The Tongue of Elrios

New Imprint/Engrave System

July 15th, 2020 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Items. Rare/Elite/Unique. Dropped from new area


Go to new NPC in new resting area to use

Use on legendary grade weapons

1.) Equip

2.) Apply

Effect activates when a line is completed.

Red stone determines activation condition

Blue stone determines activation chance

Gold stone determines effect


What effects you can get

Red(Activation Condition)





using Flexibility


n% Chance


Physical Damage Increase %

using Tenacity


Magical Damage Increase %

using strength


Critical Damage Increase %

using bravery


Skill Damage Increase %

Every second while in non-combat


Critical Increase %

every n second


Maximization Increase %

MP below %


Additional Damage Increase %

HP below %


Defense Ignore Increase %

recovering HP %


Boss Damage Increase %

recovering MP %


Physical Defense Increase %

Attacking targets with over HP%


Magical Defense Increase %

Attacking knocked down targets


HP Increase %



Party Damage increase %

When attacked by boss


Damage from boss Decrease %

Defeating monster


Atk Spd %

Pet uses skill


Movement Spd %

Knocked down


Jump Spd %



Cooldown Decrease %



All Spd %



Party MP Per second % Recovery %



Party HP Per second % Recovery %

Gain ED


Nearby Enemy Element Resistance Decrease



MP Cost% Decrease %



Recovery Item Effect %

Attacking with Command, Active ~times


Recovery Item Cooldown %

Hyper Active use


1~4Stage Master Skill use


Master Skill use


Command, Active attack


Special Active skill use


Defeating monster


Using consumable


Transcendence buff activates


Some effects appear only in unique rarity stones.

All gold effects last for 5 seconds. 20 second cooldown.

Same red and gold effects on two lines doesn’t stack

Some effects are modified to 40% in PvP

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