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7/22 Patch Notes

July 21st, 2021 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates | Patch Notes

Maintenance: 5AM~ 10AM (5 hrs)

New Area and Dungeon update – Pruinaum Outskirts

– New area Pruinaum Outskirts added. New dungeons ‘Plegas’ gaze’ and ‘Plegas’ Portrait’ added.

– Clear Story quest to enter Pruinaum Outskirts


Dungeon Name

Entry Condition

Demon Realm Debuff

Player Limit

1. Plegas’ gaze

2. Plegas’ Portrait


CP: 3,000,000 +



★ Artifact Gear Effect System update

Use spirit stone wedge on artifact gears(Ring, Circlet, Armor, Necklace) to add socket slots. Apply Spirit stones to artifacts to give them more effects 

  1. Artifact Spirit Stone Wedge

Use Artifact Spirit Stone Wedge to open special effect slots on artifacts

– Artifact Wedge can be crafted with Artifact Spirit Stone Fragments or can be obtained from dungeons

Artifact Spirit stone fragments can be obtained in the Pruinaum Outskirts area

  1. Artifact Spirit Stone Shard

There are 5 kinds (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange). Set effect activates if artifact over stage 4 equips gears embedded with same coloured spirit stone shard.

– Artifact spirit stone shards can be crafted from ‘artifact spirit stone fragments’ or obtained from dungeons

-Apply Spirit Stone Shards from Denif NPC in Elrianode

[Artifact Spirit Stone Effects]



Artifact Ring

Damage Effects

Artifact Circlet

Utility Effects

Artifact Armor

Defence Effects

Artifact Necklace

Skill Related Effects

PVP Gear Revamp, Specialization System Update

New PVP Gear added

– New PvP gear can be obtained from quest or NPC Camila’s shop. New PvP Gear can be enhanced using Specialization, Enhancement, Element, Magic Stones

– Use Special PvP wedges to add socket slots to new PvP Gear

PvP Wedges can be bought from Camila with AP (A rank+ required)

Additional effects can be added to the PvP gear using a specialization. Effects added through specialization can be enhanced through enchanting

  1. PvP Gear Effect

Fixed effect

Gear’s fixed effect

Additional effect

Obtained through identification

Socket effect

Obtained through Magic Stone sockets

Specialized effect

Obtained through specialization system

3 effect Types: Basic/Support/Skill

Enhancement effect

Enhancement effect

Set effect

Set effect

  1. PvP Gear Specialization and Effect Enhancting

– Can be used through NPC Camila

– Uses PvP Specialization Stone

– 3 types of effects. Base/Support/Skill. Can apply 4 effects per group.

– Gelmatis Fragment can be used to enhance specialization effects


[PvP Specialization Stones]

Applies specialization effects on PvP Weapons. Obtained from daily, weekly quests by exchanging PvP Coins from Camila.


[Gelmatis Fragment]

The material is used to enhance specialization effects. Enhancement is chance-based and has a chance of either succeeding or not changing.

Obtained from weekly quests or Camila.

Can also obtain from winning or losing in Arena PvP. Can obtain a maximum of 50 this way.


★Additional Enhancement and Profession Revamp

Weekly Quests to obtain enhancement materials added. (Per Account)

– [Cobo] Fluorite Stones and [Cobo] Restoration Scrolls obtained through this quests are deleted after certain time.

(E.g. Materials obtained on 7/22 are deleted on 2021 11/25)

Since Blacksmith Enhancement chance has increased, enhancing from 11 → 12 / 12 → 13 will cost strong mithril

Higher Blacksmith level will reduce the cost of mithrils.



★ Elsword 4th Path Balance Changes

Class Name

Skill Name



4th Path



Dash Jump XX Command’s falling speed increased

Root Knight

Resolve and Choice

lvl1 : 40
lvl2 : 60
lvl3 : 80
lvl4 : 100

Max MP increase per level changed
lvl1 : 70
lvl2 : 80
lvl3 : 90
lvl4 : 100



Hitstun time reduced

Sacred Templar

Holy Sword


Fixed Purification Sword’s hitbot being larger than the sword’s visual

Divine Rift


Spear attack’s hitstun time reduced



El sigil hitstun time reduced


[Mod] Retribution


hitstun time reduced

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66 Responses

  • FrostHydra97 says:

    Meme dungeons

    • phowos says:

      The amount of money you have to spend in this game just to see your numbers go up is ridiculous, seriously 3M?
      What is a game?

      You are supposed to play a game whenever you want to relax,

      In Elsword you need to play this game like it was your job, or have a job to put all your money into this shit, seriously 60$ i can purchase any Triple A game and have hours of content, if i put 60$ in Elsword i will only se my numbers go up a little and maybe i will be able to enter the new dungeon to spamm skills and pot.

      • Skie says:

        will need more than 60$ to increase a little your numbers, can’t reach even 1M with that xD

      • VortexMaster says:

        Bro what? You can progress doing daily and weekly quests. Over time the money you make in henir and when you get strong enough to make 12-8 or 13-3 fast you can spend the rest of your vigor bar there. This is all you need to do to get stronger, grinding makes that process faster but that isn’t worth it imo.

  • TheLuiz says:

    we’re rolling deep into your underground crib
    thought I sent a prior notice card for you
    we wanna make this party you don’t want to skip
    gonna be a show to remember

    Take Over it’s time to boogie down
    Make Over nothing’s gonna be the way you might like
    (it) was over when you started with us
    you should’ve thought twice
    walked on thin ice
    hey game’s over

    (Hey, it’s time to boogie down!
    Hey, it’s time to boogie down!
    Hey, it’s time to boogie down!
    Hey, it’s time to boogie down!)

    you actually thought that you can get away with
    skeletons in your closet? don’t think so
    we’re gonna reveal the truth out to the public
    put your hands up. time to surrender

    Take Over it’s time to boogie down
    Make Over nothing’s gonna be the way you might like
    (it) was over when you started with us
    you should’ve thought twice
    walked on thin ice
    hey game’s over

    we do not live by your rules
    dirty work
    your ego has driven you out of truth
    you only played yourself, got no game
    serving you right
    say your prayers now

    Take Over it’s time to boogie down
    Make Over nothing’s gonna be the way you might like
    (it) was over when you started with us
    you should’ve thought twice
    walked on thin ice
    hey game’s over
    Take Over it’s time to boogie down
    Make Over nothing’s gonna be the way you might like
    (it) was over when you started with us
    you should’ve thought twice
    walked on thin ice
    hey game’s over

  • WOW Did You Just Said Plegas Gaze and Plegas Gaze? :D

  • Some Guy says:

    No new gear, no new weapon. Good, they’re “learning”.
    Now to hope the new system isn’t just gonna be yet another way to get +5% ASD and +6% Attack.

    • Veteran says:

      I mean its a cycle, a new weapon has come once every 2/2.5 years. It hasn’t been long enough yet. They get a new area or a new giant boss or raid, then a character comes out, then there’s a balance revamp, then it repeats.

    • xD says:

      Its so soon for the new weapon, like veteran said its just a cycle.
      Usually the next area after the weapon is usually gear revamp and some effects, then new char (or path) and a balance or rework, other new area and then new weapon.

  • DanYami says:

    the strong get stronger, the weak stay weak. G r e a t .

    fucking 3 million (which is actually 9 million in disguise) and 80% demon realm debuff what the fuck KoG literally no one except gigawhales will be able to do shit

    • KaselKR says:

      In past patches they made the weak stronger than before. 3m CP is not an ammount for whales, bro. You just need to grind, with + 8 armor and +11 weap you get it.

      • lolme says:

        eh 3m with +8?

        • WeirdThing says:

          Yes, +11 perfect FoJ, +8 r15 armor and perfect accessories + perfect socket is an easy 3m
          Perfect access is really not hard considering how easy it is to get master road and rosso access
          Perfect r15 takes time and some money for seeds, but farming money for these is easy
          Perfect socket, just look at the amount of sages they are giving xd

          • HaHA says:

            Nah, I have all of those things combined with +11 everything and still only at 2.7m cp. I can’t imagine people weaker than me able to reach that. The actual whales now are ato 4m+ cp. I can’t understand how one would reach that without spending an ungodly amount of money for +12 and max reforge. The grinding in this game without money is too unrealistic. You literally have to no life the game to keep up.

          • WeirdThing says:

            Well 2.7m is not so far from the required CP (The requirement is always 95% of it, so you need 2.85m)
            Also I forgot to mention Artifact access and collection, you can get a really good amount of cp from collections like Attack/skills one, CL/NP and awakening ones like Richter

          • WeirdThing says:

            Also the actual whales are around 5.5~6m, not 4, I have f2p people in my guild who are 4m (well they have been playing for a LONG time, but still)

          • Meh says:

            I don’t know how you’re only 2.7m with full +11, you should have low reforges (less than r12) With +11 foj, almost full +11 armor r15, i got 3.2m cp with no critical socket (Apsara being a low cp class) Maybe you didn’t put effort in artifacts accessories since it’s a great cp boost
            Getting 3m cp is not as hard as before

          • He Lan says:

            Actual whales in Korea are at 9m-10m cp

      • Oofmoment says:

        you mean “A LOT OF GRIND” ? I recalled my friend who been playing Elsword so long barely 2m2. are you are saying it’s not whale level? or rather ,either “Grind like no life” or “Whale to get it easier” level?

        • HaHA says:

          Exactly lmao. You can grind how much you want but you still won’t be able to grind your way to whale level (which the new dungeons are catering to). Trying to reach 3m cp with a +8 is one of the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time lmao.

    • xD says:

      I feel you, but nobody will stop this (even if they make a riot)
      And many users really dont give a shit, I mean… there is people who spend tons for it and because those nobody gives a fuck. Most likely is stick our ass farming 24/7 or buying, reforging till r15 or r18 with +10 or/and wait till they give again a new QOL because people struggle to get 3MCP and “fix” a bit the dungeons since probably those are bugged.

    • Flare Kyn says:

      According to my friend, KoG is going to inflate CP soon by giving CP to passives. Not sure if that’s actually gonna be the case or not, though.

      • WeirdThing says:

        That would be great for characters who don’t stack crit like Anemos and Aps, but they should also do that for stacking passives and skills that give buffs. Some characters have insane buffs on active/special actives and it would be unfait to not count these

  • NickOffline says:

    Hopefully little RNG is involved with the new artifact system. If that’s the case, I’d be happy.

  • Xamy says:

    This new Camilla PvP gear is gonna be better than PvP rigo ? With less grind…??? For free ? No chlorites shit etc.? XD
    I’m scarred of these “specialization effects”…
    I don’t really appreciate daily gear rewards system they do since Rigomor cuz it’s simply addictive and unhealthy for
    me lol…
    I like to play during free time and not feeling forced to log everyday for getting a gear…
    Like I wanna feel free to play 0 hours or 20 hours a day but not everyday…Elrianode allowed me to play this way.
    If this PvP gear is actually the best PvP gear, then I think I’m “”””ok”””” with “play everyday” system, also I would
    probably enjoy to play PvP “everyday” if this patch brings a lot of people in Arena like back in the days before Rigomor…!!
    But remember the last time they buffed Camilla PvP gear after Laby release and then added Rigomor gear AHAHAHAHA..
    Are they just making a new PvP set which is gonna be better than Rigo purple set and directly get worse than a next gear …?
    Or is this new PvP set gonna be better than Rigo purple set AT LEAST ? lol
    I’m terrified by my own questions…

    Also I guess those gear pieces aren’t bankshareable like Rigomor pieces, weapons, accessories, force skills xd…
    So we’re still stuck in 1 char we gotta love or pay every single things one more time for another char…
    Also, I hope those new “spirit stones” for artifacts aren’t meta in PvP if you need 3M CP to take them …xd

    • rear says:

      >”Also, I hope those new “spirit stones” for artifacts aren’t meta in PvP if you need 3M CP to take them …xd”
      more stats means people are going to use them, no questions

      • Aria says:

        just make them not work in pvp

      • Xamy says:

        Yes more stats is obviously better but I mean if it’s as useful as imprint system it’s not that meta lol…
        But it’s as useful as unique forces, artifacts, meta accessories, hidden power stats, titles, gear etc.
        Then it’s unhealthy for PvP cuz u shouldn’t grind a lot of PvE for competing in PvP.

  • Losanze says:

    Bruh I only got 1.46m CP on my main how am I supposed to do this even with a +11

  • Katja Eclair says:

    Oh look, more dungeons I will never be able to get into.


  • Aria says:

    this is just getting ridiculous now

  • Tofu says:

    I can count on my both hands, the number of players with 3m+ CP that I’ve seen (outside of KR) so far. Guess the VIP club is getting squeezed up some more.

    Also, I wonder if these new drops will be tradeable.

  • Maisou says:

    Any info on how many materials from the weekly enhancement quest?

  • fal says:

    and here is the cp boost we were talkig about but i wonder how good will be the system or just another rng hell-loweffect/costly like imprint
    thanks for the info 2na

  • Michele says:

    I wonder which of the two is for exp, kog mentioned there woulfd be dungeons for such purposes

  • MoonHeroz says:

    3M CP…..and that 80% debuff…why do u have to make it impossible for F2P-ers. I hope I get +11 for this dungeon by the time it comes out in NA which I doubt. I really do want to try those dungeons out….Thats if…I can even survive it….

  • MIDGAME says:

    this game turns into free to whale not free to play…3m cp? are you fkng serious? not all of your players can commit some large $$ into this game…they have their lives tho..

    as expected… they HATE free to players and casual players at the same time….

  • Pornflakes says:

    Gotta love that 3m CP (but is actually 5m CP) I bet the debuff is 70% or 80% with unfair spamming mobs and platforms created by platform fetish map designers.

  • broccolie says:

    welp time to quit.

  • xxxx says:

    +12 perfect foj, +11 r15 rigo, metastuff, erb 229, eu server -> 3,4m cp. stfu about “3m is easy” everyone. If u play the wrong class, u r f*cked

  • Sakudo says:

    PruiVarnimaumyr : 6M CP and 100% Debuff

  • Sakudo says:

    Elsword in 2021 : spamming pots, skills 24/7 or being oneshot by all mobs , 3m cp required but its actually 5-6m , 80%debuff (100% debuff soon)

  • e says:

    To everyone saying 3mil is easy, I’d like you guys to go play INT, where a +11 costs a kidney and reforging is not an option. This is just another update for whales.

    Before any “smart” person say: “just move to NA”, we can’t, Latin america and South-east Asia are IP blocked from creating an NA account without a VPN, and using a VPN can get you banned according to KOG.

  • #Justice4INT says:

    The whales get stronger, F2Ps can’t even enter the dungeon.

    oh KOG, will you ever learn?

  • Flare Kyn says:

    These Spirit Stone Wedges are interesting and I’d like to know how they work, but right now, there’s something I care about more.


  • MagicSpice says:

    KoG: (forces players to start getting millions of CP to enter the newest dungeon and get their buffs out of the nerf zone)

    Hopefuls: Well, they upped enhancement rates which people still have to pay money for but it’s a step in the right direction

    Me: (eating up the popcorn)

  • Spitka says:

    Looking at all these people arguing 3M cp is easy to achieve or not when the bigger problem is the big jump from 1.5M requirement to 3M.

  • MarieWolf_94 says:

    i just got back into Els to “move” my secondary account characters to my main account while i bid time for all the 4th path releases…but seeing that 3mil CP gate is giving me unmotivation again… Els is not for casuals anymore at this point, only tryhards/no-lifers and whales… just kill this game already, this is starting to get painful to watch

    • MarieWolf_94 says:

      AND theres 80% debuff!? ffs, are they gonna raise it to 100% and just completely erase your progress and make your character basically a level 1!? yes yes, i know theres Adaptation, but you can only raise it so high right? 20% – 40% range maybe? idk and idc, Els is just so-argh, whatever! not even worth wasting my breath. not like KOG cares

  • Flower says:

    If I recall correctly..kog is a small team, going by what they tell me. So question, Why are they making new dungeons and paths when their game isn’t fixed or optimized. That is putting quite a lot of work on yourself don’t you think.

    Also why 3milcp? I mean i guess if everyone have berthe raid weap its fine, but didn’t kog also say their cp system is not that clear to them (as in they don’t know how it works). So even that 3mil cp dungeon might seem be at a greater amount than the dungeon actually requires.

    The new pvp set seems interesting though. I guess, but they still really haven’t fixed pvp in my opinion. I think it would be great if pvp only accept pvp gear, so people don’t have to use their pve gear…but that would probably make a lot of people mad. So I guess not.

  • dogfood says:

    so it’s now mandatory to have at least +11 foj(gud mystics, saged), 4x +9 r15 rigo(saged), decent ib wep(at least st tier better if 7w tier tho), decent acce (at least raid acce+masterroad+any adapt acces), decent erp(300+), decent collection page(all important ones filled up), decent artifact ident (at least on rings and circlet), at least stage 3 artifact, unique eroding and a pet with at least 3k growth.

    dem so much effort just to “keep up”, well it might require less than those but better to have at least those., dat 3m cp is not that hard for ppl that are already established ingame and for whales. Aaand anyone that has the stuff above can access vos so atm it’s still on the “reasonable” scale.

    but eventually, eveeeeeentually the future dgs wud surely require a lot more cp and adapt. Hopefully that new source of cp would really give a good amount of cp and adapt.

    good job kog, i hope those kog devs are eating well.

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