Candy House in the Woods

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This is an Event Map celebrating Halloween (2015)


Candy House in the Woods

Children from all over Elrios are excited and had already begun trick-or-treating for Halloween. Some kids wandered into the woods to find the Candy House and hadn't returned. What's taking them so long? Let's follow them!
Children went missing after heading off to the Candy House in the Woods. Wonder what happened to them.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Entry Requirements
  • Must be Level 10 or higher.
  • Have a Candy Basket HQ Shop Item 110003458.png in your inventory.
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
GElsword.png Gingerbread Elsword - Elsword with Gingerbread Man avatar!
GAisha.png Gingerbread Aisha - Aisha with Gingerbread Man avatar!
GRena.png Gingerbread Rena - Rena with Gingerbread Man avatar!
GRaven.png Gingerbread Raven - Raven with Gingerbread Man avatar!
GEve.png Gingerbread Eve - Eve with Gingerbread Man avatar!


Mini Boss
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Incoolord.jpg Incubus : Incoolord - A larger, more dangerous Incubus that uses enhanced magic to deal damage.

-Dark Pillar: Incoolord will summon a large mark underneath players, unleashing dark energy short after.
-Twilit Void: He will summon a void that sucks in players while damaging them as well. After a while, he will detonate the void.
-Summon Mirror: When he has low HP, he will summon a mirror to assist him throughout the battle. }}


As you progress through the dungeon, you will encounter a cauldron filled with potions. If you destroy it, you will receive the Witch's Potion buff.

  • Witch's Potion: Additional Damage, Damage Reduction, Critical and Action Speed is increased by 15%.
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
WitchIgnia.png Witch of the Woods - The witch who lives in the woods!

- Fire Broom: Witch will infuse her broom with fire and perform a few slashes.
- Teleport: Any time during battle she can teleport.
- Meteor Shower: She'll unleashes a few meteors to fall from the sky.
- Meteor Rain: Witch will unleash a flurry of small meteors which constantly rain as it progressively moves forward.
- Flame Shield: Witch will create an orb of fire that surrounds her which will deal burn damage when a player is close to her.
-Summon Gingerbread Man: When she has low HP, she will summon many Gingerbread Men to assist her throughout the battle.

CandyHouse.png Witch's Candy House - Destroy it to get the candies!
  • None


  • ElswordCandy House... Even I almost fell for it!
  • AishaThe Witch was smarter than I thought, luring children with a Candy House.
  • RenaGood thing the children are safe! We must punish the evil Witch.
  • RavenA Witch that abducts children... How dangerous!
  • EveCandy or sweets in general are not good for kids. If they only knew that they wouldn't have went to the Candy House... A shame.
  • ChungWe have to destroy the Candy House... It's a bummer but can't be helped.
  • AraI wonder what the Witch planned to do with the children.
  • ElesisShe was pretty strong! But I will gladly fight her again if she tries to do bad!
  • AddA Witch with a childish plan, it's so pitiful it's not even funny! Kuahahah!
  • LuCiel! You won't need to bake cookies today, go and make some tea!
  • CielI should have gotten the recipe for those cookies before I defeated the Witch...
Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
HQ Shop Item 100003766.png Witch's Ring Kill Witch in the Woods Collect as many of these as you can and see what items you can trade it for through Ariel.


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Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Flag-tw.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 森林裡的糖果屋 Candy House in the Forest
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 森林中的饼干屋 Cookies House in the Forest
German Flag.png Germany Lebkuchenhaus im Wald Gingerbread House in the Woods
Spanish Flag.png Spain Casa de galletas en el bosque Cookie House in the Forest
French Flag.png France Maison en pain d'épice des bois Wood Gingerbread House
Italian Flag.png Italy Casetta di Panpepato nel Bosco Gingerbread House in the Woods
Polish Flag.png Poland Domek z Piernika w Lesie Gingerbread House in the Forest
English Flag.png United Kingdom Forest Gingerbread House
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Casa de Doces na Floresta Candy House in the Forest

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