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2019 Summer Developer Meeting Q&A

August 13th, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Elsword News | Korean Elsword Updates

  1. Elsword Update Details (Answers to questions and solutions)

First part of the Summer Developer Meeting dealt with answering player opinions that we collected from the main website, 1:1 tickets and from various communities

Among the numerous opinions that were collected, we focused on issues that were already being worked on then gave an explanation at the meeting.

We organized those explanations here into a post so all players can see them.

Please continue to leave opinions on details that you feel like needs an improvement in the suggestion board or balance discussion board on our main website.


▣ Character Stat Standards in the Reboot update

We were aware that there were problems regarding how each character had different base stats.

In regards to this matter, we explained before that this was to make each character’s initial concepts stand out.

However, as new character, 3rd jobs and other contents were updated, we determined that it was difficult to balance the game without modifying the base stats.

So through this character reboot, we made the HP values same across all classes and adjusted the Maximum MP so everyone had at least 400 at 3rd job.


▣ Reason for addition of evasion skills

Evasion skill was added in this character reboot with the intention of giving various changes to the PvP gameplay.

Stats like evasion were unfortunately removed long ago during the stats revamp,

But we determined that it would be difficult to revive the stat due to system limitations.

Therefore, after much consideration. We added the evasion skills with the intention of giving various changes to the PvP gameplay.

PvP in Elsword is advantageous towards players who get the first catch.

Of course, this can be interpreted as the fun part of PvP. However, we also thought it could be a stress factor.

Therefore, we hoped the addition of evasion skills can ease this issue and make the PvP experience a bit more fun.


▣ Direction of the command changes

LuCiel and Chung are characters with their own unique advantages, but their command speed was slow and many players were having trouble with them. When we consulted our data, we did actually confirm that the players were not adjusting to their commands well enough. 

Therefore to fix this issue, we made changes to their commands with the focus of being able to stop the attack at the desired time and chaining commands more smoothly.


▣ Direction of the Character Reboots

Since there are many characters and classes, there was a need to balance the game to reduce the power gap that exists across the classes.

We determined that it would be difficult to make balance adjustments to characters that were either judged comparatively weaker or stronger only with minor changes in numerical values


Therefore, we determined that a total change was needed and wanted to give changes to overall balance through the aforementioned stat, command changes and addition of evasion skills. 

and the changes also aimed to fix how the raids were too reliant on synergy between certain characters.

We do understand having to adjust to new play style is inconvenient.

We’ll try to make improvements in that department. Since Elsword is an action game, we’ll continue to think of better ways for player to enjoy that action.

Also, the reboot is complete but balance patches are planned to be done regularly.

We’ll continue to listen to opinions of our players and make improvements.


Random Matching changes

Long ago, when the party list existed, there were various problems with the system like new players being left out or being booted even before they entered the dungeon.

Random matching system was added to remedy this problem.

However, the gameplay environment has changed since then and as Varnimyr raids and higher difficulty dungeons were added the need for party list has arisen again. 


We especially had many considerations to reintroduce the party list system during the Varnimyr raid update. However, if the party list was added in Varnimyr raids, it should be added to all other dungeons too, and there were many worries regarding this. Therefore, we added the [El Search Party system] first.

However, after seeing many players form raid parties in sparring channels, we determined that this matchmaking problem hasn’t been fixed. Additionally, there’s also the stressful issue of dealing with ill-mannered players when meeting them in random matching. 

Therefore, in accordance with the changed gameplay environment, we are planning an addition of the party list system.


There are still many issues we are worried about this addition so it will be difficult to implement it soon.

We’ll try to sort out those worries as soon as possible and prepare the update in the later half of the year.


▣ Changes to Normal Dungeon, Secret Dungeon, Heroic Dungeon

Condition to obtain titles weren’t changed out of consideration for players that had already obtained them.

However, there were many opinions that difficulty adjustment was needed for the new players and therefore, we are considering fixes.

And we are preparing to improve the currently problematic stats of the Secret/Heroic equipment and fixing the issues of clear times of Secret dungeons and certain Heroic dungeons being too long.

Also, we plan to boldly remove dungeons that are deemed unnecessary like the Bestera army.

This does require lot of work so it will be difficult to start on improvements right away. However, we’ll try to prepare them for the later half of the year.


▣ Improvements to Henir title

We’ll try to increase the amount of players that can obtain the rank titles. There were many opinions that Henir titles shouldn’t be usable in Henir.

We do think this opinion is correct and are considering having it unusable in Henir.


▣ Changes to Dimension of Sinister Intent

We are planning difficulty adjustment since it’s not an endgame content anymore.

Therefore, we are considering removing the monster’s HP recovery upon resurrection. We think this change should be enough for new and returning players to have a much easier time in the dungeon than now.


Raid CP limit increase

In the earlier planning of Varnimyr Raids, the CP limit was set lower out of consideration for CP levels of players at the time.

However, we determined that the CP limit needed an increase for the content to be suitable of being a raid.

Therefore, we’re planning to increase the entry CP limit to 400,000.

This change will be applied in the next patch.


▣ Drabaki boss fight 

It’s planned to be changed so it can be entered with one player.

Also, there were many new players that weren’t used to the concept of entry limit debuff. Therefore, we are planning to change the entry method so it consumes a free entry count whenever entering for the first time then costs tickets upon additional entry.

This change will be applied in the next patch.


▣ Raid Accessory crafting improvements

We are considering reducing the materials required to craft to 5.

The following change might cause issues amongst the playerbase when applied too suddenly.

Therefore, players will receive a notice week before this change is applied.


▣ Combining the Solace & Gaia Servers

This question comes up every meeting.

First of all, there are no technical problems with combining the servers. We do think it’s a good thing to combine the servers both economy and availability wise. 

However since the servers have been divided for a long time, opinions of players are clearly divided on the matter.

We don’t think this change should be made with just the opinion of certain players.

Therefore, we are examining the issue but nothing has been decided yet.


▣ Addition of feature to change the character portraits and quick voices

We are planning to add feature to change the character portraits so portraits from previous class stages can be used.

However, this might confuse other players so this will only apply to the player’s screen.

The feature to change the quick voices is also planned.

However, since these two features are entirely new system additions, it might take some time to implement.


▣ Changes to illustrations in the story quests

We are preparing 3rd job illustrations for the story quests scenes.

However, only the main path 3rd job illustrations are being prepared.

This was planned to be added this Summer update but was delayed.

We aiming to add it in the Winter update, but if it’s delayed further, we’ll try our best to add it by the next Summer’s update.


▣ Other inquiries and improvements

1) We’ll expand the maximum stack amount of barrier fragments to 300.

2) We’ll add a cheaper fishing rod.


How do Balance Patches take place?

The main window where players can leave their opinions regarding balance is the ‘Balance Discussion Board’ on the main website.

But we think many players had doubts if their opinions are really looked at and implemented.

We first want to give a clear answer regarding this.

Various balance patch opinions we use for reference are collected from our own personal gameplay experience(As an Elsword player), from balance boards and from various communities

For the record, since the materials posted on the balance boards can be filtered by character/class/skill and there aren’t too many posts, we are able to check all of them everyday.

However, in the other communities, there are many posts other than balance opinions so we cannot check every balance opinions there.


As mentioned earlier, the balance patch doesn’t happen only through player opinions.

We consider the game’s data when examining problems and solutions regarding balance.

Balance patch is applied after we examine the data to see if there’s actually a problem or need for a fix.

Therefore, the actual result of the patch might be a bit different from the balance opinions that were registered.

However, as mentioned before, it’s not like opinions that players send are not considered completely. If an opinion regarding the patch that has already been made comes in, we do look at the issue again and examine the data for a possible repatch.

So we’d appreciate it if players sent us lot more opinions.


▣ 2019 Global Elsword Championship

Online preliminaries are planned late September or early October.

To prevent issues like abuses and account sharing, we’re planning to hold best of 64 matches offline in a PC cafe to select Korean representatives.

~November: Online preliminaries + reinforced rules against account sharing, takes place in separate channel, Players that were previously sanctioned for abusing the system cannot enter.

~Mid November: Best of 64 rounds will be held offline in a PC cafe to choose the Nexon representative + Requires personal identification to prevent account sharing. All matches will be held offline.

~Late November: Global Elsword Championship


We examined legal measures against those players that were sanctioned due to abusing the Elsword Championship league system. However it proved difficult to take any legal measures. 

We are preparing to reinforce our terms of service so issues like this wont happen again.

Reinforced terms of service will be announced mid August


Just as we notified through the previous announcement, those sanctioned players were deprived of their right to enter the Elsword Championship preliminaries and the Global Championship.

Also, so that those players cannot affect the online league, Elsword Championship online league will take place in a separate championship specific channel.

We’ll notify everyone when exact online league date is determined.


▣ New Merchandise

Next merchandise will be Moby and Reby plushies


  1. Individual Character Q&A

Next section are answers to questions each character representatives relayed to us during the meeting.

We did notice immediate answers we gave at the meeting were insufficient.

Therefore we included additional explanations to the parts that needed to be elaborated more. We thank the representatives and players for your precious opinions.



1) Vitality and Destruction modes are unbalanced 

We are aware that the main skills are skewed towards one side. Way of the sword system was revamped through the reboot,

but we are planning an additional revamp based on inconveniences and shortcomings of the system that the players are experiencing.


 2) Skills like counter are lackluster compare to other characters

PvP data for Elsword characters are currently overall superior.

We’ll continue to monitor the data over longer period of time and if we find problems, we’ll consider a revamp.



1) All three of Aisha’s classes don’t have stat passives like those that give Maximize or Critical Chance 

Before we answer, in the case of Aisha, when considering the data before the reboot, all classes except Metamorphy were showing superior results in all contents except PvP. 


Despite this, if many players are experiencing inconveniences and want improvements. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and data then consider a change.

If this change does happen, we’re considering also decreasing the damage increase values for Seal skills.


2) Oz Sorcerer received a Skill called Dark Web from this Reboot. I’m curious what was your intention for adding this skill.

‘Dark Web’ is a skill that was added as a preparation for the future content planning to be developed.

However, unlike the intention of the development team, we are aware that the skill can be used to hinder gameplay experience of other players.

We have intentions to improve the skill.



1) Due the the 3 stage awakening not consuming NF, 3 stage awakening became a necessary element for Rena.

However, revisions related to awakening has stopped after NF 3 stage awakening patch. I’m curious if there is a solution prepared regarding this issue of NF obtain method, where NF can only be obtained through commands.

We added multiple hit skills through this reboot. We think the ability to fill the awakening gauge has been eased through this change.

However, if it’s determined that isn’t enough. We’ll consider additional methods


2) After the NF patch and removal of tumbling motion, Rena’s mobility is very slow compared to the other characters due to the change in the jump motion.

This is hindering chances of attacking the monsters to maintain 3 stage awakening. Once the 3 stage awakening is gone, there aren’t enough chances to obtain NF since it can only be obtained through command/active skills. On top of that, due to the lack of mobility, there aren’t many chances to attack the monsters.

Command improvement patches took place to ease the mobility problem. The dash command has become faster and travels further. We think this has eased the mobility problem.

However, if many players are still experiencing inconveniences, we’ll continue to examine the situation and data then consider a change.



1) Compared to the systems like Elsword’s Way of the Sword and Rena’s Nature Force that gives various stat and damage increase during dungeon, Raven’s Core system isn’t that effective in dungeons. I’m curious if there are plans in place to fix this issue. 

We agree that it isn’t as effective in dungeons. However, in regards to stats and damage increases, we are supplementing those through passives instead.

For the Core system, we’ll consider a directional change.


2) Raven currently lacks super armor actives or commands so they have trouble gaining advantage in PvP when facing characters with high mobility like Laby and Eve, or characters with super armor and heavy stance like Elsword and Chung.

I’m curious on your thoughts regarding adding super armor commands and actives to Raven.

We gave certain classes super armor commands during this reboot but there are no further planned additions.

We think we need to examine a bit more if such addition is needed for Raven compared to other characters.

According to the PvP data, Raven characters have superior performance.

The balance regarding the super armor will take place after continued monitoring of the PvP results. When it takes place, it will happen not just for Raven, but across all characters.



1) Is there a plan to increase the synergetic effect of Destruction Aura?

There are no plans for buffs right now, but we plan to continuously monitor all character’s synergetic effects and rebalance them.

For the reboot patch, we worked towards fixing the issues of players entering the raid with only characters with high synergy. (Except for complete synergy characters like Radiant Soul and Bluehen)

As a result, effects that were originally obtainable as a result of character synergy or party buffs were given to individual characters as passives or personal buffs.


2) Why did you remove synergetic effects of Code: Ultimate? – If she’s being considered as DPS position, she needs buffs to her damage.

We are continuously thinking of ways to distribute synergetic effects that suits the character’s concept.

In the case of Code: Ultimate, we do consider her as DPS position and focused on her ability to do damage.

This change is along the lines of transferring damage increase feature from Atomic Shield to character’s passive. We only removed the synergy part and didn’t take away her DPS.



1) Due to attack speed becoming faster, Cannonball damage from fire all cannonball commands doesn’t occur

We’ll fix the problem soon as possible.


2) This is a problem with all characters

Because of host latency, targeting skills or homing skills do not work properly.

As you’ve mentioned, it occurs in all characters and it has to do with targeting mechanism.

Just like many players are aware, sync between the host and client is the cause for this problem and it’s a difficult problem to solve.

But considering the strength of those skills and how often they are being used, we thought it would be dangerous to replace them with new skills. It’s a technical problem so we’ll consult with the programming lead one more time and find a direction to improve them.

Elsword is a client based game and thus affected greatly by the condition of the host.

There are those that ask if we could switch to a server based system to solve this issue. But we think it will be difficult for players experience the current level of action from the game if we make the switch to a server based system.

This is both Elsword’s advantage and a disadvantage. The problem mentioned here could be solved by changing the skill features entirely, but that will remove the previous type of action that players were enjoying so we won’t give up on them.

If a problem occurs, it will be helpful to get the description of exact situation when the problem occurred.

We are putting lots of effort internally to solve this problem but even if we prepare similar conditions to the PC used by our players, we’re still having trouble finding the cause because it’s difficult to simulate the situation perfectly.

Even though it may be tedious, we can try to solve the problem quicker if we are provided with more details regarding the situation when the problem occurred.



1) Please reduce the skill cast time for Secret Arts 

We’ll examine ways to reduce them along the lines of not making the skills feel awkward.


2) Give back the system where energy is filled upon awakening. 

Ara players became reliant on energy potions due to so many of core skills requiring energy.

In the case of Ara’s energy, they aren’t just related to character’s power like Cannonballs or Sentimental points. It’s a system that replaces MP so it’s difficult to balance them in Dungeon and PvP. We won’t be considering bringing the system back

We monitored the situation after the awakening energy gain was removed, and think that the energy gain issue was eased through the reboot


1st path possesses DPS skills that require only energy and therefore requires the most energy gain. We provided this through the Fierce Tiger skill.

2nd path consumes MP and Energy together, and to provide enough DPS after a secret art was used, we doubled the energy gain capability. 

3rd path uses energy as bonus points. Therefore we made it so there’s high chance that energy isn’t consumed in its effects.




1) Features of ‘Annihilation’ mode is not that useful

Just like Elsword’s Way of the Sword system, Chivalry system will also receive additional improvements regarding inconveniences.

We’ll progress the balance patch with usability of Annihilation mode in mind.


2) There aren’t many uses for Base job skills. I’m curious if there are any plans to improve them.

We’ll examine effectiveness, effects and usage ratio then consider if there’s a need for an improvement.



 1) Many players have been complaining about the problems regarding Mad Paradox’s Nasod Armor Mode – Overlimit. But there has been no improvement regarding this matter. I want to know why.

Also, I want to ask if you think Overlimit’s penalty and merits are appropriate.

Overlimit allows skill use through only DP, so it’s advantageous in PvP, and effective in dungeons where consumables are limited. There were many discussions amongst our team but no changes have been made. We think from the beginning, this was what set Mad Paradox apart from others.

But we are aware that it doesn’t fit with the current Dungeon play meta and many players are voicing their dissent.

We’ll discuss this with the person in charge and examine if it can be improved


2) Add’s DP system consumes and recovers DP with skill use. However, to recover DP during awakening, you have to use consumables like Awakening Apples. I think this has less merit compared to other characters that can continue to gain awakening gauge by using skills during awakening.

Do you think there’s still a merit to the current DP system?

We think there are advantages and disadvantages. It can be turned off and on at will and can be maintained indefinitely depending on circumstances.

There are cases where skill can be used with DP too.

But it doesn’t seem like it suits the current dungeon play meta so we’ll examine the issue.



1) What’s the reason why unlike the other characters, LuCiel characters don’t have too much synergetic effects? Are there plans to add synergetic effects in the future? 

Concept of LuCiel is so that DPS is done through combination which is created through continuous switching between Lu and Ciel.

Just like we mentioned during the Eve part, we’ll continue to make improvements regarding distribution of appropriate synergetic effects.


2) Are you aware of numerous bugs that exist with LuCiel? I’m curious if you have intentions to fix them. 

Because you have to manage two different characters, LuCiel has many structural problems compared to the other characters.

We are also aware that the character has many bugs. Although a quick fix to the problems that players are experiencing is important,

In the case of LuCiel, there’s a high chance that a bug fix will result in another bug. Therefore, instead of solving them quickly, we are going through a process of sufficient checks and tests first.

We do check all bug reports sent to us. So if you find a bug, please notify us. We’ll try our best to fix it as soon as possible.



1) When examining all other character’s reboot. It felt like the reboot Rose received was a purposeful nerf with an ill intent. I’m curious if  you can make more positive changes.

Rose gained many benefits due to the HP increase and she especially had high scores in the PvP data before the reboot. So the current reboot was with the intent that she fell in line with other characters.

However, we did notice that the data was showing further performance decline than intended and think that the patch was inadequate. We apologize.

We are currently looking towards positive changes like you’ve mentioned.

There will be continued balance patches after the 8/14 balance patch.


2) If there’s no intention to improve her, then since Rose is discriminated against by both players and developers, I’m curious if you could just delete her and provide a character change ticket instead. If you’ve made a character, please show responsibility till the end.

We are also aware of negative reviews regarding Rose like problem of her joining the main story and balance issues.

However, she is never discriminated by the development team and the team intends to keep working on her with sense of responsibility.



1) Damage of certain skills are overly strong and are hurting the character meta and balance. 

– Problems like Werfen Speer where bravery skill damage is too high

– Base skills like Sakrosankt Zertreten having high damage so players are forced to rely on it despite the skill not feeling that great to use

We think as new dungeons are updated, the meta being changed and the characters becoming on reliant on certain skills is natural. We also think skills should be patched in consideration of the new meta. 

But in the case of Werfen Speer, it did have unreasonable damage so it was nerfed in the next balance patch.

Regarding the problem where situations arise where dungeons cannot be run without using certain skills, well examine the data on the dungeon clear results and damage values, then if it is really showing a decline, we’ll make improvements. 


2) Too much Synergy in one character – Bluehen

– Solution to problem regarding players mass producing characters that barely meet the CP requires for extra rewards: Make synergy character’s effects base off player’s stats.

– Distributing synergetic effects across all characters and normalizing their effectiveness

Regarding the solution presented. It won’t be considered since it will negatively impact the players with low stats.

As for the problem of synergy character’s effects being appropriate, we’ll continue to examine and improve.



1) Nisha Labyrinth’s summon reaction time being 3 seconds is causing big loss in DPS. Can you reduce it to 2 seconds?

It can be done. We’ll discuss it with the staff in charge then reduce it.


2) Radiant Soul and Nisha Labyrinth’s skill cast motions are too long Can you improve them? 

Problems regarding skill motions will be difficult to address for all skills. We’ll examine it for their core skills.


▣ Opinions from ‘Various Characters’ Representatives

 1) I want to point out the problem in Nova Imperator’s passive, where he’s a character that’s supposed to be stronger when his HP gets lower but the passive doesn’t decrease his HP.

We’ll confirm the problem, consider the possible solutions, then change it.


2) Richter’s too much reliance on Werfen Speer

Same answer as Ain representative’s question.

Regarding the problem where situations arise where dungeons cannot be run without using certain skills, well examine the data on the dungeon clear results and damage values, then if it is really showing a decline, we’ll make improvements. 


3) Current balance issue where Synergetic effects are too effective

We somewhat eased this problem through the reboot by giving personal passives and buffs.

And distribution took place in order to solve the issue of being too reliant on certain characters.

The problem of synergy being too effective will be adjusted continuously.


4) Hitboxes for Laby’s command attacks linger too long

We are aware many players are experiencing inconveniences when facing Laby.

This problem needed to be fixed in this reboot patch and we are sorry that it wasn’t.

In the case of Laby’s commands, it a problem with the base work of the character so we are considering fixes over longer term.


Thank you.










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    Thanks for the translation!

  • the hater says:

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  • needlebomber says:

    “In the case of Laby’s commands, it a problem with the base work of the character so we are considering fixes over longer term.”

    laby command nerfs winter 2020

  • Nice Joke, Tell me another one says:

    “Therefore, we hoped the addition of evasion skills can ease this issue and make the PvP experience a bit more fun.”
    Is there literally anyone that PVPs that feels a catch is justified when the opponent ignores your catch with a skill, sudden/random delay, etc, turns around, then beats the crap out of you? When in reality, that was supposed to be your catch?
    Play your game for one day, KOG. It’s not hard. Evasion is the dumbest thing in video games next to bosses that heal endlessly to make up for the lack of difficulty in the game. If I can read you like a book, it’s your loss, period. That’s how it should be.

  • startgame says:

    None of Koreans ask dev to rework on Eve. This forever makes her gameplays to be a runner.
    Ask for only synergy/PvE whatsoever issue? So stupid….

    • Sariel says:

      You do realize that KoG hand-picked questions they could answer with (more or less) confidence? Think about it: They are aware of other self-made problems, but decide not to talk about them. Look at all the other individual classes.
      Aisha: They decided to talk about Oz, because she got the most hate, ignored AS who also got just as much hatred.
      Ain: They decided to focus on Richter and Blühen, because these are the most popular. Where’s Herrscher? According to KoG it seems that he’s perfect the way he is…
      Esencia and Sariel are much better off than Ultimate at this point, which I believe was done on purpose, so that they can evade questions regarding a Sariel or Esencia buff.

      Long story short: Evasion. That’s all KoG knows how to do and they will not stop with it.

    • Familiar says:

      I don’t know who the eve representative was, but if it was just someone randomly without a youtube channel, I wished it was someone who did have time to ask fellow players for their ideas and questions

      • Sariel says:

        True story… They might be from YouTube. They used to do that in the past all the time. I also believe that the representatives may be linked in the actual article?

        @Tuna Is there a way for you to link the original article, so that you don’t get bombarded with questions and requests of who was responsible for what or stuff like that? dunno if you see this, but source linking would be greatly appreciated <3

  • Terra says:

    “In the case of LuCiel, there’s a high chance that a bug fix will result in another bug. Therefore, instead of solving them quickly, we are going through a process of sufficient checks and tests first.

    We do check all bug reports sent to us. So if you find a bug, please notify us. We’ll try our best to fix it as soon as possible.”

    This alone grinds my gears because it’s bullshit…I can see that fixing one thing caused another bug to come out but it’s been 2 freaking years since some bugs existed like True Demon’s passive not working with Phantom Rush and still there has been no fix. “As soon as possible” my ass…if they were really on top of this crap then stuff like Shadow for Noblesse infinitely reducing KD would have been fixed like 6 years ago.

  • Kurisu says:

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      • Sariel says:

        I am not a Rose fan, but the claims are kind of justified. Before you hate me, hear me out!
        The way KoG proceeded with things regarding her were straight up BS. If you decide to implement a new character, then go all out or don’t put the character in! KoG has been limiting her existence like crazy!
        According to the story mode her reason of existence is literally none to unnecessary. Seeing how she’s been far superior in both PvP and PvE -because KoG loves to have a broken game, so that people will switch characters constantly- is unfair treatment, since she’s not KoG’s creation.
        Again, I’m not trying to justify the whole “deletion” argument, but instead want to say that KoG has been crazy inconsistent with her. Instead of trying to make people like/love her, they literally fed the hatred, by giving her little to no exposure.

        • Strausse says:

          Honestly, as a person who loves playing as Rose, I have to agree that they literally never use her in story.

          When was the last time Rose actually said anything in the story dialogue? Or how about when she spoke last in those small in-dungeon text bubbles? Hell, Zero has said more than her since she joined the group I’m pretty sure.

          KoG needs to use her more. I can get that they might be hesitant to throw her in the story more since she’s doesn’t belong to them but she’s here to stay so she might as well be treated like she’s actually in the group.

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    How long are we going to suffer together in this sad world…

  • Asyfier says:

    Oh welp, Herrscher still being forgotten from both goddess and KOG.
    Didn’t those ‘record’ and ‘data’ collected tell them that he’s almost extincted from every contents now lol

    • ifloppsy says:

      ppl class jumped from herrscher to richter because he does more dmg now they are complaining about richter dmg being only from one skill. they haven’t fixed herrscher skills nor made him seem consistent. you used to be able to choose strength or bravery but now that abgrund and reflex are crap he’s forced into one rotation.

  • LastGlint says:

    So they forgot to ask them why do certain skills don’t work in sharp corners like flash or such?

  • ga says:


  • CEs Main says:

    Esencia barely have damage+ passive
    (And the available one both nerf’ed last year)

    800k+ CEs with +11 easily out DPS-ed by most classes with a +10

    And all they mentioned for Eve is CU

  • QWQ says:

    It dosen’t matter what u do KOG all those years there always gona be a gigantic power gap betwhen classes why dafug u think somebody like Meta is fucking superior compared to the other 2 Aisha’s becuz all u do is buff the FUCK outa dat class evry fucking time making her braindead overpowered in pvp and pve
    Like jesus im not saying just about Aisha but the reboot was honestly a fucking slap in the face for some classes and some geting overbuffed for no fucking real reason
    Dat like giving Etw 10 fucking buffs in pvp just becuz *insert here Laby mainer reason* (S H E I S C U T E) like for real KOG? You think people who say buff or nerf do it becuz they want balance? No they just want their Auto win classes to be more and more stupid and easy
    God i write too much and naw my fingers are numb like my meat O o f

  • Minami says:

    wait? wut? Combining Solace and Gaia? u mean NA and INT? Wait Wut? Nuuu!!!!!

  • Noware says:

    are you high or something? This is only intented for the korean server.

    • Noware says:

      Honestly tho people hating on rose because its a cool trend are disgusting and it should be punishable.

      As for most of KoG answer you can sum them up as “We ‘ll see”

  • Azot says:

    Thanks KoG for all of this but where is Ereda improvement ?

  • Blank says:

    People commenting based on other servers save your breath. They only care about their KR playerbase.

  • Pumkinpawa says:

    Does the Ain representative even play Ain? He doesnt even mention his astronomical KD And MP feed…Also “too much reliance on werfen speer ” is just BS, they repeatedly nerfed His fragrach for clearing and nerfed his overall dmg even tho he only has Sakrozankt and Broken Aushauen(which is unreliable) dealing more than 10K%, of course players are gonna only stack a single skill, a skill that is reliable and strong, they really need to hire a new Ain representative, especially when the current one doesnt recognize his basic obvious flaws…

  • Dark says:

    raven core aura is not effective like other character system in pve WHAT… aisha cry in the corner

  • boner9 says:

    Hey, atleast NI can overheat his transc skills now right? Oh, wait.

  • Luyoz says:

    all this stuff and anybody talk about the enchantment system man, i hope this “revamp” or “changes” or “something” in the system come in the winter update.

  • Skyloda(NA) says:

    idk who was asking the Lu/Ciel questions but they asked the wrong ones. Not going to get into it rn tho. All Catastrophe players understand.

    As far as CP. There’s a lot more issues with CP than just the fucking raid. Like, idk, people not being able to get into new content…but ok.

    • Human Race says:

      Yep. CP is a heavy issue in the game. Here a example:
      -A player with full PP duration and recharge can get REALLY easy high amount of CP, making him useless in most of the teams (He literally can’t damage).

  • Random says:

    Lmao, asking to nerf BL’s synergies is plain evil. If BL loses his synergies What else does he have ? DPS lmao my ass. No pvp tools no damage nothing. All what’s he’s credited for is his buffs and synergies. If they’re gonna nerf his buffs (again –‘) might as well delete the class.

    • xLunatix says:

      what are you talking about? BL as everything you said that he doesn’t. Although he has less dps for a reason. No pvp tools? lmfao I and many other bluhen I fought used him perfectly fine in pvp. Hell he even has the longest x rang for Ain. He’s just a bit more technical to use in pvp. Also let’s be real here bluhen ruled pve prior to this reboot. If anything, Herrsher is the one that needs some serious buffs.

  • MagicSpice says:

    “Aisha showed superior results in everything but PvP”.

    First off, this is a lie cause all 3 are really good when you learn them

    Second, if she sucks in pvp, why nerf her towards it then?

    3rd, this is clear cut proof that they don’t do any testing cause they’re likely going by the number of players that use classes. One or a few people don’t make up the playerbase for a character KoG!

  • Sam says:

    Where is my fkng herrscher?????? Fk off

  • Human Race says:

    KOG must stop listening to the representatives of each character (Influencers) and take the dedication to try for themselves each character and analyze it deeply, this is because thanks to it we continue to see imbalance because they only seek the good of their main characters.

    • Human Race says:

      The concept of difficulty of the game is too badly implemented, to the extent that strong players who demand difficulty are against a damage balancing system (By raising the HP to the mobs, the only thing they do is ruin the experience for the weaker players.). A good concept of difficulty would be to put on the stages a kind of challenge mode which gives good rewards, but in exchange to leave a pre-established equipment (That the equipment you carry does not affect the scenario and the title), thus generating greater competitiveness and making clear who is really good for knowing the mechanics of the game and not for who takes massive damage to clean enemies.

  • SilveRose says:


    i want to ask while slap Developer team face
    Mod skill almost 80% useless, hardly to see people use in PVP and PVE, even some useful skill got a mod to be useless
    nerfing beyond unreasonable, and OP character still stand with smug face
    rose? they literally “dont know what to do with her, they focus to negative feedback from noob salty players who cant beat rose in PVP”
    “okey we do a reboot for Rose, look at complaint list lets nerf her”
    and after that
    “oh no, now we got complaint to nerf her too much, lets buff her”
    look at the time only one week to buff her
    they definitely didnt try play her to confirm before nerfing
    unconsistent developer
    and look at rose nerf track record they rarely buff her, buff happen mostly they nerfing without knowing limit

  • Rose says:


  • Omona says:

    How much data do they need when “Richter relying too much on Werfen Speer” to do damage has actually been a fact since the day 1 of his reboot… All his other skills besides Dreimal are pretty much garbage when it comes to the STR build and I won’t even talk about the passive changes that gutted them even more.

    Are we even playing the same game ?

  • Whoknows says:

    You should consider revamping and boosting really hard Doombringer and Dominator, these characters are pretty dead. Very low damage and too much skill casting time. It’s unfair to see someone like Twilight having a 48.000% skill and other classes to hardly reach 12.000% on a single skill.


  • ASword says:

    All Rose Players should pull the trigger when the gun is in their mouth’s :D

  • MrFuffin says:

    how long well they rework trashy trade board and item system its way broken
    i dont even like spending a real money.

  • Frost says:

    “if a user causes controversy over a game through a broadcasting or community, the use of the game may be suspended. Even if it is a legitimate criticism” – I hope KoGs will out of business.

  • AkiranYagami says:

    My only question is, which is coming next, another new area or fourth jobs?

  • AJ says:

    Imagine talking about Add and NOT mentioning how DP combos get screwed over by light resist. Just turn the activation hit in heavy hitstun PLEASE.

  • SuperLuigi1025 says:

    Can they please just fix combat power requirements for dungeons.

    At this point a lot of people can’t even enter dungeons that past the please you get el tears.

    Hell I finally manged to get a Type-Void weapon to drop not counting the free one from the growth event and now my I can enter only 4 dungeons of that area after the area where you get the 3rd job.

    Not only the only for me to get the required combat power passed 200,000 is to get better el tears which the game just keeps giving the same old one that are completely worthless or to buy ore to upgrade my weapons to +13.
    Also that is when you also take into account that even though I got the Type-Void weapon now I still have to play the dungeon to get energy shards to increase my combat power even more.

    Don’t even get me started on upgrading my gear which is completely luck based and is the worse system in the game to point I rather buy full game then what you want me to do to fix that problem.

    It is the same thing try to upgrade your gear pay for some ore and scrolls along with a lot of hammers to find out it isn’t even enough then you pay for more and more and more until you realized you payed over $1000 to upgrade 1 piece of gear.

    At this point you need to either bring back item level or low the required combat power by an extreme amount.

    Also to anyone who tries to tell me it is easy to get a high combat power screw off.
    Not everyone is like you where they are lucky to get where you are at in the game or even have the money to pay for this.
    In fact just because your lucky or paid to get where you doesn’t mean that everyone else can do that too.
    Just look at me it took me about 5 months to get 1 Type-void weapon and that wasn’t until they increase the odds to it dropping recently.
    My luck is crap when it comes to el tears and item drops so please don’t even bother telling me it is easy to get that really high combat power to enter the new dungeons.

    • walloftext says:

      item levels were literally meaningless. CP isn’t hard to gain if you’re willing to put in the work necessary to acquire it. every class got a big raise in cp by about 15% after reboot. With all of the free +9 events they’ve been handing out literally every weekend for the past month and a half you should have 0 excuse for not hitting 200k I do think 400k is a bit excessive not due to it being too high more so it seems like they’re doing that just to stop people from quickly leveling alts to grind for mystics and raid drops. the increase on void weap drop rates hasn’t hit na yet so there’s no way it took you 5 months to get it when it hasn’t happened yet also they gave out a free +9 void weap like 3 weeks ago… In case you haven’t noticed el tears are very cheap now you can (which i just did on my alt) buy a full el tear set with decent stats for less than 400m that’s full +9 because of all the events happening you don’t need the best of the best to hit a higher cp tier it’s all about optimization of your money for instance if you have a +9 glove there’s 0 reason why you should have a 5xe when a 5xe would only give you 1% more than a 44% a 5xe is about 2b a 44% is around 300m a 40% which is only 5% less than the maximum you can get for a +9 glove is only 100m and yet you can go even cheaper yet with a 36% for only 20m sure you’re not going to do as much damage but chances are if you’re struggling to hit 200k cp to begin with you aren’t going to do damage anyway you’re not even third job class you shouldn’t even think about being anywhere near end game until you’re actually in a position to do it there’s a lot of things to do in elsword before actually being able to say you’re end game take things one at a time don’t rush through everything focus on one thing then the next there’s not point in freaking out about raids/rig right now when you’re still late mid game

  • ifloppsy says:

    sooooo…no talk on herrscher. Gottvergessen Sense effect still doesn’t work.

    also this Ain representative didn’t even talk about Ains abysmal commands and the fact you can’t cancel out of over half of them.

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