Black Forest Outskirts (Event)

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For the Eastern Lurensia dungeon by the same name, see Black Forest Outskirts.
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This is an Event Map for Laby's prerelease event.


Black Forest Outskirts

Black Forest Outskirts.
An unknown energy is lingering here.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Entry Requirements
  • This dungeon can only be played solo
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Uki.png Uki -


  • Elsword: I didn't know this place was in Feita. We couldn't come here last time because of the demons... it feels kind of mysterious.
  • Aisha: It's said that they had to build a temple here because the demonic energy was so strong. I'm now inclined to believe that those rumours were true.
  • Rena: I heard that the dark forest was only filled with demonic energy... But the energy here is somewhat warm~
  • Raven: That's...! I've never seen it before. Is it a monster that lives here?
  • Eve: It's just like we were told. It's a place with strong demonic energy, be careful.
  • Chung: The source of all monsters that dwell in Lurensia... Was that rumour true?
  • Ara: It was clearly daytime but it became dark soon as we entered the forest. It must be even darker deeper in, right?
  • Elesis: We're only at the outskirts and there's so many monsters... we should thank the Feita guards.
  • Add: Whoever that decided to build a temple here had really bad taste. But fine, I'll play along since the strong demonic energy here is interesting.
  • Lu/Ciel: I'm surprised there's a forest with such strong demonic energy in Elrios. It feels almost like a demon realm.
  • Rose: There are a lot of enemy movements in the dense forest. I must stay vigilant.
  • Ain: (Elrios is supposed to be blessed by the goddess. So how did a forest with such strong demonic energy come to be...?)
Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
HQ Shop Item 130165.png Complete Recovery Potion Obtained by defeating Uki. Consumable (Special Recovery):

Recover: 100% HP
Recover: 100% MP
Cooldown Time: 30 secs.


  • The location of this dungeon takes place somewhere deep within the forest surrounding Feita.
  • This area was previously mentioned during Feita's story quests in Chapter 9, and dimensional doors were said to appear here.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 검은 숲 외곽 Black Forest Outskirts


Hunting Fields