The Tongue of Elrios

4/28 Patch Notes

April 28th, 2022 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Uncategorized

★ LuCiel 4th Path Update

* Emptiness – Turbids – Demersio

Magical Attack

– Mid Range


★ LuCiel 4th path collection

LuCiel 4th path collection



Stage 1

Adapt +0.5% (Max 45%)

Stage 2

Adapt +0.75% (최대 45%)

Stage 3

Adapt +1% (최대 45%)

★ Character Balance Patch


★ Arena Season 20


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7 Responses

  • Rajesh says:

    I mean we kind of expected the adapt collection

  • xD says:

    I consider that it is very worth registering this new luciel to the collection to contribute to the adaptation together with the new Ice Burner.
    There will be some who say that the IB and the new luciel are not worth it because they already have the max adaptation, but not everyone has a VOS +12/+11 tirnog-rigo/+300 ERP/black&White

  • Flare Kyn says:

    I’m glad they’re giving us more Adaption, but I feel 1% for Master Class is kinda underwhelming.

    • Jin says:

      do keep in mind 1% of adapt is alot

      • Flare Kyn says:

        I mean, if your CP was already pretty high without it, then sure, but what about for players who only have enough CP for early Demon Realm?

        • xD says:

          There are better ways to get adapt. Looking into the game we can tell KOG wanted adaptation to be a stat hard to get, ERP gives .07% each point(max 7% for 100 Levels), amethystine/Tenebrous equipment gives extra adapt with +11 enhancement and final stages for reforge, the only title that gives a lot of adapt is 24/7 berthe raid farming.
          You dont need at all adaptation for CP, for “free” but useless CP you can try maxing maximize/critical and you can do good varnymir~Master road with lacking of adaptation, starting pruinaum or unless you want to be a “DiPiSi” for dungeons, you can try to get free adapt from dungeon accesories, mainly from varny and Rigomor. Adapt helps so much to fight the demon debuff when you start with 70%~90% demon debuff

          • Flare Kyn says:

            My main concern was performance in Demon Realm/Master Road dungeons, not CP itself. I’m aware you don’t need Adaption for CP, but that Demon Realm debuff hits hard if your CP is only barely enough to enter the dungeons and you don’t have some adaption.

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