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2/13 Patch Notes – Master Class Eve/Add

February 12th, 2020 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates | Patch Notes

Maintenance: 6AM ~ 10AM (4 hrs)

★ Master Class (Eve, Add)

Open Condition

Complete ‘[Adrian] Master Class’ 

(Rigiomor area needs to be open after achieving 3rd job)


Master Skill, Master Artifact


★ Master Road: Nasod Test Room. (NTR)

* Battle against Durenda and Herbaon in 1~4 player dungeon

Unlock Master Road region to unlock the dungeon (Clear Rigomor dungeon once)

Master Road: Nasod Test Room

They headed to test room for maintenance and acquiring combat data.








CP limit



Resurrection limit


1 time


Environment Debuff applied. Can be nullified with adaptation stat

★ Master Class Force Skill

Skill Name

Obtained from


[Force] Nasod Protector

Dropped from Nasod Test Room [Hell Mode]

Summon Nasod Protector

Enemies within Nasod Protector’s area of range are damaged (non-hitstun) continuously. Enemies also receive more damage from Master Skills



★ Master Class – Eve, Add

1) Log-in Event

[Event Duration] 2020 2 13 ~ 2020 2 27

[Event Target] Add/Eve lvl 99+  (Per Account/Per Server)

[Event Detail] Log in for 10 minutes to obtain event key ([코보] 새로운 힘의 열쇠)(이브/애드))

-Opens event cube ([코보] 새로운 힘의 큐브)


2) Chain Quest for Event Cubes

[Event Duration] 2020 2 13 ~ 2020 2 27

[Event Target] Eve/Add lvl 99+ (Per Account/Per Server)

[Event Detail] Clear dungeon within level range 7 times for event cube.


★ Dungeon : Nasod Test Room Update event

1) Adrian’s Gift

[Event Duration] 2020 2 13 ~ 2020 2 27

[Event Target] level 10+

[Event Detail] Log in 20 minutes for timed title and dungeon accesory


2) Sparr with Durenda and Herbaon

[Event Duration] 2020 2 13 ~ 2020 2 27

[Event Target] level 99+

[Event Detail] Clear Nasod Test Room 1 time for special potion.


Jumping Event -3rd

[Event Duration] 2020 2 13 ~ 2020 3 12

[Event Target] All Characters (Per Account/Per Server)

[Event Detail] 3rd jump character creation period starts


★ New Power Supprt – 3rd

[Event Duration] 2020 2 13 ~ 2020 3 12

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per Account/Per Server)

[Event Detail] Clear daily quests to obtain event token fragments([코보] 새로운 힘의 표식 – 세 번째 조각), trade them at Ariel for rewards


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39 Responses

  • Brancliff says:

    heh…. NTR…. that’s funny. I didn’t think Eve would be into that

  • Simon says:


  • Dan Yami says:

    Oh so we don’t battle Adrian after all? sad.

    Time for Herbaon CBT 2: But this time with Durenda

  • ripme says:

    adrian is oldman.. i like the durenda tho but herbaon again… pls

  • Yikes says:

    So from the preview video poor Esencia got massacred with copy and paste only for her 3-4 stage to be meh, 3rd stage can be said as borrowing CC’s tornado but I doubt she got buffed. This is minus the artwork since most of the runs artwork has to be turned off.

    Add gets okay skills, DB is Jojo reference and I hope the skill name is a stand name just for the lols.

  • Zunn says:

    Oof rip CeS you should have gotten a better skill other than her old hyper being touched up, same with CS and the lazer light show.

    Add (DB) has become a Jojo reference, nice.

  • Reee says:

    Forget durenda,I wanna fight that thing durenda is always talking about

  • Sariel says:

    I’m disgusted… I’m a Sariel main and Herbaon is in my top 3 worst bosses and you make him part of the master classes?! F U KOG

  • Earlygame says:

    The battle is a nightmare for any character that isn’t Add or Eve, way too many lasers and stuff going on

    But pls kog hurry up and give us Ain soon

    • Flare Kyn says:

      Oh my god, seriously?! We already know the schedule for Master Class releases! Elsword’s and Raven’s is the next update, 2 weeks from now, and Ain’s is the update after that, 4 weeks from now! This is set in stone! So stop asking and be patient!

      • Earlygame says:


        • Earlygame says:

          Btw I know the schedule dont worry lol. I’m just joking at this point, don’t take it so seriously haha

          But rlly kog hurry up

          • HikamiHime says:

            Ain is not in 4 week Solace and Harnier are released at the same time

          • Flare Kyn says:

            Where did you hear that?

          • Lisecho says:

            Flame unless you haven’t been on the KR site or haven’t realized it yet, it lists Raven Elsword and Ain together for the update.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            It’s FLARE, with an R. And do you really expect me to constantly check the KR website for stuff that’s gonna appear here on Babel anyway?

            Anyway, I just looked, and yeah, turns out he was right, but the notification I saw was posted today. Where did you see it before today that said this was the case? And I want an actual link, ’cause I ain’t browsing through a website I can’t read just to guess where it is only to find out via Google Translate that I got the wrong notification.

  • whoreallyknows says:

    Add’s Master skills sucks in damage, tbh they could’ve even skipped him.

    • Dekina1 says:

      Master klass isn’t really for skills it’s for the artifact passives and items. also Mad Paradox master klass skills is pretty good since for 10 seconds every mob inside the AoE takes 50% extra damage. and Dominators skill, the buff, is very good too….

    • Flare Kyn says:

      Dominator’s Master Skill isn’t so much about damage, but rather making his Dynamo Factory system better for a period of time. Hence why it’s called Dynamo Factory Add-on. As for the other two, I’m withholding judgement until I can actually use them myself.

  • Fal says:

    I hope Solace or Hernia accesory to be a Ring(also we already got 2 necklaces, that can count like 1…), we didnt get a Ring with set effects for a long time or any good non-situational good effect.
    Also make Hernia dung semi-Raid, i can only imagine her fighting via summoning the 6 masters to protect her.

    • Flare Kyn says:

      I think not. Remember, Ain’s technically fighting her alone, assuming she’s even the one fighting in the first place (as Adrian shows, they don’t necessarily need to fight against the Master themselves to gain Master Class), so making it a raid doesn’t make much sense.

  • Earlygame says:


  • RoseNeedsLove says:

    I just want a good balance patch :(

  • Losanze says:

    Bruh when is KE master class man this wait is killing me

    • Earlygame says:


      next week, don’t worry

      • Glint says:

        Can’t wait for the last one, curious to see if they’re gonna finally give RH a decent range skill.
        I feel like KE won’t get anything special since he’s already at his peak versatility, same with FB and NI. But there’s still more room for improvement for the others such as IM and RM.

        • Flare Kyn says:

          If Elboy got a Master Skill that temporarily made both WotS modes active at the same time and affect all skills/commands, that would be awesome!

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