Bloody Accel

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STSactive4.png [Special Active] Raven strengthens his sword by sacrificing the blood of surrounding enemies with a spherical slash. He will then gain an increase in damage, attacks caused by his weapon will inflict Wound, and attacks will absorb a portion of his foe's HP.


Class Master SP Requirement Skill Requirement
Sword Taker Lv.5 65 SP Skill Quest

Skill Information

Skill Level Initial Damage
Bloody Accel MP Usage Cooldown
1 1418% 20% 6% 5 Seconds 30 Seconds 250 MP 30 Seconds
2 1701%
3 1985% 8%
4 2268%
5 (M) 2693% 10%
6 3119%
7 3544% 12%

Tips and Details

  • Bloody Accel is unlocked through the High Branch Skill Quest.
    • The quest can be obtained at Lv32 from Camilla, the PvP NPC.
  • The skill's attack radius circles all around the user.
  • The initial hit of the skill does not cause Wound.
  • The HP absorbed is based on the damage dealt to your opponents.
  • All Special Actives will not inflict Wound and will not absorb HP.
  • While the buff is active, the handle of Raven's blade is encompassed by an aura of swirling red lines and all of his sword attacks have a red outline.
  • Warning: Bloody Accel can be reflected by Counter Attack.
  • Bloody Accel's range is actually much larger that the attack animation would imply, so the skill is able to hit enemies that are on high platforms of are far below the player.


  • Oddly, Bloody Accel's buff can also affect Raven's claw attacks as well, despite being a sacrificial technique to strengthen his blade.

KR Update Log

  • 1/17/2013
    • Buff now affects all actives along with normal moves.

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