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Pet Personality Guide

Pet Personality Guide

Author: 행운의2달러
Translator: 2nafish


General things to know about Pet Personality before we get started:

  1. Pet personality changes 0.5 points at a time. Thus, you need to have it change twice to raise personality by 1 point.
  2. At 100% affinity, x axis personalities like Sensible and Impulsive are subject to change whereas y axis personalities like Sociable and Shy are not subject to change.
  3. Logging Out means clicking either Game Exit, Character Select or changing channels through Server Select. Changing Channels with the bar on the top right of the screen is not considered “Logging Out”
  4. An affinity gap is required to change a pet’s personality – you must have at least 5% affinity difference from the affinity your pet was at last time you logged in to induce a change in personality.
  5. Large affinity gap changes (e.g. 10% or 20% at a time) will not necessarily change personality proportionately.
  6. If affinity is decreased, it will never affect Shy and but it will always affect Sociable.
  7. Staying logged in at town with your pet summoned does not have any effect on pet personality, assuming you do not run any dungeons.
  8. This guide is written based on Adult forms. For teen and infant stages, an even larger change in affinity gap is required to affect their personality.
  9. When you are changing pet personality from 100%~ high affinity and highly Sociable to Shy, don’t log out. It is recommended that you have lots of stamina and Strange QPL jellies for lots of dungeon runs. (The strategy is to running multiple dungeon, starving your pet until 70% affinity, then to relog. But to minimize personality loss, you shouldn’t relogin midway into the process.)


When pet is turned Sociable(+),

  1. When attacking, 300 Pet MP is consumed
  2. Starts cheering when summoner’s HP is 15% or less.

To turn Sociable(+):
After first login, run dungeon once. When you log out, the affinity change has to be 6% or less
(Excluding the first food of the day, and when you are at affinity 100%)

When pet is turned Shy(-)

  1. While attacking, 250 Pet MP is consumed
  2. Starts cheering when summoner’s HP is 30% or less.

To turn Shy(-):
After first login, run one or more dungeons. When you log out, your affinity change has to be more than 6%.

If you want to change to Shy fast, it’s a good idea to relog after you have achieved a desired affinity change.

If you reach 100% affinity while you are in Shy personality, Sociable/Shy (y axis) personalities won’t change.


When turned Impulsive(+)

  1. Reacts to even minor damage was done to or was dealt by the summoner with an attack.
  2. Unlike Sensible pets, even when mp for attacking has been built up, they will prefer song emoticons (wastes MP) to attacks
  3. Starts cheering only after major damage was done to or dealt by the summoner.

To turn Impulsive(+):
Don’t feed rare or higher equips, seeds, fruits or QPL jellies. Feed rare or normal equipments.


When turned Sensible(-)

  1. Attacks when major damage was done to or was dealt by the summoner
  2. Unlike Impulsive pets, they use fewer song emoticons and will activate attacks quickly.
  3. Starts cheering faster, and when minor damage was done to or dealt by the summoner.

To turn Sensible(-) :
Unlike Impulsive, feed feed equipments higher than rare, QPL jellies, seeds and fruits.
(Equipments and QPL jellies only count for pets with 70% affinity or below. After that you have to feed Seeds and Fruits only.)


Pet Personalities from Best to Worst:

  1. Shy(-) and Sensible(-)  (- , -)
  2. Shy(-) and Impulsive(+)  (- , +)
  3. Sociable (+) and Sensible(-)  (+ , -)
  4. Sociable(+) and Impulsive(+)  (+ , +)


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