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8/27 Patch Notes

August 26th, 2020 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 7AM ~ 11AM (4 hrs)

Berthe Raid Fixes & Balance Patch

# Event/Cash Shop

Daily Attendance

[Event Duration] 2020 8 27 ~ 2020 9월10

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per Account/Server Separate)

[Event Detail] Log in 30 minutes daily to get various rewards like Void Weapon Exclusive +10 amulet.

Weekend Burning Time

[Event Time] 2020 8 29 00:00 ~ 2020 8 30 11:59

[Event Target] All players

[Event Detail]

Event Name

Event Time



특별한 주말 버닝!

2020 8 29

0 ~ 11:59PM

All Players

Drop Rate 200%

(Normal, Add,  Heroic, Secret)

2020 8 30

0 ~ 11:59PM

EXP 200%

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53 Responses

  • Arcandanic says:

    Mmmn omoshiroe

  • Earlygame says:

    I really hope NA doesn’t skip this event 🥺

  • Noware says:

    I guess they starting to realize that without high ehnacement people don’t even get to play the game so hand one out, tho i’m pretty seve they already handed +10 amulets in KR. inb4 other servers skip this event

    • Glint says:

      But that’s not gonna happen again, because the berthe content CP requirement truly feels out there. So far the only people who manage to clear are those with +12 FOJ weapons. So them giving us amulets for void weapon is being generous but don’t see it being useful since it’s not for FoJ.

      • Noware says:

        I doubt they really wanna help players; it’s probably just to inflate that log in count. Since, as you said, +10 void weap is trash gear at this point

        • Labyou says:

          for berthe raid. yes but for other thing . its great specialy for people that just start or midgame

          • Skie says:

            Gameforge have the EU servers, Kog have NA/INT servers and Nexon the KR server nexon gives the KR players a lot of exclusive events including +10/+11/+12 and even free Nexon Points(KC)

  • MagicSpice says:

    These comments about KR getting a free +10 ammy…

    They got a +12 they were able to freely use before, and it wasn’t locked to a specific weapon either. It’s part of the reason why KR can handle CP requirements better than the other servers, cause they get handed ammies from +10 to even +12 while other servers are scared to give anything past +9 for free

    • Labyou says:

      wait what. +12??

      • MagicSpice says:

        Yeah, one of the older event posts showed they were handing out free +12s.

        It’s a typical thing in games with regional servers though. The main/first server tends to get catered to the most.

    • UNub says:

      You mean the one that only a single player was able to win, and not an entire server? Could you at least execute some research before influencing people who don’t look back on the game’s history?

      • MagicSpice says:

        still doesn’t change the fact that they did it twice (and only 1 time 1 person was able to win)

        PLUS they still got stuff guaranteed past +9…. when other servers AT MOST, would give a CHANCE at +9….

        Hell, KR did literally give out +11 ammies before anyway so that’s not changing too much

  • SuperLuigi1025 says:

    Hopefully everyone in that isn’t in KR get this too.
    Because this point only getting free +9 Magic Amulets are not even worth coming on to do the log in.
    Almost every time we get a Magic Amulet for free it is always a +9 while KR seems to get +10 to +12 which I can understand the game was made there.
    But really it feels like the other server out side of KR wants us to pay unrealistic amounts of money to even upgrade our gear passed +9.

    • Shrugs says:

      That’s how it’s always been though. Milk the foreign servers until the players leave, but keep the Korean population satisfied. The Korean population is the only one that matters.

      • SuperLuigi1025 says:

        Your statement would hold up if it wasn’t for one little detail you missed.
        NA servers are not run by KOG it is run by Gameforge who is an American publisher of the game.
        It is Gameforge who decides what events we get and what we don’t get.
        There is a reason why we get updates slower then the KR server does because we don’t have the same people in control of the servers in NA.
        Also I know it is has been that way because Gameforge has a history of being greedy.

        • RandomUser says:

          NA not being run by KOG but by Gameforge, dude, your mistaking EU with NA, KOG runs the NA/INT servers, and Gameforge runs the EU server

        • Labyou says:

          wait koggames is gameforge?

          • SuperLuigi1025 says:

            No they are not.
            Koggames and Gameforge are the name same thing.

            Example I play a game called Soulworker as well and Koggames do not have any relation to do with that game but Gameforge does.

            Gameforge also has many games they publish here that Koggames do not have anything to do with.
            Only game that both Koggames and Gameforge have anything to do with each other is Elsword and maybe some others I haven’t heard of.

        • YourInfoIsMixedUp says:

          Elsword NA servers? Those are ran by Killercombo, which is an American branch of KOG. Gameforge runs the EU servers. If we’re talking about Soulworker though, yes, Gameforge does run the NA servers.

        • Hatsushi says:

          Gameforge is the publisher of the EU version of Elsword and it’s the EU version that’s half a year behind because no one cares about EU. NA is published by KOG Games, who have nothing to do with Gameforge and it’s a month behind, which I’d say is resonable for translation etc. purposes. KR is published by Nexon.

    • Labyou says:


      • SuperLuigi1025 says:

        From what I heard is that KR got a free +12 Magic Amulet for an event but everyone on other servers did not.
        Not only that from what I heard is KR gets these free really good Magic Amulets almost all the time while every other server that isn’t KR either skips or downgrades the Magic Amulet to a +9.

        If we get this event too which I highly doubt we will because of the +10 Magic Amulet for Void in there.
        They will either downgrade the Magic Amulet from a +10 to a +9 or remove it and replace it with something else that has a time limit on how long you can keep it.

        In fact I would be really surprised if we got this event too and nothing was changed as this would be the first +10 would get for free without having to gamble for it or do that treasure hunt key thing.

        • MagicSpice says:

          Tbh, that’s probably why KR also has the most +13 players out of any server. They had a much easier time trying for it considering they flat out got +12 ammies a few times before.

          Not shocked if someone on KR gets the new weapon to +13 not long after they finally start winning the raid….

          • Hatsushi says:

            They already are ‘winning’ the raid. All that’s left is RNG for the weapon cube.

  • Dan Yami says:

    How bout they remove the stupid rng death that happens during the battle against One Who Destroys?

    If the boss uses both orb attacks in a row, and you happen to have absorbed the light orb the first time to get rid of your debuffs, you sir have been cucked. Either the entire party dies, or you.

    • Hatsushi says:

      There is no RNG deaths there, otherwise parties wouldn’t be able to fight the boss for over an hour without dying. The only problem with the raid is how long it takes, that’s all.

      • Dan Yami says:

        If the boss uses both orb attacks after another you are literally cucked if you pick up the light orb the first time, because then you will either be killed yourself or kill the entire party once the second orb attack is initiated (the flame one)

        • Dan Yami says:

 as you can see here, the first orb attack is used. So one player enters the black orb, while the others enter the light one to be able to damage the cage.

          But THEN the boss decides to use the Flame Orb Attack right after, which is absolute bullshit because now EVERYONE who entered the light orb CANNOT AVOID THE ONESHOT

  • wei y cheung says:

    imagine if everyone gets a free +13 amulet. what happened to the game then

  • Awsomethanu says:

    Who the fuck doesn’t already have a +11 void weapon. Get out of here with that shit.

    • Katja Eclair says:

      Hi whale

    • SoftKitsu says:

      Not everyone can pay for +11. I’m f2p and I can’t even get lucky with a +10 enhancement. Quit being a jerk

    • SoftKitsu says:

      The fact that you think that everyone can even get that makes you super naive

      • Blazing says:

        the fact you think you that you 100% need to pay and have luck for a +11 is funny yes you may need luck and pay but not really like i know someone that is f2p and they got a +11 from a scroll off someone with ED..

        • Flare Kyn says:

          Do you even know how much ED Magic Amulets cost on the board in NA?! They’re hella expensive!

        • SoftKitsu says:

          The fact that you just ignored what I said is even more naive. Not everyone can just save for something that expensive(because drop rates suck ass, even with drop rate build) nor have any luck in enhancing. I can’t even get +10 even with spending money. Which is why I am not spending money anymore. And I’m not saving up for overpriced amulets in NA, it’s ridiculous. Only real way to even try get a +10 or +11 if lucky is immese mithril grinding, mind you even with grinding more months and trying to get +10, I couldnt even get that. That fact that cash whales don’t even get this, it’s pathetic, I don’t have hundreds and hundreds to drop on a game that doesn’t guarantee squat. It’s neverending bad luck for some people.

      • Awsomethanu says:

        Get good and start using your wallet bum. Jk but sorry you salty, lemme rephrase what I said. +11 void is literally ass at this point. Instead of NA to at least give a +10 ammy for everything, they gave one for an outdated weapon. I mean come on, lots of people at least have a +10 void and even if not, my point is that void is trash and they should’ve left us with an ammy that can at least be used on everything cause not everyone will have a +10 or +11 FoJ when that’s what you need to be strong rn.. +11 void weapon is an ass cleaner in Pruinaum.

    • Xlipyth says:

      It costs a lot if you aren’t lucky :c

      • SoftKitsu says:

        Exactly and cash whales don’t get that. Not all of us can spend our paychecks on a game that doesn’t guarantee crap.

  • SoftKitsu says:

    I guarantee NA will downgrade it to +9 :l they wouldn’t give out +10

    • Katja Eclair says:

      And just like that, we’re getting a downgraded +9 on the 12th.

      • SuperLuigi1025 says:

        Not only are they downgrading the Magic Amulet to a +9 which I called it as well they only giving us 2 of the items listed here as well.
        A box that gives random titles that last only 30 days and a downgraded Magic Amulet.
        Boy isn’t it fun to be an NA player were they screw you over all the time.

        Only time we got the same thing that KR got was during the anniversary where they gave us the same free permanent ice burner set without needing to go through an ice burner to get it.
        Other then that we get either downgrades or complete garbage.

        • cmiiw says:

          KR: 8/13 Pruinaum Raid Release
          NA: 9/9 Pruinaum Raid Release

          KR: 8/15-8/17 70 Philosopher’s Scroll
          NA: 9/12-9/13 70 Philosopher’s Scroll

          KR: 8/15 Magic Amulet draw
          NA: 9/12 Magic Amulet +9 login

          KR: 8/22-8/23 Magic Wardrobe Ticket Acc & Master Class Advance Ticket
          NA: 9/19-9/20 Magic Wardrobe Ticket Acc & Master Class Advance Ticket

          KR: 8/22-8/23 Weekend Burning +11 Weapon Buff
          NA: 9/19-9/20 Weekend Burning +11 Weapon Buff

          KR: 8/27 Berthe Raid Fixes & Balance Patch
          8/27-9/9 Daily Attendance Event

          From comparing with KR date above:

          NA: 9/23 Berthe Raid Fixes & Balance Patch
          9/23-10/6 Daily Attendance Event

          This daily attendance event not yet started in NA, 9/12 +9 MA from different event.

  • JustFreezer says:

    Jokes on y’all, we’re actually getting the +10 amulet.

    Though +10 Void is exactly the same as getting a +10 SD weapon one year ago.

  • Earlygame says:

    oof where are the people that said “kog bad they’ll lower the +10 to +9” now

    • Katja Eclair says:

      Me? Really freaking happy that we’re finally getting a free +10 for (I think) the first time in NA history.

    • SuperLuigi1025 says:

      You do know we all had our doubts that we get this right?

      This is the only time in the NA sever were they didn’t do that and even though they did.
      It is too early to celebrate as they might have only gave it to use since it can only be used on an outdated weapon.

      Also as I said I would be surprised if they didn’t do that with NA’s history on these type of items which they didn’t.
      Let’s just hope this means they will start giving out Magic Amulets that are levels higher then 9 for now on.

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