtainable, and other things such as eroding aura ). It’s not that hard to get 500k CP, if anything you should be complaining about the potential difficulty of the dungeon (just because you can enter doesn’t mean you can come close to beating it). Also please note “1) Can use a new system called ‘Refine’ to make the armor more powerful”. If this is the same as Mystic stone, then everyone can get stronger. The way it is written means you can further improve your elrianode gear (aka more cp). The new armor that will be released will prob be similar to the raid weapon, more slots for this new system. There was also “leaked information that enchantment rates will be improved, we don’t know how true that is regardless it is something to consider”. If you’re struggling to improve maybe consider farming instead of doing nothing. It doesn’t take long to use 100% stamina and if you can’t even put in 2 hours to use up your daily stamina you have no right to complain. I used to complain a lot about gear in my past. But 2 years ago stop complaining and actually started grinding, now I have 2 characters at over 1 mill CP and I’m considered DPS for raid. If we to make the point f2p is hard. I made a free to play BkM I played one day out of the week for only 2-3 hours. In 3 weeks I was already over 200k CP. No void wep/pretty bad heroic barely any accessory. On top of everything, I did not use any erp. My opinion of p2w is completely different from yours, p2w is a wall you cant overcome with time and effort. If you needed a +12 to get 500k cp that’s a different story,IMO that’s p2w. But all you need is a really good heroic set. None of that +10 stuff or +11, also +12 doesn’t mean you do BigDkDamage btw. I know some AeS with full +11, and they do nowhere near my damage. In dungeons/raid/henir anything I still can out damage them with +9 armor. (Also just to add their Elrianode armor tears are better than mine).

      • Lumen says:

        correction, after reviewing the patch over. It seems like the new refining system can only be used on the new armor.

      • I'm dumb says:

        my luciel even with +10 rank 29 heroic and +8 heroic armor set would still only give me 220k cp
        feel bad man

      • KaidouSea says:

        can you share the screenshot of your character and ERP ? cause it sounds super fake

        • Lumen says:

          I do live-streams my gear is posted in my streams. If you really want to see it, you can find it lol. Yes my ERP is very high (253). As my alt AeS has 400k, is very achievable with correct heroic gear and sages (which are free). Wrath 2/2 wisdom 3/3, 14% boss damage wep 10% ignore magical bottoms and shoes, 40ASD gloves, 10% attack top. Ignore defense boost up cp by so much, once it’s capped boss damage is the 2nd highest. I also needed up docketing awk time and duration., because once you reach about 80% cri and maxi it starts to give more cp than cri/maxi. I did not buy any of these, just sheer farming heroics on multiple character for a very long time. The reason I made this set is to bankshare and easily get 250k cp on all my alts even with passives or costumes and farming for the +9 wep. This how I raid on 13 characters. With just banksharing Ignia accessories and my ib 4/5 plus Eo cape and sinster i hit 400k. If you really think about the price of all those items it’s not too expensive.

      • MMK says:

        I do see your point, especially with the case of putting time into the game, which, is not a problem, but i think it’s more of where that time goes aswell,

        I would like to know what your grind progression was like, be it starting off with SD material grind to ereda, and then to Raids while mixing pvp to grind for AP to sell off or get El shards.

        I’m sure that i’m probably gonna get a “figure it out yourself” phrase incomming, but knowing what process you rolled with to progress to that point, along with some advice for the grind is something that honestly helps and makes the road somewhat clear.

        • MMK says:

          But i also see the need of those higher CP requirements. Higher-tier or strong veteran players that stick to PVE do need some more content to keep them playing the game, or even having them stick around.
          I might get a “Raid is what they get and they should be fine with it” but i do believe in the case of having some more content at the endgame too.

          Thinking of warframe aswell, They do have a lot of content , most of it can be reached from progression between weeks to a month, and having masive damage build would make you want more and more in terms of hell difficulty(or just challenging content, eventhough Railjack is on the way, along with plains of Duviri)

          So, I see the reason for the need of high-gating some content. And if the reward is worth while while giving challenging content, then more power to them.

          • KaidouSea says:

            i want to know how the hell he get “420kCP without even playing at all” man, he said it’s all ERP does the dude has like lv 500+ ERP or something ? that’s what i wanna know cuz i have all of the required ERP filled and im no where near 350k lol. this dude sounds like a bot trying to defend the game with the narrative “u can get anything with grinding”

          • MMK says:

            Same. im sure it’s Prroooobably possible, but for me to believe them i wanna know what they’ve done, what was their first steps towards getting where they’re at, and what currently sustains the fund flow for getting their CP up.
            and to be honest, i’ve seen one person so far who said that it was possible that gave advice on getting ED and funds for getting your CP up. but for me, i wanna see as many things as possible. And im sure they got some way.

            and if not then it’s nothing but hearsay , and stuff to take with a grain of salt.

            so again, i know your feel Kaidou. I do.

    • I'm dumb so i may remember it wrong says:

      but didn’t they change it so +8 from bellow won’t break but from +8 to +9 would still have a chance to break ?

  • I have no mouth and i must scream says:


    • Defender says:

      I once saw someone with a million,what’s your point?

      • thecoldhardtruth says:

        That’s like saying, “I see billionaires on the street everyday, just be one yourself.”

      • Flare Kyn says:

        You saw someone with a million? Cool. Guess what. That’s only one. The rest of us can’t even get to half that.

        • Kerialstraz says:

          Maybe because you guys don’t know how to properly progress in Elsword and don’t make an effort in trying to learn how to do it?

          • MagicSpice says:

            You progress in elsword by throwing money at the game…

            Those guys with 500k+ combat power? +11 weapons and maybe a few +10

            Hey, last i checked blacksmith maybe gives a +9… Anything past that is very low chances.

            You need an absurd amount of damage based upgrades to get 500k… Period.

            Oh, and add on the fact that the demon realm debuff is now 60% max, making most of your HP, def, and atk moot without adapt increases

  • Momokyu says:

    Well, time to totally render Elrianode armor (and soon Flames of Judgement Weapon) useless.
    And under water Dungeons! It’s not like ppl already hated Hamel

  • JustFreezer says:

    Idk if people leaving comments here are trolls or are really whining. If you don’t want to farm, you won’t access the new contents. If you don’t want to improve your character, you won’t do anything. It’s a MMO. Elsword has a lot of defaults, but reaching 500k CP while being f2p is completely possible. if you refuse to spend time on a MMO, then you should play other games that suits you.

    Moreover, reboots are basically a more of less damage increase to everyone. Grinding with a +9/+10 shouldn’t be that more of a problem anymore.

    • xLunatix says:

      Lol trust me. I have a +11 void and can’t reach the amount of damage the bigger whales output and doing varnimiir dungeons is such a pain in the ass, not to mention I do like no damage in raid boss. Also you could say being f2p is completely possible, but from the 6 years a I play this game… I can confirm you’d have to no life the game for the amount of grinding you’d have to do to get slightly about half of the power whales can do. If you want to do pvp then welcome another year to build your set when they bring an enhancement event so you could attempt your luck with blacksmith. That aside, idc for reaching minimum required CP, I want to actually do damage and have fun in dungeons and be able to get top ranks on the leaderboard. But then again, that’s pretty much the leaderboard for the amount of money spent on the game lets be honest. Even you have to admit, the enhancements in this game is terribly p2w. There’s no way in hell you’re getting a +12 as a f2p player, getting +11 is already a challenge as it is. Times the work by 4 times to enhance your armor since it’s also relies on higher enhancements. My point is to look at the power level of whales and the ability of f2p players to reach that power level. No one currently can ever reach that far playing f2p. The amount of grinding you’d have to do f2p it’s almost like doing a job instead of playing a game to have fun. Elsword 2019.

  • Pumkinpawa says:

    Make it as OP as you want in PVE, but please not stronger than elria in PvP

  • Abeyll says:

    50-60% Debuff is so dumb.

    • EternalDream says:

      Only at first. Considering the new armor is called Anti-DEMON Armor, it’ll most definitely give a ton of adaptability.

      And who knows, Luciel might even get an adaptability party buff in their reboot so they’re not dead weight in a party anymore lol.

      • Abeyll says:

        I mean sure it’ll not do a thing to me since I’ll have an easy time farming there anyway.
        But for a non-whale, you first need to get and upgrade the gear to be efficient in these same dungeons. Isn’t it quite weird ? I don’t know I feel like something is out of place with this demon realm debuff and adaptation really.

      • Abeyll says:

        An adaptation buff from Luciel would be amazing actually.

      • SkyVR says:

        Then what’s the point in Adaptation in the first place?

        It’s literally an initial brick wall, if the “Anti-demon Armor” gives tons of Adaptation, its like someone giving you an itchy sweater that can’t take off, then giving you a backscratcher if you do them some favors.

        Literally introducing a problem just to fix it right afterwards, and that’s dumb.

    • NeoAnything says:

      Not if the gear itself gives tons of adaptation xD

  • yuki says:

    can we use blindfold from 12-3 dung to remove the debuff?

  • Soren says:

    Awesome, more dungeons for to never be able to experience! Yay!

  • TheLuiz says:

    Why they keep making STORY dungeons harder to enter, play and beat?! What is wrong with you?

    • (non)sense says:

      /you’re not the target audience/.

    • Lecarm says:

      This is just a crazy idea, and believe me it’s really crazy. What if games get progressively harder as they go? Mind blowing I know.

      • Gameboy224 says:

        This is less a difficulty curve and more the warped wall from Ninja Warriors.

      • EarlyGame says:

        He is talking about game turning hard for +9 and +10 user,not the actual game difficulty. People can definitely survive with +10 in dungeon but its chore to play and not fun.

        Give people enough time and any dungeon after a while become punching bag for people.
        Rosso is already a joke.

        • I'm dumb says:

          well they did nerf rosso buff adaptation stats and give us henir rework so people can get uinque head hunter for free so it’s less about people getting used to it and more of kog making the dungeon become easier overtime.

      • SkyVR says:

        How about the idea of being able to reach the CP quota without dumping all ur sockets on Crit/Maxi/Boss Dmg^ and your equipment identify on Crit Dmg/A-A/ASD, at which point you become made of candy floss and you’ll still barely do mosquito stings?

        Stop deluding yourself, says 500kCP, KOnG really means you need maybe 700kCP in order to run it properly, without being stuck for 20 secs on one mob.

        People who barely manage to scrape the quota are not the target either, its only those who have +11 Pepsi and full +9 Color Elria with all 3% Crit Dmg and whatever else that are the target audience.

        • Human Race says:

          The problem with that is make the game ultra boring and impossible to the people with +10 pepsi and +9 elrianode. If they search balance these players they can nerf the elrianode critical damage, ASD stones, skill damage stones and put these stages forcing the player with a +0 upgrade in all equipment.

    • Human Race says:

      Sadly isn’t difficulty that. CP = Paywall. End of discussion.

  • Agus says:

    Thanks god we have the +10 event in void

  • Katja Eclair says:

    “First dungeon, ‘Sea of Ruin’ requires combat level of 350,000 to enter.”

    Alright, there goes any of my hype.

  • Dot says:

    Clowns trying to defend this not realizing that barely making the CP limit doesn’t amount to anything, and telling people to barely reach 350k or whatever is easy. You need like 100k+ past the actual required CP to be able to efficiently clear any of these dungeons. But, at the same time elpeeps shouldn’t really be crying about this considering that means you aren’t even able to clear what the game currently has to offer so there’s no reason for you to try even harder stuff.

  • FundMeAgain says:

    once again kog gives players nearly a year to catch up with content making all previous content easier by comparison,with difficulty nerfs and better gear options.

    -Heroics, You can easily get you to around 200k cp with the free +9 they give you and appropriate ERP (many of my alts have above 200k just with free heroics).

    -Elrianode, initially hard but kog then nerfed the difficulty again by allowing debuffs to work on enemies and bosses etc.

    -Demon Realm, Hard on launch as well mobs one shot you and shred your hp and bosses had took a while yet progressing in the demon realm dungeons with accessories and titles gave you adaptability which made the dungeons far easier including their debuffs being nerfed.

    Honestly you have a year on average between content updates to actually gear your characters including events which sometimes can be generous. If this playerbase continually thinks that a +11 is literally the only thing that will allow them to do content competently then there is a fundamental block in said players understanding of the game in its current state.

    Kog has introduced multiple ways to help players understand how gearing works in this game and there are multiple cost effective ways to raise combat power in the game currently if you’re willing to put in a bit of effort not even a full stamina bar a day on dungeons. Almost every MMO is like this if you refuse to progress you will be left behind content is not going to cater to people who dont put in as much effort as other players to prepare for it.

    Aside from enhancement values being total rng paywall for the most part out of blacksmiths kog in the past few months has given players the tools they need as free players in order to progress.

    Anyway TL:DR stop being lazy just play the game casually and invest in things for gear and you’ll be geared enough.

    This is all coming from a person who grinded out every single el tear on their gear and didn’t purchase a single one outside from a few crit damage tears over the course of the last year so dont @ me

  • Frost says:

    KoGs: Makes oopsies and enrages players so many of them quitting. Throws damage control reboot, that actually do even more damage. And right after – p2w content to milk players… No words.

  • CombatPowerIsAMistake says:

    Woot! More p2w crap gear! Combat Power was totally a perfect system. Can barely enter the 4th dungeon in this new region even though I have a +11 void. Totally will spend more cash so KOG can take a hard dump on me in another year’s time. Will there be another raid behind this region where it hikes the Combat Power requirement up another 200k!?!?! Can’t wait! Totally won’t be able to access that dungeon.

    Will I have to grind for years on end to only reach 500k because I only get a good piece that’s worth using or selling for ED every 5 months? Boi, I’m so thrilled. Ecstatic!

    Well, at least they didn’t make the requirement 1m Combat Power … yet. Since a load of people have 1m Combat Power.

    • Why are you lying says:

      I call bs my +11 weap alone gives me over 200k with nothing on gaining cp is easy just refine your gear a 1% difference in crit dam is worth over 7k cp

  • Frost says:

    I also like all those comments, defending any sht KoGs pulling out. 500 CP for dung, and they trying to convince everyone, that f2p players can reach any CP, just need to grind more lol. I’m telling you, KoGs hiring bots to lower negative impact of their “content” in comments.

    • StopBeingLazy says:

      This people are being Lazy Once again, Let me tell you my story, I consider my self a P2W since I love to buy costumes, IB etc… and I have spent few dollars to get my gear on point even to buy +11 for my void weapon and I reach 600K CP but My Partner who is completely F2P puts a lot of effort and play the game a lot nearly every day and he grinds a lot with multiple character to get his stuff for his main character, right now he is now 700K CP with a +10 Void Weapon F2P and I’m over here with +11 Void only with 600K I don’t want to imagine his CO when he gets his +11, it’s not just about enhancements in your gear it’s ERP, Accessories you have on, The Tittle you have equipped, your Sockets, Mystic Stones all that adds to your Combat Power now he is teaching me how he did it and the way he grind because he wants me become a F2P just like him, and for me it’s kinda embarrassed because I consider my self P2W and I have way less CP than a F2P player who only have a +10 Void and me a +11 Void

    • Human Race says:

      Grind?… GRIND?… SERIUSLY? F2P can’t control the effects in the elrianode stones and you say grind? Come on. A player with cash can build a elrianode equipment only paying and the F2P luckiest can get only a +3% critical damage stone to her elrianode equip but wait!… that 3% isn’t of the colour of her gear!!!.

  • Sakyuzo says:

    500k? Challenge Accepted.

  • OGbigbig says:

    +9 sitting at 400k CP
    :thonk: Guess i’ll get carried and leech as usual

  • Blueberry says:

    All that hard work on my el gear was for nothing. Thanks elsword making this game more cancerous, and arena is broken with ppl that has gear, (I have gear but I still get one shot: +10apoc +104/4 el gear) broken characters. Made TW cancerous with karma. And now a gear that’s stronger than El gear.

    • MaybeImNotSure says:

      I don’t think Elrianode Gear will become useless, I think this new Armor is more for Demon Realm since it will help you to be more resistant to the debuff since this Armor will have High Adaptability but outside of Vanimyr adaptability is useless that’s when Elrianode a Armor will be useful, 2 OP armors for different Purposes that’s how I see it

      • Human Race says:

        That say the people with henir when Hero equipment coming and see the Henir equipment now.
        Now wait the new equipment with the effects of Elrianode and special effects similars to secrets dungeon equipment and see how broke the game again.

    • En. says:

      Welcome the feeling many felt when Void Weapon was announced and they had a +11/12 Perkisas/eltrion weapon.

      Then again, it happens in every game tho. There has to be new gear, weapons, and accesories to keep giving “motivation” to the players. The again, KOG is not doing it right with the “motivation” part, but I don’t feel like discussing that part right now lmao.

      RIP those wo had +9-+11 SD, Henir, Heroic, and Henir (again) gears, but that is always bound to happen in a MMO, dont expect your best gear to be the best gear forever.

  • Ash says:

    I really do not understand how are there people with a +10 void in this thread that have less than 300k CP, I have an at most ‘decent’ elri armor set +8 and a +9 void, yet I have 353k CP.. You just gotta know what to do in order to increase CP, it isn’t that hard, i dont know why people are complaining that much. If I outpower a person with a +10 being +9 you can do it too, you just have to go around asking and not being lazy and put in a bit of work in this, nothing just comes free. All the KC I’ve spent in this game is for pure cosmetics so re think what you’re doing then improve it.

    • Such Misfurtune :( says:

      There is two things that are happening which is why ppl complain.
      1. Enhancement is pay2win no mater how you see it. Can you skip it, perhaps, I did get my first +11 without cashing at all

      2. the abysmal rng which now is multi layered. (rnd drop > rng color > rng % > rng effect.) Is just a bad design overall. You can tell people to work harder, work smarter, put more dedication, ect… into the game and that in turn they will be stronger. But what happens is if you picture this as a race scenario, you will have people cutting in front of you just because they had x drop first, you will see ppl cutting in front of you because they payed the race staff (KoG). Then since this is all rng, there is the chance you wont even be able to make it to the finish line bcz you just have bad luck.

      And yes I know there is ways to make some ed and buy the stuff you need, with things like marketing (buy low sell high) and necessities grinding, selling pots and what not. But that wont repair the feeling you have of unfairness. No one is on a plane level field, the unfairness from that just sucks the enjoyment out of the game. (and thats why so many people are leaving).

      this patch is just reinforce that, you can’t even have a plain level field with your friend, bcz they could either get the drop before you or you get the drop before them. One of the two will feel like a dead weight to the other, and will soon not enjoy the game, I have had this happen many times.

  • LazyLaze says:

    lmao, more lazy ppl whining.

    The moment someone complains abt CP requirements it just means they don’t understand how it works and prolly someone lazy to grind. Like seriously 300k is reachable with only +9 heroic wep. 350k is reachable with only +9 void.

    This is just like vanaraid issues, ppl wanting FoJ but still doesn’t have a good char to even clear 12-3.

    And also there are indeed F2P ppl that has managed to cope up with whales and is now doing good dps in vanaraid and has over 1m CP. Of course it took months, not days not weeks, but months or even more than a year.
    There also some that coped up by using sup classes instead, and are now grinding vanaraid too.

    Grinding takes time and even whales has to grind. Cause u lazy ppl prolly don’t know but, erp takes time to grind after erp200, and like right now for many dps classes u need like a minimum 220-250.

    • AkiranYagami says:

      Some of us aren’t lazy, we just have terrible luck. I’m of that category. I grind my butt off and I barely break 200k with my Diangelion. I might be able to manage 250k when I complete my Void weapon, which is +9. But that’s a serious maybe. Since I don’t have a decent costume. Which are seriously expensive. I’ve gotten two of WDS so far, but that’s it. Though I’m still hoping we get prema Promo costumes. I want to keep my Diangelion’s look.

      • LazyLaze says:

        you don’t grind enough then, and u don’t have enough game knowledge cause u still try to buy piece by piece of IBs. If u play long enough u shud know that buying piece by piece, unless it’s just for fashion, is very not optimal/efficient.

        We just had the elstar trainee locker event and the el star event dg, both of those gave 5/5 costumes and cut-ins. A 5/5 Costume set with crit/maxi/spds sockets shouldnt be a prob if u did those. Those would do until u manage to buy any decent 5/5.

        This is usually the case of ppl complaining.
        – they thought they grind hard enough
        – they thought theyre grinding right
        – they thought theyre doing the right steps to grow

        Tho i commend for choosing to use Diangelion.

        • A filthy peasant says:

          Oh dear great elder god who have grind it all, we would be grateful if you’re able to bestow us filthy lazy and dumb peasant who can only play the game for a limited time as our we’re forced us to do labor works daily for survival everyday the knowledge to be able to break the physical barrier of time and space to grind harder and grind longer and grind smarter.

        • Sariel says:

          It’s always very interesting seeing these sorts of comments.
          Players like you are probably somewhat P2W, complain about people being lazy, but instead of giving helpful advice to those struggling, you just point out their complaints or just blatantly say “you’re doing it wrong”.
          Think about it, if they’re doing things “oh-so-wrong”, then do you actually believe that it’s solely the players’ fault? The game should make it somewhat clear as to how to achieve higher amounts of CP, since the developers themselves decided to push this system onto the community.
          I’m not talking about giving away secrets or stuff like that, but getting to the raid dungeons is difficult enough in itself already.
          Instead we have the current guideline of in-game provided gears as you level up till the raid weapon that you’re supposed to get to proceed in the game, which is not helpful at all for the community because as you may have noticed above your rather insensitive comment, there are a lot of users on here that may have a better void weapon but still can’t reach a higher level easily or through lots of grinding.
          Elsword is heavily based on luck (or the amount of money you are willing to spend). If you wanna tell me otherwise, go ahead but the IB-system, multiple events, dungeon drops and many items are purely based on luck. And not everyone has that.
          See I’m not trying to bash you, but telling other people what they’re doing wrong doesn’t help anyone. If you’re pissed at the lazy players then help them! With this attitude you are making things worse for all of us.
          But considering the toxicity of this community, I’m probably writing this message into a void anyway.

          • AkiranYagami says:

            @Sariel Exactly. It’s all luck and people with crappy luck like myself, end up getting nowhere because we never get the drops we need.

          • LazyLaze says:

            u seem to have not noticed but i actually gave advice abt buying 5/5 IBs on my 2nd post.

            indeed im somewhat p2w but i only spend $$$ for fashion. My IB costumes and equips are all from grinds. And i do have a 1m+ cp char but it’s only one char and it took more than a year to perfect my +10 elria set. Now there’s a new armor set, and i intend to grind again for it. My erp right now is 259, you can’t say i didn’t grind. i can provide SS to u if u want or if ur on INT we can meet in game.

            I don’t understand what ur saying abt the raid wep but i myself only have a FoJ right now due to the help of my friend/s. Foj could drop even if u just use a minimum CP chara. Well this would go back again on ppl complaining that they can’t get the 250k-300k cp req. I don’t intend to write a whole guide here for that. But 300k is reachable with only +9 void, many support charas like Centurion and Bluhen enter raid with only the minimum 250k-300k. Try reading CP guides, there’s a lot of those.

            u mentioned RNG of course els has a lot of that. That is something we can only “deal with”. But there are ways on how to reduce it. Like say instead of burning IBs, just grind ED and buy parts/cubes(if current IB) off the board. It would take time but ull get there eventually. Read how-to-grind ED guides, those are useful too.

            Telling ppl that they’re wrong is a good way to make them do the right thing. I myself would have ended like the majority of ppl complaining abt simple stuff like CP reqs if someone didn’t tell me i was doing something wrong. Just sad cause some ppl think of it as “insensitive”.

        • AkiranYagami says:

          Even with El Star currently, my power is just about 200k. I’m trying to get WDS because of the attack power increase. And I’d buy a full set if I could, but I can’t AFFORD it. Maybe if, as I said, luck was on my side when I was running Varn and got something I could sell to get the cash I need for stuff. I’m sitting at the power I’m at because I don’t have Magic Amulets or the Tears to get higher. And I’m working at getting my ERP level up. I plan to eventually max it out if I can(Which won’t be for a LONG time) And you say I haven’t been hard enough for right. I’ve been grinding the way I SHOULD for months straight before the Last area of Varn came out and couldn’t get strong enough. ON ANY of my characters. I’ve tried six different characters and end up hitting the same wall. GEAR! That’s my limiting factor at the moment. Because they have such a huge jump between power and gear that needs LUCK to get the right items to strengthen it.

          • LazyLaze says:

            why are even doing varnimyr dgs if u only have 200k CP, that’s not optimal.

            The dgs u should grind is sdg (for el rewards, barr frags) and/or Deb Lab (powders/tears). Preferably u should have exp and drop rate erp when u grind.

            There’s also henir, tho i think u can only clear normal, but ull get ur unique force eventually if ull do it regularly.

            Also stick to one char, put all ur time and resources to it. Tho if u have shared bank then u can use ur sub-chars to farm event dgs for pots for ur main char. Also make a BS and an alche prof sub-char. They would benefit u a lot.

          • AkiranYagami says:

            I can actually manage lower-level areas pretty easily. They’re not that hard even solo for me. As I said, CP is the ONLY limiting factor for me. I’ve actually soloed SDs for days straight with crap gear before when I didn’t know how to get better gear. I’ve come a long way from there. But trying to get the items I need is problematic because most are either random drop or other RNG factors(Tears, sellable items to make ED.) I used the Blindfold from the second Varn area to get my Diangelion to where she is(I’m maining her at the moment.) I’m doing everything right, I’m getting zero luck with drops. I’m currently running Heroics mainly because I need Iron Stones for my Void Weapon Wedge. And if you want to meet in game. My IGN is DuoXendro for my Diangelion.

          • AkiranYagami says:

            Something else to note, with as many high CP and Damage characters as I have. I can far Tears and Void shards quite quickly. Once I have more time(Because my life is hectic at the moment), it will only take me a month or two to finish both my Void weapon characters’ last stages. less if I can get gear for a couple and finish Passive quests. Plus all those give a lot of EXP for my ERP level. If I could get the right drops, I would already have the CP I need. But my luck is crap….. As I said before.

  • AkiranYagami says:

    So, when’s fourth job coming? KoG has been pretty predictable so far. New Armor along with a new Dungeon. Fourth Job will allow lower geared players to get CP high enough to run the Varn raids and the FoJ weapon will become the new Void weapon, before being replaced with another “Ultimate Weapon”. And the Cycle will start anew.

    • RhaegalXD says:

      Lol what are you talking about 4th job is not happening anytime soon or more likely not gonna happen, do you even know how long we waited for 3rd job to come out after 2nd jobs release? Lol that’s why they are having reboot instead of 4th Job

  • Vodka says:

    I’m glad having high CP doesn’t make me act as condescending as some of these comments.
    Still, maybe they can add Story Mode versions (possibly with the CP requirement dropped by at least 100,000) so more players can play and have fun with the new content, as well as other quality-of-life changes to help players reach higher CP levels.
    And I wonder if the new “Archdevil Conqueror?” armor colors will have different effects like the Secret Dungeon sets or simply different stat boosts like Heroic sets / Elrianode colors.

    • Dan Yami says:

      cuz you’re a whale

    • rei says:

      Oof, you know the comments section is on fire when there are dumb assumptive comments like the one above that don’t add to the discussion. lol
      Anyways I’d hope that if Kog learned anything they will add story mode difficulties like they did for some of the elrianode and varnymir. The cp jump from varnymir to this new region is more than that from elrianode to varnymir. Gotta let more people see how the story unfolds with the El search party and Laby.
      As for QoL changes I think it would be nice if unique tear drops came sealed. Banksharing add weapon and elrianode gear would be great too, but who knows if they’d do that.
      And i’d like for the new gear to have secret-like effects, since that’s what made those really unique and diverse.

    • Naturaro says:

      I wish there was something like that just so I could look at the new areas. They could release them with none of the special drops and they don’t count for quests, I just want to touch it, not farm it, I just started sprucing up my Elrianode set and I can barely clear Add’s Fusion Theory with my free heroic weapon on my favorite character. The spiderbot looks neat.

  • QWQ says:

    Evrybody is talking about the CP bullcrap ,rng,+10 all dat shit and im here wondering are we geting those type of annoyg af water dungeons with pure bs mobs and bosses

  • Dan Yami says:

    >350.000 CP required to enter

    yeah that’s it, we’ll never be able to reach this place.
    I already lost my hopes of getting through Varnimyr but THIS is pushing things to a whole new level of ridiculous

    • Katja Eclair says:

      Frustrating, isn’t it? I might barely be able to make it on one character, and all the other characters that I love and want to play won’t be able to enter.

      • I'm dumb says:

        yeah it’s a shame that you can only try the dungeon with your main character as the cp point requirement is way too high and you can’t bankshare elrianode armor or void weapon from your main character, so you would need to grind for another year or so on your alt just so you can test a new dungeon with that character.

  • Physic says:

    I Dont know if these comments is real or not like I’m Kr player have +12 Full beautiful gear +800CP
    But that all was pay2win content
    I don’t get why there so much bots repeat saying you can get everything with grinding Lol
    It’s game of pure luck
    If you don’t have luck
    Then cash it up baby
    So to all people lying on F2P people
    You did nothing wrong
    I know you were grinding for years
    But this games for whales now
    So reach to your pocket or just try something for poor unfortunate people games

    • Dan Yami says:

      I want to die

      • Physic says:

        I actually noticed something
        Why when the reboot started i never heard of any these bot users
        Lol it’s actually Kog workers trying to shear fake hope between people or just people who got paid from Kog
        I’m 100% sure these are fake people
        Because when i always enter on reboot i hear people screaming angry and stuff
        Where these positive people came from
        Kog if you see this
        Make it less obvious that you would try faking and shearing false hope between your players
        Just tell them the truth that this game is not F2P anymore

  • Minato-san says:

    Next region required combat power 600k cp, 700k cp, 800k cp, 900k cp, 1m cp requirement. Really KOG??? -.- What about the other players that just want to play the for the story line?

  • You Can Do It says:

    If I can reach 500k+ CP with 4D gear, I’m sure you can all make it too with your Elrianode/Heroic gear. BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES!!! .

  • Samii says:

    Literally disgusting. Varnimyr is already annoying enough. And now this. Fuck kog, I’m not getting the new gear that’s retarded, already worked way too hard on my elrianode gear by sheer grind

  • KoG Pls says:

    I’m scared

  • Rina says:

    What is this huny the reboot is already a complete mess but thats on an other level i have to screaaaaam

  • FundMeAgain says:

    ERP: It’s a large chunk portion of your ERP and can easily net you around 100-200k depending on your level and what stats you chose.
    Specific El tears: Defense ignore is a pretty big CP increase As well as Boss damage.
    Titles: There are titles in varn that give a decent increase to CP also such as Critical Presence and Key To Victory.
    Stats: Like Boss Damage, Adaptability, Critical Maximize etc. Boss damage can be socketed and gives a decent boost to combat power, Adaptability can come from titles critical and maximize are self explanatory.

    And what do you mean whale territory Katja? i have 550k CP without spending any money on my gear and i have an old 2+e stacking glove that does not increase my CP at all

    If i had a 5*enhancement glove id have easily around 700-800k CP

    At the risk of sounding patronizing the game has and still does provide players ways to compete the only legitimate gripe that can be had with gearing is the endless rng and the enhancement paywall.

    While a +11 will certainly bolster your damage it wont get you to proper Combat Power alone gear stats and set effects play a much larger role in that.

    Aside from that there is optimal grinding to do as well for example SD’s still make a decent amount of money with barrier fragments 10 mil for a stack of 100 barrier fragments while it cost about 50-300 mil for a good el tear on board.

    And i’m not a whale i grinded for a long time without buying things from anyone to complete my gear so honestly just play the game and dont waste resources? idunno what else to say

  • (non)sense says:

    okay, but real talk:
    while you’re all screaming about the bullshit CP requirements, you’re all forgetting about the ‘story mode’ versions for some parts of Elrianode, and Varnimyr Raid too.

    y’all really think they won’t do the same for this one?

    • Earlygame says:

      I bet they’ll take at least a month or two to implement Story mode though. Like, they need the players to be engaged and waste their money to get the new contents quickly.

    • Gameboy224 says:

      I’m skeptical. I mean Elrianode to Varnamyr jumped from a 50k base requirement to a 120 base requirement. Elrainode has Story Mode for the 100k and 150k dungeons. But just the basics of Varnimyr already require more than 11-4 did. And the only dungeons which did get Story Mode were the three raids, 12-7 didn’t even get a Story Mode and that actually has a HIGHER CP requirement than 12-5 and 12-6… Even if they do add a Story Mode, without a huge change, I’d expect nothing less than 350k being the Story Mode requirement.

      • Gameboy224 says:

        Scratch that about the higher CP requirement. Though it still stands that 12-4 jumped from 120k to 180k with no Story Mode and 12-7 jumped again to 220k no Story Mode.

  • Navi says:

    ooooohhhhh Empyrean, this should be interesting (I don’t play the game anymore but I’m more than interested with the brand new lore :>)

  • Bry says:

    *looks at CP requirement* …. *goes back to Closers w/ my 900k CP+ main* yea, no thanks, i’ll just read the lore on the wiki or watch other ppl’s playthroughs

  • MagicSpice says:

    Absurdly high CP requirements, demon realm debuff neutering half your major stats or more…

    KoG must really want people to leave huh?

    Also, I’d LOVE to see proof of “grinding to 500k CP before anyone claims it’s possiblem

    And no, not on void els where you can grind for high ammies at all times or on KR where they throw +10’s at the crowd

  • Minami says:

    I Think +10 isnt enough in this dg i mean 50% debuff? Huh? thats so high im a +10 Apsara player 516k Cp dont use enhancement lvls* yet in 12-8 i still struggle beating the boss but this New dg eme ..50%?!!! now what should i do.. where is my +11?

  • ThiswasneverAF2Pgame says:

    I haven’t even touched the raids and now this? Congratulations KoG, you just outdid yourself… The hope of F2P to get stronger now behind a paywall.

  • Hitler-sama says:

    I have 10 void and 168 erp. Would you guys show me the way so i can get 600k cp (more specific explanations)? I can provide email

    • YourTearsIsDelicious says:

      1. bump ERP to All skill damage, Polarize and Boss to damage

      2. Sockets. Do NOT go overboard with critical and maximize (around 80% is ideal i’d say), get ur usual speed (as much as you are comfortable with, i’d recommend keep it at 20%), socket damage to boss dual stones on the rest. Make sure its 2.5% damage to boss (or 5% on weapon) for every socket you use.
      Use sage stones for Crit/Maxi/ASPD etc, then throw shining pursuit dual stones for the rest.

      3. Mystic enchant. Red : get Phs/Mag atk power +1.1~1.5Lv. Blue : get +1.1%~1.5% p.atk/m.atk. Yellow : get Crit damage 1.1%~1.5%. You do not have to use shining variants if you don’t have much ED. Simply use common/refined stones (common yields 1.1~1.2, Refined 1.3~1.4). Use shining if only you have spare money. (or get lucky with drops). For giant stones get Phys/Mag atk +xx% (again, use more common ones if you are low on money.)

      4. Elrianode Armors. Reboot will give +9 elrianode amulets per wave so i will assume you are using +9 elria armor. El tear Lvl, get as high as possible. Tear Lv 27~29 is not as hard as when they first released – go drabaki everytime it’s open and eventually you’ll get it.
      Proficiency : Top : Polarize, Bot : Party atk/mag atk., Glove : All skill damage (as high as possible – if not, just use 36% until u get better ones) Shoes : Either Mp cost decrease OR ignore phys/mag defense. – your choice.
      Destruction : Just put anything with same colour to activate the set bonus. They does not increase CP. Fill it with the skill u prefer to use if you have the tear, otherwise put your effort to another aspect. Low priority.
      Transformation : Critical damage on every slot. Use 2% if you don’t have 3%. 2% is much cheaper because they come pre-sealed. Get 3% if you have extra fortune. (and you might get some in drabaki too, so never ignore them)

      5. Accessory : Sinister 3/3, Corrupted Elrianode 3/3, Ignia 3/3 they’re all fine. Get ereda accessories if you can. (upgraded RoF and skill ring), +3% atk necklaces (velder / extreme), if you are using elrianode earring, try to get all skill damage random effect.), Agate fragment is also good (especially if you are using ignore defense/mdef el tear on shoes).

      • I'm Dumb says:

        What is this ?
        Somebody actually give some decent advice on how to get more CP instead of just telling people to “GRIND MORE LOL” ? Impossible

        Seriously though thank for the tips man.

        • AkiranYagami says:

          I know right, that’s a shock.

        • AkiranYagami says:

          Here’s another tip, if you have the time and five or more Elrianode useable characters, running dailies on them for Elrianode’s Tear quest can net a ton of Unique tears daily. With five characters that’s 35 a week with just daily quests, that’s also a decent chunk of dust a day if you get nothing useful.

  • Someguy ig says:

    I’m f2p and I have enough ed to +12, stop whining you lil wannabe spoilee brats

  • Yes, but actually no. says:

    guys, you can stop arguing. just ask yourself “is this game still worth my time and money to play?”
    if the answer is Yes, its good keep playing, you enjoying it? better.
    if the answer is No, just look for a better game for you, i believe there is better game.
    simple as that.
    we can disagree and leave it as that you know.

    • Katja Eclair says:

      That might work for you,but I’d rather voice my frustration. I’ve been looking forward to new dungeons for so freaking long, and then they slap some psuedo-paywall on them that I can probably only reach on a single character (what happened to Els being an alt-friendly game?) and, even then, probably the only first two dungeons. Unless the last three are more raid dungeons, in which case they’ll get a story mode after a couple months or so.

      NA not getting the free +10 per account that KR got is just salt in the wound.

      • NoctisCae1um317 says:

        While I agree with you, but if frustration, especially ones being fueled by passionate players of the game are falling on deaf ears, then it is time to walk away. Sadly I’ve seen this happening a mile away and it’s only gonna be getting worse from here. I didn’t like where the game was headed ever since CP got introduced, I had a feeling something like this would happen, but stuck around in hopes they would turn it around, this pretty much was the final nail in the coffin.

        I can reach the paywall, heck I can do the first two dungeons(I heard reboots give 20-30% extra CP, so my Immortal will have easily be able to do the first two and that’s it), but it’s not one paywall I’m willing to support, and am not going to support. Grind more? Sure, not a problem, but if a paywall is gonna be a part of it, let alone demanding as this is in order to progress? Yeah no you can’t convince me that’s good progression, miss me with that ignorant shit.

  • Katja Eclair says:


    Not sure why I let you get my hopes up with your claim of +30% CP boosts from the re:boot.
    Daybreaker’s CP went up by only 4.22%, not expecting much higher on Devi.

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