Awakened Will: Sacred Templar

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SacredTemplarTPassive1.png [Passive] This is El's Aspiration. El's decree.
You raise your sword again to protect the El and this world.

When [El's Resonance] skill activates, the following Special Active skill's cooldown duration will be decreased.
Can use [El's Resonance] El's Glory/El's Judgment by resonating with the El.
[El's Resonance - El's Glory]
  • Activates when using Bravery skills affected by Way of the Sword Vitality effect during awakening.
  • El energy will form and grow around you. Caster's received damage will decrease upon activation.
[El's Resonance - El's Judgment]
  • Activates when using Bravery skills affected by Way of the Sword Destruction effect during awakening.
  • El fragments will rise and strike enemies. Increase Caster's damage upon activation.


Class Level Required
Sacred Templar : Transcendent 70

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Next Special Active Cooldown Reduction
(After triggering [El's Resonance] skill)
El's Resonance Skills
(During awakening)
Vitality Bravery Skill Destruction Bravery Skill
1 70 10% Triggers El's Glory Triggers El's Judgment
1 70 5% Triggers El's Glory Triggers El's Judgment

El's Glory

Mode Damage (Magical) Status 671.pngSelf BuffEl's Glory Max Hits Per Energy Energy Count
El Energy Enhanced El Energy Exploding El Energy El's Explosion Received Damage Decrease Duration El Energy Enhanced El Energy Exploding El Energy El's Explosion
PvE 199% 35% 19% 205% 8% 10 seconds 1 5 7 1 6
PvP 79% 14% 7% 81% 4%

El's Judgment

Mode Damage (Magic) Status 673.pngSelf BuffEl's Judgement Max Hits Per Fragment Fragment Count
El Fragment Annihilation All Damage Increase Duration El Fragment Annihilation
PvE 123% 96% 8% 10 seconds 3 1 6
PvP 49% 38% 4%

Related Skills

El's Glory

El's Judgment

Total Damage

Mode Base Oracle
El's Glory El's Judgment El's Glory El's Judgment
Per Energy Total Per Fragment Total Per Energy Total Per Fragment Total
PvE 712% 4,272% 465% 2,790% 854.4% 5,126.4% 558% 3,348%
PvP 279% 1,674% 185% 1,110% 334.8% 2,008.8% 222% 1,332%

Tips and Details

  • As the passive requires you to trigger an [El's Resonance] skill, you must be awakened to gain the cooldown reduction effect.
  • Following the Strength skills from Thirst, the skills caused by this passive count as Bravery tier skills.
  • Neither skill deals any hitstun.
  • As with Thirst, both the El's Glory Energy spheres and El's Judgment fragments spread too far apart to deal most of their damage on an average enemy.
    • El's Judgment can very easily hit 2~3 fragments on any given target, and doesn't reach all that far allowing it to deal maximum damage on quite a few bosses
    • El's Glory can deal full damage with at least one of the spheres given proper positioning on any given target, but due to the way the energy spheres spread out, only a hypothetical enemy that can fully surround you on all sides while being both tall and wide enough can take full damage from it.
  • You specifically have to be on a skill's respective Way of the Sword mode for it to trigger an [El's Resonance] skill. For example, casting Divine Lift while in Destruction mode will not work.


  • The Training Room skill damage overview show's both El's Glory and El's Judgment separately as they are their own individual skills. However, unlike Resonance and Thirst, the icon used for them is the skill icon for Oracle instead of this passive.



Date Changes
07/08/2021 08/04/2021
  • Awakened Will: Sacred Templar added.
03/17/2022 04/13/2022
  • Next Special Active Cooldown Reduction decreased.
  • [El's Glory] Received Damage Decrease decreased.
  • [El's Judgement] All Damage Increase decreased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 해방된 의지 : 세크리드 템플러 Liberated Will: Sacred Templar