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New Raid: Altar of Wishes*

August 5th, 2020 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Elsword News | Site News
Released 8/13
(Fixed in August~December, QoL fixes near 2021 Summer)

*Unofficial eng name

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  • Kartoffel says:

    It’s time to spam braverys

  • Earlygame says:

    I wish that the CP required is less than 1m

    I wish that Bluhen gets buffed

  • TheLuiz says:

    Oh god
    It’s a cycle
    KoG releases raid
    Raid is one hit kill highcp hell
    2 weeks/1 month later KoG releases the raid on story mode
    On the course of one year it gets nerfed
    One year later it gets the maybe final nerf and it’s main reward gets more accessible
    New Map
    New Raid

    • Scrooul says:

      How is it a cycle if we haven’t had it happen at least twice yet

      • TheLuiz says:

        This is the 3rd time friend

        • Flare Kyn says:

          Third? What was the other time?

        • Scrooul says:

          Yeah third, we had 5 raids in total that gave weapon.
          Eltrion mk2

          First two were back in times where straight up one shotting boss wasn’t such a common thing, they weren’t nerfed nor did they had “story mode”. Their reward never was more accesible and they were just removed
          Perkisas and Mk2 weren’t a kill highcp hell simply cause they couldn’t be properly killed, never had story mode didn’t get nerfed cause they were removed and their reward was accesible from grinding it everyday.

          So here I am asking where are those 3 raids that it happened to?

    • UNub says:

      Lmao if it were dfo you’d have such a nicer case. Except they don’t even tone down those raids as much as make gear that causes them to be more trivial.

      Elsword has been active for over 10 years. The concept of raids was originally introduced with Eltrion and Drabaki which you had to go activate via field hunting and then dogpile for a chance at a weapon that could’ve never dropped for you. I know I never saw it lol. These were fun but admittedly bad in hindsight.

      Then we got Perkisas, arguably the best raid due to its ease of entry from the potato PC perspective, +9 amulet events from renewals, higher overall activity from the playerbase, and lack of actual gear requirements, but admittedly was intensively grindy by asking for daily, strong-armed progress for the weapon or otherwise grinding to buy amnesia tickets. Eltrion rework was the same except extremely punishing to lower end PCs.

      Then Hennon was released as an INTERMEDIARY and not an actual raid. Difficulty was never lowered, story was introduced because ticket entry was garbage for 3rd job. Elrianode City never got a story version.

      Lastly, Rosso. This raid was meant to handle the massive gear inflation from Void weapon to be an actually difficult raid. Entry requirements were massive for the time period because raids took literal hours. After a lot of the cheesy strategies were nerfed to the floor, they eventually nerfed raid so it took less time, but the difficulty for the lower geared people practically did not change. They later lowered CP requirements as people transitioned to FoJ and Rigomor gear despite progression not being so fluid to get there (but hey, neither was Elrianode haHAA).

      There is no cycle on anything historically except newer gear = better which every MMO has done and will keep doing. Thanks for flaming, but try again when you can throw this game into the pits while playing it for years like I have. :wave:

      • Flare Kyn says:

        Yes, thank you, this is absolutely correct! And I’m not being sarcastic, I actually completely agree with this!

        Btw, this was a while ago, but I’ve actually heard people complaining that Apo-Void was a better weapon than the Perkisas weapon (I’m looking at you, Brancliff). My reaction to that was “Yeah, that’s kind of the point. Apo-Void is newer than the Perkisas weapon and is an actual Endgame weapon, where as the Perkisas weapon was basically just a powerful event weapon, so of course it’s better! On top of that, Apo-Void wasn’t even the first weapon to be better than the Perkisas weapon, ’cause a Heroic weapon with a high enough rank could already do that!” But even when I tried explaining that to some of them, they just said that it was an insult to players who put so much time and effort into getting the Perkisas weapon. Like, excuse me?! ALL MMOs eventually release better weapons than what they currently have! If you’re going to play ANY MMO, not just Elsword, that’s one of the key facts you need to understand!

        Honestly, I HATED the fact that the Perkisas weapon was the most powerful weapon at the time, purely because it was a weapon you could only get for a limited time. I mean, what about the players who didn’t even have an account during that time?! Honestly, making better weapons that AREN’T time limited was actually a smart thing for them to do, ’cause now all players, both new and old, have a chance of being able to play on equal footing.

        Also, side tangent that’s kind of but not entirely related to what I was saying, some players were saying that the Apo-Void dungeon was too easy. Bruh, if you think it’s easy, then either you’re too good at the game or you’re just using a broken class in the very way that makes it broken. I legit couldn’t even reach the boss on my main Infinity Sword until I advanced into an Immortal. Funnily enough, that’s also when I became able to consistently clear that dungeon, but I still wouldn’t have called it “easy” at that point. It’s easy for my Immortal now, but only because I’ve increased my Combat Power a lot since then.

  • PinkAnemos says:

    none of the drops better mess with exodia

  • fishborg blaster says:

    Oh neat. It’s a refrence to altar of dedication isn’t it?

    Haha i love the remix already can’t wait.

  • H says:

    Imagine not being able to spam bravery skills
    Dominator will dominate the raid

  • azurlane says:

    new map new raid new eq new weapon no conten end game, more2 money ni 80% P2W

    • Labyou says:

      welcome to dongshinlee direction

      • Earlygame says:

        At least this direction is way better than the previous ones

        • Katja Eclair says:

          You’re kidding, right? This is dogshit no matter how you justify it.

          • Earlygame says:

            Overall… I agree that CP was really bad implemented but they’ve also added lots of actual good stuff.

          • Scrooul says:

            Overall direction Elsword has taken post varniymyr is good, you can see that bosses makes more sense, stages are not too obnoxious to play and I would say are generally fun. Combat power is not a problem in itself, it’s a problem because it calculates stats incorrectly and favor players by making mistake while gearing up. Rigomor gear is one of the best designed armor pieces we had in a very long time, I’d say since times we had SD gears as meta. Overall? It’s better now.

  • 5screens says:

    Can’t wait to try this raid when it inevitably gets nerfed to the ground. Also I want a remaster of berthe’s theme or I’m personally storming KOG headquarters

  • ifloppsy says:

    so………….. are they gonna do an event that will help get a 11+ FoJ ? or is this only for whales. Im fully prepared for the “I PLaY F2P aNd Im DoINg FINE”

    • NickOffline says:

      Well, maybe that’s because you can do fine as a f2p? I know a 100% f2p player who has 1,5million CP and doesn’t even invest that much in his main character’s gear. You just gotta play the game like everybody else

      • Dan Yami says:

        ah yes, another whale saying bs with the same exact words lol

        • Shinaitsa says:

          lmfao, maybe try actually playing the game

          Of course you aren’t going to get anywhere if you refuse to grind at all/just chat with friends in-game

          • SadPepe says:

            Gota love how after all those years the whales and KOG dick suckers still try their best to justify any bullcrap content they realease.
            The community is made mostly outa sheeps i swear and pathetic as hell.

          • Scrooul says:

            Imagine having to defend KoG cause playerbase is made out of whiny kids who play MMORPG but cry at the sign of slight grind.
            I wish I could complain about KoG a bit more, but some people just make it hard with their insane claims of “I PLAY FOR 2 YEARS AND I HAVE ONLY 500K CP”
            Well G as a f2p you can easily with absolutely no problem go to 700k CP in 2 months.
            But what do I know I’m just KoG ass licker amirite?

          • Flare Kyn says:

            Yeah, I only have like 240k on my strongest character despite having been a player for years now, but I’m not blaming KoG for that. I know and will admit that it’s just because I’ve been lazy.

          • some dood with a M says:

            I hear most of these “Im F2p and i got over 700K,900K,1m+ CP” Claims quite much along with the “just play the game and stop being lazy” statements quite much from people in the community.

            sure it’s possible. but I don’t believe that a single sentence will convince most players, or people that they’re just going to reach it in the future, or have the foresight/vision to see it happening.

            If you want to persuade or get people somewhat motivated, you gotta get a bit personal. and by personal, I refer to your process, your usual things that you grind when you were trying to reach that amount of CP or getting that +10 +11 and so forth. and I’m tempted to say that you should show off your stats or showing the stats, items and equipment that you have. When people see these things, It’s a higher possibility that players can see your stats as a potential roadmap or motivation towards getting to that level of CP or gear.

            and with Nick’s Statement of “everybody else” I believe that everyone else is possibly in the same boat, they’re definitely much more players in NA with CP over that 1mill CP mark, but I don’t believe that it is the majority. maybe the 250K-600K Range sure, and that’s being spiked up with the grow support event(Which I say HELL YES to).

            And i think another factor is the amount of time it’ll take for people. The statement may hold true that you either spend time or money, but the thought of how much time it takes along with the pressure of those later dungeons being abandoned as players will go to newer(or higher requirement) dungeons is a potential factor as well. Tempted to say that I see this with dungeons like 13-1 and 13-2 ( farming 13-1 more than 13-2 more for glaciems due to not having that 550K CP atm along with getting roflstomped in a few hits on 13-2)

            besides all of that, I would say that people who claim those CP numbers should take the attempt to show off they’re current gear, stats etc. or to at least tell people their roadmap and how they got to that point(and even better if they mention the amount of time it takes).
            It may sound like a load of work just to tell people of what they can do , but those extra details can convince people quite a lot, and possibly make them play more.

            I expect the “There ‘s all of those guides, go look it up and don’t ask me for specefics”, they’re may be guides, but they’re is only one you. and your experiences getting to that level could be more or less different than a guide, be it the amount of time you spend on the game, the materials you farm for, or the trades you do.

            Give it a shot. I’d believe that people would definitely appreciate some of those details.

      • Labyou says:

        3m f2p exist but no life grinder

    • Djin says:

      It’s so funny how people who are actually f2p and have over 1m CP are “whales” apparently
      If you don’t know how to farm in an mmo (yes that’s what you usually do in that kind of game genre weird right?) you shouldn’t flame other players who actually worked hard for their current setup
      Not talking about actual whales, i’m talking about real f2p players

    • Grind4Lyf says:

      2.6m f2p here, stop being lazy

  • Gabezin says:

    That Cool. I haven’t even gotten FoJ yet because I can only go to raid in story mode, and another raid is coming. And it certainly won’t drop in story mode anytime soon.

    And when the story mode finally has a drop, there will come another more dificult raid.
    Only rich (or lifeless) people have a chance at these games.

  • Sariel says:

    To those bringing up F2P and P2W, lemme tell you that both sides are right AND wrong at the same time. To say “get good” is absolute BS considering that you have to spend a SHIT ton of money, in order to “get good”. Being good at this game doesn’t require any proper intelligence, it needs luck and money. Speaking of luck: ever considered the RNG aspect? Probably not, because those defending the game and its direction are the ones that spend so much money that you don’t even need to rely on luck.
    However those complaining about P2W: you can just grind your life away and get a high resonance level, sell lots of accumulated items and buy better avatar sets, upgrade stones, etc. At the same time though: Elsword as a game used to be a game you could spend hours at without ever getting really bored. Now it’s more of a “let me log in to get the event rewards” – kind of cycle. No matter how much you grind, it gets tiring very very quickly, so you gotta decide whether you wanna invest the time or just live with the fact that you are ALWAYS low-leveled.
    While the game itself is F2P, it’s most definitely not F2P on the long run. You, more or less, gotta spend money at some point, to be at an appropriate level to enjoy the most recent content. Otherwise, you are simply f’d and have to either wait or grind.
    I know, a lot of sissies, will come up to me and tell me how wrong I am. I get it, it’s a very subjective matter after all. But I can’t stand the amount of entitlement from both sides, when clearly, both sides are talking a lot of BS at the same time.
    PS: Whoever thinks that the CP system is okay, is obviously not paying attention to the way it’s affecting the game right now. It was only ever created to favor the company and not the players.

    • Scrooul says:

      As I once said, CP as a system is a good idea, but the execution in elsword is horrible.
      It used to favor a player when the only gate CP held was que in random party, back then it was positive since leechers were exlcluded from the dungeon. Current itteration where you can not enter a dungeon without CP is flawed and toxic toward the player.

      You really need just 2 months of work to go to 700k CP without spending a dime. Especially during events we had now. For a fact I know it would be harder without this event, however 2 months mark still stands clear if you know what to do. People who complain its p2w either want to be whale level without spending which would be insulting to whales, or refuse to actually grind in a game genre that, surprise surprise is built as a grind reliant game.

      • Sariel says:

        Thanks for giving me an actual response. I was waiting for the trolls to start commenting.

        What you said makes total sense, which is why I’m saying that both sides are right and wrong. However, instead of thinking about the player base being toxic, someone needs to be held accountable for making things go this far. To expect players to cooperate, when spending money gives you major privilege is impossible to achieve. Therefore I consider KoG and their business approaches as morally conflicting. While I understand the sentiment that money makes the world go round, KoG is aware that they are the cause of the problem, which seems easy to fix, but choose to ignore it, because MONEEEEY.
        Consider the RNG aspect. You would think that the player base would have it easier getting raid weapons. Since it’s influenced by RNG that’s not the case. So when both F2P and P2W players are complaining about ice burners or whatever else they need to succeed in the game, then something’s definitely wrong, hence me complaining -once again- about the CP system.
        You mentioned that it takes about 2 months of grinding to get to 700k CP. How worth is it at this point? From my experience, nothing at all. I do have about 700k CP with my main character and yet I’ve never run the Raid in its actual difficulty ONCE, because all they want are buffers/healers or those with at least 1mil CP and preferably a character that wasn’t nerfed to death by KoG.

        IMO there’s so much more to this than just pushing the “this lil system needs to be changed”-button. KoG is responsible and will never take accountability for it. But to see how little they seem to care about this raid (I mean they made like a huge ass announcement for the Rosso raid) and the game falling in popularity more and more in Korea, people are leaving bit by bit for the listed reasons above and many more.

        • Scrooul says:

          I would say KoG is going into whale pleasing direction with a wrong attitude.
          Usually the most profitable way is to tailor game around normal players and create challanges that for normal players will be hard while for whales it will be easier. Games should reward whales (I know, crazy?) but they should NOT punish non-pay players. This was somehow addressed when they started giving more things for free such as slot B or ED shop in general. What is stil unhealthy is the fact that bank share which is insanely important is not attainable for f2p.

          As for rosso raid, I could go for hour long rant how terrible this instance is for the game but there is no point in doing that at this point.

          This game currently lacks what it used to be, when you were whale you could skip necessary learning of the game because you could one shot everything.
          Now if you’re whale you do the same, but if you’re normal player you oftenly get DPS checked to “optimally” run dungeons, potion chug meta is here to blame, and I am advocating for creating dungeons without a single potion allowed, or very strictly limited to either encourage something else than pure dmg takes on everything or actually enforce a playground where you have to be aware and skillful to succeed

          • Sariel says:

            All of these ideas and thoughts sound incredible to me, but KoG themselves took the potential away by making the majority of classes magical types.
            I main Sariel and she can’t survive without potions, while a Lord Knight or a Blade Master would face no problems; if potions were limited/prohibited.
            So most offered ideas are either favoring certain characters way too much or they will find a way to push the game back to a state, reminiscent of current times to make more money again.
            It’s a tricky situation at this point, caused by the current director(s), who think their decisions are the creme de la creme.
            Sad thing is that we are literally speaking into a void, because international players aren’t even respected.

        • Rolling Troll says:

          There are more Physical classes in the game than magical classes. TF you talking about?

        • Labyou says:

          bankshare and inventory is free in kr (with ed) and they even have many magic wardrobe event and when in other server boom they gone at least make it tradeable

          • Flare Kyn says:

            There actually used to be a quest to unlock bank sharing for free, but when they changed it to a shared bank, they deleted the quest for some reason (players who already unlocked it got one row of shared bank slots for free, though).

  • Flare Kyn says:

    I hope that this raid gives us a weapon that isn’t biased toward any single element like the Rosso weapon is

    • Sariel says:

      That would be so nice, but seeing how the minimum CP to enter the most recent dungeons is at one mil… well…

      • Flare Kyn says:

        Uh… I think you misunderstand me. I mean like the weapon granting benefits to one specific element and not the other elements, like how the Rosso weapon grants benefits to Fire and not any other element.

    • Earlygame says:

      Honestly I’m already expecting it to be ice-themed, because of Berthe and the area it’s set in overall

      • Labyou says:

        ice weapon that give defense break and next raid ( if the game still alive) will be wind weapon that give 100% dmg like wind attribute

  • SoftKitsu says:

    The fact that they raised the CP requirements that high disappointed me. They did that for Rigomor too, now I can only run Sea of Ruin, which is okay I’m not complaining about that because you can get to over 500k by just trying. But the new region is completely uncalled for and favors p2w people. Grinding is fine, I don’t mind it, just do dailies and you’ll get somewhere, but even this is ridiculous and KOG is pushing people away from the game more and more due to greed and none healthy balances(both character, pvp and dungeons).

    • Flare Kyn says:

      Or maybe, hear me out on this, maybe it’s because later dungeons are supposed to get progressively harder compared to earlier ones (with some exceptions). And it’s not like Pruinaum as a whole is a sudden CP jump, ’cause the very first dungeon has the same CP as Hell Mode Master Roads.

  • QlyN says:

    so its been 4 or 5 years from the last time i play Elsword, and when 1 week ago i play this game its just weird. 2015 When 65 is max level, 2nd Job is the max job, people play pvp and pve for fun, all things still grindable (except damned costumes), i see people got 1m – 3m cp that actually makes my peepee go boom, like how? i inspect their equip, i learn there is something called reforge, i ask some people (the community actually pretty nice) and they give me some guide, they help me at some dungeons, just 1 week play and i already at 430k cp, but the problem is how do i get to minimum 700k cp? like i try so hard and i still dont know how long i will grind when i have work to do, etc. i ask people how to get +10? amulet ofcourse, and how did i get it? buy with ed, and how much was that? some billions, well maybe i can grind in 10 days of play (means 1 month in my time because i got work to do) but then again there is varnimyr raid event 2x drop, i was actually excited, but guess what? no players actually let me do raid with them hahaha, i was asking why? maybe my chara was too weak? i see “Need BUFF BL RAS HDPS” etc, like what was that? so u dont need any other job that actually trying to play? and i try to create party, im letting all people that want to play in the party, but eventually we still lose because people just leave when we still in the raid, and a player in my guild told me, “u need buffer and hdps magic” or something like that, i answer with “can you help me? i dont know where to start” he didnt answer, and i looking for party, when coincidentally he is in that party, im trying to apply the party. Rejected, same goes with other party, and i was confused, how i supposed to get those varnimyr accesories if i cant even fcking play the raid? okay fine im trying to find what can i do to increase cp for now without the raids, i wanna try to enchance weapon etc. and guess what? i try to grind but its just i cant make it, tbh i just wanna have fun just like when i still on high school with this game, but i just cant get the fun

    Playing pvp so laggy, or even some ppl with +13 weapon just kill me instantly lmao, i didnt even stand a chance

    playing pve cant be good enough because i cant go raid, and i can only go to sea of ruin , i dont mind the time i take for 1 dg, like 15 mins its fine as long it is enjoyable

    its just please make this game enjoyable for p2w or f2p, i want to grind solo with dg that can be cleared alone, i want a raid that doesnt discriminate other jobs

    its kinda makes me hate this game now lmao

  • Kurisu Shiruba says:

    Seeing all of this discussion here makes me glad that I stopped playing this game. I don’t hate this game nor I want it to bleed in pain (Although I could never forgive KoG for letting Hero Fighter’s Club die by neglecting it).

    It wasn’t the whole F2P grind vs. Whaling that killed my interest in Elsword. Neither it was the CP. I could adapt to it and never minded having to play and bust my ass every week for ED and mats in the F2P quests and dailies for gear. Because the game was fun. Platformer in the same vein as Grand Chase with an improved beat’em up feel to it!

    I ended up enjoying a lot more than anything because of Ara Haan, no matter what they say about her being broken somehow, I enjoy her for reasons that are more because lol OP – she was the closest thing KoG had to a Spectacle fighter online.

    But everything took a turn for the worse when the pot chugging and nuke spamming became the meta; kick system was good on the beginning because it WORKED – it was fun to take down the leechers who kept trolling people and we could see they were just wasting our time, but after it happened, you could simply get booted out of dungeons because you couldn’t keep up with a Psychic Artillery or a Kite busting every mob in a room in matter of seconds.

    All you have here is just a bunch of cute anime aesthetics and personal preferences keeping the userbase there, I’m sure that I could make a better management service at KoG, because one thing is keeping a balance between a sustainable product and an accessible means for your consumers, and the other is just doing whatever you think it’s more profitable because fanboys will just tell you to “git gud”.

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