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Hamel Secret Dungeon Development Story

September 30th, 2013 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Interviews

Hello this is Elsword^^
Today, we want to talk about the development story of Hamel’s secret dungeon.
A lot of users were interested in this dungeon due to Chung’s father, Sir Helputt’s appearance.

<Hamel’s Secret dungeon ‘Temple of Trials’ told by the developers>

What was the reason that got you started on the Temple of Trials?

J: Chung’s father!!!!!!!!!

H: I’m a Star Wars nerd, that epic meeting between father and son……

S: We wanted to create a story about Chung’s father. We actually wanted to show him in Hamel’s story…. but sadly it wasn’t completed properly back then. Because of this, he has always stayed in the back of our minds. We wanted to draw the serious showdown between Chung and his father.

We also wanted to finish off the Hamel’s story, original plan was to introduce a story of characters that disappeared from the story in Hamel, like Chloe… Ran… Chung’s father…etc. Make them appear in Hamel secret dungeon….then kill off all those characters…..(Sorry, just kidding ^^; )

K: It’s about time. Velder’s came out already right? hehe

<Temple of Trials insides original art>

Initial concept plans?

S: Initial concept had always been decided on Guardian Stones and legendary rooms. We wanted portray the feeling of acquiring the legendary Guardian Stones of Hamel and becoming stronger with each stone.
We then thought of Elsword and the company acquiring the Guardian stones one by one and using the power of the stones to free Helputt from evil.
In the concept stage we thought… ‘ohhh… Iron Man!! Everyone can wear Chung’s armor… this is awesome…’
We were worried that, ‘Ah… what if our pay increases 3 times and game log-in rate increases 4 times?’ But that never happened….

I: Because he’s such an important character in the story, we had to put lots of effort into Helputt’s concept. Thankfully we had a base concept that 흑주돈 artist left us so the job went smoothly.
But there was a memorable moment where he came out oddly cute in the conversation illustration stage which gave us bit of trouble. We also wanted to remove his helmet…. Team leader….? ;ㅂ;

J: Just like how Velder’s secret dungeon’s concept was Joaquin’s Hallucination, we wanted a unique concept for Hamel as well.
‘Water’ is basis for all life, main fuel for growth. So we had a combined opinion where we wanted to show our characters’ growth even more.

<Temple of Trials armor set>

Some episodes during Development.

I: bro P left an unexpected footprint in the dungeon so it feels very strange. Hahahaha…..

S: Whether to reveal Chung’s Father’s face was a big issue amongst the development team….
‘If real face was revealed… there will be some disappointed people.. for reals.. etc.’ Because of reasons like these Chung’s father’s face wasn’t revealed.
‘Let’s work on Chung’s father’s final implementation up to the very last day before patch and shed dramatic tears! This is the father’s love…’
Was the initial atmosphere amongst the developers… but… the world doesn’t work the way you want…
However there is a rumor that the developers force marched their way from 2 weeks before the patch sleeping only 3 hours a day….

J: Animator watched Iron Man 3 very meaningfully and created a very cool scene for Knights entrance scene. hehe

Y: I remember everyone laughing together because the Final scene was supposed to be where monsters were swarming in, but it actually looked like they were walking slowly across the runway

ㄴ<Unexpected Footprint!>

<Temple of Trials Middle bosses>

Any difficulties during development?

S: We wanted to show much more… but we had to cut some parts because the stage became too long. We still get pressure from people saying that it’s already too long..

K: Sasha kept covering up the characters or just disappeared often so it was a hard work. ㅠㅠ Also she was turned around so it was hard to see her face…..

J: I think the most difficult task was to keep the ‘Temple of Water’ feeling while making each Trial rooms with different feel to them.
There’s many regrets ;ㅁ;

H: I shivered every time monsters had a bug… ah~~~

<Weapons that drop in Temple of Trials>

Any final remarks?

J: We wanted to tell the story of ‘growth’ in Hamel’s secret dungeon. Story where you had no choice but to run from Helputt at first, but after overcoming the trials and becoming stronger, you can liberate Helputt from the demons- and also there were minor growth stories about defeating the middle bosses to get a buff and become stronger.

H: I want to have a seamless update always ….T

C: It’s regretful that when fighting the shadow monsters, it doesn’t give the feeling of fighting yourself. It’s regretful because when the middle bosses die, it gives off a effect with a buff, but the buff doesn’t feel quite like Iron Man. It’s regretful because we wanted to make Helputt the ultimate form of Chung, but he’s actually weaker that Middle Bosses.

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