Benediction (Stage 2)

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[Master Skill Stage 2]
A moon of benediction containing earnest desires rises.
For all allies within range of the moon of benediction, Status 660.png Party BuffMoon TimeParty BuffMoon Time accelerates the remaining cooldown of Hyper Active Skills and Master Skills and Status 658.png Party BuffBenedictionParty BuffBenediction is applied.
Concentrate on the power of the moon to shape the desire through the energy of the moon.
Master Skill is unaffected by skill enhance effects except Master-only effects.


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Nyx Pieta : Master Class 99 Master Skill Stage 2 Quest

Skill Information

Mode Damage (Physical) Max Hits Within Benediction Moon Range MP Usage Cooldown
Benediction Moon Moon Aura Benediction Moon First Moon Aura Second Moon Aura Status 660.png Party BuffMoon TimeParty BuffMoon Time Status 658.png Party BuffBenedictionParty BuffBenediction
Per Aura Aura Count Per Aura Aura Count Hyper Active and Master Skill Cooldown Speed Increase Duration Max HP Record MP/Special Resource Record Duration Status 659.png Traces of BenedictionTraces of Benediction
(Resurrection Reactivation Cooldown)
PvE 600% 1357% 14 5 4 6 3 ×2 5 Seconds 50% 100% 30 Seconds 50 Seconds 200 MP 36 Seconds
PvP 66% 169% 30% 15 Seconds 120 Seconds

Total Damage

  • Average assumes full Benediction Moon hits and 15 Moon Aura hits.

Tips and Details

  • Just like Stage 1, this version's Status 658.png Party BuffBenedictionParty BuffBenediction buff has a 100% uptime without any Master Skill Cooldown Decrease stat increases as well, as the Status 660.png Party BuffMoon TimeParty BuffMoon Time effect works on the skill's cooldown.



Date Changes
02/10/2021 03/10/2021
  • Benediction added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 염원 Desire