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7/30 Patch Notes

July 29th, 2020 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates | Patch Notes

Maintenance: 7AM ~ 11AM (4 hrs)

New Dungeon Update – Soul’s Resting Place / Train to Capital

Dungeon Name

Entry Condition

Demon Realm Debuff

Entry Players

Extra Condition

Soul’s Resting Place


CP: 1,000,000 +



Aurora Mission Ticket x2


Train to Capital


* Can enter 1 extra daily. Additional entry requires Aurora mission ticket.


★ Other Changes

  1. Can set shortcuts on keyboard num-pad

  1. Can set up to 20 titles on favorites (10 → 20)
  2. Mount appears quicker when summoned in towns


# Event/Cash Shop

★ Events

★ Summer Elsword 2nd

[Event Duration]

– 2020 8/1 5PM ~ 2020 8/1 11:59PM

– 2020 8/2 5PM ~ 2020 8/2 11:59PM

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per Account/Server Separate)

[Event Detail] Log in for 60 minutes to obtain 3rd job ticket, job change selection cube.

Clear ‘[EVENT] 나의 전직을 찾아서!’ chain quest to obtain ‘Phy/Magic Mystic stone swap ticket’ and ‘Elrianode color change ticket’

– 8/1 – 3rd Job Ticket

– 8/2 – Job change selection cube

– 8/2 – ‘[EVENT] 나의 전직을 찾아서!’ chain quest

★ Cash Shop Update

  1. Costume: Twinkle Summer

– 2020 7 30 ~ 2020 8 27

  1. El Search Party Collection Book

– 2020 7 30 ~ Always

– Must not have completed [Story] “El Search Party Collectio Open!” quest

– Cannot be gifted

– Applied immediately upon purchase from cash shop. Can be purchased starting at 1st job.


  1. El Search Party Collection – Synergy Ticket(30 Days)

– 2020 7 30 ~ Always

– level 99+ characters can purchase

– Can be bank shared, traded and gifted


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37 Responses

  • Lord Aurora says:

    Yes, I have a mission for everyone… apparently-

  • TheLuiz says:

    why do we keep playing this game? Just to suffer?
    Just to be more disappointed with bad game design on every update?

    • Labyou says:

      welcome to elsword ver.DongshinLEE

    • TheLuiz says:

      why in the 7 circles of hell KoG keeps doing Dungeons with ticket required entry?!

      W H Y
      For the love of fucking god, this is NOT a challenge

      its just hard for the sake of being hard
      there is no challenge in this
      There is no strategy
      Why do they keep doing such stupid decisions for STORY dungeons?!

      • A guy says:

        It create need for more ED, and thus encourages the purchase of ice burners/VIP sales services, meaning more money for KOG. Pretty obvious.

    • Dan Yami says:

      Ladies and gentlemen, here it is: the 1 million CP requirement.



      There better be free daily entries and something like how Drabaki drops Elrianode Defense Requests

  • Rain says:

    So we get to 1m CP just so we can play shiny new dungeons where we get debuffed by 70% so we can feel what’s it’s like to play with 300k CP again. Brilliant, thanks KoG.

  • Rain says:

    If I recall, demon realm debuff goes down in proportion to adaptation. Adaptation is capped at 45%. So that means most players are still getting to 1m CP just to effectively run around these new dungeons as if they only have about 700k.

    In other words, a big middle finger to most of their playerbase just because they’re trying to keep their whales in check and mildly entertained. Only to fail everyone. Is that about it?

  • kicky says:

    woah, 1m CP and a ticket to run a dungeon

  • Earlygame says:


  • SadPepe says:

    Train to Capital > Train to fucking Hell

  • K1ngchan says:

    The only way KOG could probably balance out cp is to slow down cp progression or introduce a new power system all together. By slowing down cp progression, new players will be able to reach more dungeons without cp randomly jumping around. Introducing a new system would revamp the way cp would be measured. I can’t imagine how KOG would be able to introduce a new system at this point but, they don’t have many options for balancing anymore.

    • K1ngchan says:

      I also see a lot of people complaining about boring bosses. I think it would benefit KOG to study other bosses from other games to see what’s fun about them. Being able to understand why someone likes a certain boss would allow them to adjust accordingly, and make the experience better for everyone.

    • Katja Eclair says:

      I think KOG is sending a pretty clear message that they don’t want to. They’re doubling down, tripling down, quadrupling down their “whale or gtfo” stance, and they don’t show any sign of stopping.

      • Flare Kyn says:

        Except I have a F2P friend who has over twice the CP needed for this new dungeon

        • Dan Yami says:

          fuck off whale

          • Flare Kyn says:

            Yeah, uh, you should say that to somebody who actually whales on this game, ’cause I can’t do that even if I wanted to. And as I said, my friend who has over 2mill CP is a Free to Play Player, not a whale.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            Sorry, what I meant was that I can’t whale on this game even if I wanted to.

        • Katja Eclair says:

          Good for them, I guess. I’m only fortunate enough to get over 600k CP.

  • Flare Kyn says:

    “Can set shortcuts on keyboard num-pad”

    ABOUT FREAKING TIME! NA had that for, like, ages, so why is KR only getting it now?!

    • Hatsushi says:

      From what I’ve heard after asking ppl yesterday, korean keyboards don’t usually have the numpad and thus it wasn’t really needed.

      • Flare Kyn says:

        Even so, I see no reason not to have it. The code for it could easily be copy-pasted from NA, and it’s not like having it was going to damage the gameplay in any way.

  • MagicSpice says:

    Eh, I said the CP rise was gonna be an issue a long time ago… Looks like others are finally catching on…

    Enjoy being hardcore gutted cause the debuff to adapt ratio is getting out of hand, combined with the increasing CP requirements. 1.5 mil by the end of this region seems VERY possible, along with a 80%+ demon realm debuff.

    Although, missed opp when they didn’t have it be 69% debuff lol.

  • MarieWolf_94 says:

    can the whales stop fueling this stupid company money so this game can finally wither away and die??? it’s basically only whales and tryhards (wearing their rose-tinted glasses and lying to themselves that “everything is fine, i can do this!”) that keeps this game going at this point. i love Elsword (the characters and lore), but this game is catering more and more towards all the wrong players. casuals, and/or ppl who just generally dont have the time, have basically been forgotten about at this point as KOG keep making desperate attempts to bring back the masses w/ the QoL/system content (fishing, pet expedition, El House, etc) while simultaneously making cash grabs

    • Hatsushi says:

      I mean, you don’t have to play a game if you don’t like the direction it’s heading in. What you’re saying is basically that we should ban milk from shops because you don’t like it/have an allergy or something.

      There are ppl who will enjoy the game even if the CP requirements get to 3m and beyond. Trying to throw others out of the sandbox just because you can’t build sandcastles with them is weird.

      • Flare Kyn says:

        Yes, exactly.

        Also, I’m neither a whale nor a tryhard, and I still enjoy this game. Yes, I’d enjoy it more if the later content was available to me, but I still enjoy it.

  • Katja Eclair says:

    Damn. Guess I’m stuck with watching other people play if I want to experience any of the new region.

  • azurlane says:

    1000.000 your crazy tiket aaaaaaaa

  • Rolling Troll says:

    I like the game, but the director should be fired tbh

    It’s just clownery at this point.

  • Sleepy says:

    Interested to see what the train dungeons gonna be like, in videos of course since theres no way in hell i’m investing 100 years

  • Noware says:

    Imagine defending the direction the game is taking and shuttimg others down for pointing it out. There is no saving this game as this whales will never realise what is wrong with this shitty game

    • Hatsushi says:

      Except I haven’t really seen anyone defending the direction, neither anyone shutting other ppl down for pointing it out. There were ppl who pointed out that it’s possible to get the required CP while being F2P. No one said it’s easy, no one said the CP system is good. It’s pretty bad btw, but most ppl exaggerate too. I also pointed out that it’s weird to want the game to die and ruin the fun for other players. There many bad things about Elsword, the game being really not alt-friendly or one (shareable Void when), but there are ppl who enjoy the game. If you don’t enjoy it then it’s ok. You don’t have to force yourself. Whales whale on the game because they enjoy it, except some masochistic ones I guess. You don’t have to. Go on.
      Tldr, you can say that you don’t like the game, that’s a-ok, just limit the amount of salt you sprinkle on ppl who do enjoy it. Do you talk shit about ppl who own a good, expensive car? I can’t afford it, but it doesn’t mean I go around talking smack about Ferrari or something.
      I don’t know why I’m bothering to write this cause the whiny community won’t change but w/e.

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