The Tongue of Elrios

7/16 Patch Notes

July 15th, 2020 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 6AM ~ 11AM (5hrs)

# Content

New Region Update – Pruinaum

-Place where white ghost king’s soul rests


Entry CP

Demon Realm Debuff

Player Entry

Frozen lands





Old Town Site



★ Weapon imprinting system update
Equip red, blue, gold imprint stones to weapons to add more effects to weapons

[Available Weapons]



Apocalypse Void


Flames of Judgment


* Two of same effects do not stack.

(Ex. If 1st slot is “when jumping” then 2nd slot cannot be equipped with “when jumping”)


[How to Obtain Imprinting Stones]

– In Pruinaum dungeons





Rare – 평범한

Elite – 정제된

Unique – 찬란한

Can equipped on Red Imprinting Slot


Can equipped on Blue Imprinting Slot


Can equipped on Gold Imprinting Slot

[How to use system]

– Use through NPC Acela in “Gathering Area: Aurora Base”

– Use apply button to apply effects like mystic stone and magic stone systems.

– Effect activates when all colors of imprinting stones are equipped

  (Final Effect: Upon A, B% chance of activating C)



Red Slot

Determines activation condition(Ex. Jump)

Blue Slot

Determines Activation %

Gold Slot


★ Other Changes

  1. Elrianode Armor is bank shareable
  2. Elrianode Story Quest Changes

    – Secret/Add/Elrianode quests are grouped into one episode group

    – Obtain +7~9 Elrianode Armor with El Tears equipped for quest rewards (Per Character)

    3. Hall of El quests simplified into 3 quests

    -Hall of El – Aisha/Rena/Raven (Start)

    -Hall of El – Eve/Chung/Ara (Trial)

    -Hall of El – Elesis/Add/LuCiel (Trial)

    – Hall of El ED / EXP / Rewards adjusted

    – Elrianode Armor is now obtained through Hall of El Story quests.

     3.  Secret/Add/Raid weapons obtained from cubes start at +7~9

  1. Dimension of Sinister Intent daily entry amout changed (3 -> 5)

Pruinaum update events

  1. New Adventure Support

[Event Period] 2020 7 16 ~ 2020 8 13

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per Character)

[Event Detail]

Log in 10 minutes daily to obtain event title

Log in 20 minutes daily to obtain event potion


  1. Pruinaum is coming

[Event Period] 2020 7 16 ~ 2020 8 13

[Event Target]

Raid 2x Drop Rate Event: All Players

60 Log-in Event: level 10+ (Per Character)

[Event Detail]

2x Raid Drop rate event every week (Excluding story mode)

Log in 60 minutes to get ‘[Cobo] Pruinaum All in one package‘

  1. Pruinaum Aurora shop!

[Event Period] 2020 7 16 ~ 2020 8 13

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per Account/Server Separate)

[Event Detail]

Clear daily and weekly quests to obtain [Cobo] Aurora shop point

Exchange points for items in Aurora shop. (Can exchange for items like seal stamps, sage stones…etc)

  1. Pruinaum Experience!

[Event Period] 2020 7 16 ~ 2020 7 30 9:59AM

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per Character)

[Event Detail] Every Week, Log in 20 minutes to obtain  [Cobo] Pruinaum cube containing timed Pruinaum title and acessories.

  1. Pruinaum Experience 2!

[Event Period] 2020 7 16 ~ 2020 7 30 9:59AM

[Event Target] level 99+ (Per Account/Server Separate)

[Event Detail] Clear weekly event quest (1) and (2) to obtain Imprinting Stone

Weekend Event

[Event Period]

2020 7 18  5PM ~ 2020 7 18 11:59PM

2020 7 19 5PM ~ 2020 7 19 11:59PM

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per Account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail]

Log in 20, 40, 60, 80 minutes for [Luriel] Magic Wardrobe Tickets

Wardrobe costume list [Link]

[Login Reward Event List]

Event Name

Event Time

Log-in time

Item Name

Pruinaum 패션쇼!(1)

2020 7 18  5PM ~ 2020 7 18 11:59PM

20 min

[루리엘] 마법의 옷장 티켓 (Weapon) (3차)

Pruinaum 패션쇼!(2)

40 min

[루리엘] 마법의 옷장 티켓 (Hair)(3차)

Pruinaum 패션쇼!(3)

2020 7 19 5PM ~ 2020 7 19 11:59PM

20 min

[루리엘] 마법의 옷장 티켓 (Glove)(3차)

Pruinaum 패션쇼!(4)

40 min

[루리엘] 마법의 옷장 티켓 (Shoes)(3차)

Pruinaum 패션쇼!(5)

60 min

[루리엘] 마법의 옷장 티켓 (Bottom)(3차)

Pruinaum 패션쇼!(6)

80 min

[루리엘] 마법의 옷장 티켓 (Top)(3차)

# Changes(Notable)


  1. Recovery item effect doesn’t affect CP
  2. [Force] Getting Greedy’s  drop date adjusted.


Drop Rate Increase : 20%

additional increase per 100000 CP : 1% (Max : 30%)

Drop Rate Increase : 20%

additional increase per 100000 CP : 3% (Max : 90%)

Drop Rate Increase : 20%

additional increase per 100000 CP : 5% (Max : 150%)

  1. Boss intro scene design changed

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21 Responses

  • EternalDream says:

    “Boss intro scene design changed”

    The only thing that matters in this patch, clearly.
    Honestly I’m not even joking, I’m a sucker for better visual designs.

  • Dan Yami says:

    I was gonna go mad that this was mystic stone 2: electric boogaloo but this actually sounds kinda interesting? however 600k + CP WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUU

  • Limbo says:

    oh nice we get free +9 amulet! wait… ED adjusted..? I hope they didn’t decrease the ED gain.. YOOO ADD WEAPON +9??? BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! WE GET WARDROBE TICKETS AGAIN??? FOR FREE? BEEEEEET! HELL YEAH

  • Michele says:

    I bet the imprint system will not increase CP and will be useless.

    However, the +7 to +9 from weapon cubes is the best update imo. At least peoples don’t need to use too much for enchanting.

    Also finally new town.

  • Lilith says:

    The most important thing for me are the free wardrobe tickets lol

  • Katja Eclair says:

    800k CP for the second dungeon? Eww. Eww eww eww.

  • Earlygame says:

    I knew that being patient would bring rewarding stuff, I’m glad Elrianode is +9, bankshareable and teared now. Also void wep farming will be even better now.

    Summer vacation might be the time I finally get to grind a bit for my alts 🥺

  • Trash says:

    We can determine a condition effect, and activation chance? So what are the effects cuz if i have like 20% chance to do something i could just mash spring step and get it with a pretty non-commital interaction. Like if you can get self heal, super armor, mana, awk charge, basically any strong effect or buff for *jumping* would be pretty stupid. But like anything weak wouldnt warrent an entitely new system right?

  • Hatsushi says:

    I wonder if everyone will still be so happy about the chance to get +9 Elrianode after creating the 50th character to do the quests again and have another try at the 7~9 roulette.

  • Samii says:

    Content that actually doesn’t suck? This is shocking considering it’s KOG

  • Story mode pleb says:

    Darn, they had an 2x raid event but excludes the story mode. Rip for those people who can only run story mode.

  • Sleepy says:

    Gone are my hopes & dreams of new mod skills

  • azurlane says:

    600k_800k CP what the fuck

  • Noware says:

    I remember reading comments that CP jump wouldn’t be that high….ah, yeah about that….

    I guess the +7~9 elri is good for people who missed the fuck ton of jump events that handed out +9 elri gear like candy….. i feel like all this qol changes are just too late at this point

  • Obliterashun says:

    The only way i was able to even enter some of the rigo dungeons was because of recovery item effect and now they’re telling me i wasted 50 million ED for something so worthless now….

  • BadJudgement says:

    Combat Power was a mistake.

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