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11/19 Patch Notes

November 18th, 2020 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 6AM~ 10:30AM(4hrs 30minutes)

# Content

Emote System

Changes as previously announced

Balance Patch

Varnimyr Raid/Other

Other QoL Changes

-Some items that couldn’t be sold to NPCs can now be sold

(Mystic stones, Imprint stones, Throwing orb cube, energy shard, guild food…etc)

PvP Weekly Quest Changes

– N rank acquisition quest and N rank proof of gladiator quest combined대

– Rewards adjusted

Quest Name


[대전] E 랭크 투사의 증명!

– Fighting Spirit Medicine 3

– PvP Enhancement Ore 50

– AP 2000

[대전] D 랭크 투사의 증명!

– Fighting Spirit Medicine 4

– PvP Enhancement Ore 100

– AP 2000

[대전] C 랭크 투사의 증명!

– Fighting Spirit Medicine 5

– PvP Enhancement Ore 150

– AP 3000

[대전] B 랭크 투사의 증명!

– Fighting Spirit Medicine 6

– PvP Enhancement Ore 200

– AP 4000

[대전] A 랭크 투사의 증명!

– Fighting Spirit Medicine 7개

– Sage’s Magic Stone 1

– PvP Enhancement Ore 250

– AP 4000

[대전] S 랭크 투사의 증명!

– Fighting Spirit Medicine 8개

– Sage’s Magic Stone 3

– PvP Enhancement Ore 300

– AP 5000

[대전] SS 랭크 투사의 증명!

– Fighting Spirit Medicine 9개

– Sage’s Magic Stone 5

– PvP Enhancement Ore 350

– AP 6000

[대전] SSS 랭크 투사의 증명!

– Fighting Spirit Medicine 10개

– Sage’s Magic Stone 7

– PvP Enhancement Ore 400

– AP 8000

[대전] 스타 랭크 투사의 증명!

– Fighting Spirit Medicine 11

– Sage’s Magic Stone 9

– PvP Enhancement Ore 500

– AP 12000


Character Growth Event (Korea Standard Time)

Duration: 2020 11 19 ~ 2020 12 17

1st Half: 2020 11 19 ~ 2020 12 3

2nd Half: 2020 12 3 ~ 2020 12 17


Bonus Times (in Korea Standard Time)

Event Name

Event Time


Event Detail

토요일 경험치 버닝!

2020 11 21 00:00 ~ 11:59PM

All Characters

2x EXP

토요일 드랍률 버닝!

2020 11 28 00:00 ~ 11:59PM

2x Drop Rate

토요일 경험치 버닝!

2020 12 5 00:00 ~ 11:59PM

2x EXP

토요일 드랍률 버닝!

2020 12 12 00:00 ~ 11:59PM

2x Drop Rate

Cash Shop Additions

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18 Responses

  • Xalozar says:

    Yay another growth event!

  • TheLuiz says:

    What a big load of meh.

  • Dan Yami says:

    No Ebalon news?

  • Leo says:

    This is for 2na: <3

  • MarieWolf_94 says:

    lol the fact KOG is borderline ripping Closers and other RPGs just to get their playerbase back is pretty hilarious. in Closers, they have an emote system just like that…like, literally almost copy-paste how Elsword shows it but more neater looking. theyre trying to cram as much cutesy, fun side QoL content to win us back and it’s pathetic. it’s like, my god, stop giving us stuff you shouldve had since day one, or what we didnt care or ask for, and work on balancing the game so casuals can play again without having to be carried by whales or pay to progress!

    • c01onel says:

      Closers isn’t the only game to have an icon emote wheel like that. Wasn’t the first one either

    • Sleepy says:

      You do realize there have been dozens of games with the exact same shit that came before closers right?

      Thats’ like saying closers copied elswords instanced dungeons, it’s a load of shit t

      • Chaotix Kat says:

        Closers is an elsword copy, if anything. The only real difference is that elsword is 2.5D where closers in 3D, the graphics are different in many ways, and closers didn’t have an “effective” player community base like els does. Emphasis on the quotes, depends on how you look at it.

    • xLunatix says:

      Lol are you serious right now? Do you know how many games take ideas from each other? Look at Genshin, it took so many parts from other games and combined it and now it’s so popular and successful. I don’t really care, as long as the game gets better.

  • SmallPPvibes says:

    Great! can wait to see cash Emotes being sold for like 5$ each! so happy! yay! wohooo!

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