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6/9 Patch Notes

June 8th, 2022 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 7AM ~ 12PM (5 hrs)

# Content

★ GOGO! El Rider

3~6 Player racing content using a permanent mount that the character owns.

* Can be played with random matching or by inviting friends

  1. Entry Condition

1) How to enter

– Summons UI > [El Rider] [엘라이더] tab or through an assigned keyboard shortcut


2) Entry Condition

– Character level 99, 3~6 players

– Can only participate through permanent mounts

– Can enter while finishing, can only enter from non-combat areas


  1. Preparation before gameplay

1) Stamina

– 60 mount stamina is consumed per 1 El Rider round. Mount cannot participate once its stamina runs out

Stamina recovery requirements

Can recover

– Non-combat areas like Town, Hotsprings, El House, Guild bases

– Unsummoned mount

– While waiting during El Rider standby UI

– Mounts that haven’t participated in El Rider race

Cannot recover

– Combat areas like dungeons and fields where mounts can be used

– Mount that participated in El Rider

(Stamina doesn’t recover until the match is over and character returns to town)


2) EXP

You can check the mount’s exp information. EXP gained varies depending on El Rider rank


3) Ability

Gain exp and level up to randomly obtain abilities listed below

You can use Flandra’s crystal to reset the mount’s abilities while retaining its EXP

* [Summon > Mount] menu to check ability information



Start Enhancement

Chance for a quick start to occur increases

Instant Acceleration Enhancement

Chance for instant acceleration to activate quicker increases

The acceleration enhancement gauge is displayed below the character.

the gauge increases after specific time intervals. Instant acceleration starts once the gauge is full

Breakthrough Enhancement

The chance increases to breaking through the obstacles quicker

Hitting the obstacles reduces speed greatly

Last Spurt Enhancement

Chance increases to activate the last spurt from further distance


  1. Starting to Play

Step1. Choose the mount to participate with

Step2. Match through random matching or by inviting friends

Step3. Once the round starts, race through the track. Current placement can be checked at the top left.

– Once the round starts, the mount’s ability activates randomly depending on its stats

  1. Reward

1) Gain mount EXP depending on placement. Gain random mount ability through leveling

2) When playing with 6 players, a special reward is given to players that placed 1st~3rd


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31 Responses

  • Unimportant says:

    I assume all mounts will start out with the same stat in the race (Or the difference would be so small that you possibly wouldn’t notice) so the image of a dragon (Perkisas) being outrun by a good little dog (Corgi) is kinda funny.

  • Xamy says:

    Ok KoG it’s cool but now fix the game

  • xD says:

    the events sounds meh, but I would give it a try… Besides I want the permanent mount “Guac Guac” from the 9th box

  • MarieWolf_94 says:

    even more filler instead of actual fixes for the character and endgame balances. casual and/or F2P players cant properly do endgame content, but at least they can race! goddamn…

    • Flare Kyn says:

      … This isn’t being made by the same Dev team that works on that stuff.

      • Flare Kyn says:

        Also, this isn’t everything with this patch. Honestly, it feels like 2na has just been cherrypicking with these patch notes lately.

        • xD says:

          Well, I don’t care for the IM updates, stickers shop, fixes for some classes or 2 months attendance event of many attendance events… So I think 2na is translating the relevant notes.
          On the other hand, the x64 bits migration isnt that relevant to translate since only KR have it for almost 6 months and there is not much to say for NA or other servers, until they give us an update then I don’t think it’s worth giving it important for now.

          • SuperLuigi1025 says:

            Sticker Shop and 2 month attendance?

          • xD says:

            for SuperLuigi1025

            Yeah, you can finally buy the stickers that have been released since almost 2 years in IM
            Also KR have a 1.1 month (my bad) attendance (2022.05.26 – 7.7) It started after the pet pvp event, so you can see soon the rewards (consumables, sages, tickets, amet/tirnog, 1 phoru seal and 1 costume cube).
            Those 2 are the new “updates” while KR started the x64 bits migration.

    • Elshit Free to Playylmao says:

      Fixing f2p content is not a priority for KOG as you can see. If that was the case they wouldn’t remove all ED from story mode from ALL servers. They made this change based on KR server economy and bot/macro. They don’t even know how the economy is in EU which is a perfect server that f2p can become very strong because it has cheap stuff, yet they will push this change to EU because they don’t give a shit about f2p. :P

      • Flare Kyn says:

        You can still make a decent amount of ED from story quests alone. Sure, it’s not nearly as much as before, but it’s still a few mill, which isn’t bad.

      • DanYami says:

        “perfect server”

        buddy we still don’t have Tirnog

        • Elshit Free to Playylmao says:

          This is good because players will have time to farm until the new update arrives. I got my full aurora for only 1.5b while my friend in INT is struggling to buy a simple hair that costs almost 2b. LMAO It seems that removing ED from the story mode didn’t help them since KOG doesn’t give a damn about how INT’s population is compared to KR and NA, and yet they removed ED from the story mode which didn’t help the economy at all, it just made f2p quit the game. LOL

      • VortexMaster (INT) says:

        Inflation is a slow process most of the time and this change clearly improved the NA and INT economy.

    • leedongshin says:


  • If this gives a good amount of XP for El resonance then this will be worth it. If not then it is useless feature for me. :D

  • Silvester says:

    honestly after giving up on elsword and started playing genshin impact i really saw the differences and how better elsword events could have been, it’s really kinda dissapointing
    Im glad I stopped playing.

    • xD says:

      Besides GI is better optimized than Elsword XD
      I cant stop fps lagging in train or plegas labyrinth but my pc can play Nier, GI, MGR, etc 🤔
      Pretty funny

      • leedongshin says:

        this is how kog skill i remember with potato pc can play oerjisas 8 player no fps drop 60fps++

      • Pornflakes says:

        That’s because Elsword added a lot of effects in game especially most flashy special skills and accessories you can find (and also map and resting town backgrounds). Back in the days, it’s all simplicity and gameplay but now you need at least a mid god tier pc specs, hell, even my pc with 1080 Ti sometimes screws up my FPS to 60 – 50. The only saving grace for Elsword NA, EU, and INT is the 64-bit client.

        • lolme says:

          with many effect you still can make it less lag its just shiny and annoying look player turn off effect and make it transparent is that shiny? yes so shiny that just make me want to turn it off all

          • Flare Kyn says:

            I personally just make it transparent to the point where I can still see it, but it’s not making it difficult to tell what’s going on… but some skills still make it difficult because they either make my screen pitch black or pure white, which is annoying.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            I mean for my own Skills and my ally’s Skills. I keep my enemy’s Skills at full visibility so I can tell what they’re doing.

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