The Tongue of Elrios

1/30 Patch Notes

January 29th, 2020 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 6:30AM ~ 10:00AM (3 hrs 30 minutes)

★ Master Class (Aisha, Chung)

Open Condition

Complete ‘[Denif] Master Class’ quest to obtain Master Class (Quest opens after 3rd job)


Can use Master Skills and Master Artifact.


  1. Master Skill & Master Artifact

Master Skill

Master Artifact

Skill that levels up over 4 stages. Master Skill can be confirmed in skill window

Summoned as Pet. Has its own exp and level



★ Master  Road: Water Dragon’s Compass

* 1~4 Player Dungeon. Sparr against Denif

Master Road: Water Dragon’s Compass

The group enters the compass to undo the seal and encouncters someone unexpected.






Entry level


CP limit



Res limit


1 time


Environment Debuff: Trial of the Water Dragon

Can be nullified with ‘Adaptaion stat’


★ Master Class Force Skill

Skill Name



[Force] Persistent like Water

Dropped in [Hell] Water Dragon’s Compass

Master Skill damage increases as enemies are defeated.

★ Other Changes

  1. Master Road’s ED and EXP gain adjusted

– Gaia(Normal) EXP gain decreased

– Ross(Normal/Hell), Ventus(Normal/Hell) EXP and ED gain increased.



★ 2020 First PvP Arena Season

2020 1 30 ~ 2020 3 12

★ Master Class Event – Aisha, Chung

1) Log-In Event

[Event Duration] 2020 1 30 ~ 2020 2 13

[Event Target] Aisha and Chung over level 99 (Per Account/Per Server)

[Event Detail] Log in for 10 minutes for Event Key([코보] 새로운 힘의 열쇠(아이샤, 청)) that’s used to open event Cube ([코보] 새로운 힘의 큐브)

2) Chain Event Quest

[Event Duration] 2020 1 30 ~ 2020 2 13

[Event Target] Aisha and Chung over level 99 (Per Account/Per Server)

[Event Detail] Clear dungeon within level range 7 times for Event Cube([코보] 새로운 힘의 큐브)

★ Denif Dungeon Update Event

1)Denif’s Gift

[Event Duration] 2020 1 30 ~ 2020 2 13

[Event Target] lv.10+

[Event Detail] Log in for 20 minutes for timed title and accessory


2) Train with Denif!

[Event Duration] 2020 1 30 ~ 2020 2 13

[Event Target] Lv.99+

[Event Detail] Clear Denif dungeon once for special potion


★ Special Gift Event

1)Gift 1

[Event Duration] 2020 2 1  2PM~4PM

[Event Target] Lv.10+ (Per Account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Log in 30 minutes for Accessory Wardrobe ticket

2)Gift 2!

[Event Duration]

2020 2 1 0AM~11:59PM (EXP)

2020 2 1 2PM~11:59PM (Drop Rate, Unlimited Stamina)

[Event Target] All Characters

[Event Detail] 2x EXP & Drop, Unlimited Stamina


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23 Responses

  • MagicSpice says:

    Finally get to see what the Aisha classes get for their mastery skills… on KR….

    Still a long ass wait on NA….

    • PainfulII says:

      Please don’t complain about your waiting. EU server is still getting REBOOTs.

      • Flare Kyn says:

        Still?! Jeez, EU is way behind.

        • Dan Yami says:

          EUsword player here.

          We still only have 2 Rigomor dungeons :vvv

          Ho boi time to wait a year and a half for Denif Boss (Denif Boss)

          • MagicSpice says:

            EU has always been a year or two behind NA….

            still weird that they’re lagging so much when all other servers have been pushed to NA’s point… Now it’s like KR gets something, NA is like a month or less behind, then EU is over a year behind that…

          • El' says:

            EU was created 2 year before NA.
            NA catched up to EU really fast and where to the same point till the end of 2016 when NA (and the rest of the world) got ahead like crazy.

        • 10/10WillNotPlayAgain says:

          Eh, this is Gameforge for ya. Dealing with this same bull on Soulworker atm.

    • Boo says:

      6 months relax

  • PizzaCakes says:

    I just wanna see how Denif would kick my ass.

  • Earlygame says:

    Idc anymore I need Ain please kogggggg

    • Flare Kyn says:

      This week KR’s getting Adrian, and NA’s getting Ventus. We have 4 more weeks before Ain’s Master Class is released in KR, and 8 more for NA.

  • zzzz says:

    sigh… baikal looks lame…

    btw, we gain benefit per artifact stage, and artifact advances to next stage at level 10, but what did we get for every artifact level 1-9 per stage?

  • DoomKitty says:

    I’ve decided if Solace’s artifact isn’t a bird, I will be very disappointed

    • Earlygame says:

      calling it now, adrian’s artifact will be a snake/serpent/whatever

      > adrian made adam and eve

      > adam and eve in the bible eat the forbidden fruit which a snake gave to them

      it makes sense idk

      • Midgame says:

        or a nasod because all of them are are connected to nasods

      • Flare Kyn says:

        First off, he’s called Add, not Adam. Second off, Add isn’t even his real name: his real name is Edward. And third off, Add isn’t even a Nasod, he’s a human that utilizes Nasod technology. Adrian created Eve, yes, but he did NOT create Add. He couldn’t have because Add’s not even a creation.

        • Flare Kyn says:

          Wait, I’m dumb. Nasod King is named Adam. Derp.

          • Earlygame says:

            Yea that was what I was talking about haha np

          • Flare Kyn says:

            It had just been so long since I even thought about the Nasod King that I kinda forgot about him until right after I made the first reply, plus I was thinking of Add because you mentioned Adrian’s Artifact and Add was one of the two who’d be getting it. Like, only a second after I made that reply, I was like “Oh, shit, maybe he meant the Nasod King instead!”

    • Soren says:

      Bet it’ll be something like a Lion

  • zzzz says:

    sigh… baikal looks lame… they looked like an eel… disappointing…

    btw, we gain some effect per artifact stage, but what did we get for artifact level 1-9 per stage?

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